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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

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Fixing the last button on his blue and white striped pajamas, Kakyoin peered at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He looked over the heavy, dark bags below his eyes, over the dry redness of his skin under his lip’s corners. Wincing, he scratched the area of flaky skin which caused it to itch more. The desert winds weren’t any good for him, neither was the everlastingly scalding sun. 

With a deep sigh, Kakyoin shot a final glare to the mirror. It couldn’t be helped, and not that he cared a lot about the uncomfortable sensation when he was busy fighting with enemies. People tend to get used to convenience when they have too much free, peaceful time, he assured himself and turned to the bathroom door, hand clasping the handle. And for the Crusaders, peaceful time was so rare and short that he probably wouldn’t be bothered with itching for long.

It was dark and quiet in the hotel room, only a silent glowing of Star Platinum’s body, who’d been set as a guardian, was a reminder of someone’s presence. Moving to his bed by feel, Kakyoin bumped into the wooden corner of a convex back. Cursing under his breath, the redhead clasped his hand over his hit knee and plopped down onto the edge of his bed.

The sore feeling in his bone made Kakyoin bit his lip. Trying to suppress a groan, he crouched into a sitting position and dropped his face into his palm. The pain subsided slowly, and he leaned to the bed, spreading his limbs into relaxed posture.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Kakyoin glanced to the opposite bed. Jotaro was lying with his back to him, spine curved, his right hand resting on his shoulder. His rough fingers were clasping it loosely, and his star-shaped birthmark was peeping out in between his fingertips. A faint heaving of his side suggested he probably was already asleep, breathing too steadily to be awake. Although some vigilant tension was showing up through his position, as if he was sleeping so cautiously that the quietest sound could shake him up.

Feeling his eyelids sliding down heavily, Kakyoin turned his head up to the ceiling where the useless fan was moving the air at a crawl. He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply and then letting all the air out of his lungs.

Another night, another circle of endless anxiety.

Ever since the day Jotaro had removed the flesh bud from his skull, Kakyoin felt that he was in his debt. The moment he awoke in his house, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, except for the one that belonged to the man he was ordered to murder, was the one he couldn’t get out of his mind. Kakyoin couldn’t grasp why the feeling of need and hatred vanished in a flash when he saw Jotaro’s dark green eyes. As well as he couldn’t comprehend how he could’ve loathed someone he just met.

Even knowing the original reason – Dio’s control of his brain – the redhead still couldn’t understand that feeling. He had just hated a man what felt like a few moments ago, and then he opened his eyes and found himself empty of it. That hollowness was instantly replaced with a mix of other, different emotions. Embarrassment, gratefulness, self-blame, confusion. And those green eyes, they’d been peering deeply into his soul, as if the man was able to read him easily.

That felt greatly uncomfortable. It wasn’t even a gaze of disapproval, since Jotaro learned that to kill him wasn’t Kakyoin’s conscious intention. However, the redhead was swallowed by an abyss of guilt. Looking into those calm, serious eyes, he couldn’t get what exactly was making his guts cold.

Kakyoin couldn’t distinguish the moment when those eyes had became another torture to him. The torture that was like stabbing pain, like strangling, but all the same tantalizing. Jotaro’s rare smile had become like an early sunrise with its blinding rays of mysterious radiance. Every time the brunet was casually addressing him, whether it was anything important or not really, the redhead felt a squeeze on his heart. That impalpable grip was filtering all the adrenaline from his blood and throwing it into his muscles like a shot.

His brain wasn’t able to register what was going on, why he suddenly felt so shy and self-conscious when Jotaro’s eyes were quietly peering to him. Kakyoin wanted to tell the man about his overflowing emotion, to find a way to express how much he’d become attached to Jojo. But the danger, the shame, the worry of being burnt by the murderous heat, had been making Kakyoin only more and more insecure.

If only there was a way to show him what I feel without having to form it into words, The redhead thought with his mind fading.


Heated fingers laced through his own as Jotaro pulled his head back with his free hand. The dark look of his eyes cast on Kakyoin’s mouth, and he leaned in slowly. His hot tongue brushing in between Kakyoin’s lips, Jotaro moved his hand down, passing his neck, stroking his shoulderblades and moving further. A tight grip on his buttock made the redhead shudder, and he tilted his head to deepen their kiss. Jotaro’s mouth tasted of spicy nicotine. He rubbed circles over Kakyoin’s ass smoothly, his fingertip occasionally touching his entrance. Which was driving the redhead insane – just slight touches were enough. And yet he craved for more.

