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Life Goes On

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The Jeon Pack sits on a mountain peak, warmed by the sun shining right above them, and cooled by a constant soft breeze flowing by. There are many in the pack, more than others. Most packs are travelers that shack up together in tents. The Jeon pack never moves, it’s where every family has their cabin built to be passed down generations. 

Park Jimin shares a cabin with his found family, Kim Taehyung. At least he did for now, until Tae’s chosen alpha decides it’s time to invite Tae to his family cabin to start their life together. 

       “Did you go out last night?” Tae asks. 

Jimin looks up from the book in his lap to Taehyung leaning against the doorway of their living room. 

      “For a second, to go see the full moon.” 

      Tae sighs, “Bogum and Namjoon saw you out there at midnight, what if Alpha Jeon saw you by yourself?” 

      Jimin’s gaze drops down to his book, “the Alpha wouldn’t be up that late, and I knew Namjoon was out too, so what did I have to worry about?” 

      “When word gets around to the pack alphas that you’re out exploring at night, they’re not going to think it’s for sweet, innocent reasons.”

      He snorts, “and?” 

      “ And , I won’t leave you to die an old lonely hag in this house.” 

      “I’ll get a dog.” he mumbles. 

Taehyung rolls his eyes, shoving his hands in his pockets before jumping onto the couch and laying back on his friend with a groan. The book falls out of Jimin’s lap, but the blonde can’t help but smile before petting Tae’s head. 

His expression drops slightly when Tae turns his head away. Jimin wouldn’t tell him he goes out nearly every night lately. Out at night, in the cold, Jimin wasn’t comfortable enough to think. 

Because all he thinks about lately is a ticking clock. 

Jeon Jungkook’s cabin was 50 feet away from Jimin’s. It was isolated from the other cabins lined up around the campsite, purposely surrounded by the trees of the forest. He was the only Jeon child to build his own cabin. At 17, on his coming of age night, he started the beginnings of construction and got it done before the second winter. That was 3 years ago. 

He’s twenty now. When he turned twenty, with his own house, and his own responsibilities in the pack, he thought his life would now be his own. But there was no getting around an overbearing omega mother. 

      “I brought seasoning.” she doesn’t wait for a response, pushing by her son to get in his home. 

He silently shuts the door behind her with a blank face. She sets a bowl of ground herbs down onto his kitchen table, glancing around the room. 

     “Still no decorations? I know you’re no omega, but you’re not animal, this isn’t a cave-”

He lets her talk while he grabs a skinny jar from under the sink, and pours the bowl of spice into it. A frown curves down on his lips as the last bit spills out to dust the floor. Jungkook pushes the empty bowl back over to her and screws a cap on the jar, setting it up in a cabinet with his other food. 

      He clasps his hands behind his back and turns back to her, “thank you for my seasoning.” 

      She cuts her complaining off to look at him, “you’re welcome.” 

Jungkook nods, biting down on the insides of his mouth as she sits down at the kitchen table and relaxes in the seat. 

       She glances at him and purses her lips, “and you should get a haircut.” 

       “My hair is the length I want it, thank you.” he bows his head slightly before meeting her eyes again. 

       His mom scoffs, “you want to be a hunter, and yet your bangs touch under your eyes.” 

       “No longer than my ears.”

       “It’s long enough to put in a bun, Jungkook!” 

She gestures overdramatically to his hair that he had previously tied the back of up. He blinks back at her with a straight face. 

        She shakes her head back at him, “I came to check in on you too.” 

        “Thank you, I’m fine.” he says shortly. 

        “I wanted to make sure you’re all prepared for tomorrow.” 

        His expression hardens slightly, “you did…or father did?”

        “We both did.” she says dryly. 

        “Maybe you should be worrying about Namjoon, he has more at stake obviously.”

Namjoon, first born alpha son to the Alpha Jeon. Followed quickly after by the omega Yeri, and lastly the youngest alpha, Jungkook. 

Tomorrow is the day Namjoon and Jungkook both, along with the other of age, unmated alphas, are to bring back their hunts to present to the omega in the pack they wish to court. It was a celebrated day. Jungkook’s teeth grind together. 

       His mother looks unphased by his comment, “Namjoon also has the stress of the pack on his back, and he’s already expressed interest in an omega.” 

       “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean I don’t have an omega in mind.” 

He casts his gaze away to the kitchen sink. 

Jungkook did not have an omega in mind. He couldn’t name half of the pack’s omegas anyway, because he didn’t care . Alphas out here have two priorities: protecting the pack, and making their family. 

Jungkook grew up in a family, one that criticized his every movement since birth. He had no desire to start a family with a random omega that he, at the very least, found attractive, but had no other connection to. 

All Jungkook wants to do is hunt for the pack, guard the pack, and be left alone.  

       “Then your father and I will be looking forward to officially meeting them come tomorrow afternoon.”

She leaves after that, of course, that’s the only reason she stopped by. 

Jungkook’s shoulders deflate when the sound of the door closes with the click of the lock. He glances down to the bowl and flicks it off the table to tumble down onto the ground. 

It didn’t matter how much he did for the pack, the only true thing his parents seemed to care about was continuing the Jeon line. Otherwise, he was of no use to them, and no different than any other average alpha in the pack. 


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If Jimin had it his way, he would be woken by the sound of birds chirping, and the soft press of the perfect alpha’s lips to the back of his shoulder. 

But that fantasy didn’t seem like it would ever come true, and it most definitely isn’t true today. 

Today he’s woken by a Taehyung scented pillow hitting his face, then a force dipping down by his feet to shake his body in the bed. Jimin’s eyes peel open, and slide down to the end of the bed where Tae is standing and jerking the mattress around by small jumps. 

      “Get up fatass.” Tae jumps higher this time to jostle him almost off the bed, before Jimin grips the side of the mattress to steady himself. 

      Jimin’s eyes roll back under his closed eyelids as he turns onto his stomach, “not a chance.”

He digs his face into his own pillow and does his best to block out whatever bullshit is coming out of his best friend's mouth. 

Today was not a getting out of bed day. Today was a shutting the window blinds and locking the front door day. Today was the first day of courting season. 

      “Alpha Jeon will issue the guard to drag you outside themselves if you don’t get up.” 

      Jimin groans loudly into the sheets, dying out into a whimper, “I don’t want to!”

      He kicks Jimin’s butt, making the smaller curl up more, “do you know how much I would kill to have that many alphas bringing me the first hunt of the season?” 

Jimin abruptly sits up to glare at him. 

      “Do you know how much I would kill to find an alpha that didn’t make me fall asleep standing up?” 

He tries to smack Tae’s legs but the other omega quickly jumps off the bed. 

      “As long as you're up…” 

He grabs Jimin’s arms and struggles to drag the smaller out of bed, running out of breath with how hard Jimin fights him. Jimin’s nails rip off the bed sheets before he’s tossed onto the ground and Taehyung lets go of him to take a deep breath. 

It takes thirty more minutes to just get Jimin out on their front porch. He mock hisses when the sunlight hits his eyes. Taehyung blocks Jimin with his arms spread out when the other turns to run back inside. 

All the alphas participating would have left in the early morning to spend the day catching their hunts. Jimin imagines they’ve been out for a good four hours, before the sun rose. 

The two omegas find their way down to the main clearing where the alphas were expected to return. As Tae holds Jimin in place with both hands on his shoulders, they’re approached almost immediately. Jimin tries not to scowl. 

     Alpha Jeon smiles at Taehyung, but it turns smug when he meets Jimin’s eyes, “Jimin, happy to see you made it.” 

     “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Alpha.” 

He flinches slightly as Tae pinches the back of his side. The head alpha’s eyebrows pop up comically before he leaves them to address a few other omegas waiting by them. 

Jimin always had it hard with Alpha Jeon, and most of the pack. He has a reputation for ‘stringing along alphas’. An alpha tries to court him, so Jimin happily agrees. Within a week, he rejects the alpha like clockwork. 

It wasn’t Jimin’s fault every alpha in the pack had the personality of a white noise machine. 

They wait there for a while, as other omegas join them too. Betas don’t have much of a reason to come, given that someone needs to tend to the omegas duties while they’re preoccupied, and betas were very rarely courted by alphas. 

In a few hours, the first alpha arrives. Jimin sighs through his nose and closes his eyes briefly. The first alpha is named Wonho, Jimin knows him well. He hadn’t asked to court Jimin yet, and Jimin had a feeling he was waiting for this official moment. 

He’s proven right as the dirtied and panting alpha that has hastily putten on clothes, drags the deer’s body directly to Jimin. Taehyung steps behind Jimin, and Jimin almost turns back to growl at him. 

     “Jimin.” Wonho takes a deep breath and smiles, as he drops the animal by Jimin’s feet. 

     “Hi, Wonho.” Jimin says quietly. 

Wonho’s animal was a deer, that much Jimin expected. He had expected it, because like the next ten alphas that brought their hunts to omegas, deers were commonplace in their woods, and therefore the courting gift of choice. 

Jimin gets three deer, and one mountain goat, which throws him off, but also kind of…offends him. He feels Alpha Jeon’s eyes on him from the moment the first alpha arrives, to the last alpha that comes up to Jimin. 

Taehyung’s alpha comes in and Tae makes a show of his courting gift to Jimin and some other nearby omegas, thanking the alpha loudly and saying how good it looked. Jimin bites his lip to keep from laughing. 

The only other alpha that captures Jimin’s attention was the same that caught every other omega’s, Alpha Namjoon. Namjoon, brings a white fox. Jimin smiles. Yes, it’s just a small white fox, but a fox that’s hard for even a wolf to catch. A fox whose white coat was of a rare breed in this forest. Namjoon took care and attention into his hunt for his mate. 

The head alpha’s eldest lays the fox gently by the omega Jin’s feet. Jimin was taken with the way Jin’s features light up when he sees Namjoon, but that’s not to say he’s not incredibly jealous. 

The air tenses soon after. Jimin feels it immediately. He turns his head to the next alpha slowly stalking out of the woods. 

Despite having changed after being in wolf form for the hunt, his jeans were dusted in dirt and grime. His shirt was only half buttoned up, either in a rush, or out of laziness. Jeon Jungkook’s hair stuck to his face with sweat before he pushes it back with his fingers. 

The pack goes quiet when he drags along his hunt to the middle of the clearing. Like his brother, he had gone for the rare hunt. But not the hard to catch, the hard to defeat. The North American brown bear, better known as a grizzly. 

Jungkook lays it on the ground, far from any omega. He stands alone and with a hardened expression, and looks around until he sets eyes on his father. 

Jimin eyes widen slightly at the deep gash barely peeking out from Jungkook’s shirt, hidden under the shoulder and sleeve of his shirt. 

      “Jungkook,” Alpha Jeon calls to him, and takes everyone's attention away, “who have you chosen?” 

      Jungkook chin lifts as his father approaches him, “the pack.”

      “I’m sorry?” 

      “This hunt is for the pack, I pledge my loyalty to the pack with this animal.” 

Jimin’s lips unconsciously cringe at the look of Jungkook’s father’s face. He should have known Jungkook wouldn’t just play the part of the dutiful alpha. 

Everyone in the pack knew Jungkook, but they knew Jungkook like they knew Jimin, through reputation. Jungkook had a reputation for poor social manners, and for being cold towards omegas and alphas. 

Jimin and Jungkook were both twenty, just a touch over the age most wolves were getting mated. 

      Alpha Jeon’s body tenses up like a switch, “Jeon Jungkook, you will present to an omega, now.” 

      “There is no omega-”

Alpha Jeon snaps at him again before he’s full on yelling in front of the entire pack. Jungkook’s head lowers as he takes it. 

      “And I thought the Alpha would only get on you.” Wonho says quietly into Jimin’s ear. 

Jimin glances at him with a scrunched nose before his eyes shoot back over to the pack leader and his son. He smirks at Taehyung, who furrows his eyebrows back. Jimin pushes his hair back and takes a deep breath before leaving Wonho’s side to the middle of the clearing near the family. 

      “I accept his courting gift.” Jimin says, stopping in front of the two. 

Alpha Jeon abruptly cuts himself off to look at the omega. Jungkook slowly glides his gaze up as well to Jimin’s. 

      The head alpha drops his hand, “Park Jimin.” 

      “Park Jimin.” Jungkook says under his breath. 

The blonde omega’s hair rustles in the breeze, blowing the familiar scent of caramel and oranges Jungkook’s way. 

      Jimin smiles at the elder, “I will accept Jungkook’s hunt as my courting gift.” 

The head alpha looks between the two and scoffs before sighing and shaking his head. 

       “Fine.” he grumbles, before stalking off. 

He doesn’t go back to the other omegas, but instead towards his cabin. Jimin turns his attention onto Jungkook, who’s looking back at him with annoyance. 

      “What did you do that for?” he asks lowly. 

      “I’m sorry, was there another omega willing to accept you?”

      Jungkook’s eyes narrow, “I didn’t ask you to.” 

      Jimin puts his hands on his hips and looks Jungkook up and down incredulously, “I did it to save your ass, Jeon!” 

Jungkook laughs disbelievingly, before he glances behind Jimin’s shoulder at a group of alphas looking their way very angrily. He rolls his eyes. 

Jungkook doesn’t care much about pack gossip and politics, but you don’t live in the Jeon Pack without knowing about Park Jimin.

The omega can’t keep his hands on an alpha for longer than a week, but he’s still the one they all want. ‘He’s the prettiest omega in the pack’ he doesn’t care to listen to alphas talk about the pack omegas much, but when so many alphas say the same thing you start to pick up on it. 

