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Of Witches and Angels

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Halloween arrived at Rhodes Island with the same vigour as it did in the years before; arguably more so, given the increased population of the mobile city.

It was also the first Halloween the Doctor got to see since his awakening from cryosleep. And it certainly didn't disappoint.

'Everything is so... colourful...'

The Doctor smiled faintly, wandering out into one of the many courtyards within Rhodes Island – an open cube-shaped space within the confines of the mobile city itself. It spanned dozens of floors high, allowing one to lean on a banister from the thirtieth floor and look down at those on the first floor; though for safety reasons glass barriers were put on the higher floors to prevent people from falling. Small mercies, given how reckless some Operators could be.

Now though the entire space was done up with countless themed decorations. Long banners stretched from one side of the wide room to the other, spanning multiple floors high – some banners stretching from between even the twentieth floors. Decorations hung from the high glass ceiling, they were plastered across the walls, they even dotted the numerous stalls set up around the room. And of course, the room was thick with people all dressed up for the occasion, wearing all manner of thematic costumes.

He himself had just changed into a pair of grey shorts and black button-up shirt, a pair of grey suspenders keeping his shorts up – playing the part of a graveyard worker. He even had a plastic shovel he carried around with him, though one that was on the smaller side since he didn't want to haul a shovel around all night.

''Hm?'' Through the gap in the crowds the Doctor noticed a familiar head of deep blue hair.

A matching pair of deep blue eyes met his, and a quick smirk soon followed. Then with a flourish the owner turned away and disappeared into the crowd, immediately enticing the Doctor to follow – making his way through the milling crowds as he crossed the room. However by the time he reached the other end of the room the blue-haired girl was gone; and instead, he caught a glimpse of her hair disappearing down a hallway.

Curious the Doctor swiftly followed, his boots tapping against the floor as he trekked after his target. Just as he reached the end of the hallway he saw her hair swish around another corner, and so with a determined expression the Doctor gave chase – picking up the pace as he hunted down his prey. However the blue-haired girl sped up her pace to compensate, the hallways winding around as she led him further and further away from the crowds, the hallways soon becoming otherwise empty.

Until finally she disappeared into one of the empty classrooms and he followed her in – finally cornering her.

''Haah, hah...'' The Doctor panted lightly. ''Why'd you run off like that?''

Mostima smiled playfully at him, twisting around to face him. Much like everyone else she had abandoned her usual uniform in favour of a costume, hers being a witch outfit. The traditional black witch hat rested atop her head and a wooden broom was held over her right shoulder, her black shoes clicking as she shifted. Her black witch dress only reached her thighs, covering her chest but with only a translucent section on her upper-back, giving him a good view of her shoulder blades and back.

''Why're you chasing me~?'' Mostima coyly asked, batting her eyelashes. ''I thought you were someone scary, Doctor.''

He rolled his eyes, earning another giggle from Mostima. ''I was looking for you since you said we'd go to the pumpkin carving competition together.''

The blue-haired girl looked even more amused. ''That doesn't start for another hour, Doctor. We have time.''

The Doctor flushed as she suddenly stalked towards him, hips swaying and with a devious glint in her eyes. On reflex he backed up, flustered, but Mostima closed the distance and pushed against him – making him back up and into the wall. Without breaking eye contact Mostima reached over and shut the door, her smirk becoming sultry as she leaned in close, her breath washing over his exposed neck.

''And since you went out of your way to find me... perhaps I should give you a 'treat', hmhm~''

Then her lips were on his neck. The Doctor, inexperienced as he was, gasped from the mere sensation – a shuddering groan rumbling from his throat as Mostima sucked on his neck. His hands went to her shoulders to push her back but Mostima just grabbed onto his shirt, pushing her body flush against his as she had her fun with him, her lewd sucks leaving him gasping. Doubly so when she slowly trailed her lips further up his neck, sucking and lightly biting the skin as she went, marking him.

A soft, breathy chuckle blew past her lips as she reached his ears – before she bit his earlobe. The Doctor groaned at the feeling, arousal igniting in his stomach as Mostima playfully smooched his ear; her tongue extending and slowly exploring his ear. From so close he could intimately hear the wet squelching sounds of her tongue as it twisted and turned around his ear, forcing him to listen to the lewd, arousing sounds.

''Mm~'' Mostima groaned hotly into his ear, her smirk audible. ''Seeing you in such an outfit... makes me wish I dressed up like a zombie. At least that way, you could bury me...''

