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Raindrops over mischievous smiles

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The Yiling Laozu sighed as he reached for the crying baby in the little crib in the corner of the room. 

“Why do you always cry so much?” Wei Wuxian lulled the baby but it kept crying and crying, and soon it started screaming. “Sssh,” he whispered while cradling it, and kissed the tiny head, fumbling with his black robe.

Lan Wangji raised his eyes from the book he was reading. “I think she’s hungry.”

“Yea, she is.” Wei Wuxian settled himself on the huge bed, slipped off one sleeve to be more comfortable, exposing his chest, his pectorals swollen and painful, his nipples puffy and dripping with milk. He arranged the baby in his arms so it would be in the right position to find the nipple on its own, to finally get the desired meal.

“Ouch!” Wei Wuxian protested as the greedy baby sucked at his nub, rapaciously drinking the milk and emptying the unnaturally swollen chest. “You little brute,” he giggled and stroke softly the newborn’s dark hair, looking at it with love.

It was a hard achievement, a hard pregnancy and a hard birth, which caused Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian to love the little baby girl even more. Wei Wuxian’s desire to give A-Yuan a sibling, one created from blood and flesh of him and his beloved husband, had finally come true and a new milestone in demonic cultivation had been set. Creating new life with blood and magic.

Lan Wangji had doubted it would work, and had thought his husband was just a visionary, because the Yiling Laozu sometimes had such phases. He had thought it would just be a dream of them two until the day Wei Wuxian’s belly got swollen in an unnatural way for a man.


Hanguang-jun tried to focus on the script he was reading, but the noises of the baby eating and Wei Wuxian’s giggling complaints distracted him too much. His eyes continuously kept searching for them two, until he realised he was shamelessly staring at Wei Wuxian breastfeeding their baby, then he took off his eyes and fixed them again on the book. And again, his eyes kept wandering off and watching them.

Usually, Lan Wangji gave Wei Wuxian his privacy when he fed the baby, he still had no clue how he should act in this situation, how a father should behave. He had taken care of A-Yuan some years ago, but the boy was already a few years old. Lan Wangji had never seen a newborn before, figure held it or taken care of it. It wasn’t that he didn’t want it, but he had no clue how to deal with it. Wei Wuxian was a lot more intuitive than him.


That day was a rainy day, and it was the first chilly day of a late summer, so Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were in the same room, Wangji had prepared a nice fire to warm them and A-Yuan was already sleeping in his own room. 

“Oh, oh, baby!” Wei Wuxian giggled and moved the hungry girl to the other pectoral. He carefully dragged himself backwards on the bed and rested his aching back against the pile of silk pillows, the baby was still attached to his nipple and sucked, and sucked as if nothing would ever disturb it. “Breastfeeding is so tiring! Now I understand why the women complain about it all the time hahaha!”

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian had a brief eye exchange, Wangji gave a soft chuckle but as he looked at the swollen nipple, he froze. Dammit, why did this look so appealing to him? And why was he feeling a pang of jealousy in his chest, as if he was envious of the attention Wei Wuxian was giving to their baby, and also the fact it was touching and mouthing and places that usually belonged only to him, was throwing him out of mind!

Hanguang-jun couldn’t watch anymore. 

Slowly, Lan Wangji approached the bed and stood in front of Wei Wuxian, his husband looked so peaceful and happy. He wanted to have a piece of him, too. He crawled onto the bed until he was on his four on top of Wei Wuxian. 

“What’s wrong, Lan Zhan? Want some, too? Hahaha!”

Lan Wangji mn-ed and lowered his mouth on the scarred part of his husband's chest, kissed softly the sun-shaped pattern. 

“It’s empty! Our girl ate everything!” Wei Wuxian's face flushed red as he protested.

Lan Wangji gave the swollen nipple a tentative lick and then sucked at the red nub, earning a pained "Ah!" from his husband. 

"Lan Zhan it hurts! Stop now fooling around." 

Wangji tasted a slight trace of milk and lowered again to close his lips around the sensitive nipple which had been abused by the baby just a few minutes ago.