        “You did it to save your own ass.” he makes a point of looking back at Jimin’s admirers. 

Jimin doesn’t need to follow his gaze to know what he’s talking about. He clears his throat awkwardly and crosses his arms. 

      “Come on,” Jimin nods back in the direction of both their cabins, “I’ll clean that nasty scratch up.” 

Jungkook glances down at his chest like he had forgotten. Jimin rushes him harder after that. Numbness can’t be a good sign with a cut that bad. 

Out of the public sight, Jungkook leaves the bear outside of Jimin’s cabin and jogs up the steps behind the omega. Jimin snaps back at him to take it easy as they go in. 

Jungkook’s eyes scan over the hundreds of knick knacks, colors, pillows, blankets, and decorations that litter the whole cabin. If there was ever an omega cabin, it would look like this. 

      “Sit.” Jimin says firmly. 

He doesn’t direct Jungkook anywhere, so the alpha carefully sits down onto a chair footstool. Jimin grabs a rag from a drawer and runs water over it, before turning back to Jungkook. 

He has to bite down on his bottom lip to stop from laughing at the large alpha comically sat down on the small and short stool, looking expectantly at Jimin with a straight face. 

      “What?” Jungkook blinks. 

Jimin shakes his head. He gestures his fingers towards Jungkook’s shirt, so the alpha pushes down one sleeve to reveal the ugly and long two gashes from the bear down Jungkook’s chest. 

      “Holy shit, Jungkook.” he mumbles. 

      “I’m fine.” Jungkook outstretches his hand. 

Jimin lays the wet rag on his palm so Jungkook nods gratefully dabbing the top of the cuts with a sharp hiss. 

      Jimin crosses his arms, “don’t worry about your dad, you can just say in a few days it didn’t work out.” 

      Jungkook laughs bitterly, watching the blood soak into the towel, “that won’t slide with my dad.”

Jimin looks up as he tries to think. The head alpha wouldn’t be too happy with Jimin either if he didn’t come out of this with an alpha. 

       He licks hip lips, “we’ll go a week and half, you can fake some courting things, and I’ll say I rejected you.” 

       Jungkook’s eyebrows raise up at him, “you would do that?” 

      “I got you into this, didn’t I?”

      “You did.” Jungkook immediately agrees. 

Jimin gives him a dry look. 

      Jungkook exhales through his nose, “but, that still doesn’t fix our long term problems here.” 

      “One thing at a time Jungkook,” Jimin puts a hand up to stop him, “if you have any ideas I’m open.” 

Jungkook doesn’t answer. 

      “That’s what I thought.” 


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Jimin comes out of his lovely dream of a sunny flower field and strong alpha arms wrapped around his bare waist, to be met face first with Tae, for the second day in a row. Tae lies next to him in the bed an inch away, blatantly staring back at Jimin. 

      “Don’t.” Jimin says. 

      “No Tae-Tae, don’t worry about me, i’ll find the perfect mate one day.” he says in a mocking voice. 

Jimin sits up in the bed and bends over his bent legs to rub his hands down his face. 

      Tae follows, but pushes his side, “you’d be better suited for Yeri than Jungkook!”

 Jimin groans and fists his hands, grabbing a pillow behind himself and wacking Tae’s face with it. 

      “It’s not real Tae, you know how hot the head alpha is on both of us right now. I’m helping him out.” 

      “Jeon Jungkook was paired with me to work on the feast table last year, he didn’t respond to a single thing I said.” 

Jimin plops back onto the bed and shuts his eyes. 

       “He’s shy.” 

       “He looked pissed that I was even talking to him,” Tae frowns, “he looks so scary, he almost made me cry.” 

Jimin rolls onto his side and lays his hand on his best friend’s thigh. 

        “Relax, it’s not a relationship, it’s an alliance." 

        Tae scoffs and pushes his hand of, “you don’t know what you’re messing with. You’re going to miss your mate if you waste courting season with Jungkook.” 

        “In this pack?” Jimin has to laugh.

        “You haven’t dated every single alpha in the pack.” he says defensively. 

Jimin gets up out of bed and goes to his dresser, changing into something oversized to hang down over his body over a pair of leggings. 

        “I have to go, I’m on pup duty this morning.” 

        “You are not.” 

        “Goodbye Tae.” 

Jimin gets ready quickly in the hallway bathroom before hurriedly leaving the cabin. 

He wasn’t scheduled for the pups until next week, but he missed them, they kept him busy and out of the house. The pup tent is where the youngest of the pack gathered in the morning to learn and play with each other, under the supervision of an omega. 

When Jimin pushes back the flap of the entrance, he sees Yeri was on board for today. He waves at her and she nods back, her hands preoccupied by the children’s book she was holding out to the pups sitting in a group in front of her. 

Jimin grabs a woven cushion to sit on and watch her read to them. It’s not long after their fresh noses catch Jimin’s scent and start looking back at him. He has to snap at few who start to scoot closer to him. 

One of the young alpha pups glances back at him very obviously and just gets up, walking back towards Jimin. He’s small enough to bury himself into Jimin’s lap, so the omega just lets him as he covers up a laugh. Jimin gives Yeri an apologetic look but she just smiles at them and continues. 

He’s used to the little and gentle omegas that fall asleep peacefully in his lap, alphas and betas were a bit harder to control. They were more energetic, they squirmed, and they loved Jimin’s scent. 

The little alpha digs his nose into Jimin’s shirt and sniffs down his arm, then back up to his neck. Children scented omegas, it didn’t matter what rank they were, it was natural instinct. They made sure the young alphas didn’t do so to the young omegas, but it was common for the young alphas to unconsciously scent Jimin. 

The piney scent mixed with citrus dulls a bit of Jimin’s scent as he sniffs over Jimin’s scent gland and seems to forget it after that. He turns his attention back on Yeri so Jimin rubs his head with a small smile. 

      “Alright I think we’re all done with this,” Yeri closes her book and lays it in her lap, “you all want to go outside, don’t you?” 

They cheer and jump up without waiting for her to say anything else. The pups trample over each other to get outside the tent, while the teacher and Jimin both stand up slowly with amusement. 

She’s used to Jimin stopping by, along with some of the other omegas when they get bored as well. Before he can start up a conversation with her outside, they watch as a beta and omega pup’s fight turns into pushing, so Yeri runs after them. 

An alpha approaches Jimin as soon as he’s alone. Jimin looks to see Jae, a wolf that was a little older than him, one that didn’t gift him anything yesterday. Jae smiles at him, blocking the path between the pups and Jimin. 

       “Hey Jimin.” 


       “Jae.” says with a hand on his chest. 

       Jimin laughs slightly, “I know who you are Jae.”

       “Ah,” Jae drops his head with a small smirk, “I just wanted to say hi, and also that I think it’s really cool what you did for Jungkook yesterday.” 

        Jimin’s eyebrows furrow in confusion, “what do you mean?”

        “You know, faking the courting acception so he wouldn’t get chewed out by the alpha.” 

        “Actually, Jungkook is courting me.” 

Jimin and Jungkook agreed last night, no alpha should suspect anything if they want to get away with this. 

        Jae laughs, “you don’t have to pretend for me, I get it, I kind of feel bad for the kid.” 

Kid, the word rubs Jimin wrong. If a twenty year old wolf was just a kid to Jae, why was he standing so close to Jimin, rubbing his neck to release pheromones like that?

       “Why?” Jimin says quietly. 

       “Come on, it’s not like any omega could stand him anyway-”

       “Jimin.” Jungkook’s voice cuts through them. 

The alpha and omega turn their heads towards the forest where Jungkook is traipsing out from the trees, his usual blank and cold expression on his face. He brushes by Jae to come in front of Jimin. 

      “Here.” he says bluntly, shoving a bouquet of flowers in front of Jimin. 

Jimin’s lips part when he looks down at the purple lilies and lavender sprigs tied together neatly. He takes the flowers from Jungkook carefully and looks back up at the alpha. 

       “Thanks.” he mumbles. 

Jungkook’s eyebrows raise pointedly so it takes a second for it to click in Jimin’s mind.

       Jimin clears his throat and glances at Jae behind Jungkook, “uh, thank you for my courting gift, Jungkook!” 

Jungkook looks at something over Jimin’s shoulder so the omega peers back to see the head alpha watching from a distance. They both look back at each other with understanding in their eyes. 

       “Yeah.” Jungkook says. 

       Jimin shifts the flowers into one arm and grabs Jungkook’s arm with his free hand, “go on a walk with me?” 

He doesn’t wait for a response. Jimin pulls Jungkook along with him in the direction the pups were taken to go play. When they’re far from the burning gazes of the other two alphas, Jimin lets go of Jungkook and breathes out. 

He smiles down at the flowers, finally being able to admire them. His nose digs into a lily and inhales. 

Jungkook’s hand reaches over towards the bouquet before it’s smacked away by Jimin, making the alpha whimper. 

       Jimin frowns, “what are you doing? I’m keeping these.” 

       “Give me one, I like the smell.” he says like a child, eyes trained on the flowers. 

Jimin pulls out a lily and hands it over, watching Jungkook’s eyes close to inhale it too. 

Jungkook was a difficult alpha, but one thing he was famously known for was his nose. He’s always been particular about scents he likes and doesn’t, and he frequently ignores and avoids the omegas with ‘too strong’ of scents. 

Which is ironic, given that his own scent was unmistakable. His smell was the rough aroma of ash. 

It’s a nice day out, Jimin lifts his head to look up at the cloudless sky. The tree leaves had shaded in various colors of red, green, and yellow. 

He sighs contently and looks over at Jungkook, who carries the same contempt he usually does. 

     Jimin's expression doesn’t change either, “you shouldn’t scowl so much, it makes you ugly.” 

     “Maybe I like being ugly.” 

Jimin snorts. Jungkook wasn’t ugly though, at all. He was quite handsome if you saw him objectively. He was strong with a beautiful face and hair that couldn’t have suited any other alpha better. 

      “Well it’s not believable that I would have an ugly mate.” 

      “Aren’t you pretty enough for the both of us?” 

Jimin, even though caught off guard, lets a wide grin creep back up onto his face. If he had any shame at all, maybe he would even be blushing. 

       He beams back at Jungkook when the alpha looks at him, “did you really just compliment me?”

Jungkook’s face contorts with confusion. 

       “Just because I said you’re pretty, doesn’t make it a compliment, I don’t care about pretty things.” 

Jimin’s smile drops.

       “Crazy how the other pack omegas haven’t scooped you up yet.” he grumbles. 

The two of them stop outside the playground as the pup from before sprints from the bench to Jimin. He wraps his short arms around Jimin’s legs and looks up at the omega with puppy eyes, before noticing the other alpha. 

The pup turns around and leans against Jimin, even growling up at Jungkook. Jimin’s surprised Jungkook doesn’t growl back. 

Instead Jungkook kneels down in front of the baby alpha with a blank face. 

      “You like omega Jimin?” Jungkook asks him. 

The pup doesn’t respond, just glares back at Jungkook. 

      “Did you scent him?” 

The time the pup proudly nods with narrowed eyes. 

Jimin glances from him back to Jungkook. He didn’t think Jungkook would even care to notice another scent on him, let alone as something as faint as a pup’s. 

       “Well I like him more.” he suddenly says. 

Jimin’s eyes widen at him. Then, he notices the omegas that have joined them not far away to witness the show. Jungkook must have noticed their scents first, he thinks. 

       “No.” the pup says angrily. 


       “That’s not true!” he yells. 

       “Who says?” Jungkook asks in the same childish face. 

       “I do!”

       Jungkook makes a disbelieving sound, “someone so tiny shouldn’t get so angry at their hyung.” 

The pup scowls up at Jungkook as the older alpha stands back up to tower over him. 

       “Go play.” Jungkook orders. 

       “No.” the pup’s face forms into a pout. 

       Jungkook points in the direction of the playground, “go play, now.” 

The pup growls again and takes a step towards Jungkook. 

Jimin quickly grabs the small shoulders and spins the boy around. He bends down to see the pup’s face. 

       “Honey go and play, I’ll get him to go away.” Jimin runs his fingers through the smaller’s hair comfortingly. 

Jungkook breathily laughs and shoves his hands into his pockets, looking away from them. The pup reluctantly and slowly leaves Jimin’s side, with eyes trained on Jungkook as he goes. 

       Jimin looks back at Jungkook and crosses his arms, “why are you arguing with my pups?”

       “Why do I have so many competitors? You acted like courting you was going to be easy.” he says quietly, kicking at a pebble nearby his shoe. 

       “You can’t handle one alpha and a little kid?” he asks with a smirk. 

       “Of course I can.” 

He represses an eye roll. 

        Jimin picks up his flowers previously left on a boulder, “are you done?”

        Jungkook lowers his voice and steps closer, “how much longer are we keeping this up?”

        “It’s been one day, Jungkook.” 

        “Fine, but do we have to keep going out in public?” he looks around them with disdain. 

        Jimin slaps his shoulder, “that’s the whole point!” 

        “I don’t like being around other people this much.” 

        “You don’t say.” 

         Jungkook frowns back at him, “come to my cabin for breakfast tomorrow, that way they’ll still get the impressions we’re seeing each other.” 

         “Are you sure?” Jimin asks, louder than intended, “an omega going into your home isn’t too much?” 

        “Not if the omega is my future mate.” Jungkook says in his normal tone as an alpha and beta walk by them, a little too close. 

