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"Welcome home, Long-Jie!"

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Zhu Yilong had several exhausting weeks of filming behind her back and Bai Yu knew she would come back home today, finally having a break from bigger projects. During the time Zhu Yilong had to spend on the set, they had talked as much as they could. Even though they were extremely happy, there wasn’t any possibility to keep these video calls long. Most of the time Zhu Yilong yawned or couldn't even keep her eyes open for long, so the calls were short and resulted in Bai Yu whispering small compliments - and some dirty things as well - while her Long-jie was sound asleep.

Finally it was time for Long-Jie to come back home and Bai Yu was extremely excited. Whenever they could spend time together, they tried to stay with each other as much as possible. They even tried not to schedule any smaller projects like advertisements or streams or things similar to this in these times. This wasn’t always possible but at least they could get the most time with each other this way.

So Bai Yu decided to give her Jiejie the most relaxing weekend she could possibly muster. She bought several bubble bath bottles - she wasn’t sure which ones here were good or especially to Long-Jie’s liking but the lady in the shop was really nice, so Bai Yu just bought around ten of her suggestions- and some candles with strawberry and mango scent. She then placed all around the flat, to create a particular romantic setting.
She also brought everything needed for a bigger Hotpot - Zhu Yilong had declared several times that she missed hotpot so much during their calls and Bai Yu, who was only a servant to her beautiful girlfriend, would do everything for the love of her life - and some flowers that decorated the living room. The whole flat was made cozier with some candles lit and the couch already prepared for a cuddle and movie session after a long and relaxing bath. Bai Yu had already picked some of Zhu Yilong's favourite movies to watch for them together and had put them on the coffee table.

The big bathtub in the marble bathroom was already filled with hot water and peach scented bubbles. The water was decorated with rose petals, and on the edge of the bathtub surrounding the water were several bigger candles.

Bai Yu dearly hoped that her Jiejie wouldn't be delayed. Otherwise the water might get cold or she might want to fall asleep right away. The planned arrival was around 5pm. Zhu Yilong normally liked to get home later or early in the morning because otherwise she might get stuck in traffic or more people might see her and want autographs or photos. But this time there wasn’t any earlier flight and Zhu Yilong wanted to be home as soon as possible. Bai Yu knew all this because they had talked about it yesterday. She had planned everything beforehand and for Zhu Yilong to arrive on time and to fully experience the spa experience.

In order to not always look up at the clock and try to find out whether Zhu Yilong might be on time or not, she took a book and started reading it. It was The Rebel, the novel to the show her Long-Jie had been filming the last months. Zhu Yilong had brought the book to be able to do a character sheet of Lin Nansheng and to get a better feeling for the story in general. Bai Yu had started reading it some days ago and had to say that she was quite intrigued by the story. She could imagine her shy Long-Jie in the role of Lin Nansheng, a spy, who experienced a transformation in terms of her beliefs and identity. The spy seemed quite aloof in the first chapters and that definitely suited her Long-Jie and Bai Yu was more excited to watch Zhu Yilong play the role of Lin Nansheng now, after she read some of the book and probably read more, then she had been before.

Even though Bai Yu was invested in the story, her eyes kept twitching up towards the clock on their living room wall right over a big monstera. They had bought the plant when they had moved in this flat together. The plant had been smaller back then and the day of the moving was exhausting as well as exciting.


The day Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong moved in, they were informed that the elevator had been out of service the last few weeks and would only be repaired tomorrow. There was sadly no way they could delay their move since the next few days were filled with appointments regarding new roles. In the end they both had to carry all these boxes on their own. These weren’t particularly light boxes either. While Zhu Yilong might not have struggled that much, the boxes had been way too heavy for Bai Yu’s noodle arms, which resulted in her having sore arms after only the first few boxes. Even though she was in awe of Zhu Yilong’s strength she also felt envy in that moment. It wasn’t like she didn't love being strong, but Bai Yu just didn’t have the mental fortitude to stay in training for more than a few days. After carrying these heavy moving boxes and walking up the stairs on the third floor for the fourth time in a row, Bai Yu needed a break. Zhu Yilong didn’t want to rest then, instead she carried the last boxes up there on her own and Bai Yu felt a bit guilty. She had given Zhu Yilong a cold bottle of water to refill all the lost water due to the hard exercise right now. Zhu Yilong had taken it, smiled at her, and drank a big gulp, holding the water in her cheeks to let it warm before swallowing it. Bai Yu had watched her muscles flexing with the movement, still pumped by the heavy carrying and decorated with some small droplets of sweat. She didn’t realize that Zhu Yilong stopped drinking and looked at her with a questioning look.

