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Where am I?

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Techno was surrounded by darkness. 

He doesn't know how, though? He was pretty sure that he was live streaming?

Maybe that should be a cause of concern.


He thinks his body is moving, 

He could feel it move.


His mouth moves, 

But he doesn't feel his mouth move.


Hes pretty sure this isn't normal? And he should really be freaking out, but he somehow feels strangely calm? 


He blinks.


In a start, he opens his eyes to clear blue skies. Control of his body comes back at him in an instant but also do his reflexes.

That's why he doesn't even think twice when he pulls the trigger to the weirdly shaped gun or when he turns around and repeats his actions. Body running through instincts as he tries to catch up with his brain.

Bright light erupts around him, several different bangs also break out along with them. 


Ah, his ears are ringing, oh, and he is pretty certain that the liquid dripping out of his ears is blood. Well, that sucks.

Before he could realize what he just caused, he felt a force push him towards the ground. 

He blinks.

On top of him was a blond child, screaming at him - tears streaming down their face. 

The good news, the blond kid is Tommy(?), and their yelling might be explaining what's going on. Bad news, his ears are still ringing, and he can't hear the kid. 

He opens his mouth, ready to demand answers from this Tommy look-alike,

A punch shuts him up before he could even utter out a word.

His head snaps sideways,

He wishes his head didn't snap sideways. 


He stares into the dead eyes of Tubbo.