Sliding his hand down Jotaro’s tense abs, Kakyoin grinned into the kiss. Jotaro moaned so quietly that the redhead almost missed it. Pleased with himself, Kakyoin slid his hand to the brunet’s tight cock. A gasp for air Jotaro made forced him to part with Kakyoin, and the redhead watched his lover’s overwhelmed expression. Rubbing Jotaro’s head with his thumb, Kakyoin felt the clench on his ass hardened.

His eyes half-lidded, lips parted widely with a thin trail of saliva in between his teeth, the brunet drove his hips forward, pushing their bodies tightly together. Lowering his chin onto Jotaro’s shoulder, Kakyoin wrapped his fingers around their cocks, stroking them slowly. The heat of Jojo’s flesh against his own was not if more arousing than his sinfully erotic expression. Casting his gaze, Kakyoin bit onto Jojo’s earlobe, sucking on it gently, sinking his teeth into it merely enough for a tingle.

“Harder,” Jotaro pleaded, his voice thick with arousal.

And Kakyoin obeyed, increasing the pace of his hand on their heated cocks, and biting onto his ear harder simultaneously. Jotaro’s shoulder muscles shifted under his skin, the glimmering star catching Kakyoin’s hazy gaze.

Throwing his eyes open, Kakyoin panted. His face pressed tight into the pillow, sweat running down his temples, he found himself rubbing his tight erection over the bed sheets. Ceasing abruptly, he raised his head and blinked. The dream he’d been having was too vivid, too real to be just a dream. An obscure regret squeezed his heart with a morbid comprehension.

Grinding his teeth, the redhead shifted to his side so his hard cock wouldn’t touch any surface. He took several deep breaths, steadying his agitation. Unfortunately, his heart was racing like mad, blood boiling with desire. Kakyoin felt his face flushing hard, as if he had a fever. The hairs on his neck stood up from the mingled heat and chill of his sweat.

He desperately needed to get it off.

The redhead glanced carefully to the opposite bed. Jotaro was in the same position, except for his left hand now was clasped onto his side. As if he’s hugging himself, Kakyoin smiled but instantly shook his head. Jotaro might’ve been sleeping, but he was aware enough to wake up at the smallest sounds. And Kakyoin didn't want to be caught by all costs.

Trying to be as soundless as possible, the redhead scrambled out of his bed. Which appeared to be quite a task, since his erection was quivering loosely in his pants and giving him reactions so sensitive that they bordered on pain. Pressing his lips tightly together, Kakyoin eventually stood up and was about to hurry to the bathroom when his eyes caught a truly bizarre image.

His Hierophant, having been summoned unconsciously before Kakyoin felt asleep, hung next to Star Platinum in the corner of the room. Two guardians were glowing brightly, and the redhead’s eye didn’t instantly perceived an odd position they were in.

They both moved rhythmically, yet soundlessly, pressed tightly close to one another. Kakyoin saw Star Platinum's hands were clasped on Hierophant Green’s lower body, squeezing his ass in the most human manner while the Hierophant’s elbow was peeking from his side and jerking repeatedly. Kakyoin’s stand’s head was lowered onto Star Platinum’s shoulder, and the expression of the violet stand’s face was too indistinctive. His usually wide opened eyes were now closed, an area where his eyebrow might be placed was twitching while he slightly parted his lips and gasped for air. Or at least it looked like he gasped, since the stands didn’t need to breathe.

Dazed, Kakyoin stared at his and Jotaro’s stands embracing each other. The comprehension was slowly unwrapping in his muted mind. Their pose mimicked the redhead’s dream so accurately that he realized why exactly it’d felt so lively.

What was worse that the frictions of his stand’s body were reflecting on his own. An unbearable tension in his lower abdomen, the tightness in his crotch and all too palpable sensation of a grip on his ass were making Kakyoin’s head spin. It felt like he’d been on the edge for a long while, but couldn’t come without any stimulation. Not able to come up with a wiser solution for now, the redhead braced himself to take a step and slip past the busied stands, only to freeze on his spot.

