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Your Heart For Mine, Dripping Inky Black

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Katsuki Bakugo stomped down the dimly-lit hallway, heading to his berth in the dormitories. Other trolls crowded the hallway. They mostly hid from his booming footfalls, skittering away through sliding doors. The few that didn't move out of his path were unceremoniously shoved into the bulkheads as he careened toward his destination. He could feel his heart beating almost out of his chest in anger, palms sweating. How dare he! How dare he come here and pretend he could compete with him?? Fucking Deku!!

When he reached the door to his shared berth, Kirishima was sitting on his top bunk. Dammit. The bronzeblood with his shock of dyed-red hair put down his magazine and grinned at his roommate.

"Hey, Bakugo! How'd your first workout session on the ship go? Stellar as always, right?" The other troll frowned in the middle of his animated interrogation. "Did you do your cool-down properly? You're still really out of breath-"

"Shut it, stupid-hair. I didn't get to work out."

Kirishima's eyebrows knit together, dark against his grey skin. "Didn't get to work out? But you've been gone for two ship's bells-"

"I SAID I DIDN'T GET TO, NOW SHUT IT!" Bakugo flopped on his bunk, exhaling sharply.

It'd been just about one rotation around the planet since Bakugo and the rest of his cohort had arrived on The Unimpedable Acropolis. Katsuki had been so excited to get off that boring, normie planet with the boring, dusty town he was raised in and the boring, uninspiring trolls he schoolfed with. Nothing could be better for him than the training ship that orbited Alternia.

And fucking Deku had followed him here.

Bakugo must have fallen asleep in his workout gear, because the next thing he knew, it was the following night and he was being shaken awake by his roommate.

"Goooooood evening sleepyhead! C'mon, dude, we're gonna miss breakfast if you don't get up!" The other troll flicked his nose, which made Katsuki grab his wrist and sit up.

"If you want to keep that hand, you'd better not do that."

Kirishima grinned. "Yeah, yeah. Did you know you talk in your sleep?"

"'M gonna talk about how much I want to rip your throat out with my toenails if you bring it up again, idiot."

Bakugo stomped out of the room before he could hear a response.

The first course Bakugo had to attend that evening was with his new training group. The large cohort of trolls that boarded the UA the previous night had been split into weaponized, support, and logistical tracks. Bakugo was, of course, in the weaponized track, because he was a badass living grenade launcher and no troll could stand against him. When he had seen Deku, in the training gym last night sparring with some stupid round-headed olive girl, it had taken him ten seconds to realize that somehow, the little shit had cheated on his exam results and been put on the same track. How had he done that???

He palmed the reader next to the door to his classroom. Class 1-A, what Bakugo had to assume was the creme-de-la-créme of the weaponized track, since he was in it. The door slid open with a hydraulic whoosh, and he clomped inside.

The dull murmuring in the room died down. Bakugo made direct eye contact with Deku, who had sat his innocent little green ass in the front row. He paused mid-stride, then turned right around and walked out.

Nope. No. Absolutely not. Nope! Not doing this today.

Katsuki Bakugo leaned forward and charged towards the administrative offices, barrelling through several students, including trolls much older and larger than him. Damn the consequences. He'd deal with an indigo or a violet beating his barely-blue ass when it came; he had shit to do right now.

He busted through the door, not bothering to wait for it to slide open all the way, and the teal secretary at the desk gasped.

"Young troll, excuse me-"

"You need to switch Izuku Midoriya out of Class 1-A."

The troll at the desk made an ugly, indignant face. Bakugo didn't care for them.

"I don't know who you think you are, but you can't just barge in here and make demands-"

"I can, I will, and I am. I want that damned Deku out of my classroom, for fuck's sake; I earned this and there's no way that little twerp did too."

The troll sighed. "Ah, so it's one of these. I can't make changes on behalf of other students, young troll, and besides, if you wanted to transfer out-"

Bakugo roared wordlessly. A series of small explosions went off around his shoulders and ears, and the troll at the desk pushed their rolling chair back, startled.