         Jimin nods, “alright, i’ll stop by tomorrow.” 

Jungkook turns without so much as goodbye and leaves in a hurry back in the direction of his cabin. Is he a vampire or something? Jimin thinks bitterly. He digs his nose back into the flowers as he starts watching the pups again. 


Chapter Text

He doesn’t give Tae the chance this morning. He rises in the early dawn, which may defeat the purpose, since the pack was supposed to see him walk to Jungkook’s. 

The alpha’s cabin had no path to the front door, it was entirely blocked off by the forest. The only traceable direction to Jungkook’s home was the scent of a dying campfire. 

He takes careful steps up Jungkook’s porch. With Jungkook, you never know, there could be traps set for unwanted visitors. Jimin’s eyes scan the layout of the front house as he knocks on the wooden door. The door immediately swings open to reveal a fully dressed and awake Jungkook. 

Jimin’s nose twitches when he smells past Jungkook’s threatening scent to the homey aroma behind him. It was rare to smell such a scent in an unmated alpha’s home, it was the smell of delicious homemade food. 

Jungkook steps aside for him so Jimin enters silently and takes a quick glance into the bare living room beside the entrance before heading in the direction of the amazing smell. He pushes back the door into Jungkook’s kitchen as his eyebrows raise. 

     “Oooh, JK, it looks good.” 

As Jungkook enters behind him, Jimin hands over a bottle without looking back at the alpha. 

      “I brought honey.” Jimin adds. 

      Jungkook takes the bottle and inspects the way it slides down the glass when he tilts it, “thank you.” 

He watches Jimin pull back the sleeves of his shirt and take the wooden spoon left in Jungkook’s stew pot, stirring the contents. Jungkook, being used to the exact treatment from his mother and sister, turns away from Jimin without complaint to put away the honey. 

      “You made this?” Jimin asks. 

      “Of course I did.” 

Jungkook comes up behind him to take hold of the spoon so Jimin lets go. The omega jumps up onto the counter to sit next to him and watch. 

      “I assume when you develop your kind of personality, you have to adapt to omega roles since omegas don’t want you, right?” 

      “Maybe I developed this personality to ward off omegas.” he mumbles as he stirs. 

Jungkook’s bangs cover his face as he bends his head to watch the food before it gets quiet. 

      Jimin tilts his head at Jungkook, “you’re not so bad like this.” 

      Jungkook glances back at him before returning his attention on the stew, “well you haven’t pissed me off yet.” 


Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow as he cooks so Jimin asks him what’s wrong. 

      “You seem to get along with alphas fairly well, even ones like me, so what’s wrong with you?”

      Jimin laughs at him, head bending back to push the hair out of his eyes, “would you be shocked to learn not every alpha has a personality like you Jungkookie?”

       “Has a personality like me, or has a personality?”

Jimin busts out laughing much harder this time, shoving Jungkook’s arm who smirks at him. 

       Jimin wipes the tear that escapes and sighs, “maybe it would just be easier to mate you.”


       “You don’t make me yawn the second you open your mouth, and you need an omega to show off to your family.” 

        “I don’t need to show off any omega, I don’t like omegas but I don’t think of them as trophies.” 

        Jimin’s eyebrow lifts at him, “no wonder you're the black sheep.” 

        “You should think better about yourself, Jimin.” 

        “I think plenty highly of myself. If I didn’t, I’d settle for any other loser alpha out here.”

Jungkook’s mouth lifts almost in a smile.   

         Then his expression drops back to a blank slate, “good.”

         “So what’s with you and omegas? If you actually respect them, why do you avoid them so much?”

         “I like to be alone.” 

         “Ah, right.” Jimin pushes back his hair as Jungkook takes his pot off the stovetop, “then we wouldn’t be that compatible, pitty.” 

        Jungkook seems to pause and look up before continuing, “it wouldn’t be so bad, I block out most of what you say anyway.”

        Jimin smiles dryly, “how romantic.”  

A knock on the front door startles Jimin, but Jungkook’s eyes fall closed as he exhales. 

        Jimin scratches the back of his head, “who’s that?” 

        “The disdain of my existence.”

        “Jungkook! Open the door, it’s freezing out here!” the bossy voice of the Pack Omega comes from outside of his house.  

        Jimin’s eyes widen at him, “your mother can’t be here right now.”

        “Well, what do you want me to do?” it seems to be a rhetorical question because Jungkook spins around and leaves the kitchen, presumably to the front door. 

        “Mother.” Jungkook greets her in a monotone. 

        The omega’s nose twitches as it catches the sweet scent of another, “who’s here?” 

        “My omega.” Jungkook says like it’s the most natural thing in the world. 

Jimin’s face turns up in surprise, blinking rapidly as he tries to figure out whether or not he heard Jungkook alright through the door. 

         Jungkook glances behind his mom to the tall figure standing back on the top step, “Head Alpha, what are you doing here?” 

His father doesn’t bother answering Jungkook as he comes up behind his mate. 

        Jungkook’s mom turns her head back to the alpha, “he has an omega inside.” 

        His father sniffs close to the door just like she had, “ah, it’s just Park Jimin.” 

        Jungkook frowns, “how can you preach so often about me finding an omega, and when I do, undermine my choice so easily?” 

         “He’s not an easy omega to mate, Jungkook.” 

         “Well, for once you’ll be proven wrong.”

Jimin’s heart stops. He jumps down from the counter and decides he needs to interrupt quickly. 

Jimin shoves the kitchen door open and fast walks back into the cabin hallway, making eye contact with the Omega Jeon. 

         Alpha Jeon puts up a dismissing hand to Jungkook, “you’re to old for this naivety, we may as well arrange a mating at this point.” 

         “Jimin and I are mating,” Jungkook blurts out, “he’s accepted me.” 

         Jimin’s lips part in a gape, “Jungkook.” 

Jungkook turns his head to look back over his shoulder at Jimin. Once he sees Jimin’s face, his gaze drops down with his own shocked expression, as if realizing what he just said. 

        Alpha Jeon’s forced into a stupor of silence for a beat before he looks at Jimin, “Omega Park, is this true?”

Jimin and Jungkook’s eyes meet again, and they’re both frozen in place. 

Jimin should say no. He will say no. This week and a half plan had taken a 360 to a direction that had never even crossed Jimin’s mind, and for good reason.

Jungkook is a callous, rude, self centered Alpha, so he will say no. 


Chapter Text

Jungkook slams the door shut and clicks shut the three locks spread down it.

      He turns his angry expression on Jimin, “why the hell did you say yes?!”

Jimin tries to get a sound out but is stuck in surprise as he clutches his chest. 

      “Y-yah! You’re the one who fucking told the Alpha we’re getting mated!” 

      “Mine was an accident!”

      “So was mine!” Jimin yells back and stomps his foot. 

Jungkook scoffs before viciously rubbing his face with his hands. He lets out a groan into his palms as Jimin slams his forehead against the nearby wall. 

      His hands slip down to rub over his mouth before he looks back at Jimin, “what do we do now?” 

      “We can either run away or face the consequences of breaking a mating pact.” 

Jungkook falls back against the opposite wall from Jimin. 

        He scowls tiredly at the other, “neither is an option for us, not now.” 

        Jimin nods, “then I guess this is it alpha.” 

        “Don’t call me that.” Jungkook grumbles. 

        “It was a good run,” Jimin extends his hand out to Jungkook, “but it’s time to grow up.”

        Jungkook reluctantly takes his hand and shakes it, “see you on the other side?”

        “Lets make an agreement not to make our vows sound like a suicide pact too.” Jimin adds as he drops Jungkook’s hand with a sigh. 

Their ceremony is one for the ages. A mating ceremony in the Jeon pack was beautiful, carefully planned on the eve of the best seasons, covered in light and happiness and color. 

Jimin and Jungkook decide their wedding day by throwing a dart at the calendar hanging on Jungkook’s living room wall. They let Jungkook’s mom plan it, while Jimin passingly says yes to her every question. 

The mating ceremony was never in Jimin’s fantasies anyway, usually his alpha mate fantasies revolved around the scenarios wherein they both forget their clothing. 

In a tent, on one side of the campground was Jimin awaiting the dreaded moment he was to be called to walk down the aisle. He sits in front of a mirror and stares at a completely new him. The omegas gave him ear piercings and silver thin chains to hang down from them. They layered makeup on his eyes and lips, and stuffed him underneath a fluffy white sweater. Jimin looks back at his reflection with an unimpressed arch of his lips. 

     Omega Jin leans against the vanity table to look at his reflection with a pout, “this is how I would do my makeup, Namjoon and I’s day can’t come soon enough.” 

      “You can take Jungkook and I’s slot today if you want.” Jimin says too quickly. 

      Jin laughs and hits his arm playfully, “that’s sweet but we’re not even done with our courting yet.”

Ah, yes . Courting season was still in full swing. While other omegas and alphas were teasingly flirting day by day, Jungkook had told the Head Alpha that him and Jimin had already decided to mate three days into their scheme. 

Jimin stands from his seat when their tent flap is pushed back as someone enters. He turns around to see it’s Tae with the same angry pout he had worn for the past two weeks of wedding planning. 

     “What?” Jimin asks, in the rhetorical way. 

     “Are you ready?” Tae mumbles, extending his arm. 

     Jimin can’t help but smile, “are you?”

He loops his best friend’s arm with his own anyway. 


Tae shoves back the tent entrance to lead Jimin out with Jin in tow. Tae side eyes him, so Jimin looks at him as they walk towards the event. 

       “Whatever you want to say, we have about two minutes before my life changes forever.”

       Tae glances at him again and his shoulder’s deflate, “I’m still happy for you, you know, I just don’t want it to be Jungkook.”

Me neither , Jimin thinks. 

        “It’ll all be over soon enough.” Jimin says quietly, mostly to himself. 

Taehyung takes him down the hill to wear most of the pack was sat foldable chairs on either side of a path littered with flower petals. It was a group of uninterested and even annoyed faces among the crowd. But Jimin understood, he’s not excited for his own ceremony so he doesn’t expect anyone else to feel better about it. 

Like most any other ceremony, the alpha in question was already stood at the end of the path, waiting for his companion. In this case it was Jeon Jungkook. 

Jimin’s eyes barely brush over him because his gaze is drawn directly to his forearms where dozens of intricately designed henna is inked onto his skin. He didn’t expect Jungkook to let anyone touch him to put it on, even for tradition. But the longer he sees it on the alpha, the more Jimin becomes confident nothing would suit him better than a sleeve tattoo. 

Forget teenage Jimin’s obsession with buff, tattooed alphas and their bad attitudes, they probably weren’t correlated. 


Jungkook’s own gaze sweeps over the omega with extremely observant eyes. Something builds at the back of his throat before he has to swallow it down. 

He’s not one to notice or care for another wolf’s appearance. Jungkook has always seen his attention as something too precious to waste, but now that it was literally his job to keep his focus on Jimin, and it becomes apparent to him that he really does have a libido. 

The two of them meet each other at the end of the aisle when they snap out of it. Their appointed elder meant to lead their ceremony clears his throat before he opens his book to a bookmarked page. 


Blah, blah, blah , Jimin and Jungkook look back at each other with the same thoughts. In the time it took Jungkook’s mother to plan all of this, Jimin and Jungkook had spent the past two weeks in Jungkook’s cabin brainstorming just how to get out of it. 

Of course there was no way out, not even fleeing. But in that time Jimin and Jungkook had quickly picked up on the tells of each other. Even though Jungkook was the stoic alpha, and Jimin was an omega with a permanent smug expression, they could both look through those faces into what the other was thinking. 

Jimin’s eyebrows quirks up at him and Jungkook smirks back at him. 

     “-And now the vows.”

Jimin shuts his mouth tightly to block a yawn and Jungkook shifts his weight onto one foot, looking down. After a moment of silence they look around and realize it was their turn to speak. Neither of them had heard the elder, but their eyes meet again with understanding. 

Jimin takes a deep breath and looks Jungkook up and down to bullshit whatever he could about the other. 

      “Jungkook, you are…very decent to look at, and you have character.” 

      Jungkook blinks, “you as well.” 

They nod and look back at the elder who’s looking between them in confusion and surprise. 

     “Well,” the older man stutters and looks down at his book before he stops and seems to give up, shutting it again and looking at them again, “why don’t we just move along to the kiss?” 

Jimin and Jungkook slowly turn back to each other. 

      “That’s okay.” Jungkook says to the ordained. 


      Jimin hurriedly puts a hand on Jungkook’s chest and smiles at the man, “I’m so sorry, Jungkookie is really shy so we’ll be skipping the public kissing.” 

Jungkook narrows his eyes down at the omega. 

      The elder shakes his head but shrugs, “okay, then you two are prepared to mate under the moon goddess, I suppose…”

There’s one clap in the audience before everyone confusedly follows in lethargic applause. 

Jungkook grabs Jimin’s hand and hauls him back down the floral path quickly towards the banquet set up nearby. Everyone whispers to each other as they get up and follow after the couple reluctantly. 

The festivities really start when the focus comes off the couple and excitement goes up for the food. Jungkook and Jimin can finally breathe when the pack sits down and chats among themselves. 

They come up to the head of the table where the newly mated were supposed to sit. Namjoon and Jin were to sit next to them as the closest family members. 

Namjoon pulls out a seat for Jin to sit and Jin thanks him with a shy smile. Jungkook and Jimin simultaneously plop into their seats side by side and let the stress pour out of their bodies. Jimin cracks his neck as Jungkook watches his brother flirt with disgust. 