Being distracted with overexcitement and an unbelievable scene in the corner of the room, Kakyoin didn’t have a chance to hear that Jotaro had woken up. The brunet was sitting up in his bed, his unreadable eyes fixed on their stands. Kakyoin felt a shiver running down his spine, a hard blush hitting his cheeks yet his skin turned all numb like he was hosed with ice water.                   

Opening his mouth to try to find any excuse, Kakyoin was failing miserably. He broke off several times, but the words wouldn’t come out of his throat. Jotaro’s gaze shifted to him slowly, his stone face highlighted with the stands’ fluorescence. Gulping, Kakyoin raised his hand to his mouth, ready to dash away.

He didn’t manage in time before Jojo stood up from the bed. Dumbstruck, Kakyoin watched Jotaro encircle his bed and kick it hard. Their two beds coupled with a thud, and Kakyoin’s jaw dropped.

Jotaro was approaching him silently, his eyes locked on Kakyoin’s. The redhead felt his heart ready to jump out of his throat, his blood racing wildly through his veins. His hands calmly in his pockets, Jotaro came to grips with him. The heat of his body flamed Kakyoin’s skin even through his clothes, his warm breath tickling the redhead’s face.

Kakyoin stared at the brunet, uncomprehending, and even more so when Jotaro suddenly pressed his body to him tightly. Feeling a firm bulge through the brunet’s pants, Kakyoin gasped, his eyes widening. A short grin lit up Jotaro’s face and he crossed the distance between their mouths, gripping Kakyoin by the collar and forcing him back to the bed.

Overwhelmed, the redhead surrendered to the assault. His arms rose to Jojo’s neck, wrapping around it while the brunet’s tongue was working over his own. Hot, steamy groans were tearing Kakyoin’s chest apart as he felt Jotaro’s knee pressing down his crotch.

Parting reluctantly with Jojo’s hungry mouth, Kakyoin panted and slid his hands to the man’s shoulders to grip onto them. He peered into the green eyes that flamed with amusement and want. Jotaro smiled weakly, and Kakyoin felt his heart ripping into small pieces. He was too horny to think anything over, he wanted Jotaro here and now, yet a knowledge that Jojo seemingly – no, obviously – wanted the same was making his eyes wet.

Jotaro’s thumb ran softly over his cheekbone, a twist of his eyebrow suggesting concern. Kakyoin blinked and raised himself upon his elbows, peering intently into Jojo’s eyes. Another glide of the brunet’s knee over his needy cock made Kakyoin throw his head back, hissing from unbearable, pungent pressure. A dry chuckle brushed his chin.

“Stop making fun of me,” Kakyoin whispered unsteadily, resuming looking to Jotaro’s face.

“I’m not,” the brunet mouthed.

Smashing their mouths together, the redhead chewed on Jojo’s lower lip. A faint taste of blood hit his tongue and he grinned into the kiss. Lifting himself up and close to the brunet’s tense torso, Kakyoin squeezed his shoulders.

“May I?” Parting shortly, the redhead brushed Jotaro’s lips with his breath.

His eyelids lowering for a quick moment, Jojo eased his aggressive posture. His knee let go of Kakyoin’s crotch, which was bitterly painful in his state of arousal, but necessary for moving. Not letting Jotaro’s shoulders go, the redhead moved from below his body, shifting the brunet onto his back and turning to face him, now from above. Jojo’s hands rose to his neck, his fingers stroking Kakyoin’s sweaty skin.

“Hierophant Green,” Kakyoin called out, and his stand swiftly materialized next to them.

Jotaro’s brow arching, he still relaxed and Kakyoin slid his palm down his torso to grip onto his belts. Hierophant’s body expanded into a thin fiber, rolling Jotaro’s shirt up to his armpits. The brunet let out the smallest gasp.

Unbuckling both belts and quickly unlocking the zipper, Kakyoin sunk his hand into Jotaro’s boxers. His heated flesh quivered under the brush of Kakyoin’s fingers, and he rolled his eyes up. The redhead freed Jojo’s firm cock from his pants, stroking it loosely as he watched the brunet’s chest begin heaving.         

Biting onto his lip while Kakyoin’s fingers played on his length, Jotaro arched his neck, head falling back. Being hit with just an image of his beloved enjoying his caresses so much, Kakyoin tightened Hierophant’s fiber on his pecs. There wasn’t enough room for air in the redhead’s lungs, his breath filled with voice when he let it out.