Her tongue slowly traced his ear with a wet slurp. ''...or bury something in me.''

The Doctor immediately blushed a dark red and spluttered, eliciting a pretty giggle from Mostima, the blue-haired vixen smooching his ear again. His hands loosened from her shoulders as his resistance weakened before dropping altogether, allowing Mostima to loosen her hold on his chest and instead shift to his right side. Her tongue went for that ear too, filling it with the wet squelching sound of her tongue, the lewd sound getting him all hot and bothered.

Something that Mostima clearly hoped for. Without losing her smirk the Sarkaz-Sankta slid her right hand down and cupped his crotch, palming it with an errant giggle. He groaned at her touch and she silenced it – suddenly leaning over and kissing him on the lips. Just feeling her soft lips on his own was enough to melt away what little resistance the inexperienced Doctor had, his lips pressing against hers as he kissed her back.

''Mmph...'' Mostima exhaled slowly, her lips breaking off from his. ''Hmhm... just enjoy, Doctor~''

As her whispered words reached his ear her tongue soon joined it, teasing his ear with its lewd sounds. Groaning the Doctor leaned back against the wall, arousal flooding his stomach as Mostima seamlessly unzipped his pants and tugged his cock out into the open, smiling as she stroked him off. Her hand was soft and slim, her gentle stroking motions quickly getting him fully erect and twitching for more; something that Mostima gladly gave.

Her hand moved faster, her grip tightening too. He pursed his lips but couldn't stifle all his sounds of pleasure; a string of errant groans and gasps fleeing his pursed lips as Mostima jerked him off. It felt so much better than if he himself was doing it, her hand jerking him off with barely any pause, moving with a slight twist to her wrist each time – sending bursts of pleasure racing up his shaft and melting his mind.

''A-Ah, Mostima...'' The Doctor murmured heatedly, out of breath.

Mostima just smirked, squeezing his cock. Her slim thumb came down and started rubbing lewd circles on the very tip of his cock, her other four fingers still holding on tight and jerking him off; the intense stimulation making it hard to keep standing. She milked him for all the sounds she could get from him, her intense hand-job reducing him to a panting mess, his cock throbbing against her warm palm.

''So hard~'' Mostima teasingly breathed into his neck, kissing his jugular. ''Does my hand feel that good?''

''Y-Yeah...'' The inexperienced Doctor groaned, shivering as she rubbed the tip with her thumb again.

Mostima smirked at his honesty, planting one last kiss on his ear before stopping her hand-job. He groaned at the sudden absence but any complaints he had died a swift death as Mostima slid down his body, soon coming to kneel right in front of him. The blue-haired vixen made sure he knew what she had planned, her sultry blue eyes locked onto his as she grasped his cock and gave it a slow stroke, her lips touching the tip a moment later.

The wet smooch that followed made him shiver on reflex, moaning. Taking that as a good sign Mostima kissed his cock more, her lips soft against his shaft before she finally put said lips on the tip, parting them. Wet warmth engulfed the tip of his shaft and quickly swallowed up more, his moan escalating into a gasp of pure pleasure as Mostima took him into her mouth, her tongue stroking the underside of his girth.

''M-Mostima...!'' The Doctor gasped out.

Mostima just looked amused; pushing her head deeper down his length. Her pinkish lips slid over his throbbing shaft bit by bit until two-thirds were comfortably enveloped by her warm wet mouth. Then without missing a beat Mostima picked up the pace, humming softly as she reared her head back only to soon push back down, sucking on his dick with a hum of approval. Saliva clung to his cock and made it wet, smearing across her own lips as she worked his shaft.

The sensation was made all the more pleasurable thanks to her prior hand-job, his cock throbbing against her tongue as she bobbed her head. Saliva smeared against his cock and her mouth was deliberately wet, her saliva dripping down his shaft only to be lapped up by her tongue and smeared around, the wet blow-job further fuelling his swelling orgasm. On instinct he reached down and grabbed onto her head, knocking her witch hat off in the process, but in that moment he didn't care – too lost in the pleasure of getting head for the first time in memory.

''Ah, haah...!'' The Doctor struggled to hold back; burning pleasure creeping up his shaft.