Taehyung jumps into an empty seat by Jimin, along with his own alpha. He sets his head onto palm, held up by his elbow on the table and stares back at Jimin until the blonde amusedly asks what’s wrong.

       Tae sighs dramatically, “I just wanted to move out first, why do I have to be the lonely one?”

Jimin’s face pales and his smile drops. Him and Jungkook look at each other when they realize the same thing, he has to move into Jungkook’s .

       “You’re so lucky.” Tae grumbles as he sits back, only to be comforted by the alpha by his side. 

      “ Shit .” Jimin says under his breath to Jungkook. 

      Jungkook leans towards him and lays an arm on the back of Jimin’s chair, “one of us will take the couch.” 

      “Your mother will know.” Jimin says in a lowered voice.

       “We’ll put a Do Not Disturb sign up.” 

       “You want to ‘sock on the door handle’ your mother for the rest of our lives?”

       Jungkook scratches his cheek and slips into a whisper, “until we can figure out an escape route.” 

       “I can stay at my place for tonight and call it roommates' remorse.” Jimin whispers back. 

        “That’s worse than sleeping on the couch.” 

        “What do you want from me?” he whispers back harshly, “everyone thinks you’re going to be railing me tonight-” 

        A deep voice cuts into their conversation like an arrow, “Jimin?” 

Jimin and Jungkook jump apart and try to pull themselves together before looking at the culprit. 

       Jimin forces a smile back on his face, “Wonho, hi.” 

He hopes his own smile doesn’t look as fake as Wonho’s. The other alpha glances at Jungkook, and then back at Jimin before he bites his lip. 

       “Just came to congratulate you guys, that ceremony was quite touching if I’m being honest.”

Jimin pushes out a laugh and puts his hand on Jungkook’s to cover up the fisted hand balling up his pants. 

      “We’re really glad you could make it!” Jimin coughs and grabs his water to take a large gulp. 

      Wonho looks back at Jungkook, “I look forward to seeing Jimin being treated well, you’re a very lucky alpha.”

      Jungkook snorts, “how so?”

Jimin finishes his water and instead of setting it back down, forcefully swings his arm to hit Jungkook’s crotch.  Jungkook groans loudly and sits up, bending over his lap. 

     Jimin faux gasps, “oh, my love, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

He puts the glass down and rubs Jungkook’s arm comfortingly. 

     Jungkook glares up through his bangs, “yeah, baby…we don’t need children anyway.” 

A spike Jimin sure did not consent to zips down his spine as the word ‘baby’ spills from Jungkook’s mouth in a husky voice. 

     “Aw,” Jimin ignores it, standing up and pulling Jungkook with him, “we should get some ice on that.” 

Jimin apologizes to Wonho who watches them like a hawk. He tells Namjoon that Jungkook got hurt but can’t find Tae so they just escape the banquet and head back to Jungkook’s. 

     Jungkook rips himself from Jimin’s hold with a growl, “pick a side, are you a sweet omega who brings me honey, or my abusive spouse?” 

Jimin runs up to the porch and ushers Jungkook in, locking the door behind them. 

     “I say we have three days tops of the honeymooners phase before we have to leave the house.” 

Jungkook sits down on his couch with a wince. 

      “But what about the mating bites?”

After the ceremony, Jungkook and Jimin were expected to copulate, give each other the mating bites, and if they were ready - try to get pregnant. Jimin and Jungkook couldn’t even consider step one. 

       Jimin runs his necklace pendant back and forth on the chain, “well honey buns that’s what the three days are for.” 

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows at something so Jimin looks in the direction. On the other side of Jungkook’s living room were stacks of boxes, blankets, and pillows. Jimin recognized the blankets and pillows immediately. He walks over to inspect and rips off the notes left on a box. 

     ‘Figured you’d be too busy to move all this right away ;) at least enjoy your honeymoon!’ - Tae and Jin

     “Home sweet home.” Jimin balls up the note and throws it on top of the boxes, “it’s my shit.” 

When he looks back, Jungkook’s gaze is trained on the floor while he’s deep in thought.

     “What’s with you?” Jimin asks. 

      Jungkook stands back up with an idea on his face, “here’s how we’ll do this, your feet to my head, my feet to yours in the bed - you want the side closest to the door or the window?” 

He stares back at Jimin with a grave serious expression and the first real smile of the day creeps onto Jimin’s face, before he laughs. 

Jungkook almost looks offended when he doesn’t respond. 

      “What? What did I say?” 

Chapter Text

Neither of them get to sleep in the bed that night. 

A sharp pain between Jimin’s shoulders makes him whimper and crawl to his side on the cold, hardwood floor. He opens his eyes and the first thing he sees is an empty wine bottle by his side. 

Jimin shifts his legs as he sits up and accidentally knocks over a wine glass. He rubs his eyes and scoots from his position in the middle of the living room to the couch. 

Jungkook is still asleep on the sofa with half his large body comically hanging off the side and his face smushed against the cushion, lips parted and eyes shut. Jimin shakes his side tiredly when he reaches the alpha but he starts to get nauseous so he drops his forehead and arm onto Jungkook’s back. 

     “ Jungkook .” he whines before Jungkook startles underneath him. 

They had gotten into a complimentary bottle of champagne left from the wedding last night. What was supposed to be a pity party quickly turned into a bickering match, before a drunk Jimin spills his life story and Jungkook rants about a life under Namjoon’s shadow. 

Jungkook wakes with a sharp inhale through his nose and he peeks through the slit in his eyes, glancing down at the omega laying over his back. 

      “Why are you on the floor?” he asks quietly, setting his forehead on the couch cushion and shutting his eyes tighter to block out the early morning sunshine. 

      “It’s not like I thought it was the fucking ritz, why are you on the couch?” 

      “ ‘M sleeping.”

      Jimin lifts his head and stretches out his neck, “well get up.” 

      “Why don’t you get up?”

      “I’m already up, moron.” 

Jungkook’s head plops back on it’s side to look at Jimin. 

       “Don’t be mean to me in the morning.” Jungkook says in a childish voice. 

       Jimin frowns at him before getting up, “sorry, I get cranky after I drink.” 

       “It’s okay.” Jungkook whispers. 

Jimin cracks his back, stretching his arms out as he walks to the kitchen. Any leftovers of the feast were packaged up in containers and left on Jungkook’s porch late last night, so Jimin and Jungkook had packed everything in the fridge before they got their hands on the wine. 

He pulls out a couple sliders and omelette rolls and throws them in the pot on top of the stove to heat back up. Jimin snoops through all of Jungkook’s cabinets until he finally finds some mix-matched plates. 

When comes back into the living room with their pathetic breakfast, he sees Jungkook has finally woken up. Although he may still look somewhat dead. Jungkook has pulled a scarf of Jimin’s around his shoulders while he stares blankly down at the floor.

Jimin sets a plate down onto Jungkook’s lap before sitting beside the alpha and tucking his feet under himself. 

      “Thank you.” Jungkook says with the tone of a toddler that had just come down off a sugar high. 

      Jimin shoves the roll into his mouth in one go and lets his head fall back, “what are we doing?” 

       “Accepting fate.” Jungkook answers through a mouthful of food. 

They both turn their heads to look at each other. 

       “Alright then, I guess we’re doing this.”

       “How many more times are we going to come to terms with this?”

       Jimin laughs and sets his plate on the floor, “so what do you do for fun around here?”

       “I exercise and build furniture.”

He almost cracks a smile at the look on Jimin’s face.

       “You don’t have, like, books, maybe? Or like, something to play?”

        Jungkook’s eyebrow raises at him, “you want to read together?”

Jimin scratches the back of his head before taking Jungkook’s empty plate and setting it on top of his own. 

      “Let’s check my stuff.” 

He jumps up from his seat again and makes his way to the boxes Taehyung and Jin left there. Jimin dumps the boxes onto Jungkook’s floor until one of them reveals his games and he squeaks happily. 

      “I found a puzzle!” he spins back around to Jungkook who’s watching him blankly. 

Jimin skips to the middle of the floor and opens the box to pour out the pieces before he calls for Jungkook to join him. 

      Jungkook sluggishly lowers himself onto the ground in front of Jimin, “at this point, we might as well just have sex if you’re getting this bored.” 

      Jimin’s eyes snap up to his, “what?”

      “I’m kidding.” Jungkook says in an obvious tone before taking the box from Jimin and inspecting the puzzle photo. 

Jimin silently exhales and clears his throat. 



The puzzle takes them two days, with many breaks in between just to talk about stupid things they won’t remember, to eat, and to playfully argue about the inside pieces. Jimin knows he has to get out before the third day can roll around. He’s been shacked up with Jungkook and only Jungkook for what feels like ages and it’s taking its toll.

       “I need to get out of this house.” he stresses to Jungkook as he digs through his clothes and finds a new sweater to pull on. 

       Jungkook leans nonchalantly against the living room wall, “your funeral.”

       “Yours too.” 

       “Not necessarily, for all they know you bit me and I didn’t bite you.” 

       “That still doesn’t look good for you.” 

Jungkook’s face drops when he realizes.

       Jimin stands back up and buttons the top of his jeans, sliding on his top over his head, “I don’t know when I’m coming back.” 

       “I’ll make dinner.” 

       “You don’t have to do that.” 

       Jungkook looks him up and down, “no really, its okay.” 

       Jimin crosses his arms, “can you stop acting like you hate my cooking?” 

       “Your cooking is fine! I never said it wasn’t!”

       “You always act like that-” Jimin cuts himself off and runs his fingers through his hair, “oh my god I need to get out of this house.” 

When he makes a break for the front door Jungkook quickly blocks him. He looks up at the alpha in confusion. 

       Jungkook puts his hands on Jimin’s shoulders, “wait, we have to think about this, you should at least smell like me.”

       Jimin groans and his arms fall idly by sides, “fine, just scent me.” 

       Jungkook goes red and takes a step back, “I just meant you should wear one of my shirts.” 

       “No, it’s quicker, come on alpha up and do it.” 

Jimin lets his head fall to the side and exposes his throat. He’s willing to do anything to get out of here, at one point he even considered that he should have mated a boring alpha just to get some quiet. Who knew Jeon Jungkook could be so talkative? 

Jungkook swallows as Jimin effortlessly submits the most vulnerable space on his body. His head twitches as he builds up his confidence. 

      “You sure?”

      “My neck is starting to hurt Jungkook.” 

Jungkook closes his eyes and nods. He grabs Jimin’s shoulders again and guides the smaller closer to himself, ducking down his neck as he takes a small sniff. Jimin taps his thigh impatiently so Jungkook internally rolls his eyes and searches for the scent gland before inhaling deep and pressing his nose onto the sensitive skin. 

Jimin stills under his hold on instinct as the scent of smoke and ash cloud over his senses so thick he wants to cough. 

Jungkook’s scent was not made for omegas. It was a small, but noticeable reason why he never bothered with finding a mate before. It was the smell meant to scare and threaten a prey or enemy. 

Jimin didn’t really mind it when they were together, it wasn’t ever particularly strong until the scent was soaked into his skin. It was strong, and yet safe. In this scent he feels a surge of confidence and protection. 

Jungkook pulls back from him and opens his eyes back up to see Jimin’s own have glazed over. 

      “Is it too much?” 

      “It’s okay.” Jimin mumbles. 

Jungkook’s gaze falls from Jimin back to the ground. He’s never scented an omega, he’s never scented anyway. Even when he was a kid, nobody wanted to smell like smoke. 

       “Aren’t you leaving?” he asks quietly. 

       “Huh?” Jimin asks distractedly, until he looks at the door and remembers, “oh, right, um, I’ll be home soon okay?”


Jimin squeezes Jungkook’s arm before stepping around the alpha and walking outside. He makes a break for the pups he can spot at the bottom of the hill. He gets quite the looks from people around him. 

Yeri, standing in front of the pups, looks back when he’s still about ten feet away. She looks surprised to see Jimin. He hadn’t realized Jungkook’s scent would be so strong to everyone else. 

      “Hey.” he says with a wave and comes to her side.

      She turns back to pups, “hey yourself, have a good honeymoon?”

      “Sure.” he sees her side-eye his neck. 

      And then she looks at Jimin again with furrowed eyebrows similar to Jungkook’s familiar expression, “you didn’t mate.” 

His hand unconsciously comes up to rub at the smooth skin of his throat. 

       “Ah, well,” Jimin curses himself in his head for being slow to come up with something, “I guess we’re just waiting.”

       “Waiting for what?”

        “Um, you know the right moment, Jungkook and I are really in the moment type of people.” 

        She hesitates but agrees with a nod, “I guess that makes sense, you had the ceremony so quick too.” 

His baby alpha runs over to them as fast as he can and attaches himself to Jimin’s leg, making the omegas laugh. Then, the small alpha quickly backs up with a crinkled nose. He sniffs at Jimin carefully with a frown. 

        Yeri smiles at him, “I think he may want to scent you.” 

The small alpha quickly nods and makes grabby hands at Jimin to be picked up. 

       Jimin opens his mouth but has trouble finding the words, “oh? How about another time?”

       Yeri laughs again, “Jungkook’s not going to get jealous over a pup’s scenting, is he?”

The thing is, Jimin hadn’t even considered that. He had denied the pup covering up any of Jungkook’s scent for his own selfish reason. However confident and safe he had felt before was magnified by the reactions he had gotten just walking outside of Jungkook’s cabin. 