Jojo’s face twitched, mouth hanging open from pressure. His cheeks burning with heat, Kakyoin rolled the brunet’s pants along with his boxers down to his ankles and removed them. The tip of Hierophant’s limb wandered around Jojo’s heated skin, squeezing his sides, his abs and sliding further down. When the tip reached Kakyoin’s working hand and entwined with it firmly, Jotaro’s spine curved, his throat letting out incoherent syllables. Feeling fire prickling down his abdomen, Kakyoin slipped his finger into his mouth, licking it over thoroughly.

He felt Jotaro’s eyes on his face while he was moistening his finger, and didn’t miss the curiosity in them. The brunet looked so intent, even though his sweaty body was shaking slightly in Hierophant’s hard grip. Locking his eyes with the green ones, Kakyoin suddenly realized what he wanted most of all.

Without tearing his gaze from Jotaro’s, the redhead lowered his head to the man’s arousal. A fracture of panic showed through the brunet’s features as he made an effort to sit up. But Kakyoin wasn’t having it, letting Hierophant’s fiber off Jotaro’s cock and sending it abruptly to tie the man’s wrists above his head.

And Jotaro seemingly gave up on restraint when Kakyoin’s tongue brushed his slightly wet tip. His hips bucked up effortlessly, and Jojo let out a thick groan.

Grinning around his flesh, the redhead slowly lowered his mouth, letting a half of the man’s length slip in. It was heavy over his tongue, tight with pressure and twitching with force when Kakyoin flicked his tongue over the head. The taste that filled his mouth was strange, but judging by Jotaro’s steamy face it was a sign of joy.

Gripping onto the inner side of Jojo’s thigh, Kakyoin swallowed his cock fully to the shaft. It entered his throat and the redhead felt an urge to let it out quickly. Which appeared to be exactly what Jotaro needed, a heavy moan breaking through his chest as he spread his legs wider.

Getting the hint instantly, Kakyoin lowered his head as much as he could, instantly raising it so only a half of Jotaro’s flesh would remain in his mouth before the sensation would become uncomfortable. Quickly, Kakyoin started bouncing his head, up and down, his saliva filling his mouth along with that weird taste. But it was Jotaro’s taste, and it were Jotaro’s sweet moans that were reaching his ears, and Jotaro’s muscles quivering under his fingers.

Excited, Kakyoin didn’t even notice he wasn’t bothered with a reflex anymore, swallowing Jojo’s length and sucking on it ravenously. He wanted to pant hard, and his hips were moving rhythmically to rub his cock over the bed sheets again. He felt drunk, high and poisoned with something that was making every cell of his skin sing with delight. He held Jotaro in his hands, he entwined him completely, he had him in his mouth and Jotaro was twitching with ecstasy.

Parting his lips and letting the brunet’s cock out to the tip, Kakyoin encircled his head with his tongue. Jotaro’s eyes rolled up, a whine escaping his bitten lips. His heart thumping madly, the redhead pressed his moistened finger to the man’s entrance. He heard teeth grinding, but Jotaro relaxed and let him inside.

Kakyoin slipped his finger into the warmth, his tongue still licking Jotaro’s head slowly. Rubbing the man’s insides in a measured, steady pace, he felt Jotaro’s whole body tensing.

“Kakyoin,” he called huskily, wheezing.

Dazed at the sound of his name spoken in such an erotic, voluptuous voice, from those seductive lips he’d been wanting to taste for so long, the redhead felt his heart clench. He clasped Jotaro’s cock into his hand, but his tongue ceased, lips frozen open. He wanted to respond so bad, wanted to tell Jotaro how much he loved him, to hug him, to kiss him until their lips would go numb, to hold him tight and never let go.

“Kakyoin?” Jojo raised his head up a bit, his neck bent in uncomfortable angle.

“Um, yes,” the redhead uttered, unfocused. “I’m sorry, I got distracted.”

“Free my hands, Kakyoin,” Jojo murmured looking into his eyes.

That was something that the redhead couldn’t agree with. At last he’d gotten what he wanted most of all, Jotaro was spread before him, defenseless. How on Earth could he let him go?

