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You have brought the beast of me.
You have made me fall.
There is just one hand to help me rise.
I can see the tears in your eyes.

Step forward, whisper in my ear.
I can't be keeper of all your dirty secrets.
Am I one of them? Oh, hush, oh, hush.
You'll forget yourself.

Carelessly we stand to face one another.
Lips pressed to wounds.
You laugh to soon, you scream,
take this beast you brought out in me.

Your nails like claws in my skin,
tearing the meat from my bones.
My blood looks at home on your
finger tips.

When did this become a game?
Come closer! Come closer!
Just once more inch, just one more mile.
We're almost there.

Laugh. I've got your heart.
Scream. I am not giving it back.

Love is a beast.
Lust is a slayer.
In you it's both.

Who is the monster?
This human monster.
I be the beast you unleashed.
You the Master of sins.

But we're both complete
in this moment of