He had always hated the weak parts of being an omega. For your own safety, you had to be kind to every alpha that made advancements, you could never trust an unmated alpha’s ‘friendship’, to every other wolf you were the submissive and sweet rug they used to wipe their feet. 

The dark and looming scent of Jungkook that had stuck onto him made it so most alphas around wouldn’t even make eye contact with him. He smirks and him and Yeri make the pup go back to the playground. 

A smell that almost overpowers Jungkook’s around him approaches until it’s right in front of him, along with a tall alpha. He looks up from the chest to the alpha’s eyes. 

       “Namjoon.” he says. 

Yeri greets her brother before leaving them to gather the kids up, and take them back to the tent.

       Namjoon smiles down at Jimin genuinely, “Hey.” 

Jimin has always liked Namjoon. If Namjoon hadn’t been absolutely enamoured with a certain loud and goofy older omega, Jimin would have considered him as a potential mate. 

       “So, to what do I owe the honor of the most respected alpha in the pack?”

       Namjoon’s eyes turn up as his smile brightens, “you can just call me by my name Jimin.”

       “What’s up?”

       Namjoon dims a little, “is everything going okay with you and Jungkook?” 

Jimin falters before he fakes a confused and happy face. 

       “Of course, why would you ask that?”

And predictably, Namjoon’s eyes drop down to Jimin’s bare neck. 

       Jimin resists the urge to rub at it again, “oh you mean my mark? Jungkook and I are just waiting for the perfect moment.” 

        “Your wedding night wasn’t a perfect moment?” 

Jimin stutters and looks away, blinking rapidly. 


       “I’m sorry it’s just,” Namjoon exhales, “look obviously I don’t know how my brother is in private but I know he’s never been the instigator with omegas, so maybe if you got things started…”

Jimin’s mouth parts in a gape. 

        “Are you telling me to seduce your brother?”

        Namjoon’s eyes widen, “geez, no Jimin! I was just saying you should give him a little push. I’m sure he’s just as ready as you are.”

        “Oh I know he is.” Jimin says confidently. 

Because Jungkook really is just as ready to sleep with Jimin as Jimin is to sleep with Jungkook. If ready was a word that only lived on planet ‘never going to happen in this lifetime’. 

        “See?” Namjoon giggles, “I’m glad we had this talk, new little brother.” 

He bumps Jimin playfully before skipping away back into his fairly land world. Jimin’s face falls as soon as he’s gone and figures, the trip out definitely wasn’t worth it. 

Before anyone else can find him for twenty questions again, Jimin turns and runs back up to Jungkook’s cabin. 

Chapter Text

It turns out planet ‘never going to happen in this lifetime’, had been changed to ‘it depends on how desperate we are’ by decree of Jeon Jungkook. 

The alpha changes everything one morning when they’re sitting at the kitchen table, eating the eggs Jungkook had made. His knee bounces up and down aggressively with his sharp gaze on Jimin’s neck. 

       Jimin sighs and sticks another forkful of cooked yolk in his mouth, “what?” 

       “We may have to just mate.” 

Jimin chokes roughly on his food as his hand shoots for his napkin to catch the yolk lodged in his throat when he has to spit it out. 

       Jungkook pushes a glass of water towards him, “I don’t see another option.”

       Jimin looks back at him incredulously, “we could never mate, how about that? What happens then?” 

       “The head alpha would break our marriage and we’d be right back where we started.”

Jimin shivers to think about being single again, he had finally gotten the pack alphas off his ass with Jungkook’s scent clung to all his clothes now. 

        Jimin bites his lip and meets Jungkook’s eyes again, “have you ever had sex?”

Jungkook doesn’t look offended, more annoyed.

       “Yeah Jimin, I pull omegas all the time.” he says sarcastically. 

       “It was just a question.” he grumbles before sipping his water. 

       Jungkook's face becomes expressionless, “have you?”


       “Well it’s a good thing I’m not utterly repulsed by you.” 

       Jimin’s head falls back as bursts out laughing, “it’s a good thing I won’t fall asleep during it too, I guess.”

       Jungkook’s lip lifts a centimeter before he clears his throat and folds his hands on the table, “should we set a date?”

       “You want to write it up on the calendar or something?”

Jungkook face morphs from consideration, back to annoyance when he realizes Jimin was only teasing him.   

        “What about Friday?” Jimin asks. 

        Jungkook crosses his arms and shifts in his seat, “okay, we can do Friday.” 

        “Great, I’m gonna go shower.” Jimin hurriedly gets up and sets his plate in the sink before practically running out of the kitchen. 

Jungkook’s shoulders fall as Jimin flees. He closes his eyes and exhales deeply. 

Only he has to quickly sit back up when the kitchen door swings back open. Jimin comes back in and stands in front of him with a tense expression. 

        “Maybe we should do it tonight.”

        “Tonight?” Jungkook stands up with doe eyes. 

        Jimin hugs his arms to his chest, “is that too fast?” 

        “N-no, we can do that tonight.” 

        Jimin nods, “should we eat before?”

        “Should we drink before?”

The omega’s head tilts and thinks about it seriously for a minute before shaking his head. 

        “No we should be sober.” 

        “Right.” Jungkook agrees quietly. 

        Jimin claps his hands awkwardly and lets out a whistle, “okay, then I will see you tonight. I’ll be in the shower.” 

        “I’ll be sitting here in silence.” he says as he points to the kitchen table chair. 

Jimin leaves as he sits back down and they’re once again left alone with their own thoughts. There haven’t been many instances in the past few days where Jimin and Jungkook were alone long enough to think. 

As Jimin turns the shower knob, he tries hard to think about anything else. But there wasn’t much. He steps inside and when the scalding water touches his skin, his first intrusive thought appears. What was sex with Jungkook? What did it mean? Could Jungkook even touch an omega in that way? 

He was a healthy young alpha, obviously he should know the answer, but with Jungkook it’s a little harder to tell. 

Jimin can literally strip down naked in front of Jungkook to change and he doesn’t bat an eye, but god forbid Jimin let his shirt rise an inch above his pant waist to show a sliver of skin in front of any other alpha in the pack. 

It makes Jimin scowl, for some reason, as he rubs the soap onto his shoulder. This might be the first time in his life he doesn’t have any sex appeal to an alpha. Figures, he was so picky he ended up with a mate that wasn’t even attracted to him. 


Jungkook paces the living room floor with one hand over his mouth. What were the main things Jungkook was supposed to care about? It was hunting, and protecting the pack. 

NOWHERE on that list was ever learning how to please an omega in bed. Should he go to Namjoon? Jungkook gags in his closed mouth and shakes his head rapidly. On top of that, this was not just some omega, this was Park Jimin. The same Park Jimin that never had a doubt in his mind about how he wanted his alpha to be. 

Jungkook growls and glares back at the bathroom door where Jimin was still showering. 


Jungkook and Jimin have a quiet dinner that night. Jimin doesn’t ask about the missing clock on the kitchen wall. And Jungkook doesn’t tell Jimin that he tossed their clock outside because the ticking that indicated each second closer to their mating made him want to burn his skin off. 

Jimin washes the dishes as Jungkook dries them and sets them up in the cabinets in their normal routine. 

They share a look of understanding before Jungkook pushes open his bedroom door and they look into the untouched room. 

You may be wondering where Jungkook and Jimin have been sleeping, if not the bedroom. Not too long ago they had gotten into an argument about who takes the room, before Jungkook just decided he was taking the couch and that was final. But he woke the next morning to see Jimin sleeping a few feet away on a nest-like makeshift bed of pillows and blankets from his last place. 

       “You go in.” Jimin gestures inside.

Jungkook looks away with a sour look but doesn’t snark back, he’s dumb with this stuff but not that dumb. Jimin follows in after him, stretching out his back and jumping up and down a couple times with a deep breath. Jungkook doesn’t comment on that either. 

The alpha sits down on the edge of the bed and looks back at Jimin with his hands gripping his knees tightly. 

      Jimin scratches the back of his head, “where should I be?”

      “Sit.” he says. 

      Jimin comes to stand in front of him, “on your lap?”

      Jungkook blinks dumbly, “that’s fine.” 

He holds Jimin’s waist and helps the smaller up to climb in his lap, spreading his legs out over Jungkook’s and framing the alpha’s sides. Jimin swallows and looks up from Jungkook’s lap to meet his eyes. 

His thighs are strained underneath Jimin’s and his body is firm in the most comforting way. Jungkook silently reaches his hand up to push back a hair strand out of Jimin’s face and brush it back. A small smile forms on Jimin’s lips before he holds Jungkook’s face in his hand and ducks down towards him. 

Jungkook quickly pulls back and looks at Jimin in shock. 

      “What are you doing?” he asks in a low tone.

      Jimin looks at him in confusion, “I'm kissing you.” 

      “Shouldn’t you tell me first?” he squeaks out.

      “We’re not performing surgery, Jungkook.” 

      “You should warn me before moving forward, tell me what you’re doing.” 

Jimin shakes his head exhaustedly. 

       The omega cups his cheeks jaw again and looks into his eyes seriously, “I’m going to kiss you now.”


        “Great.” Jimin sighs out through his nose.  

He tilts Jungkook’s head up slightly in his hold and just does it. He presses their lips together, and to his surprise Jungkook doesn’t tense up under him. Jimin tilts his head a tick and deepens it before he starts moving against Jungkook’s. 

Jungkook’s hands fist into the back of Jimin’s sweater as his eyebrows furrow. He tries to copy Jimin’s moves, failing a few times before a small sound and encouraging escapes Jimin’s mouth and he knows he’s found the right way. 

Jimin shifts on his lap and Jungkook scoots back up further on the bed, with more difficulty than he realized. Instead of taking his hands off Jimin and catching himself, he accidentally moves the wrong way and falls back on the bed with Jimin in suit. 

Jimin parts with a giggle but attaches their lips back together in a split second. He has to lift himself up on his knees to hover over Jungkook and get them back to a comfortable position. Jungkook’s hand on his back pulls him down until Jimin’s crotch rubs along his stomach, making Jimin inhale sharply through his nose. 

They kiss for a long time without going any further. And to be honest, it was no longer about getting comfortable with each other, for either of them. Every fantasy Jimin had about a strong alpha’s arms around him and a firm body against his had come true only to hit harder when it becomes a thousand times better in real life. 

This was not an alpha’s typical position in bed. Rarely would an alpha let an omega be on top of them, controlling a kiss. For Jungkook, however, that was the last thing on his mind. It’s a huge relief to let Jimin take hold of the night, because he realizes while Jimin was picky, he speaks his mind. If Jimin wanted something, he would tell Jungkook. 

      The time flies by before Jimin pulls back with shallow breaths and sits back up on Jungkook’s lap, “I'm going to take your shirt off, okay?”

Jungkook sits up too and Jimin’s hands are instantly on him, pushing back the unbuttoned flannel off his shoulders. He grips the bottom of Jungkook white t-shirt, looking up for confirmation so Jungkook nods. Jimin peels it off him and throws it to the end of the bed. 

Jimin’s fingers run along the sun and moon tattoo on his chest first before both hands press to his bare skin to feel the warm and hardened muscle under his skin. Jungkook’s hand fall from his back to the end of his sweater, slipping underneath to graze Jimin’s spine. 

They look at each other again before Jungkook pulls Jimin closer so the two meet in another deep kiss. 

Jimin’s hands slip down his chest to his torso and the first thrilling spike of lust shoots down his stomach. Jungkook senses the arousal immediately, he smirks into the kiss. Jimin’s focus is too ingrained in feeling the alpha to notice. 

Jungkook pulls them up to lay back on the pillows and it’s like another one of Jimin’s dreams. It’s only dizzying like a dream in that it feels as though it happens in flashes. He gets lost in every kiss and barely registers it all in between. 

Their clothes come off. And then they kiss again. Jungkook’s hands burn heated marks into his skin as he explores Jimin’s body. And then they kiss again. He kisses Jimin between every movement. 

He’s almost embarrassingly more vocal than Jungkook. But he also doesn’t think the alpha minds. He whines, and whimpers, and lets out short breathed sounds of desperation. 

Jungkook feels Jimin's wetness brush against his thighs with every shift, until he pulls the smaller’s legs to wrap around his waist. Jimin whimpers again when Jungkook lowers himself ontop and their bodies mesh, feeling the base of Jungkook’s hard cock press against him.  

       Jungkook lifts his head and brushes back Jimin’s hair, “can I?”

       Jimin moans and nods enthusiastically, “fuck, yes, please.” 

Jimin is floored. Before Jungkook even touches him again, the alpha smiles . It wasn’t a smirk, it wasn’t smug, it was just a smile. Any other time maybe he would think it was cute, but right now everything Jungkook does is just overwhelmingly hot. 

His attention is again averted by Jungkook’s movement and something pressing to his rim. Jimin bites his lip and lets his head fall back fully against the pillow as he prepares. 

Jungkook supports himself better with his knees dug into the mattress and his palm pressed to the space beside Jimin’s hip, as he grabs himself to press into Jimin. 

      Jimin mouth falls open, “ ah, holy- fuck, Jungkook. ” 

Jungkook wants to stop but the bone crushing grips on his arms tells Jungkook it could be dangerous to, so he keeps slowly entering the omega as Jimin’s head thrashes against the pillow with every new stretch of his hole. 

      “ Mm ,” Jimin opens his eyes to meet Jungkooks, “how much fucking more?”

      “Just a little bit, should i pull out?”

      “I’ll bite your dick off Jungkook, don’t even think about it.” 