Grinning lightly, Kakyoin shook his head and thrusted his finger deeper inside Jotaro. The brunet didn’t have a chance to protest, his eyes widening, lips parting for his thick voice. Unable to erase a stupid smile from his face, Kakyoin let Hierophant embrace Jotaro’s cock, his own freed hand tugging onto his pajamas’ waistband.

Pounding his finger faster inside Jotaro’s twitching body, the redhead lowered his pants. His cock was tight and about to burst, but he wanted to bring more pleasure to the agonizing brunet. He’d been suppressing all his emotions for what felt like eternity, and now he had to expose them all at once. Although he felt that just Hierophant and him weren’t enough to show Jotaro how long he’d been waiting for it, how much he’d been desiring him.

Wrapped up in his thoughts, Kakyoin somehow slowed his pace and didn’t grasp that he became too unfocused. Being given an opportunity, Jotaro raised himself up a bit, peering into Kakyoin’s half-lidded eyes with a grin. Titling his head, the redhead stopped fingering him.

Star Platinum,” Jotaro muttered with amusement.

His eyes widening slightly, the redhead felt a pair of rough hands clenched him tight from behind. His face probably gave away his astonishment, since Jotaro’s grin was broadening wider and wider. Overwhelmed, Kakyoin slipped his finger out of Jotaro and sunk his nails into the man’s thigh.

Star Platinum traced his neck with kisses, his once firm grip easing into a soft hug. He undid the buttons on Kakyoin’s shirt so swiftly that the redhead didn’t have time even to blink. The stand’s hand traveled down his chest, finger stopping to circle around his navel with a light, almost loving touch. His brow arching, Kakyoin stared at Jotaro.

“Are you making fun of me again?” he uttered, scowling.

The brunet, still bandaged with Hierophant’s Green glowing limb, still with his wrists tied, chuckled in the most wholehearted way.

“I just want to touch you too,” he whispered, gazing at the redhead from below. 

Melting into Star Platinum’s light caress, Kakyoin felt tears rolling up to his eyes. He’d been hiding his affection to Jotaro, thinking that the brunet would reject him, would tell him there was no time for such stupid things as love when someone’s life was at stake, or just that Jotaro preferred girls, or simply didn’t feel anything for him. Kakyoin couldn’t sleep well for weeks, and now Star Platinum was stroking his ass with the most gentle touch the redhead had ever experienced, caressing his lower abdomen as if Kakyoin was fragile and precious. And Jotaro was peering to him with a quiet smile on his lips, his green eyes shining with tender, ungraspable care.

Kakyoin’s lips trembled with emotion. Star Platinum leaned over his shoulder, his thumb and index finger clasping the redhead’s chin carefully.

Ora?” He asked quietly, and Kakyoin met his hypnotic gaze. The bright eyes of the stand looked sadly to him, as if he was concerned but couldn’t explain it since he wasn’t able to speak.

“I’m alright,” the redhead chuckled weakly, feeling the stand’s thumb wiping a tear from his cheekbone.

Jotaro’s breath brushed his chest. Flinching, Kakyoin turned to the brunet. Having been distracted, he let the control of Hierophant down, and Jotaro was able to free his wrists. The green limb was still wrapped around his torso, and Kakyoin tightened the grip on him just a little bit.

Jojo’s lips pressed a dry kiss to his chest, his hand clasping over Kakyoin’s weakened erection. His other hand rested on the curve of Kakyoin’s spine, fingertips brushing his skin lightly. The sensation of warmth re-aroused the redhead instantly, and he moaned steamily as Star Platinum gripped and spread his buttocks. Jotaro’s tongue ran down his torso wetly, his hand jerking Kakyoin’s awakening cock in a loosened fist.

Star Platinum’s finger pressed inside him roughly, and Kakyoin cringed in pain. It was dry and sudden, and the redhead didn’t even have time to relax.

“I’m sorry,” Jotaro muttered, looking up to his face, Star Platinum withdrawing swiftly. “I just... It worked somehow, I thought maybe...”

The brunet leaned back and scratched his temple in confusion. Chuckling, Kakyoin loomed over him, his hands supporting his overhanging body.

“It’s alright. I’m not an enemy though, Star Finger isn’t the best thing to use on me,” the redhead giggled, watching Jojo’s face reddening.