Mostima only encouraged him; moaning softly around his girth as she bobbed her head faster, her lips rapidly sliding up-and-down his throbbing length. He gasped and gritted his teeth, pulling her head down his shaft and making her deep-throat him, but Mostima just slurped his cock more – twisting her head side-to-side as she gave him head, enhancing his pleasure. And as she gave his cock an extra-hard suck, he finally hit his limit


Thick ropes of cum erupted inside Mostima's wet mouth, his cock hitting the back of her throat not a second later. Mostima moaned and held onto his hips, keeping her head deep in his crotch as she sucked him dry – swallowing each and every rope of cum that he released. Even when his orgasm quivered to a close she kept sucking, her tongue teasing the underside to coax out every last drop.

Only then did Mostima slowly pull her lips back, and with a slow exhale popped her lips off his shaft. ''Mm... tasty~''

The Doctor blushed darkly at her teasing words, too busy panting for air to speak. Mostima didn't mind; chuckling as she stood up and turned away from him, sashaying over towards one of the classroom desks. Then with a sultry smirk she sat on the edge of it, her hands disappearing beneath her dress and pulling her panties down – the lacy black underwear slipping down her legs before being summarily kicked off her ankles.

Then she spread her legs, one hand pulling her dress up so he could see her smooth pussy. ''Let's give that tongue of yours a little exercise too, Doctor~''

With fiery cheeks the Doctor obeyed, stumbling over to Mostima and putting his hands on the desk behind her, ending up face-to-face with the vixen. She raised a brow at him and smirked, desire clear, and after a moment he shifted down between her legs. One of her hands helpfully landed on his head and pushed him between her spread legs, his nose pressing against her pelvis. She loosened her hold a second later, but kept her hand close.

Swallowing back his embarrassment the Doctor grabbed her hips, and took a long lick. Her thighs quivered faintly and Mostima released a low breath, enticing him to slowly lick her pussy more, his tongue sliding over her hot sex with growing confidence. Given it was the first time he'd eaten a woman out he was inexperienced but Mostima clearly didn't mind, a string of pleased sighs fleeing her lips as his tongue teased her lower lips.

Then she pushed his head between her legs again, murmuring for him to 'push it inside'. Blushing he obeyed, his tongue pushing and stroking her pussy before he wriggled his tongue inside her smooth folds, intimately feeling her slick inner walls clench around his invading tongue. The lewd sensation only encouraged him to move his tongue around more, pleasuring the blue-haired girl and making her groan his name, her head slowly tipping back.

''Mm...'' The witch breathed, tugging on his hair. ''That's it...''

Growing bolder the Doctor kept at it, squirming and pushing his tongue around her fleshy insides. Mostima sighed approvingly, gently rocking her hips towards him as he ate her out, his tongue swirling and lapping at her hot core. Tangy-sweet honey tickled his tongue and he lapped it up, his tongue moving with increasing excitement as his lust swelled, the desire to reduce Mostima into a panting mess encouraging him onwards.

Unfortunately Mostima wasn't looking to climax on his tongue; her palm pushing against his forehead suddenly and pushing him back. ''M-Mm... that's enough...''


''Heh.'' The witch flashed him a coy smile. ''I don't wanna finish too fast, Doctor~''

Giggling at the sight of his inevitable blush Mostima twisted around, her body sliding over the desk until she was laying on her stomach – her feet touching the floor as she bent herself over the desk. Without breaking eye-contact Mostima grabbed her dress from behind and pulled it up, showing him her shapely ass and glistening slit, her pussy practically begging for more attention. The look in her eyes spoke of the same desire.

With anxious anticipation the Doctor moved behind her, shuddering as he pressed his cock against her butt. Mostima cooed and deliberately pushed her ass back, grinding against his cock, but the mere possibility of getting his dick wet inside her nearly sent him into a frenzy – enticing the Doctor to grab his cock, and line himself up with her smooth slit.

''Mm...'' The tip slid inside with ease; extracting a hot, throaty groan from the vixen. ''Ahh...'''

The Doctor gasped; fleshy hotness clenching around his intruding cock and taking his breath away. On instinct he buried himself in deeper, pushing his cock into the tight embrace of her pussy until his pelvis bumped against her ass, nearly his full length snugly buried inside her. For a long moment he just enjoyed the feeling, nearly spooning Mostima from behind and panting from the how good it felt, his inexperience making the sensation feel that much better.

