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Shinobi in Space

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A blond young man in an orange and blue jacket with a red spiral on the back and goggles was leaping through trees with a massive yellow scroll with green ends tied to his back. He hopped up along looking for a clearing he had been told to practice in when a flash of pink caught his eye. It was only for a moment and he wouldn't have seen it at all if not for the fact that the only other colors in sight were brown and dark green. He tried to ignore it but curiosity got the better of him and he turned back to see where the pink think had gone. He bounced along the forest back towards where he had glimpsed the brief flash of color. He hopped tree to tree looking for the pink thing wondering what it was.

"A flower maybe?" He thought. "Or a."

He didn't finish the thought as he heard a discussion in the distance.

"Almost got it." A female voice said.

Another replied. "Be careful."

Naruto carefully moved towards the sound looking around every few feet he looked around until he finally saw the weirdest thing he'd seen. What looked to be a white humanoid doll thing with bat like wings was floating towards the top of a tree reaching for something metallic. On the ground watching was a girl with long pink hair and green eyes in a white dress with a black second layer beneath it torn socks that appeared to be black and white striped at one point and some head thing with a single bat wing on it. She was also dirty and holding several metallic things at the same time. Well no leaving now he had to find out what was going on here.

He jumped down beneath two the ground behind the girl. The girl startled by the thud threw her hands up and all the metallic bits flew up into the air. The blond looked up and watched as seemingly in slow motion as a large grey and dirty block descended onto his face. He hit the ground twitching and unconscious. The girl and flying doll stared at the unconscious boy with a navigational computer on his face lying on the ground and turned to each other nervously.

The blond woke later on a sterile metallic room lying on a stiff but useable bed. He sat up and looked around clutching his head.

"Ow! Did a tree fall on me?!" He wondered standing up.

He slowly looked around and it took a few seconds for him to realize that this wasn't a hospital room. He blamed that on the apparent head injury. He took a few uneasy steps across the room and approached a weird rounded circular indent. He stepped out into a cold metal hallway. He walked along checking the rooms one by one as he went. The first simply held a large number of boxes some on the floor some on shelves. The next he came to was a simple bathroom with naught but a sink and a toilet. The third room was dark and he couldn't tell what was supposed to be in there the hall light only revealing some broken glass he figured was probably the light bulb.

In the fourth room he noticed something was up. There was light in this room but shattered glass and some branches, rocks, dirt, and other debris. The lights in this room had survived just enough to give it an air of desolation and creepiness. The back wall had a bunch of large shutters and glinting indicating that there had at some point been some kind of window there that was shattered and the hole covered. There were some broken parts and a few busted screens of some kind resembling the monitors he'd seen at the hospital sometimes. He looked over the scanning it in search quickly as the only thing that gave this room some life was a clicking noise. The sound of something banging off metal followed by voices suddenly kicking up didn't help. He stood trembling staring into what appeared, to him anyway, to be a haunted room.

He was about to bolt for it when again he saw something that seemed vaguely familiar. There was a girl with a head of pink hair with two hands clutching the top of her head standing at one of the monitors with a desk a floating doll thing near it. He briefly debated the chances of her being a ghost before the sound of distress clear in her voice drove him to check on her. He walked over careful to avoid any glass as he approached.

When he finally made it to the other side of the room he looked up and was hard pressed to keep calm. He hadn't gotten to see the girl up close earlier before. At least he didn't think he did whatever hit his head had left him kind fuzzy. The girl in question even dirty and clearly exhausted was easily one of if the cutest girl he had ever met. He stood staring without realizing it for a few seconds before the floating doll did something that seemed like a cough to catch his attention. This seemed to snap the girl out of a daze as well as probably caused by lack of sleep and stress.

"Um hi." The boy said raising a hand in an attempt to wave.

The girl stared at him for a second and opened her mouth to respond before collapsing. The boy panicked and caught before she hit the ground.

"Lala sama!?" The doll exclaimed in fright.

The boy checked her head for injury or fever was the first to hear the soft snoring that told him she had just fallen asleep. He released a breath he hadn't even realized he'd been holding and smiled at the doll who must have heard it to since it calmed down. The boy carefully moved the pinkette onto his back and tried to move for the door.