“I’m–” Jotaro managed before Kakyoin grabbed his fingers and slipped them through his lips.

The brunet’s face twitched, his mouth opening in obvious arousal. Kakyoin cast his eyes on him while licking his fingers over, and then getting them out with a smack of his lips.

“Try it like this,” he smiled, watching Jojo with hazy eyes.

Nodding shortly, the brunet slipped his hand in between Kakyoin’s thighs. Star Platinum’s hands rubbed his shoulderblades, soothing him and yet smoldering. Jotaro’s fingertip brushed his entrance, a keen sensation piercing Kakyoin’s body. He entered slowly, self-consciously, but the sharp wave of desire overflowed the redhead like a storm. Leaning onto Jotaro’s chest, his hands balling into fists until he felt his nails sinking into his palms, Kakyoin moaned and thrusted his hips back to meet Jotaro’s fingers.

“Is it good?” Jojo whispered into his ear.

“Yes,” Kakyoin breathed out, a groan spilling out of his throat with another thrust of Jotaro’s fingers.

The swelling in his lower abdomen became so tight that he had to escape from Jotaro’s touch. Moving his hips away and letting the brunet’s fingers slip off, Kakyoin let out a small sigh of regret.

“I still need to finish what I’ve started,” the redhead explained to Jotaro, whose eyebrow arched, uncomprehending.

And the brunet didn’t argue. Spreading his legs wider, he threw his head onto the pillow. Hierophant’s fiber shifted over his torso, rubbing his nipples and wrapping his cock around with the tip. Moistening his palm with saliva and smearing it over his length, Kakyoin felt Star Platinum’s erection pressed to his entrance.

Driving his hips forward, Kakyoin grinded his teeth. Jotaro’s lips twisted in a grimace of pain, but when the redhead slid deeper, his features regained their passionate pattern. Kakyoin felt pulsating tightness as he waited steadily for Star Platinum to enter him.

Feeling a filling sensation inside himself, Kakyoin watched with hazy gaze as Jotaro’s body arched. He let out an erotic moan, the fingers of his right hand gripping onto the bed sheets hard.

“You’re so tight,” the brunet panted, sweat breaking onto his forehead.

“You too,” Kakyoin gave a sly chuckle and drove his hips forward.

He thrusted quickly enough to make both himself and Jotaro come as soon as possible. He was so hard that it was painful, in addition to Star Platinum’s stimulation of his insides it was a torture. Kakyoin didn’t want to think of obscene cries he was letting out, so much the pain and the pleasure affected him. Star Platinum’s cock was moving fast inside him, easily taking the pattern of his own movements so there was no resonance between their motions. Jotaro moaned loudly below him, his thighs slick so Kakyoin’s fingers were slipping off them even though he gripped tight.

Gasping heavily, Jotaro was bucking up to meet Kakyoin’s thrusts, his cock, wrapped with Hierophant’s fiber, was bouncing from the redhead’s and Star Platinum’s combined pounding. One of Jojo’s arms rose up, his fingers clenching Kakyoin’s neck in shaking agony. The redhead looked into his eyes – pleading, praying eyes – and leaned in to his mouth. A ravenous kiss he gave Jotaro with his numb lips ceased abruptly and Jojo cried out into his mouth, hips trembling rhythmically. Watching his lover twitching in bliss, Kakyoin slowed down, experiencing rough thrusts of Star Platinum. The massive hands gripped his pecs and the stand pushed into him so deep that Kakyoin let out a cry. Another pound, and his head spun from ecstasy, one moment far from the end.

Star Platinum rolled his hips swiftly, his cock pulling in to the shaft, and Kakyoin came, shivering all over his body, feeling the strength leaving him in the process. Panting loudly, the redhead let himself fall onto Jotaro, who’d been watching him with his eyes misted. Removing Hierophant from the brunet’s torso, Kakyoin felt cold wetness all over his stomach.

“I’m sorry, I dirtied you,” he muttered to Jotaro, not able to raise his head.

“Nah, me too,” the brunet murmured.

His eyelids falling heavily, Kakyoin felt light stroking on his hair. Jotaro’s fingers brushed his skull with soothing circles, shifting behind his ear to caress a spot that was surprisingly sensitive. Maybe all of Kakyoin’s skin just became sensitive. Or the reason was even simpler: it was Jotaro who caressed him.