“Xiao Bai? What are you thinking about? Do you feel well?” Zhu Yilong stepped nearer and bowed down to Bai Yu, her face now close to her face and her hand waving even nearer. Bai Yu, who was rudely pulled out of her thoughts, took some time until she realized what had happened. When her dazed look cleared, she smiled happily at Zhu Yilong and stood up.

“Yeah, everything's alright. I was just thinking about something.” Bai Yu grinned sheepishly, keeping her thoughts for herself for now. Maybe later she would reveal them to the confused looking Zhu Yilong.

After carrying several boxes up the stairs of the apartment house, Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong sluggishly laid on the couch which was luckily already in the flat when they moved in. The apartment was quite big for the two of them. A big TV waited to get installed on the wall, several boxes stood near the entrance and a big white rug decorated the dark wooden floor. The white walls seemed immensely plain and Bai Yu caught herself in the thought of enriching it with some photos they had taken with each other. There should be a lot, especially since they could use paparazzi shots that were made on fan meetings or press tours. She could already imagine one of the walls filled with pictures and polaroids, maybe plastered around fairy lights, that would lighten the living room as soon as it would get dark. Suddenly a body moved next to Bai Yu and put its arms around her waist with a small hum.

“Xiao Bai. Let’s get some decoration for this flat. I want it to be ours as soon as possible.” Zhu Yilong mumbled sleepily and kissed her cheek, resting her face in Bai Yu’s neck afterwards. Bai Yu caressed Zhu Yilong’s hands lovingly, her smile covering her whole face and closed her eyes for a moment. Trying to keep this moment for some seconds. It took a long time before Zhu Yilong started voicing what she wanted. Often she stated them as questions, instead of saying it right away, so Bai Yu’s heart always did a little jump when hearing her voice a plea or a suggestion.

“Of course we can. Right now?” Bai Yu asked, slowly caressing the arms of her loved one, who nodded in agreement. But when Bai Yu tried to stand up, the strong arms only got tighter and the bundle of girlfriend material didn’t move a bit.

“Jiejie, you need to let me go if we are planning to get some decoration today,” Bai Yu explained with a giggle, the behaviour of her girlfriend clearly amusing her. After Zhu Yilong heard the quite convincing explanation, she slowly loosened her grip, then pulled Bai Yu in a big embrace, which resulted in Bai Yu laying on top of Zhu Yilong. Bai Yu’s heart felt like she was running a marathon. Not only had she been surprised by the sudden cuddle attack, being so close to the person she would describe as the love of her life, didn’t do her heart any good. She closed her eyes to calm her heart down, when suddenly there were lips on hers, but before she could react they were already gone. Zhu Yilong moved and was up in seconds while Bai Yu laid on the couch like a dead fish. Had she seen Zhu Yilong’s face right then Bai Yu would have known that it was red as a tomato, not looking at Bai Yu.

“I am getting the keys to the car and my purse,” Zhu Yilong said fast and then almost ran into the next room, while Bai Yu started peeling herself off the couch.

The first stop was a big decoration store in which Bai Yu bought several frames - she would have brought more had Zhu Yilong not stopped her - and some cute pictures for the wall. She also found a rug with the word love cave but to Bai Yu’s misery they didn’t buy it. No matter how much she pouted or begged.