      Jungkook licks his lips and looks at Jimin apologetically, “this will be over quickly then, promise.” 

       “What- Ah! Ah , oh f-” Jimin’s scream cuts off his sentence as Jungkook grabs Jimin’s hips and slams inside fully. 

Jungkook groans and lets his head drop on Jimin’s shoulder. He turns his head to press a soft kiss against Jimin’s throat and tries to calm the hysterical omega. 

        Jimin takes a deep breath and glares over at Jungkook, “if I find out this is not a normal alpha size, I’m getting a refund.” 

        “Oh yeah?” Jungkook smirks at him, “what other alpha’s cocks are you planning to look at?”

        Jimin’s lips form in a pout as he whimpers, “please move, alpha.” 

He watches Jungkook’s eyes darken before Jungkook lifts himself up again and starts with a small thrust without pulling back to gage Jimin’s reaction to it, but the omega just growls at him, digging his nails into Jungkook’s arms. 

Jungkook’s head twitches, it’s life or death now. He presses Jimin’s hips firmly to the bed before dragging his cock out and pushing back in smoothly. It was hard for it not to go in smoothly with how wet Jimin had become, the slick had dripped down Jungkook’s thighs and onto the bed by now. 

Jimin moans encouragingly and tries to move his hips but Jungkook’s grip is too restrictive. The tables have turned now as their instincts have come out. 

Jungkook fucks him, really, really fucks him. He really doesn’t waste any time with a slow build up. With every drag in and out Jimin loses himself further to the point of not even hearing his own sounds anymore. But as Jimin becomes deaf to it, it only encourages Jungkook to thrust harder and deeper with Jimin’s name slipping out of his mouth breathlessly. 

A mating night was a night of making love, slow, and sensual, like you have all the time in the world. 

Jimin and Jungkook fall so deeply into the pleasure they forget all other obligations of the night. Jimin’s on the verge of sobbing, it’s so good it hurts. 

Jungkook ducks down to come closer to him and press wet kisses down his throat as his thrusts become less shallow and quick, and he feels more full like every open space inside him has found its missing puzzle piece.

      “ Jungkook .” he moans and cards his fingers through Jungkook’s sweaty hair. 

Under his other hand was Jungkook’s back muscles pulsing with every movement. Jungkook’s forehead presses up against Jimin’s temple as he says Jimin’s name lowly into the omega’s ear. 

      Jimin nails scratch down Jungkook’s back comfortingly, “does it feel good?”

      Jungkook groans and draws out a long thrust as he looks at Jimin, “it feels perfect.”

      "For me too."

Jungkook presses their lips back together making Jimin’s hand slip down from his hair to hold his cheek. 

When they pull away Jungkook picks his pace back up, knowing they’re both the edge of chasing the same thing. 

        “I’m close.” Jimin pants. 

         Jungkook bends his neck to the side and looks down at Jimin, “bite me.”

Oh. Jimin is forced back into reality abruptly as he remembers why the hell they were doing this in the first place. Him and Jungkook share a look of understanding and Jungkook nods so Jimin sits up slightly and pulls Jungkook’s necks down to his lips, biting down hard onto the sensitive skin. 

Jungkook lets out a loud and pained groan but doesn’t stop moving inside Jimin as he sinks his own teeth into the omega’s throat. Jimin’s nails draw blood into his back with how tight he holds onto his mate. 

And then he comes. Jimin pulls back and falls back onto the bed as his body releases the pent up pleasure Jungkook gave him. Jungkook moans as he follows not far behind and holds Jimin’s thighs and he comes. 

He pulls out, making Jimin whine, and falls beside the omega as he tries to catch his breath. They both lay in the silence as their bodies recover. 

Jungkook turns his head to Jimin, so Jimin looks back at him. 

       “That was, um-”

       “Shh,” Jimin covers Jungkook’s lips with his fingers, “we can talk about it tomorrow.” 

Jimin has never looked so exhausted so Jungkook just nods. He moves to grab them a towel to clean up with until Jimin grabs his arm. 

        “I’m going to hold you.” Jimin warns before he pushes Jungkook back down and pulls a blanket over them. 

He rests his head on Jungkook’s chest and lays an arm over the alpha’s torso, tiredly pressing a kiss to the still sweat soaked skin. Jungkook pulls his own arm over Jimin and takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. 

Chapter Text

Jimin wakes in his dream land. Wait. Jimin opens his eyes to his and Jungkook’s bedroom with confusion. Why did it feel like his dream? Well, a pair of tattooed and thick arms cradle his waist from behind, and a broad chest drapes over his back. 

Jimin carefully turns his body under the hold until Jungkook’s nose previously dug into Jimin’s hair brushes his own and they’re facing each other. Jungkook’s face twitches in his sleep at the movement, making a small smile appear on Jimin’s face. 

     “Hey, Jungkook.” Jimin whispers under his breath. 

He gently pokes the middle of Jungkook’s chest until the alpha starts to stir. Jungkook groans and pulls Jimin in tighter, digging his face into the pillow. Jimin couldn’t move even if he wanted to. 

      “Jungkook.” he says again. 

Jungkook’s body inhales as he finally wakes and peeks out of his droopy eyelids. He looks around the room with the same expression as Jimin before their eyes meet. 

      Jimin grins with amusement, “morning, you know you should start tying me to the bed if you think i’m going to run away.”

Jungkook’s gaze silently trails down to his hold on Jimin before he looks back up and slowly pulls back. 

      “Sorry.” he mumbles, turning onto his back and stretching. 

      “It’s fine,” Jimin says as he shoves the comforter back and gets off the bed, “it’s natural now, right? Your alpha’s not just going to let his omega go cold.”

      Jungkook lifts his head slightly to look at him, “were you cold last night?”

      “It was a joke, Jungkook.” Jimin says, turning away with a frown. 

      “Oh.” Jungkook drops his head with a sigh. 

Jimin grabs a thin blanket from Jungkook’s chair and wraps it around himself to walk out onto the ice cold floor of their living room. He grabs a t-shirt to wear today, he would get too hot in a sweater. 

Jungkook is already half dressed when he comes back in. Why he needed to change with Jungkook, he’ll just blame on his wolf’s post-mating clinginess. 

The alpha just puts his hand on Jimin’s lower back as he passes by, and Jimin’s body suddenly heats up. Luckily, Jungkook has already left the room before he can notice. 

      “I’m going out to hunt and guard today!” he calls from the other room. 

      Jimin slips on his clothes as he listens, “oh? Are you going with any other alphas?”

      “Do I have a choice?” Jungkook says as he comes back to lean against the door. 

For the first time since Jimin has known him, he looks at Jimin when the omega is changing. He should say more specifically, Jungkook finally doesn’t look like he couldn’t care less to be there. The alpha’s eyes flit down his body with a curious expression before he looks back into Jimin’s eyes.  

        “What are you doing today though?” he asks. 

        Jimin rubs the back of his neck as he looks around for shoes, “Tae and I are going out to the harvests and picking some herbs.” 

        “It’s not too hot out?” he asks with a tinge of nervousness to his voice. 

Jimin considers telling him to snap out of it, because he knows its just his alpha acting out too, but he doesn’t want to hurt Jungkook’s feelings. Jimin scowls, since when did he care about hurting Jungkook’s feelings? 

        “All the other omegas do it year round, they’re all fine.” 

        “Yeah, but-”

        “But what?” he says challengingly. 

        Jungkook’s concerned face drops to defeat, “you’re right, sorry i’m acting like a spaz.” 

        “It’s natural Jungkook.” 

        “Doesn’t make it not annoying.” 

        “I don’t think it’s annoying,” Jimin walks past him, squeezing his arm, “yet.” 

He yelps as Jungkook kicks his ass from behind and growls back at the alpha. When he looks back, Jungkook’s smiling again, making Jimin falter and forget the threat on his lips.  

He turns back away from Jungkook and leaves the house quickly, grabbing his shoes on the way out. 

Taehyung is already there, waiting outside when he closes the front door. 

       Tae smiles boxily at him, “so you finally - why are you walking so fast?” 

He has to do a small jog to keep up with Jimin. 

        “No reason.” Jimin says quickly. 

        “Oh, anyway, you finally mated, huh?” he elbows Jimin playfully. 

        Jimin lets out an artificial laugh, “yeah.”

        Taehyung stops in front of him with wide eyes, “what was it like?” 

        “Um,” Jimin looks around at the empty clearing before breathing out, “it was amazing, Tae, really.” 

        Tae whimpers enviously, “I want to accept so bad but I don’t want to seem desperate.”  

Jimin stares back at him. 

        His best friend’s mouth falls open, “I didn’t mean you, you know, I just mean…”

        “I got what you meant.” Jimin grumbles before he walks around Tae to the direction of the harvest fields. 

Jimin and him take the baskets left by previous omegas out to the land and they sit down to get the best position for pulling up the herbs and vegetables. 

        Taehyung grunts as he rips a stem from the ground, “no offense, but I really don’t see how you spend everyday with Jeon Jungkook.”

Jimin does take offense. At least, his omega does. Normally he would agree with Taehyung, if he didn’t already feel especially emotional and defensive about his newly minted mate. 

         He grits his teeth and takes out his aggression out on the herbs he has to pull, “it’s not as bad as you think.” 

         “Oh duh, of course he’s probably way sweeter with you!” 

Memories of Jungkook shoving Jimin off the couch when they were fighting over it and stealing the meat off Jimin’s plate sometimes in the morning flash in his mind. 

       “Mhmm,” Jimin hums, “how are things with your alpha.?”

       Tae stops to smile at him again, “you already know Bo is the most caring in the pack, he’s perfect.

Jimin doesn’t take offense to this. He doesn’t need to be taken care of by an alpha and nor does he want that, he wants an alpha that wants an independent omega. He guesses that’s where his chosen mate has come in handy. 

He doesn’t respond to Tae’s comment and lets the other omega idly brag about his alpha as they continue their harvesting. When their baskets are full and they’re knees are pained from being leaned on, it’s time to get up and take it all back to the pack kitchens. 

Jimin and Tae walk back through the campground to the other side where the cooks were. Jimin gasps, making Taehyung stop and looks over at him. 

       “You okay?”

       Jimin’s body turns hot all over again, the scent of smoke clogs his nose, “Um…”

Jimin turns around and sniffs the air for the source of the alluring scent. His eyes land back on the forest at least fifty feet away, where a group of alphas are walking out. A zip of nerves spikes down his spine when he catches sight of a familiar lone alpha drenched in sweat, walks out of the trees by himself. 

Sweat was a known aphrodisiac for wolves, especially the high pheromoned Alphas and Omegas. And Jungkook normally sweats a lot, he sweats very easily, making his scent a hundred times stronger.  Jimin’s omega becomes entranced with the way his shirt sticks to his torso, so soaked you can see his tattoo through it. 

Jungkook blinks and his nose twitches before he looks up directly in Jimin’s direction. 

      “You done?” Taehyung asks dryly. 

Jimin doesn’t even hear him. Their eyes connect. JImin’s face must be concerning, if the curious and alert look on Jungkook’s face says anything. The alpha takes a hesitant step towards him but something grabs Jimin’s arm, pulling him out of Jungkook’s sharp gaze. 

       Tae jerks him back with a whiney groan, “come on! If this is what mated life is like maybe i’ll reconsider.” 

Jimin takes a deep breath as he turns away from Jungkook, before taking one more glance back over his shoulder. Jungkook tilts his head at Jimin, but Taehyung snaps at him again so he looks back in the direction of the kitchen. 

Jimin’s shoulders shiver as he tries to shake off whatever trance he was just put under. 


Jimin gets home first, before dark. He finished up at the kitchens and took some food home with him, so he decided he might as well cook at least one of these nights for Jungkook. The meat sizzles in a large cast iron pan as he moves it around with a spatula. 

His fingers have to grab onto the counter with a bruising grip as the front door open and that mind dizzying scent fills their home. Jungkook closes the front door quietly and walks to the kitchen while Jimin rapidly shakes his head to get a hold of himself. 

The kitchen door is pushes open, and in walks the alpha himself. 


Jimin doesn’t look at him but he nods in greeting, biting down on his lip hard and trying to hold his breath. 

       Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow, “Jimin?”

Jimin still doesn’t answer. 

       He runs his hand through his hair with a frown, “I think i’m just going to wash off really quick, it smells great Jimin.” 

Yes, it does. It really fucking does , Jimin thinks pathetically. 

       “Okay.” Jimin squeaks out. 

       “What’s wrong?”

       “Hm? Nothing.” Jimin takes the pan off the stove shakily. 

       “Alright,” he says reluctantly and puts his hand back on the kitchen door, before it falls off again, “Jimin, I know somethings wrong, I can smell it.” 

Jimin’s sweet scent has soured some because of the omega’s stress, only perceptible to an omega’s alpha. 

Jimin can’t take it any longer, he takes a long inhale in, in a small pant and it takes control of his head all over again. He turns back to Jungkook, still with a tight grip on the counters. 

       “I just…don’t want you to shower.” 

The realization is instantaneous on Jungkook’s face as soon as Jimin says it. He licks his lips and glances at the food before he swiftly crosses the room to the omega and pulls Jimin into his arms. 

Jimin’s hands find themselves on his face, pulling him down to attach their lips. He moans into the kiss as Jungkook pushes back on him, lifting Jimin up an inch against himself and laying him down on the kitchen table. 