"Threatening me isn't exactly going to help, youn-"

"Um, hello?" The door to the office, which had been unable to close or open entirely, now had someone occupying its frame, a dark head peering into the room. "Hi, Mx. - oh, Kacchan?" Izuku Midoriya entered the room.

Katsuki's vision turned red for a moment, and when it cleared he was several feet closer to Deku. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, I'LL KILL YOU, YOU DAMNED DEKU-"

"Alright, that is ENOUGH!" The troll at the desk finally stood up from their chair. "You can't threaten me AND another student right in front of me! This is on camera and being recorded! Do you want to be written up for insubordination and brought in front of the ship's tribunal court? Because I can assure you that you do not want that!"

Deku, who had been making scared eye contact with Katsuki while he stared the smaller boy down, shakily turned to the tealblood. "Um, I'm sorry Mx. Secretary, I just was going to ask if I could maybe switch to a different homeroom than the one I'm currently in...?"

The secretary troll deflated a little. "I'm sorry to inform both of you of this, but there just isn't a way to switch up your class assignments without rearranging the roster for other classes as well. Like it or not, both of you earned the spots you currently have. Both of you will remain in Class 1-A."

Bakugo snarled at the secretary, pushed Deku out of the way, and stormed out the door. Stupid goddamn good for nothing cheating bastard!

The oliveblood that lead their homeroom was a pushy shithead as well. After he and Deku had gotten back to the classroom and were chewed out for leaving on the first day, the stupid bandage man had announced that they were going to the lower-deck training gymnasium. Unlike the upper decks' gyms, near the dormitories and designed for individual training, the lower decks were cordoned off specifically for disaster and rescue training, as well as reinforced for more strenuous and sustained use of their powers. The room was cavernous, the other side almost invisible for how far away it was. Damn if they weren't really on a star cruiser.

Bakugo couldn't wait to test the reinforcements.

Eraserdick had told all of them that whoever performed the worst would be launched out of the airlocks back to Alternia the hard way, but Katsuki wasn't worried about that. There's no way any of these chuds would beat him.

And they sure weren't - he blew through every test set up in the gymnasium, literally. Standing long jump, pole-vaulting, pitching a baseball... During the last event, Bakugo had thrown the ball through the extra-strength metal backdrop, puncturing the bulkhead behind it and flying through the hulls of several rooms before coming to a stop in the medicullers' infirmary.

Bakugo thought this was very cool.

He turned to look at Deku while their teacher and some other adult trolls ran around, trying to figure out how to patch up the holes.

"Want to take your chance, Deku? I'm sure you can't top me, but I'll bet you want to try anyways, you cheater." Bakugo snarled at the jadeblood, then picked up a baseball off the ground and tossed it to him, underhanded.

Midoriya caught it. He was flushed green, looking up at Katsuki. He bit his lip, small fangs tugging at the skin of his mouth.

Eraserhead yelled over to the two of them, breaking his train of thought.

"Midoriya. If you don't want to be sent back to Alternia the fast way, you had better take your shot."

Bakugo saw something shift in Deku's eyes before he turned away. Some part of him hardened, threw up a shield, and his every muscle in his body tensed for a moment.

And then Deku wound up and launched the baseball. It zipped across the room, soaring through the hole Bakugo had made in the bulkhead. There was a distant clattering, and an "ow" barely audible through the hole. Someone poked their head out and shook their fist.

Their teacher slapped a palm to his face, groaned, then leaned his head back to look at the ceiling of the gym. "Well, I suppose that was a good show of strength as well, Midoriya."

Deku grinned and threw his fist up in the air, then pulled it down and cradled it to his chest just as quickly.

What was that about?

Bakugo didn't actually care to find out, though, and pivoted away on his heel.

First, Deku insulted him by daring to show up on this ship. Second, he apparently scored high enough on the entrance exams to be in the same class as Bakugo. The last fucking straw was this: Deku might be almost as strong as Bakugo, and he had no idea where it had come from.