A phone rang so irritatingly loud. His eyes still closed, Kakyoin groaned with discontent and reached his sluggish hand out reluctantly to the nightstand.

“Yes,” the redhead wheezed drowsily and cleared his throat.

“Kakyoin, what the hell? Stop lying in, get your ass up! We’re departing!”

A noise from the receiver made him stir, not so willingly though. Kakyoin felt absolutely exhausted, like he’d just closed his eyes a second ago and now was listening to Polnareff scolding him.

“Uh-huh,” he muttered without any enthusiasm. And before the screech from the phone continued, he thrusted the receiver back where it belonged. 

Turning over to his side and sprawling effortlessly, Kakyoin lazily cracked his eyes open. The hotel room was overflowed with beaming sunlight, as if the early morning had already passed. Looking over the room, the redhead found himself laying alone in his single-man bed.

Sitting up abruptly, Kakyoin inspected his pajamas. Not only were they fixed, but they were also dry and clean, without any suspicious stains.

His eyes widening, the redhead stared to the opposite bed, where Jotaro had lay the previous night.

Kakyoin could swear he remembered way too clearly Jotaro’s assault with the beds moving, not to mention everything that had happened afterwards. Jotaro’s lips pressed to his own, his hot breaths, his unsteady voice that trembled with want – those were the fragments that Kakyoin’s mind registered so well that nothing could erase them.

But a terrible premonition gave an icy chill to his heart. There was no evidence of the previous night’s occasion except for his own memory. When he got up, every one of his muscles felt sore, but he found no marks on his skin. Neither his nor Jotaro’s bed had any hints of whatever liquids on them. And the most mysterious fact he’d been breaking his head over was how the beds could be detached if he remembered as clear as day that he’d fallen asleep on them? In Jotaro’s arms, lying on his chest. His warm fingers that were caressing Kakyoin’s hair so sweetly that the slumber overcame him in a flash.

The slumber – that was it. More vaguely the redhead remembered that he had another dream that night. Perhaps he just memorized the latest one in a more colorful, living way. In a way that even palpable sensations were imprinted firmly into his mind. The heat of Jotaro’s skin, even the scent of his sweat and the taste of his mouth were still with Kakyoin as if he’d really experienced it.

It couldn’t be a mere dream.

His head spinning in frustration, the redhead got dressed in his uniform and went to wash his face. The bathroom mirror showed him a sleep-deprived face with dark bags below its eyes and flaky redness under the corners of his mouth. Sighing, Kakyoin decided to leave the bathroom quickly for the best. It wasn’t good for him to have a bit of free, peaceful time in loneliness. His heart was tightening, giving a prickling sensation to his sore eyelids.

Clasping his briefcase tightly in his fist, the redhead left the room and hurried downstairs. In the crowded hall the first thing to catch his eye was Polnareff leaning over the reception desk. His face bored and with a hint of irritation, he tapped his finger over the wood impatiently.

“Yo,” the white haired man greeted, and Kakyoin nodded shortly in reply. “Slept well?”

“Not really,” the redhead shrugged, looking absently to the distance. “Where are the others?”

“Mr. Joestar went to deal with some business,” Polnareff snorted, frowning slightly. “I’m tired of waiting for you all to gather, I’ve been up since forever.”

“Why so?” the redhead’s brow twitched slightly.

Grimacing awkwardly, Polnareff flailed his hands.

“Someone was moving furniture above my room,” the white haired man muttered mournfully, his mouth forming an offended child’s curve. “I hoped to have a nice rest, but all that rumble didn’t give me a chance to sleep myself out.”

Not exactly listening at first, Kakyoin still tensed at the last remark.

“Rumble?” He asked, his eyes widening in comprehension.

“Yeah, kind of,” the white haired man sighed deeply, stooping his shoulders. “I even covered my head with a pillow, but no–”

“Where’s Jotaro?” Kakyoin interrupted, his knuckles turning white from a hardening grip on his briefcase.

The corner of his mouth twitching in confusion, Polnareff scratched his temple.

“He’s outside, smoking?” he more asked rather than stated. “And then when I tried to–”

“I’ll listen to your outstanding story later, I promise, Polnareff!”

Clapping the white haired man’s shoulder shortly, Kakyoin dashed to the entrance door.