Mostima's needy groan stirred him from his daze, her ass pushing back against his pelvis. With a groan of his own the Doctor reared his hips back and reluctantly pulled half of his cock out – before greedily pushing back inside Mostima's slit, her fleshy insides squeezing his dick pleasurably. The exciting sensation made him pick up the pace quickly, lust compelling him to pump his shaft into her velvety tunnel more vigorously, his cock soon bottoming out inside her tight sex.

''Mn~ That's it, Doctor~'' Mostima groaned sexily, wiggling her butt.

The movement made him buck his hips harder, earning another hot moan from Mostima. He grabbed her hips with both hands and held them tight, his thrusts settling into a quick rhythm, plunging his girth all the way inside before pulling two-thirds of it out, soon plunging back in a moment later. Mostima helped along, the witch cosplayer moaning as she pushed her butt back against him, helping ease him back inside her faster.

Wet slaps began to echo throughout the empty classroom as he pounded her, his pelvis impacting her ass harsher and harsher until it was like a miniature spank, eliciting a stream of sexy moans from Mostima as the witch took it from behind. Her body jerked forwards against the desk with each passionate thrust, his cock snugly fitting inside her slippery sex yet leaving him wanting even more, the maddening desire for pleasure making him fuck her like a beast in heat.

''Mm!'' Mostima took the pounding with a naughty smile. ''H-Hah... looks like someone is – Mm – eager~''

In response the Doctor slipped his hands up and grabbed her plumpish breasts through her dress. Mostima bit her lip and smiled back at him, arching her back until he could lean down and mash his lips against hers, both of them moaning into the sloppy kiss. His pelvis smacked her ass with each wild thrust, breaking their lips apart frequently, but both didn't stop trying to kiss even as their orgasms neared; her inner walls quivering around his throbbing length and clenching extra tight.

''Hah, haah...'' She broke off from the kiss, smirking. ''This... your first time...?''

''T-To memory, yeah...''

''Heh... then, don't hold back~'' Mostima groaned the words out, only adding to the erotic undertone of her words.

Groaning lustfully the Doctor replied by slapping his cock inside her all the more vigorously, his shaft hitting her deepest parts with each skin-slapping thrust. Her wet insides squeezed him like a vice as he railed her from behind, his shaft sliding in-and-out and driving him mad with the slick friction – until suddenly she squeezed his cock tighter than before, and he abruptly found himself reaching his limit.

''M-Mostim- ah!'' The Doctor bottomed out and blew his load in an instant, thick ropes of cum splattering deep inside Mostima's pussy.

The blue-haired vixen gasped, her arms buckling as she hit her own climax with a deep, trembling moan. Her inner walls tightened and spasmed around his length, coaxing out even more of his cum load to the point it began to dribble back out of her folds, the sensation of being creampied making her moan and shudder with bliss.

''Mn...'' Mostima slowly lowered herself down onto her elbows, panting. ''Mn... hah...''

The Doctor groaned, slowly rocking his hips and essentially humping her from behind, stirring his cock around her creampied pussy. Mostima moaned at the feeling, a soft giggle soon following as she leaned back – using one hand to push him back. With a groan he complied, his cock sliding out of her womanhood as he stumbled back, leaning against a nearby desk for support.

His eyes landed on Mostima, watching intently as she casually shifted over to the door – and to his surprise she yanked it open.

And allowed a familiar red-head to abruptly fall inside the room with a yelp, scrambling on the floor.

''Hey Exusiai.'' Mostima said in the most casual tone in the world, smiling. ''Enjoy the show?''

''U-Um, well... er....'' Exusiai's cheeks were as red as her hair, an endless stream of half-finished words tumbling out of her mouth.

Mostima just chuckled and grabbed Exusiai by her arm, hauling her up to her feet. The red-headed angel had done away with her usual uniform in favour of a nun's outfit, the black-and-white cloth falling down to her thighs – revealing a pair of black stockings that went up and under her skirt. While clearly modified she still nailed the look of a nun, doubly so thanks to the traditional hood she wore with it, her halo hovering above her head as always.

''Heh. Wanna join in?'' Mostima continued in a casual tone, slipping behind Exusiai. ''No better time to get laid.''

''D-Don't say that so casually...'' Exusiai mumbled embarrassedly, glaring lightly at Mostima.