"Where are you taking Lala sama?" The doll asked a hint of worry in its voice.

"I was going to put her in the room I woke up in." The boy answered.

The doll nodded at that deeming it acceptable and followed as the boy carefully traced his way across the room.

"So." He said trying to fill the silence. "What are you?"

"I am Peke an all-purpose costume robot made by Lala sama." The floating do-costume robot said. "And you are?"

"Uzumaki Naruto." The boy answered and then gave a massive grin while squinting.

"Naruto san if you don't mind me asking what were you doing out in the woods so late at night?" Peke asked.

Naruto's eyes widened and he looked a little panicked as he said. "Ah crap the test!"

Before Peke could ask him to clarify he took off as fast as he could to the other end of the hall and set Lala down on the bed he woke up on. He immediately began tossing the room rapidly moving from place to place with far more speed and ease than someone in his condition should be able to display. He found the scroll sitting on a shelf and breathed a sigh of relief before turning around.

"What time is it?" He asked. "Is it sun rise yet?"

"I don't know." The robot answered. "We have been in here for hours trying to repair the ship."

Naruto was going to ask the tiny floating machine for a way out when the girl behind him muttered something in her sleep. Naruto froze and for a brief instant debated leaving the girl behind against the chances of him actually passing. He didn't even need the time it took to finish the thought before deciding to help.

"Hey is there any way I could help?" He asked while thinking resignedly. "It's probably too late for me to learn anything before Mizuki sensei got to the clearing anyway."

"Are you sure?" Peke asked him. "What about that test you just panicked about."

Naruto replied with an optimistic. "Eh there's always next year."

The robot looked at him for a second and said. "Well I assume Lala sama is hungry."

"Okay then let's see where the kitchen is this thing has to have some grub on here somewhere." He said.

Peke followed behind just in case he got lost. After all Lala was asleep and wouldn't be going anywhere for a while and she had to make sure the boy wasn't up to anything. Unlikely as it was he could still be planning something. Naruto meanwhile debated if he should give the scroll to Mizuki at the clearing or just return it straight to old man Hokage. Oh well he'd figure it out after taking care of the hungry, sleep deprived girl.

"Hey I forgot to ask." Naruto said as the poked around the rooms looking for something resembling a kitchen or dining hall.

"Yes?" Peke asked.

"What's a robot?" He asked calmly and without a hint of joking in his tone.

Peke stared for a few seconds before determining that, yes he was serious. Peke thought about how to answer that one. Naruto smiled as he finally found a room that seemed to have some kind of stove at the back. He stepped forward and tried to find some kind of fridge. Eventually stumbled across a large door in the wall and found a new problem. The door wouldn't open. He glared at the door and tried to shove his fingers into the gap between the two parts of the seal. He grabbed and gave a strained growl as he pulled as hard as he could. The door didn't budge. He put one foot on the wall and tried again with all the force he could muster he lifted his second leg and placed the foot on the wall.

He took a deep breath and gave one loud shout and pulled. His fingers slipped out and went flying through the air and crashed into the wall with a loud thud. He fell on his ass and sat glaring at the door holding his head.

"Perhaps we should." Peke stared.

Naruto reached into a pouch on his leg and pulled out a kunai charging screaming at the door. He refused to be beaten by a kitchen appliance. He slammed the blade into the door's seal and tried to pry it open. His feat stuck on the wall again soon and he pulled as hard as he could. Peke floated over and grabbed his back pulling hard and soon the two heard the door opening and with one final pull the door burst open. The two went flying and once again crashed into a wall. The kunai spiraled through the air and got stuck in the floor.

Naruto stood up slowly and walked over feeling victorious as the air got cooler near the door. He walked around and found it lined with boxes of what appeared to be some kind of military rations. Well they wouldn't taste good but they should at least be healthy. He pulled two out and pushed the impossibly heavy door shut. Then he tried the stove seeing if they could be heated up. The stove had a completely flat, black surface where the fire was supposed to come out. Naruto stared annoyed at the knobs he couldn't read and just went for it. He pressed the thing down and twisted. It took a few seconds but he noticed a coil beneath the surface starting to glow faintly.