“You’re being rude, you know!” Polnareff exclaimed after the running redhead.

Almost stumbling off the steps, Kakyoin slipped out. His heart racing in a ragged beat, he peered to the man standing under the signboard. His brim casting a shadow to his face, he stood unmoving, only the floating of cigarette smoke making a motion around him.      

Gulping nervously, Kakyoin straightened his posture confidently. His steps measured and almost casual, he approached the smoking Jotaro with his best indifferent face. But when the man raised his face up to him, Kakyoin’s secure attitude evaporated like fog when the sunrays break through the gloomy clouds.

Frozen on spot, the redhead just stared at Jotaro’s unreadable expression. He wished he could take his eyes away, but he couldn’t yield anymore.

“Um... Morning.” He smiled, watching Jotaro’s face intently.

“Morning,” the brunet answered flatly, the cigarette twitching in between his lips. The lips that were parting in such an unbearably seductive way just several hours ago and now were emotionless.   

Feeling his confidence leaking out of him more and more, Kakyoin glanced shortly to the side, as if the sand could give him some advice.

“You look tired, Kakyoin.”

Suddenly dragged out of brooding and panic, the redhead stared at Jotaro’s face. The smallest smile was playing on the brunet’s lips.

“I... I think I had such a vivid dream that I don’t feel rested at all,” he chuckled nervously, feeling his cheeks flushing up.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t let you rest.”

Kakyoin’s heart skipped a beat so hard that he felt his knees going numb, trembling helplessly. He clasped his fingers over his temple, inwardly cursing himself for being so stupid and clumsy. And then a crossflow of pure happiness hit him like a brick in the head.

“So you moved the beds, thinking I wouldn’t guess,” Kakyoin muttered, trying his best to suppress a grin.

“I didn’t.” The brunet shrugged simply and spit the wasted cigarette to the ground. “Star Platinum did.”

“You ordered him to,” the redhead retorted, raising his index finger.

“Well, I did. As well as I ordered him to clean the mess up. What’s wrong with that?” Jotaro smirked, moving closer to Kakyoin’s face.

“You should do something by yourself once in a while,” Kakyoin said in a rebuking manner. “Laziness is something that might make a rotten man, and you surely don’t want to become one.”

“I don’t,” Jotaro murmured, locking his hands behind Kakyoin’s lower back.

“I’m not going to do all your homework in your place when we’re back to Japan.” The redhead crossed his arms over his chest, his chin raising a bit up to look at the brunet from above.

“You won’t help me even a little?” Jotaro’s eyebrows formed a regretful scowl.

“Okay, but just a little.” Kakyoin chuckled, unfolding his arms to hold Jotaro in a tight hug, to embrace him with a strength akin to his emotion’s endless broadness.

“Oh, here you are!” A cheerful voice made them recoil off each other.

Feeling a blush hitting his face, Kakyoin looked away sheepishly as Mr. Joestar bumped in between them, clutching the two in a hug by the sides.

“Is it a day of free hugs?” The old man laughed, squeezing Kakyoin’s shoulder with his artificial hand. 

“Are you done with preparations, granddad?” Jotaro asked, peering sullenly to his own shoes.

“Yes, we can depart now!” Joseph patted his grandson’s shoulder and let go of them.

Polnareff looked at them, oblivious, and walked off, his dirty rucksack hanging off his shoulders. Joseph picked the bags from the ground where he’d abandoned them and joined the white haired man, chattering about something that Kakyoin wasn’t closely following.

He trailed a bit behind Jotaro, silent. Jojo was walking with his hands in his pockets, a new cigarette emitting smoke.

Lagging behind his granddad and Polnareff, Jotaro drew even with Kakyoin’s steps. A small smile he couldn’t suppress popped up to the redhead’s lips when he glanced subtly to the brunet. Jotaro caught his gaze, a grin broadening his mouth.

A hand grasped Kakyoin’s shoulder, and before he managed to turn, a small kiss was placed to his cheek. Dazed, the redhead only caught a violet gauze in the air where he just felt warm lips brush his skin.

Jojo’s eyes met his, those deep, green eyes gazing into his meaningfully. Kakyoin breathed in with his bottomless lungs, feeling his soul blooming with raw tenderness.

The whole desert couldn’t absorb his cosmic love for Jotaro.