Wei Wuxian felt quite embarrassed having the baby feeding on one breast and sharing this special and intimate moment with it, and the horny Hanguang-jun sucking on the other one, making his lust grow. 

"L-Lan Zhan, stop now." He pushed away his husband, and as he looked into his eyes, he felt quite alarmed. What was the man up to?

The baby burped, Wei Wuxian smiled softly and kissed the top of her head, settling her on his chest, so she could rest. Usually, she slept on Wei Wuxian when she was done eating. 

Lan Wangji took advantage of the temporary distraction to fully open Wei Wuxian's black robe, to expose the body underneath, to finally see the man of his desires. He deliberately ignored the scars on Wei Wuxian's lower abdomen, witnesses of a complicated birth. Even if Lan Wangji had tried to heal him, some traces had remained. He briefly spotted the half-hard cock, then put his hands on Wei Wuxian's sides and slid them upwards, lowering on top of his beloved, and careful to not squeeze or disturb the baby. 

"What are you up to, Lan Zhan?" 

But Hanguang-jun didn't bother to reply, and just kissed him on the lips. While doing so, he reached for the small bottle of lubricant he always kept in his sleeve, because you never know, and carefully poured a tiny amount on his fingers. 

Slowly, his hand found its way between Wei Wuxian's legs to circle his asshole, gentle and leisurely. Wei Wuxian winced at the feeling of something right there and moaned in Lan Wangji's mouth. 

"Lan Zhan, what are you doing?"

 The answer was obvious, and Lan Wangji nuzzled his neck while carefully pushing in two digits, and began fingering him slow and gentle, as if he were a virgin.

"L-Lan Zhan, it's been months," Wei Wuxian moaned, blushing all over. "Since… since before she's been born."

"I know," Lan Wangji whispered in his ear, and then licked it, sending bolts of pleasure all over his body. 

"I thought… I thought you don't desire me anymore," tears started to roll from Wei Wuxian's eyes, he didn't want to cry but he couldn't control himself. "My body has changed, I thought you don't like me anymore, you haven't looked at me like that anymore," Wei Wuxian cried and cried, Lan Wangji kissed his tears away, feeling guilty.

"Wei Ying," as always, words were not Lan Wangji's forte, but he tried to speak out his thoughts, to comfort his beloved. "I was afraid to hurt you," he looked at his husband and cupped his cheek. "You were always feeling sick and I didn't want to make it worse." Lan Wangji kissed him again, "and since she's here… you always looked so happy with her, I thought... I was too much." He lowered his eyes, looking away ashamed.

"Lan Zhan, you idiot! You are my love, how could you be too much? I need to feel you! I need you by my side, Lan Zhan! You have spoiled me so much over the last years and now you're not giving it to me anymore?"

 Lan Wangji curled his fingers inside Wei Wuxian, rubbing the sensitive spot which made him melt, careful to not do it too intensely. He wanted him to last quite a while, since it's the first real time since months. Lately they had just jerked off each other and occasionally gave each other head. But that was it.

"I want you," Lan Wangji whispered against his lips, claiming them again.

"Then take me," Wei Wuxian jerked his hips against his fingers, needy to feel his husband's glory inside him.

"I don't want to hurt you, Wei Ying."

 Wei Wuxian pulled Lan Wangji down to him and whispered in his ear, "I don't care. Ravish me, mmmh." He giggled and bit down on his ear lobe which was already hot and flushed, as always when Lan Wangji became horny.

The baby yawned, Wei Wuxian pushed Lan Wangji away from him.

"Take off your clothes. I want to see you naked."

 Lan Wangji mn-ed and kissed Wei Wuxian once more, then pecked the baby's head. He slipped his fingers out of Wei Wuxian's ass, looking at his gaping hole. He needed to bury himself in there as soon as possible. Wangji wiped his fingers on the sheets and then proceeded undressing himself. 


