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Boys in the Band

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There are times that Ric almost wishes he *wasn't* in the same band as Gav.

The redhead wields the Strat like it was a sword, and the sound cuts through the smoke and chatter of any club they've played at.

He's beautiful on stage when the light hits his hair and he and that old guitar are practically having sex with each other.

He's beautiful and it drives Ric bananas that he can't sit and just watch sometimes.

And even though it's just a rehearsal, in this crap old building they've laid claim to, he still plays like they've got an audience. And while Ric's body is busy laying down a bassline that rumbles underneath those notes like an earthquake, his brain is busy planning how to ask his boyfriend for a solo later on.

And the song ends, Jamie's smooth/coarse voice still ringing in the acoustics and for a moment, the spell breaks, and Gav is just a big, awkward, 20-something with a guitar and smile in his eyes that never quite reaches his mouth.