The next stop was a store with materials for projects and lots of plants. You could describe it as a bigger furniture supply store. Bai Yu actually had to search it up on Baidu during the drive since the stop wasn’t planned beforehand, all to Zhu Yilong’s misery who wanted to get home as soon as possible for their nice hot pot meal. Bai Yu knew of the store because the night before, one of her friends had recommended it due to their big sortiment which made Bai Yu tempted to look for it herself. Since they needed some new furniture and some decorations for her new apartment, the timing was especially convenient and Bai Yu was grateful that the conversation in the group chat had changed towards furniture and furniture supply stores.
Besides some nice pillows for their couch, they were also looking for a big blanket they could use during movie nights and cuddle times but on their way to the living room decorations, they came across a small plant that seemed out of place. It was a monstera with some white spots. First they thought it might be ill and tried to look up the plant on Baidu. After some weird searches they finally found out that the plant seems to be a certain rarity within the genus monsteras. The normally bright and big leaves were pointing towards the floor. After looking at the plant, Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong had changed a moment of mutual understanding and put it in the cart. This would be their new baby now.


The sound of the doorbell finally broke through the air, violently throwing Bai Yu out of her thoughts, but she didn’t mind because what she expected was way better than a memory. She jumped up and ran towards the door, opening it in a hurry and slamming face first into the chest of her girlfriend. Totally surprised by the attacker called Bai Yu, Zhu Yilong struggled for a moment to keep her balance, which made the suitcase she held fall over with a loud ‘clack’. Instead of picking it up again, Zhu Yilong just started laughing softly and put her arms around the person she hadn’t seen in months.

“I have missed you as well, Xiao Bai,” she whispered softly, placing a kiss on Bai Yu’s fluffy hair and then loosening her grip. Bai Yu seemed to have something different in mind entirely.

“Don’t. Need to charge up,” she mumbled with her face pushing deeper in the soft chest of her girlfriend she missed for so long. Zhu Yilong just smiled and proceeded to caress the back of Bai Yu while staying completely still for her girlfriend to completely ‘charge up’.

After a minute Zhu Yilong tried again and said with the same smile plastered over her face: “Let’s go inside at least. I don’t want anyone seeing us like this here. You know how paparazzis are these days.” She reminded her sweetheart lovingly and caressed her head. With a grumble Bai Yu let go of her Long-jie and let out a huff.

“I don’t mind who sees us. Let the world know that I have the most beautiful girlfriend on this planet. No, in this universe!” Bai Yu exclaimed while gesturing with her hands towards Zhu Yilong, who started blushing violently.

“L-let’s go inside, yeah?” Zhu Yilong whispered. Without waiting for Bai Yu, she picked up the suitcase and almost ran into the flat.

Zhu Yilong stopped abruptly at the sight in front of her. The whole living room was decorated with flowers, hearts and - did she spot a new plushie there? Hurriedly she ran over to the plushie, quickly pushing it against her chest and smiling. Since she didn’t look at where she was running, Zhu Yilong had tackled the suitcase. Before any of them could react the suitcase fell over once again. They both flinched at the loud sound in the otherwise quiet apartment. When Bai Yu went to pick the suitcase up, Zhu Yilong stopped her.

“Don’t. It will fall over in a few seconds anyways,” she explained and walked over towards Bai Yu pulling her in a sweet embrace. The plushie was seated nicely on the table again, which Bai Yu saw out of the corner of her eye.

“Xiao Bai, I have missed you so, so much.” A loving smile graced her lips again. Bai Yu really wanted to kiss her Jiejie, and because she was greedy she promptly sealed their lips together. Slowly moving them against the now finally recating lips of her Jiejie, she smiled and put her arms around Zhu Yilong’s waist. Before Zhu Yilong could deepen the kiss, Bai Yu broke it, remembering her plan for the weekend. Bai Yu had planned something entirely different and therefore she had to keep it soft no matter how much she loved kissing this soft and sweet mouth.

“Aiyo! I almost forgot! Take off your clothes, Long-Jie,” Bai Yu exclaimed with a clasp of her hands and a child-like spark in her eyes.

“Xiao Bai, I just came home, can we wait just--” Bai Yu started laughing and gave her Jiejie a small kiss on the cheek.

“And you call me dirty-minded. Not like that dumbass, I have prepared a long deserved relaxing bath!” The smile on Bai Yu’s grew with each syllable she spoke and now she threw her hands to the air, extremely happy and excited for Long-Jie’s reaction. She could see how Zhu Yilong’s emotions played carnival on her face until a bright and love-struck smile settled on her face. She kissed Bai Yu softly after a short moment and then pulled the black shirt with a big white 18+ over her head.