So fucking slowly that the impatient Yiling Laozu started complaining "Lan Zhan, why are you so mean to me? Just take off those damn clothes and let's fuck!" He put the baby next to him, so he could keep an eye on it while he was getting dicked by Lan Wangji.

 Lan Wangji of course ignored his husband's complaints and let the inner robe slip from his shoulders, exposing the scarred back to the warmth coming from the fireplace. His eyes met the ones of his lover, and Wei Wuxian felt like a virgin, but he also felt like the luckiest man alive. 

The white silk pants fell on the floor and Wangji was again between Wei Wuxian's legs, calloused hands traced his thighs and their lips clashed together as Lan Wangji rubbed his tip against the hot entrance.

"Ah… it's been so long," Wei Wuxian moaned as his husband entered him, pushing his whole length in, stretching him out like it hadn't happened in months. 

"Does it hurt?" Lan Wangji kissed his neck and massaged his hips while slowly slipping his cock forth and back. 

"Mmmh doesn't matter," Wei Wuxian tried to not moan too loud. As he turned his head to the side, he saw the baby watching them two. "You, don't look or you'll become a little perv like your daddy!"

 The baby moved her hands and giggled.

"Let her," Lan Wangji locked his lips again with his. "Focus on me now."

Wei Wuxian let himself get spoiled by his husband, and Lan Wangji had just been waiting for it. The Lan gifted each inch of skin of the once feared Yiling Laozu with loving attention, dropping kisses, occasionally biting and sucking the areas where he knew he'd drive him crazy. 

Wei Wuxian was laying there with eyes closed, passively enjoying the attention his husband was giving him, the shower of tender kisses, the pained bites, the warm tongue running over his skin and leaving a cold wet sensation behind. The rough, possessive touches from gentle, yet strong hands that belong to a warrior, and the ardent pillar of flesh into him, stretching him, forcing into his tightness every time it moved forward, like a soldier raiding a fortress. Wei Wuxian had already capitulated, spread his legs more and gave his lover more space to move, forth and back, forth and back…

"Ngh," Wei Wuxian tried his best to suppress the moans that tried to escape his throat, he opened his eyes and lazily looked at the baby who had already fallen asleep, and was slumbering peacefully lulled by the movements of her parents showing their love to each other.

"Lan Zhan, look! She isn't bothered at all by all the mess we're making!" Wei Wuxian giggled, Hanguang-jun gave a soft chuckle and licked Wei Wuxian from the neck to the cheek.

Lan Wangji ran his hands on the underside of Wei Wuxian's thighs, and hooked his arms behind his knees, increased the rhythm he was fucking his lover, and dived deeper into him.

"Ah! Slow, slow! Lan Zhan, you're so horny today!"

 Lan Wangji just mn-ed and silenced Wei Wuxian's protests with a sloppy kiss, but the Wei broke free, his mischievous nature was as always taking the lead of him.

"How come you're so horny, Hanguang-jun?" The Yiling Laozu giggled and put his hands on Lan Wangji's marble ass to grope it properly. His husband grunted from pleasure, his butt had been neglected by attention as well over the last months. Lan Wangji was greedy and needy to be touched everywhere.

"What were you thinking right before, hm?" Wei Wuxian snickered maliciously, "We're you again dreaming of me fucking Bichen?"

"Mn, maybe…" Lan Wangji's ears reddened immediately and Wei Wuxian kept dirty talking to him, he loved when his husband was on the brick of embarrassment, it made him even hornier. 

"Would you prefer to watch me fuck myself on Bichen? Maybe I could tie up your hands so you can't even jerk off… Ah!" 

Lan Wangji rammed his cock in with full force. "Don't do that."

 "What then? Mmmh," Wei Wuxian groped at his ass cheeks and spread them, exposing Lan Wangji's most intimate part to the chill air.

Lan Wangji winced a little, not feeling used to being touched right there so quite often if not by himself, but he let Wei Wuxian do as he pleased.

Dammit, he had missed this mischievous little fucker in bed!