The omega’s legs wrap around his waist as Jungkook lethargically grinds down on his lap, eliciting another low moan from his mate. He picks Jimin back up and holds him against the wall to fit their cocks together, rubbing as hard as he can through the fabric of their pants. 

Jimin’s brain turns to mush the second Jungkook’s scent is pressed against him and he can feel the sweat under his roaming hands. 

Jungkook carries him to their bedroom easily and drops Jimin on the bed, only to crawl over top of him. He expects a smirk on Jungkook’s lips and a cocky attitude but Jungkook’s heated gaze just travels down Jimin’s body slowly, with a slightly parted mouth. 

    “Fuck, Jimin.” Jungkook peels off his shirt and hurriedly shucks off his pants as Jimin clumsily does the same. 

When he’s bare, he hears Jungkook groan darkly but doesn’t see the alpha before Jungkook flips Jimin over with his stomach pressed to the bed. Jimin bites down on his own arm as Jungkook’s long fingers trace his back down to his ass, and spread apart his cheeks. 

     “ Jungkook .” he whines, he wants to see his alpha. 

A pillow by Jimin’s head is pulled away before Jungkook lifts his hips and puts it underneath him. When he slips in Jimin this time it was not slow and careful, he was too confident this time. He holds Jimin’s hips up and pushes in without hesitation. 

A cry is pulled out of Jimin’s lips and his fingernails scratch against the bed roughly when Jungkoook holds himself in Jimin to relish in the feeling. 

      “You ready baby?” he rubs circles into the back of Jimin’s hips with his thumbs. 

And just like last night he builds up quickly, taking every piece of Jimin he can. Jimin’s eyes roll back with a stream of moans as his body is rocked back and forth against the sheets and his prostate is abused over and over. 

He melts into the bed when his legs can’t take the strain anymore and lets Jungkook take what he wants. That moment of submission is short lived before Jungkook wraps an arm underneath Jimin and pulls the omega up with his back to Jungkook’s chest. 

At the new angle Jimin practically screams and he has to hold onto Jungkook’s arms. 

The alpha’s teeth scrape over his mating bite and tears spring from Jimin’s eyes with a weak sob. 

      “Jungkook.” he looks at Jungkook with misty eyes. 

Jungkook stretches his neck over Jimin’s shoulders to kiss him, so Jimin’s hand reaches back and runs his fingers through Jungkoook’s hair, gripping tightly on the strands. His lips part from Jimin’s to trail down Jimin’s shoulder messily. His hand slides down over Jimin’s inner thigh and squeezes, warning Jimin. 

      “I’m gonna come.” Jimin whispers to let him know it’s okay. 

Jungkook nods, biting Jimin’s ear as his thrusts become erratic. Jimin puts his hand over top Jungkook’s as they find release together. 


      “Foods definitely cold by now.” Jimin says with an awkward laugh as he buttons his jeans. 

Jungkook sits against the headboard and watches him dress with an arm supporting the back of his head as he comes down off a high. He drops his arm and sits up, getting Jimin’s attention. 

      “Should I be apologizing?” Jungkook asks. 

      Jimin raises an amused eyebrow at him, “for what?” 

      “Well that wasn’t exactly part of the plan.”

      “Oh so all of the rest of this you did plan?” 

He gestures around the cabin with a smile and Jungkook scoffs at him with a laugh. 

      “Shut up, you know what I mean.” 

      Jimin walks to his side of the bed and sits on the edge, “look, we’re mates now, our wolves won’t just turn asexual now that they have a partner.” 

      Jungkook licks his lips and looks down, “are you okay with that?”

      “...I’m not complaining.” 

      “Yeah, sure didn’t sound like it.”

Ah, there it is. Jeon Jungkook’s infamous smirk. Jimin was wondering when it would rear it’s ugly head. 

He grabs the pillow by his side and tries to throw it in Jungkook’s face but the alpha grabs his wrists and pulls Jimin close to lay back on the bed and hover over him halfway. Jimin’s eyes flit down to his lips before looking back up at his eyes. 

       He scratches his neck, “you should go take that shower now.” 

       Jungkook ducks down by his ears and pins Jimin’s wrists by his head, “is it too much baby?” 

Another shiver runs down his back and stomach simultaneously. He sees Jungkook’s lips turn up again out of the corner of his eye so Jimin rips out of his loose grip. 

       “No, get off me ugly.” he pushes at Jungkook’s chest. 

Jungkook laughs and falls onto his back beside Jimin again as Jimin crawls off the bed. Jimin goes to the doorway and takes another look back, watching Jungkook’s amused smile turn more genine when their eyes meet. 

Jimin scratches the back of his head as he turns back around with a secret smile of his own.

Chapter Text

Jimin sinks back into their sheets with the after effects of his release and closes his eyes, smiling. He feels a soft bite down on the inside of his thigh before the blanket rustles on top of him, and out peeks his alpha from the covers. 

Jungkook crawls up on his knees and lays back down beside Jimin. 

      “ Wow .” Jimin breathes, his hand falling onto Jungkook’s chest. 

He sits up slightly for Jungkook to wrap his arms completely around Jimin’s waist before dropping back down. 

      “I know,” Jungkook kisses under his ear and down his neck, “I really enjoyed that too.” 

If Jimin was any other omega with any other alpha his face would be burning red. Instead he turns his head towards Jungkook and slots their lips together. 

The morning sun warms their intertwined bare skin and illuminates the unmistakable blissful expressions. One of Jungkook’s arms slip off Jimin only to grab Jimin’s hip, and run his palm up along the side of Jimin’s body as they kiss. 

Jimin takes every available opportunity to selfishly feel up Jungkook’s arms and chest. Their tongues meet in the deep kiss until Jungkook bites down on Jimin’s lip and sucks. The alpha seemed to have a biting complex, ever since they’re mating bites were formed. 

He drags Jimin’s lip down and releases, nosing down Jimin’s face while Jimin’s grip on his arm grows tighter. Jungkook searches his throat and passes the bite, stopping above the omega’s scent gland and inhaling deeply against it. 

Jimin moans and stretches his neck out to make it easier for him. 

     Jungkook lifts his head, waiting until Jimin opened his eyes back up, “I’m sorry.” 

     Jimin smiles softly, “what could you possibly be sorry for?” 

Jimin pushes back Jungkook’s hair from his face and scratches the nape of his neck. Even though Jungkook leans into the touch, his expression doesn’t change. 

       “My scent.” 

       Jimin’s hand freezes, “....I like your scent.” 

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow in confusion, then he looks surprised, before he seems to shrink down in Jimin’s hold. 

       “Really?” he asks quietly. 

Jimin wouldn’t lie about that. Jungkook’s scent stuck to everything of his already, and he loved it.  He pulls Jungkook down and kisses him chastely one more time, before pulling back. Jungkook takes that as his answer. 

       Jungkook rubs circles into his back and turns them onto their sides, “your scent is, um, decent too.” 

       Jimin snorts and hits his chest, “just say you like my scent.” 

        “I love your scent.” Jungkook says seriously. 

It had been about a month and a half since their mating. Day in, and day out, they only had each other to keep company. Jungkook, the forever lone wolf, had accepted Jimin as not only the one person he will keep by his side but as his other half. 

Jimin has everything he wanted. He wanted his alpha to keep his on his toes and even when Jungkook will pleasure him in the morning and make him dinner at night, they will not go through a day without bickering about something. 

It’s never serious. One time he got lectured for ten minutes after he moved the towels to a new place without telling Jungkook, other times Jungkook could just wake up cranky, and every time it’s hilarious to him. 

Everyday with Jungkook and Jimin is just blissfully normal

        “I have to get up.” Jungkook says reluctantly with his face dug into Jimin’s neck. 

        Jimin scratches the back of Jungkook’s head, “skip it, the head alpha won’t complain if I tell him we spent the day having sex instead.” 

Jungkook giggles under his breath before he lifts himself up away from Jimin and scratches out his back and arms. Jimin shamelessly watches him to get up and change into clothes. He ties the back of his hair up in a tiny bun and lastly slides on his boots, sitting on the edge of the bed. 

Jungkook cups Jimin's cheek and pecks his lips before he stands back up with a dejected look. 

       “I’m going to be late tonight, we’re hunting in the east mountain.” 

       Jimin frowns, “they really can’t send anyone else?”

       “If I’m going to lead the hunters, I’m going to need to go on hunts.” Jungkook says with a laugh. 

Jimin lets him go after a few more kisses and a promise to come back in one piece. And then Jimin is left alone in the cabin by himself for the rest of the day, but he has absolutely no idea what to do on his own anymore. 


Jungkook meets his group back at the edge of the forest. He walks by them and into the trees silently so they know to follow after. 

      The fresh and oceanic scent of his brother clouds his nose as Namjoon approaches him, “ready?” 

Namjoon’s smile doesn’t falter when Jungkook, expectantly, doesn’t respond. 

      “I was honestly wondering if you were even coming, you’re not usually last.” 

      Jungkook’s head snaps back to look at him, “the pack is my number one priority.” 

      “I know Jungkook, calm down.” Namjoon puts his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder and laughs. 

      “Shouldn’t your omega come before the pack?” 

Jungkook and Namjoon look back at the alpha that had cut into their conversation. Jae, an alpha Namjoon’s age, was staring directly back at Jungkook with a judgemental face. 

      Jungkook stops and turns around to face him, “don’t speak on my omega and I.”

      Namjoon puts hand on Jungkook’s chest and tries to push him back, “alright, it’s time we shift, don’t you think?” 

Jungkook and Jae’s heated staring contest is broken when Namjoon pushes on his chest again so Jungkook glances away. Namjoon drops his hand with a relieved sigh. 


Jungkook looks back at Jae as he takes off his shirt and unbuttons his jeans before he bends down and shifts into his wolf. There’s a reason Jungkook would happily shift in front of Jae. Because when Jae shifts, the other alpha is a light brown average, tall, wolf. But in their wolf forms, Jungkook towers over him, with jet black fur and sharp, bright yellow eyes. 

He huffs through his snout in Jae’s direction before turning around and leading them off into their first run. By foot in their human forms it would take them a day, at the very least, to reach the east mountain. In their wolf forms they would run it within a few hours. 

The east mountain was where most of the animals worth catching fled, because it was farther from the camp. 

Now that Jungkook thinks about it, he had interacted with Jae before. He remembers vaguely at one point seeing Jimin and him talking and butting into their conversation. And even if Jungkook hates to admit it, there weren’t alphas aside from Namjoon who would talk to Jimin just for his stimulating conversation. 

They hike for miles on high alert for any game. Jungkook and Namjoon are at the front of the group but Jungkook was the one who led, since he knows the woods best. It was mostly quiet. 

But the first crack of a branch breaking far off gathers their attention. Being at the front of the line comes with the perk of being the closest and therefore the one with the best chance at a kill. 

Jungkook sees the antlers and black nose of a deer that otherwise blends in a few yards away. He turns his head to Namjoon for him to go get it, Jungkook doesn’t go for the deer. They’re too vulnerable for him, he likes a challenge. 

Before he can even nod to Namjoon to signal giving the hunt away, something knocks his shoulder and flies by him towards the deer. The light brown wolf charges at it and tackles it to the ground. They’re not able to see the kill through the woods, but Jae drags the deer back to them by his teeth and lays it at Jungkook’s feet. 

You don’t offer your kill to an alpha, not like this. It was a blatant show of disrespect, it was just showing off. 

Jungkook snorts and brushes by the wolf, continuing across the forest to the mountain. The sun peaks at it’s hottest point for the day by the time they reach the mountain. None of them find anymore hunts after Jae’s. 

They have to take a few breaks in between to rest. But Jungkook paces while they lay. He’s anxious to find a formidable prey and if he doesn’t soon, he might just consider setting his sights on Jae. 

On their way up the mountain, the other alpha’s finally find several other animals. But none of them suit Jungkook’s taste. He’s moments from leading them back to the pack until the answers to his prayers appears like an omen.  

Up the hill, the large and fat body of a teenage wild boar was roaming around a fallen tree branch. When a wild boar is found, so rarely in these woods, usually a group of alphas will have to take it down together. But Jungkook was feeling a little more confident today. 

The wolf lowers his head down under the camouflage of the tree bushes. Namjoon creeps up beside him and pushes his younger brother with his nose, warning him not to do without an assembled group. 

Jungkook growls lowly to him without taking his eyes off the boar. The black as night wolf sets off swiftly in a curve around the animal’s hiding place to be unseen. The boar seems to hear something as it backs up from it’s space. But it still can’t see the predator. 

Jungkook crawls towards it closer with his head ducked. He sprints off to it from behind and locks his jaw around the boar’s throat, driving it down onto the ground. It squeals and shoves back with the force Jungkook expected. The boar’s long and curved tooth slices down a large gash in Jungkook’s shoulder.  

 It was supposed to be stronger than Jungkook but since Jungkook already has the upper hand he ends it by crushing the animal's skin and bones between his teeth until it goes limp. 


Namjoon orders them to head back to the pack after that. Even though they get back at sunset, the alpha’s are still exhausted from carrying their kills all the way back, so Jungkook lets them rest even if he just wants to get home already. 

The betas meet them there in the clearing, and take the hunts to bring to the kitchens. The alpha’s change back into their clothes in silence until Jungkook finishes putting his shirt back on. 

       He comes up to Jae before Namjoon can stop him, “I don’t care what you feel for Jimin, you won’t undermine my authority again.” 

Jungkook knew he was set to become the head of the hunters, he didn’t train his whole life just to be looked down on by an alpha he’s never even spoken to before today. 