“Care to join me?” Zhu Yilong merely whispered but her smile stayed as innocent as possible while Bai Yu ogled the black bra that was decorated with lace. Instead of waiting for an answer Zhu Yilong walked past Bai Yu and right into the bathroom, keeping the door open as she undressed herself further. Bai Yu, being the gay disaster she was, couldn’t keep her eyes from the athletic body she was graced with just at this moment. A tight tingling feeling spread in her stomach and she gulped audibly. Without another word Bai Yu stepped in the bathroom as well and started undressing while Zhu Yilong had already made herself comfortable in the bathtub, smiling angelically while releasing all the tension she held over the weeks.

After a few seconds Bai Yu joined her in the bathtub and leaned her back against the front of Zhu Yilong’s body. Zhu Yilong put her hands protectively around the soft but very thin body and rested her chin on Bai Yu’s shoulder.

“You have lost some weight again.”, Zhu Yilong noticed with a sigh and tightened her arms around Bai Yu.

“The last weeks were stressful and you lost weight as well,” Bai Yu promptly stated and looked up to her Jie. “Don’t worry, I eat enough and I remembered to keep care of myself,” she said with a loving smile and was pulled in a tighter embrace.

“It seems I really need to feed you the few weeks we have together. When do you need to go back to Shanghai?” Zhu Yilong asked without looking at Bai Yu, lost in her own thoughts.

“In around 2 weeks,” Bai Yu said with a short exhale. “They rescheduled the filming and my assistant informed me about it today.” She cuddled closer in the embrace and slowly caressed the arms of Zhu Yilong.

“So we have only 2 weeks together? Ah. I had hoped we would have had a bit more time” Zhu Yilong mumbled and rested her face at Bai Yu’s neck, slowly kissing the warm, fair skin there. Bai Yu greedily made space for Zhu Yilong’s lips and hummed happily.

“My baobei is treating me so well,” Bai Yu said with a purr and started to slowly stroke the legs that were seated next to her. Zhu Yilong hummed softly and tenderly placed kisses all over Bai Yu's neck, while caressing her stomach.

"Jiejie, you said you wanted to wait till you settled again," Bai Yu said with a smirk, savoring the sweet touches of her Long-Jie but was promptly punished with a sweet bite into her neck.

"Ah! What are you? A dog?" Bai Yu exclaimed and jumped up a bit out of surprise. Zhu Yilong just started laughing loudly, holding Bai Yu close with her strong arms.

"That was for you being shameless again. Can a loving girlfriend not kiss the neck of her girlfriend, huh? Shameless." Zhu Yilong giggled and gave her a soft kiss on the shoulder, and then on the spot where she had bitten Bai Yu.

"Ah, Long-Jie. I have missed you just so much. We haven't had each other in weeeeeks, you can’t be mad at me for being a tiny bit greedy." Bai Yu almost whined and looked behind her with a pout. Zhu Yilong just smiled, grabbed some of the foam that had formed on top of the water and put it on Bai Yu's nose which promptly started to scrunch upwards. At the sight of it Zhu Yilong started to giggle again. Bai Yu also grabbed some foam and put it on Zhu Yilong's head, while Zhu Yilong crafted Bai Yu a beard with a mustache. She laughed loudly and kissed her lips, getting a bit of foam around her mouth as well which resulted in a laughing fit by Bai Yu herself.

“Go away!” Zhu Yilong promptly exclaimed with a laugh but instead of pushing Bai Yu away she pulled her closer.

“I love you.” She whispered these words of affection and Bai Yu’s face softened in seconds.

“I love you as well,” came the answer that made them smile at each other affectionately. If someone else was around, they probably had said that both of them were way too saccharine.

“Let’s clean up, Xiao Bai. My skin is getting all pruney.” Zhu Yilong took some shampoo and put it into Bai Yu’s long curly hair while softly massaging her scalp. “Your hair grew at least 2 cm again!” she said with a smile and while combing with her fingers through the strands of hair.