"Maybe you'd like me to get fucked by you and Bichen?" Wei Wuxian snickered again and slapped Lan Wangji's buttocks, then he grabbed again each ass cheek with each hand and spread them, this time running both his index fingers along the ass crack. 

"Mh," Lan Wangji moaned softly in Wei Wuxian's ear, and as the latter pushed the tips of his fingers in his ass, he bit down on his neck.

"Maybe…" Wei Wuxian paused as he felt Lan Wangji so deep into him that he had the sensation he was going to break. "Maybe I should fuck you."

 "Wei Ying!" Lan Wangji gasped as the two fingers entered him a bit more and stretched his asshole, he could feel the cold air caressing the overly sensitive ring of muscles. 

"Stop talking now, or I'm gonna tie you up and fuck you senseless!" Hanguang-jun warned him, Wei Wuxian just snickered. 

"You want to tie me up, hmmm?" Wei Wuxian bit down on his lower lip, "Let me do something first."

He moved one of his hands from Lan Wangji's ass and did some gestures in the air, while the other digit was fingering him properly. 

An object made from the finest jade fluctuated in the air until it reached the backside of Lan Wangji, who was intent to fuck his naughty husband with more vigour. Wei Wuxian moaned and drooled, but he didn't lose his focus, his eyes looked at the small bottle of lubricant, and moved it to the polished jade wand, coating it with the slick substance.

Wei Wuxian grinned because Lan Wangji had absolutely no idea what was going on behind his back. The Yiling Laozu pushed the other index again in Lan Wangji's ass, stretching his hole, he could already feel how needy he was!

Lan Wangji tensed up and froze as he felt something cold forcing into him, it was coated with lubricant but also large, and stretched him painfully. He had to stop fucking his lover to focus on this sensation, to let go of the tension and allow it to enter him fully. The more he tried to make a stand, the more it would hurt. 

Wei Wuxian felt the tension slowly leaving his husband's body and mentally pushed the whole thing into him, and began moving it slowly forth and back. Lan Wangji had buried his face in his neck, pained noises filled his ear.

"That's not… Bichen?"

 "No it's not Bichen," Wei Wuxian massaged his buttocks to help him relax while the polished jade object was fucking his husband slowly. Ah, he'd really love to see his pink asshole horny stretched around the fake jade cock!

"It's a penis made of jade, shaped exactly like yours. Mmmh," Wei Wuxian whispered in his ear and nipped at its shell. "I used it over the last months, since you didn't give it to me."

 "Ah!" Lan Wangji cried out as the jade cock rammed into him.

"Does it hurt?" Lan Wangji mn-ed and Wei Wuxian kissed his cheek. "Good, I love it when you're at my mercy, even if I'm the one getting dicked." He snickered and moved his hips, "C'mon, fuck me!"

Lan Wangji's legs trembled from lust and pain, Wei Wuxian was needy and horny and jerked his hips to feel his husband's cock into him.

"I said fuck me," Wei Wuxian ordered and twisted the jade dildo, touching spots that have been neglected for too long. 

Lan Wangji let go another pained groan, then he collected himself and proceeded to satisfy his husband's requests. He moved his hips and pumped his cock into that naughty hole, once, twice but then…


Then Lan Wangji released, to his own and Wei Wuxian's surprise. The Yiling Laozu felt the familiar good amount of cum squirting into him, and Hanguang-jun buried his face in his neck out of shame. 

"Hahaha er-gege, now you know how I feel when you fuck me." Lan Wangji mn-ed, letting Wei Wuxian caress his hair. "Its fine, it's fine," he ran his finger through the silky black hair. "Use the jade cock to fuck me. Hurry up, I'm so horny, mmmh," Wei Wuxian moaned lustfully, already excited by the idea of his husband fucking him with a copy of his cock. Yet, as he looked at Lan Wangji, something was off. 

Hanguang-jun had removed the sacred Lan forehead ribbon, he sat on his knees, still between his legs and still inside him. And still hard. Hanguang-jun's eyes were ravenous like the ones of a maniac, with a swift move he tied both wrists above Wei Wuxian's head. 