Mostima just smirked unrepentantly, grabbing Exusiai's shoulders and pulling her over to a desk. In record time Exusiai found her back up against the desk, her face somehow managing to get even redder when Mostima whispered something inaudible into her ear, the angel's gaze soon sliding over to the Doctor. The Doctor for his part flushed pink too, but couldn't resist the urge to slide his gaze over her stocking-clad legs, his cock quickly getting hard again.

Then finally with a demure huff Exusiai leaned back, sitting down on the edge of the desk and shifting back a little, allowing Mostima to move in front of her – the vixen smirking as she looked over her shoulder back at the Doctor.

''You can have her mouth. I'll get her ready for ya.''

Exusiai flushed and was about to say something in retort – only to gasp when Mostima pushed a hand between the angel's slim legs, stroking her pussy. The unknown words died on her tongue and she shivered; whimpering as Mostima rubbed her off with a skill that came with experience. After only a few quick rubs she curled her fingers and pulled Exusiai's underwear to the side, allowing her to tease Exusiai's pussy directly, her fingers masterfully stroking her folds before easing their way inside.

Shivering at the erotic sight before him the Doctor approached, his breathing heavy with arousal as he got on the other side of the desk. Exusiai met his gaze and smiled bashfully, slowly easing herself down onto her back. Her head lolled off the back of the desk and she looked up at him, her gaze soon refocusing on his erect cock as he got into position – and even as she blushed a mighty red hue, Exusiai still opened her mouth for him.

''Exusiai...'' The Doctor didn't hesitate to grab his cock, guiding him inside.

Even though Mostima had just blown him, putting it inside Exusiai's mouth was an entirely different experience. Since she was laying upside down his cock rubbed against the roof of her mouth as he pushed inside, her wet tongue licking and stroking the top of his cock. The inviting sensation melted away what little hesitations he still had, and with a deep groan the Doctor sheathed himself into her mouth, the tip easing itself down her throat.

Exusiai gagged slightly as he made her deep-throat him, but after a few moments she got used to it, groaning around his girth as he throbbed in her throat. Both his hands went beneath himself and he held onto her head, thumbs pushing down on her jawline so he could get a better grip – unintentionally eliciting an aroused moan from Exusiai. Just hearing the normally-cheery girl make such a lewd and naughty sound only aroused him more; doubly so when he witnessed Mostima flipping Exusiai's skirt up, and pulling her panties off her hips.

''Heh.'' Mostima smirked lightly, and put her lips on Exusiai's pussy.

A hot moan escaped around his cock; the vibrations of Exusiai's voice transforming into pleasure along his shaft. The Doctor gasped and put both hands on the desk, leaning forwards as he instinctively began to thrust into Exusiai's mouth, the sheer lewdness of the situation only making it feel more erotic – a fresh groan fleeing his lips when the red-haired angel sucked his cock, the lewd slurping sound ringing in his ears.

Pleasure tickled its way up his cock, his breathing deep and heavy as he focused fully on plunging his cock down Exusiai's throat. Her hot breath escaped around his hard cock, her tongue blindly lapping along his dick as he used her mouth for his own pleasure, caught up in the lust-filled frenzy Mostima had drawn him into. And as he plunged into the nun's mouth his gaze wandered to the witch before him.

Mostima stared right back, smirking even as her tongue explored Exusiai's pussy. Her lips remained flush against the red-head's folds as she ate her out, occasionally pulling back to lick Exusiai's slit before plunging her tongue back in, her skill in oral showing itself with how Exusiai's moans became deeper and more throaty. Just seeing Mostima with her head between Exusiai's legs was a turn-on, but to be fucking Exusiai's mouth at the same time was like a wet dream come true.

''Ahh...'' The Doctor groaned at the thought, one hand on the desk and the other holding Exusiai's head.

At the back of his mind he was worried he was being too rough with Exusiai, but as he pumped his cock into her wet mouth he listened to the angel moan and gasp, the glistening sheen to her lower lips betraying her arousal. His gaze lingered on her folds at that, his pleasure swelling as he listened to Mostima suck and lick her comrade's pussy, the wet sounds fuelling his own lust – enticing him to fuck Exusiai's mouth like she was the last woman on the planet.

''Hah, haah...!'' Burning pressure crept up his swollen cock as he moved, the desire to cum becoming all the stronger. ''E-Exusiai...!''

The red-haired angel moaned – finally pushing him over the edge. With a sharp gasp he plunged his cock into her mouth and down her throat, his gasp melting into an orgasmic moan as he came. Exusiai made a brief sound of surprise before she started to swallow, audible gulps, swallows and grunts gracing his ears, the sounds echoing around his whitened mind as he just got lost in the feeling, losing awareness of his surroundings.