“Oh yes, do you think I need to cut it? It might be too long for my next role, even though the restrictions aren’t that hard.” Zhu Yilong shook her head.

“Nah, I think it’s beautiful this long and I like that I can pull it around my hand several times.” As she said this, she curled it three times around her hand before there was no more hair to use. She smiled and let it go again, while slowly caressing the hair that Zhu Yilong had shampooed. She then took the showerhead and washed the shampoo out of her hair. After that she put conditioner in there again, massaging it in the roots and in every little strand.

“Ah Long-jie! Let me do the same for you!” Bai Yu turned way too fast in the bathtub which almost resulted in her falling down but luckily she was seated and threw a bright smile at Zhu Yilong, which made her heart stutter for a second or two. Zhu Yilong would be lying if she said that the first place she looked at weren’t the small but cute breasts who had wiggled a bit while Bai Yu had turned around. And Zhu Yilong would also lie if she said that she wasn’t still staring at them.

Bai Yu seemed to realize where Zhu Yilong was staring and asked in a silky voice. “Do you like what you see?” Slowly squeezing them a bit which made Zhu Yilong blush violently and look away. Bai Yu giggled and pulled Zhu Yilong’s face back so she needed to look at her.

“Hey, don’t be shy because you like what you see. I love the way you look at me.” Bai Yu grabbed Zhu Yilong’s hands, putting them on her chest. Zhu Yilong smiled and caressed them a bit with her thumbs even though her head was still red from being caught in the act of staring.

“Okay, let me shampoo your head now and you get to stare at and touch what you like.” Bai Yu giggled, took a bit of shampoo and started massaging. Zhu Yilong’s hair was way shorter than Bai Yu’s, it was only shoulder-length while Bai Yu’s were at least 10 cm longer, if not more. Bai Yu loved that Zhu Yilong kept her hair relatively short, it gave it such a nice straight texture and really suited her face. It also looked extremely good in suits and Bai Yu would lie if she said that she didn't want to jump her whenever she wore one of her suits. Everything on Zhu Yilong looked good, no matter what she had on her body. She could be dressed in a trash can and still would make it fashionable. Bai Yu was so happy to have such a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend who loved her without any doubts. She loved her lips, her long eyelashes, her beautiful face and body, her laugh, her jealousy, her strength, her shyness, her awkwardness and her caring personality. Bai Yu really loved her Long-Jie.

Love-drunk Bai Yu kept messaging Zhu Yilong's head, while Zhu Yilong already had taken her hands from Bai Yu’s breasts. She was way too shy to just do something about her desires when Bai Yu was so close to her and facing her. She just looked at the person of her desires that sat right in front of her.

"Xiao Bai?"


"I love you," Zhu Yilong said with a smile and Bai Yu automatically started grinning more.

"I know that you do. I mean, who wouldn't?"

With a big grin on her face Zhu Yilong said, "Go away," and shoved Bai Yu jokingly, laughing. Bai Yu also laughed, kept holding onto Zhu Yilong's hair and smiled.

"It's the truth and you know it," Bai Yu added with a big smile and looked at her Long-Jie with sparkling eyes. But Zhu Yilong knew that two could play this game and started grinning wider.

"Ah yes, everyone wants my Xiao Bai. That's why I especially need to keep her safe and make clear that she belongs to me only!" She almost jumped at Bai Yu, putting her long, strong arms around Bai Yu’s body and pulling it really close to her. The water in the bathtub splashed dangerously, some spilling over the edge and wetting the nice marble floor. But they didn't care about that at the moment. All they cared for were themselves and their happy giggles that went quiet as soon as they kissed each other. Zhu Yilong grabbed Bai Yu’s face softly and gave her a long but extremely gentle kiss, to which Bai Yu answered with equally soft hums.

After a few kisses they parted from each other, mostly to get some more air and to finish the bath. Afterwards they got out, both putting on their fluffy bathrobes, and Bai Yu smiled at her Long-Jie brightly.

“And now onto the next step of the Bai Yu exclusive spa treatment!” she exclaimed, clapped her hands and then proceeded to just drag the confused Zhu Yilong toward the next step on her plan. Movies and Hotpot night!