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Herz' short stories

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Till's recording his Hallo Hallo for Das Alte Leid with Flake, their sessions ends and Till lingers in the doorframe;
"Hey, Flake?"
Flake takes a second to react.
"Thank you for... for this. For today."
Flake shrugs and looks away.
"It had to be done."
Till fidgets with his hair and clears his throat.
Flake inspects him silently, glancing down and turning off the keyboard.
"I think you're cute." Till says, and grabs his jacket from the coat hanger mounted on the wall. Waves goodbye and laughs nervously. Flake's not sure what to think and realizes what Till just said when the door's almost closed. He rushes out and calls after Till;
"I think you're cute too!"
Till smiles and lets out a little laughter.
Flake watches as Till trots away in the dark evening and smiles to himself. Heh, I'm... cute!


"Oh, I'm so hungry-" Till said, stretching his arms above his head, "singing must really drain my stomach."
He grinned and swept a big hand across his backswept silver-dyed hair, drumming on his stomach and laughing.
"I suppose it does."
A single note was cut off as Till switched Flake's keyboard off and tapped him on the head.
"Come on, Flake, time's out. And by god, you need something to eat. Look at you! Skinny like a bug!"
Flake rolled his eyes and took his jacket from the chair he'd been sitting on.
"Yeah, maybe I should..."
...should ask you to eat with me.
Flake gave his head a minute shook and looked back at Till. He didn't feel brave enough to ask... to- to go on a date. Especially not asking Till. Till, of all people. Why did Flake fall for just him? The big, kind, and god so muscular singer smiling so sweetly at him.
"Yeah. I should go eat."
Till tilted his head.
"Maybe we could... ah, uhm... where would you go eat? Maybe we're going to the same place?"
Flake's heart skipped a beat- his chance! Be smooth? Just simply ask if Till wanted to eat with him? Oh god, oh god, oh god- two shy people talking together. Oh god oh god oh god, Flake thought, would Till go out with me?
"Well, maybe we could... eat, uhm, maybe we could eat together? I wouldn't mind going anywhere, just if it's with you."
Till's look went blank and he stammered out word fragments.
Shit, Flake thought, I messed up. What did I even say!? 'as long as it's with you'!? Oh my god, that's so... painfully... obvious. Flake panicked and stuttered;
"I- I mean-"
Till was soon to answer and wave his hands around.
"N- no! I'd gladly go eat with you!"
They stared at each other- Till's green and Flake's blue eyes meeting- before they nervously laughed, the atmosphere still tense.
"Hah, uh, yeah, uhm... what kind of food, uhm, where do you want to go?"
Flake breathed out and smiled at Till.
"Oh, yeah, uhm... I wouldn't mind some salad."
Till laughed and flashed Flake a beaming smile.
"Of course!"