Naruto shrugged and began raiding anything that looked like it might have a skillet. He eventually found one and set it on the now brightly glowing coil. He through what was in one of the round ration containers in the thing and a sizzle told him it was doing what it was supposed to. He grinned in triumph at having figured out the weird stove thing. A few more minutes later and a steaming plate of whatever mess of meat and vegetables were in the thing plopped down on the counter.

"Well there you go lunch." Naruto said.

There was a brief moment of silence.

"Is that for me?" Peke asked.

"Yeah." Naruto said. "Why do you think I grabbed two?"

"Naruto san." Peke said. "Robots don't eat."

Naruto blinked once and looked at the floating white thing in confusion.

"We're machines." Peke explained.

Naruto stood completely unmoving for a second before exploding into a storm of movement. He circled around so fast that Peke could swear there were six or seven of the orange clad boy.

"You're a machine?" Naruto asked. "But you can move and talk and stuff."

"A robot is a machine that has the ability to move and operate on its own." Peke explained.

Naruto nodded and looked completely stunned for a few seconds. He shook his head and decided to save it for later and figured no point in wasting a perfectly good.

"I was right." Naruto thought annoyed. "That did taste like ass."

He spent the next two hours scavenging every surviving seasoning jar he could find, which came out to about ten kilos each of salt and what he guessed was some weird foreign pepper equivalent. He threw some salt on the next ration and tried cooking the vegetables a little sooner than the meat. He through the heated up ration back in the box and carried it back towards the room he had left the sleeping girl in. Naruto set the round box down and sat at the back of the room trying to think of what to do. On the one hand he really should be turning in that test and going home. On the other hand he really didn't want to leave this girl alone in the woods in her state. On a third hand somehow he was insanely curious about all of this and really wanted to just sit there asking questions.

"Hey Peke." Naruto said.

"Yes?" The costume bot answered.

"What is this place anyway?" Naruto asked.

"It is a military cruiser from Deviluke." Peke said.

"I've never heard of Devilke." Naruto said scratching his head. "Is it on a different continent or."

"It's another planet." Peke answered.

Naruto nodded eyes shut and stopped cold for a few seconds before his snapped wide open. "Wait what?"

"Deviluke the center of an empire that spans the entire galaxy." Naruto stared dumbfounded.

"How the hell did she get on board a ship like that?!" Naruto half shouted.

"Lala sama is the first princess of Deviluke." Peke responded.

Naruto just stared at the sleeping girl in awe. This lead to him seeing something he had been too distracted to notice the first notice the first time. The girl had a long dark red, almost black, spade tipped tail. Lala's eyes slowly opened and she started sit up.

"Wha's tha shouting?" She asked through yawn.

She looked at Peke then at Naruto and back to Peke before falling back and drifting off to sleep again.

Naruto chuckled sheepishly and turned to Peke and whispered. "I think I'll go explore a bit more so I don't wake her up."

Peke nodded. "I'll stay here and watch over Lala sama."

Naruto nodded and headed out of the room. He walked through the hall whistling before he came to the room he had found Lala and Peke in after waking up. He looked around inside and walked over to the station the pink haired girl had come out of and found a gaping panel still removed. He poked his head in out of curiosity and found a set of circuitry far beyond his comprehension. Nothing he looked at made any sense except one thing a single unplugged cable. He stuck his arm in and grabbed it attaching the plug to the closest matching point. The room behind him started to light up rapidly. He pulled his head out to find several monitors turning on at once and the one just above him running through some green and black monochrome display in a language he couldn't read. He felt the ground beneath him rumbling and heard a loud whirring noise.

Back in the room Peke was freaking out as the rumbling of the ship and loud sounds caught its attention. The last time this had happened was when Lala had accidentally engaged the launch protocol. But who could have.

"Oh no." Peke said as the thundering roar of the massive ship taking off.

On the ground in the forest several men in green flak jackets with rectangles of metal stood outside of a crater with something half buried in the bottom that they had found searching for Naruto. Suddenly the earth split open as a large, rectangular, metal thing rose from the underground. One end pointed itself into the sky and they all watched helplessly as the machine launched itself away leaving a stunned crowd with a story no one would believe.