Then he slowly came down from his high, a slow moan escaping him when he pulled out – his cock glistening with her saliva. Shuddering he stumbled back, his gaze dropping to Exusiai's face and noticing how heavily she was breathing. When Mostima slowly stood up from between Exusiai's legs his gaze shifted over to her, earning a smirk from the witch as she stepped back, gesturing at Exusiai's limp form.

''All yours, Doctor~'' Mostima seductively cooed.

The Doctor didn't hesitate to comply. Still shaking slightly from the force of his prior three orgasms he stumbled around the school table until he was between Exusiai's mostly-limp legs, his gaze drawn to her wet slit. Exusiai sat up on her elbows and looked down at him, an embarrassed sort of smile on her face, her nun outfit bundling up around her waist as she gave him a good view of her lower half.

''C'mon, don't just stare...'' Exusiai groaned softly, pouting up at him.

That was all the encouragement he needed. Within a moment's notice he was between her legs, pushing his cock up against her wet slit – before finally plunging inside. Exusiai buckled with a gasp of pleasure, her toes curling and muscles all tightening up, her teeth coming to sink into her bottom lip. The cute expression she made only aroused him more, a pleasure-filled moan escaping him as he buried more and more of his shaft into her fleshy insides, soon bottoming out inside her.

The Doctor stayed still for all of a few moments, soon rearing his hips back until only the tip was inside – and then greedily burying his shaft back inside her. Exusiai tightened like a wet vice around him, her hot moan of delight ringing in his ears and enticing him to repeat the motion, his pelvis smacking against hers with each thrust. The lewd sound echoed throughout the classroom, enticing him to put his hands on the desk next to her and lean more over the cosplaying nun, grunting as he sheathed himself inside her.

''Mm, ah~'' Exusiai moaned out, her hands slipping up and around his neck – pulling him down flush against her body, her nun outfit failing to hide her plump breasts. ''D-Doctor!''

Without missing a beat the Doctor crashed his lips against hers, muffling her hot moans as their skin continued to slap together. Her lithe legs wrapped around his waist and he held onto her thighs as he pounded her, groaning deeply into her mouth as he buried himself inside the nun – the mere concept of banging a nun made all the more lewd given how pure-hearted Exusiai could be. And if the volume of her muffled moans were any indication, Mostima's little oral session had turned her into quite the naughty nun; and one with very little stamina left.

The Doctor shivered in arousal at the thought, breaking off the kiss just long enough to suck in a quick breath before kissing the angel again, slamming his cock inside her. She locked her feet behind his back to stop him pulling out but he just plunged into her more vigorously, pushing himself to his limit and moaning into her mouth, quickly growing addicted to the feeling of sex. His passionate pace all but melted Exusiai's mind and reduced her to a moaning mess, their lips smacking and smooching together in a blind flurry between moans.

''Ah! O-Oh Doc- Mn!''

Exusiai hit her orgasm suddenly, her fleshy wet insides spasming around his thrusting length and growing tight. The Doctor gasped at the sudden tightness, pushing himself against Exusiai as he kept thrusting – plunging into her sopping sex even as she writhed against the table beneath him, her grunt escalating into a short cry of overwhelming pleasuring, her body arching to press against his in the heat of the moment.

Wet sounds became clearly audible as he didn't stop moving, stirring her slippery insides up with his cock – his own end nearing. The swelling pressure in his shaft only encourage him to keep pounding Exusiai, his groans and grunts growing as he sheathed himself inside her hotness, the mere thought of cumming inside her velvety pussy driving his lust to new heights; until finally he couldn't take it, and plunged all the way inside her womanhood.

''Ah~!'' Exusiai buckled as he came; thick ropes of cum flooding her pussy as he creampied her, practically pushing her to a second climax.

Their bodies pushed and writhed, his pelvis smacking hers in uneven, desperate thrusts – until finally both went limp with a deep moan of satisfaction, his body atop hers.

Heavy panting filled the classroom, the two coming down from their orgasmic highs. Until Mostima popped the question he'd been wanting to hear.

''Wanna do it again?''

The trio wouldn't leave the empty classroom for two hours, and it was a small mercy their Halloween clothes remained somewhat clean by the end of it.