       “I don’t care about Jimin.” Jae says defensively as he zips up his pants. 

        “It wouldn’t matter if you did, he’s already my omega.” 

Jae laughs, rubbing his nose as he looks away and ends it with a scoff. 

       He narrows his eyes back on Jungkook, “, seriously ?”  

       “Jae-” Namjoon comes back between them with a tired expression. 

       “Park Jimin really chose you?” Jae laughs again and shakes his head, “don’t act like you brother isn’t an asshole Namjoon.” 

Jungkook looks back at him blankly. 

       “That’s enough.” 

       “No let him.” Jungkook says. 

Namjoon puts his hands up in defeat and steps back from them. 

       Jae smirks at the younger, “why? You gonna hit me?”

       “You’ve been hunting with me long enough to know I don’t go after those weaker than me.” 

Jungkook’s expression doesn’t change as he turns away from the other alpha and heads towards his cabin. 

His eyes meet his fathers unexpectedly, and he sees a look he wasn’t familiar with. Well, a look he wasn’t used to seeing directed at him, it was mostly reserved for Namjoon. Jungkook’s gaze quickly moves off of him, his father could shove his pride up his ass for all he cares. 

Jungkook sighs in relief when he opens his front door and all his senses zero in on oranges and caramel. He lays his head on the doorway, letting his eyes droop down as he inhales for as long as he can. 

When he opens his eyes he looks back into the dark cabin that now is only illuminated by the light in the bedroom, he must have alerted Jimin with his own scent. Jungkook closes the door behind himself and kicks off his shoes before going to their room. 

Jimin is waiting for him at the end of the bed with his feet up on their storage trunk. Jungkook’s flannel shirt drowns the omega’s body as his only covering. 

Jimin smiles at the sight of him but it falters, his nose twitches as he sniffs the air. His lips drop into a full on frown and he gets down from the bed to come up to Jungkook and scan his body. Jungkook decides to save him the trouble and lifts the sleeve of his t-shirt to reveal the wound. 

     Jimin’s mouth falls open, “what the hell happened?”

He grabs Jungkook’s shirt, yanks him back into the hall and into the kitchen. 

     “I’m fine.” he mumbles. 

Jungkook tries to hold his hand but Jimin pushes him down onto a seat and leaves his side. 

      “You asshole, you couldn’t just kill a deer?” Jimin grunts as he reaches up into a high shelf and feels around for the disinfectant.  

      Jungkook scowls back at Jimin when the omega turns around, “your boyfriend stole my deer.” 

      “Who?” Jimin crosses his arms. 

If this is going where he thinks it’s going, and Jungkook had a dick size competition with an alpha that courted Jimin, then Jimin has no problem putting them both in their place. 


       Jimin glares back at him, “you hurt yourself over a stupid alpha pissing match?”  

Jungkook shifts in his seat, glancing down. 

        “He started it.” he says under his breath. 

Jimin slams the bottle down on the kitchen table making him flinch. 

        “Who has to look at you naked, Jungkook? Who has to have sex with your disfigured body? You’re selfish is what you are.” 

        “I just hurt my shoulder.” he looks up at Jimin with a slight pout. 

Jimin takes a soaked rag and presses it to his cut, making Jungkook grit his teeth with a hiss. Jungkook pushes the rag away. 

        “What?” Jimin asks. 

        Jungkook looks like a begging puppy, “you should lick it clean.” 

        Jimin lets out a dry and short laugh, “oh you think you deserve that?” 

        “You think I don’t after this morning? I can stop doing that if you really want.” 

Jimin’s unimpressed look morphs to slight regret, and then reluctance. 

         “Fine, I'll forgive you just this once.” 

Jungkook holds onto his hips and pulls Jimin down onto lap. Jimin lifts the bottom of the alpha’s shirt and pulls it up and over his head. He makes sure to search for any more fresh cuts but it seems only Jungkook’s shoulder was harmed. 

He rolls his eyes at Jungkook’s lazer sharp gaze on him. Alphas , he thinks with a huff. 

An omega’s saliva on their mate’s wound was much more soothing. Jungkook could fall asleep with the first stripe Jimin licks up his cut. He makes a small sound of content the more Jimin cleans up the blood around it and on it, making it so the wound would heal quickly and healthily. 

When he’s done he wraps a bandage around it and kisses Jungkook’s forehead before slapping Jungkook’s stomach. 


        “You’re a dick.” Jimin says before he leaves the kitchen, back to their bedroom. 

Jungkook has to spend the next few minutes trying to wipe the dopey smile off his face.

Chapter Text

      “I specifically remember someone else complaining about how I was after I mated.” Jimin watches the newly mated couple with annoyance. 

      Taehyung glances away from Alpha he had been staring up at for the past ten minutes, and back to his best friend, “yeah but my mate isn’t Jeon Jungkok.” 

       “Hey, he’s nice to you now.” 

       “When he speaks.” 

       Jimin narrows his eyes on Tae, “he’s quiet.” 

       Tae’s eyes shoot to something behind Jimin’s shoulder, “speaking of, the devil comes when you call his name.” 

Jimin spins around to find his mate. Jungkook is with his family, looking like they’re discussing something pretty heavily. Jungkook meets his eyes across the clearing, his chest moving with the deep breath he takes. The alpha leaves his family's side without warning and walks quickly through everyone around them. 

        Jimin gives him a small smile, “hey, you good?”

        “Let’s get this over with.” Jungkook says as he looks around at the crowd with disdain. 

        “Hello to you too, Jungkook.” Tae says, but it doesn’t seem like Jungkook hears him. 

In stark contrast to the new couple holding onto each other tightly, with their body pressed against each other every way they can - Jungkook just offers his hand to Jimin. 

Normally even this was too much public affection, but tonight was the beginning winter feast. The pack communes together to eat in celebration. Something as simple as holding onto Jimin’s hand could get him through events and not send him running back to his cabin like he would before. 

It wasn’t quite a wintery cold yet but soon enough their forest would start to ice over, and in celebration of stocking up food for the winter and preparing enough wood and blankets for winter, the Head Alpha always throws a feast. Live music plays and gorgeous lights line up along the space. 

Jungkook’s family is already seated down at their table, still in deep conversation. 

       “Are you okay with sitting there?” Jungkook asks as they walk to them. 

       “Your dad annoys me but I’m not that disrespectful.” 

       “Then you’re a better person than I.”

Jimin bumps his shoulder, half playfully, half in warning to compose himself before his father sees. When they get to the table all conversation is cut off to look at them. 

        Jimin smiles at them, “hi.” 

        “Hey Jimin,” Namjoon greets and looks at Jungkook, “brother.” 

Jungkook nods back in his own greeting as they sit down on their side of the table. Jimin notices Jungkook’s mother’s beaming face towards him before she says anything. 

       “Jimin you’re looking prettier every time I see you.” she gushes, reaching across the table to hold Jimin’s hand. 

       Jimin fakes a sheepish laugh and waves her off, “thank you so much, but you know I could never compare to you.” 

       She swoons for him, “ ah , you’re too sweet.” 

       Jungkook’s mother looks at her youngest, “Jungkook, don’t you agree he’s getting prettier?” 

Jungkook glances over at Jimin. The omega quirks his eyebrow, egging Jungkook to make fun of him in front of the Head omega and alpha. 

       “Jimin is very beautiful.” he says back to his mother.

       His mom and Jin look at Jungkook in surprise, “ aww .” 

Jimin catches a small smirk on Jungkook’s face before it disappears, and he tries not to scoff. 

       Jimin puts both hands on Jungkook’s arm and shakes it, “isn’t he the biggest teddy bear?” 

The other omegas agree cutely. Jungkook snakes his arm onto the back of Jimin’s chair and discreetly pinches back. Jimin leans into his side and elbows sharply into his ribs. 

        The omega clears his throat and grins over at his mother in law, “I heard you’re planning Jin and Namjoon’s ceremony.” 

        The tight look of Jin’s face is priceless, “she is.” 

No wolf likes their mother in law to plan their ceremony, but to be honest when Jimin was getting mated he couldn’t care less about the ceremony in the first place. 

        “That must be exciting.” 

Jungkook’s mother redirects the attention off Jin once again. Don’t get it wrong, she doesn’t like both sons in laws equally, but Jimin had an advantage Jin didn’t yet. 

         “So Jimin, when are we getting pups?” 

         “Pups?” Jimin grabs his glass of wine and gives himself a few extra seconds to regain composure as he downs it. 

Jungkook meets the expectant eyes of his father, and as soon as Jimin finishes filling up his second glass of wine he takes it from the omega’s hand and downs it himself. 

        She frowns, “you’ve been mated so long now and we don’t have any .” 

        Jungkook drops the glass back down on the table, “it hasn’t even been a year.” 

        “Most couples are pregnant within the first two weeks, is something wrong?”

Jimin and Jungkook share a look before uncomfortably looking away again. 

        Jungkook’s blank face doesn’t change as he shrugs helplessly, “Jimin is worried I’m too ugly to have children.” 

Jimin’s head snaps back to gape at him. He bites his lip to hold back a laugh before controlling his features. 

        “And Jungkook thinks I’m too fat to turn him on now.”

Jungkook chokes on his laugh and turns his head away from his family, covering his mouth. 

        The head alpha does not look impressed, “pups are a serious matter you two.” 

Jimin licks his lips and nods, eyes trained on the table. 

        “I’m sorry Alpha.” 

        Jungkook’s mother fixes her disappointed face on Jin, “let’s get back to the wedding.” 

Namjoon watches with a small grin of his own as his brother and Jimin whisper amongst themselves before Jimin tries to discreetly hit him. Jungkook grabs his hand and unconsciously lets a smile slip onto his face, and Namjoon feels frozen in his seat. He can’t remember the last time Jungkook smiled in front of him. 

Although Jimin makes things easier, Jungkook still hates being out around this many people. So not long after they’re uneasy talk with the family, Jungkook tells Jimin that he’s ready to go. 

They say they’re goodbyes without many complaints. A relief, maybe tonight’s jokes made them so tired with the couple the head alpha and omega gave up. 

Jimin somehow convinces him to take a walk outside before heading home since everyone was at the feast and everything else was empty. Jungkook intertwines their fingers again and leads them into the forest. He has a trail there that isn’t perceptible to anyone but him, because that’s how he built it. 

In the quiet of the forest they can hear the nearby hot springs and waterfall trickling and splashing down onto rocks. Jimin pulls him away from the trail and Jungkook lets him. The moonlight sparkles against the running water beautifully, making Jimin exhale contentedly. 

Out of sight from any prying eyes, Jungkook lets go of him and wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist from behind, kissing the side of his head. 

      “let’s go for a swim.” Jimin says as he closes his eyes and leans into Jungkook. 

      Jungkook’s nose runs down his hair, “I don’t want you to get cold.”

      “So warm me up.” Jimin softly smirks back at him before separating and pulling off his clothes. 

Jungkook looks around them cautiously but starts to undress anyway. Jimin jumps in first, making him hurry up because in truth he really couldn’t have Jimin getting cold in there. When he skin touches the water he finds it not that bad but then again, omegas have a smaller tolerance for the cold. 

Jimin takes his arms and pulls him in closer, wrapping his arms up around Jungkook’s shoulders before pulling him into a kiss. 

They separate at the sound of a loud cackle, sounding far enough to still be on the campground, but Jungkook certainly didn’t want to chance it. 

      “We shouldn’t be so out in the open like this.” 

      Jimin looks behind himself to the rest of the spring, “behind the waterfall.”

Behind the waterfall was an alcove, where normally people avoided if they were just going to go in for a quick swim. Jimin and Jungkook swim back to it, and it significantly darkens around them because of the lack of moonlight, only illuminating the waterfall beside them now. 

Jungkook embraces him again and presses their lips together, deepening the kiss, and pressing Jimin against the wall. He grabs the back of Jimin’s legs so the omega knows to wrap his legs up around Jungkook’s waist. 

Jimin holds onto Jungkook’s shoulders and separates to dig his face into the side of Jungkook’s head as the alpha enters him. He moans into Jungkook’s ear and tightens his legs around the toned waist of his mate. 

      “You don’t hear anything, right?” Jungkook asks breathlessly. 

Jimin grabs his face and kisses him again. Jungkook parts his lips and slips his tongue into Jimin’s mouth, locking them in a battle of dominance even though Jimin barely puts up a fight.

Jungkook’s hands travel up from his thighs to pin his hips against the wall before he starts thrusting. 

Jimin drops his head back on the wall with a groan. His eyes squeeze shut as the water around the splashes with the force of Jungkook’s movements in him. 

      “Is that good baby?” Jungkook scrapes his teeth down on Jimin’s collarbone.

      “ So good .” he moans. 

Jungkook’s grip on him becomes bruising as he picks up pace and fucks him. Jimin curses and lets out a chant of Jungkook’s name in broken moans. 

Their breaths mix together when Jimin leans their foreheads together. The atmosphere takes a turn from chasing a release when one of Jungkook’s hands moves to hold Jimin’s stomach. Jimin pulls back to meet his eyes. 

He puts his hand over Jungkook’s and holds it there. Jungkook eyes droop down in his pleasure and he bends his neck, inhaling deep against Jimin’s scent gland. Jimin nails dig into his shoulder as he comes with a loud moan and Jungkook’s name stained on his lips. 

      “I love you.” Jungkook says with his lips still pressed to Jimin’s throat.

      Jimin squeezes his hand still on the omega’s stomach, “I love you too.” 

They would have that pup before the next winter.