Lan Wangji threw both of his lover's legs over his shoulders, lifted his hips a little and started fucking him again, fast and hard.

"Ah, Lan Zhan," Wei Wuxian tried to not moan too loud, he could feel Lan Wangji's loins slapping against his ass each time he slammed his cock into him. It felt so good to have him inside him again, feeling skin against skin, and Lan Wangji's nasty mouth biting him everywhere.

Lan Wangji lowered to suck at Wei Wuxian's puffy, swollen nipples, which made the latter one wince from pained lust.

"L-Lan Zhan, careful," a lascivious begging. "It's sensitive."

Hanguang-jun closed his teeth on one of his nipples, tasting traces of milk mixed with lust, he sucked and Wei Wuxian moaned.

"I won't be able to feed our baby again without thinking about this, ah!" Lan Wangji moved to the other nipple, Wei Wuxian let him do. "I didn't know it was such a turn on to you, er-gege! You really are a perv, not that you want me pregnant all the time to see this," he laughed. "I'm not your broodmare hahaha!"

 Lan Wangji shoved his cock so deep into him that Wei Wuxian thought it would pierce through his stomach. 

"Shut up, you're sick!" Lan Wangji warned him, not only his ears were red now, but his whole face was flushed bright pink! His golden eyes were shiny and bloodshot, sparking dangerous like the ones of a fiery beast. 

As revenge, Wei Wuxian did the same with the jade wand after realising it was still stuck in his husband's needy ass. What a pleasant surprise! 

"I'm sick? I'm the sick one, Lan Zhan?" Wei Wuxian snickered evilly and kept using his mental force to move the dildo, fucking the righteous Hanguang-jun hard and slow. It was truly satisfying seeing his proud husband fucked by a piece of stone, like a common cheap-ass whore. Lan Wangji didn't spill any words but Wei Wuxian could read it from his face that he was enjoying this like blazes.

"You're the one who got dirty thoughts while I was feeding our daughter! You're the perv of the family, not me! I hope our girl won't become like you, tsk tsk! You shameless man! A true shame for the Lan sect!"

 "Ngh…" Lan Wangji closed his eyes and clenched his teeth from pain, lust and humiliation, it was such a turn on for Wei Wuxian to see him like this. 

"What would they say if they knew what you're doing with the evil Yiling Laozu, hmmm?" Wei Wuxian licked his lover's strong jawline. "Getting fucked by a copy of your own cock, while giving it to him! A scandal!" 

Again, the jade wand rammed into Lan Wangji, and the strong man had to give in and collapsed onto his husband. 

Wei Wuxian hooked his legs around Wangji's waist, and shifted their positions, so that he was sitting on his husband's cock, making sure he was still buried into him.

Lan Wangji looked at him shocked, Wei Wuxian used his teeth to undo the knots and to free his wrists from the forehead ribbon - and used it to tie Lan Wangji's wrists to his neck. 

"Now you're at my mercy for real," he licked Wangji's face, his hands groped his pecs and squeezed them. "Maybe next time you should get pregnant, so I can molest you all the time, hahah!"

 "Wei Ying, please!" Lan Wangji closed his eyes out of shame, but he opened his legs more as he felt the jade cock fucking him slow, and jerked his hips in the same rhythm, pounding into Wei Wuxian from below.

"Ah yes," Wei Wuxian threw his head back and moved his messy hair out of his face. "You like it, Lan Zhan?" 

Lan Wangji bit on his lower lip and mn-ed but Wei Wuxian wasn't satisfied by the answer. 

"Yes or no?" 

The jade dildo got shoved so deep into Lan Wangji that Wei Wuxian could see his stomach bulge. 


Lan Wangji was a true mess, the usually collected man was flushed and sweat covered all over his body. Wei Wuxian wanted to see more, and he had an idea. He gestured to the mirror in the corner of the room to move and to position behind them, Wei Wuxian turned around, so he could look at their reflection. 

"Oooh amazing! Open your legs a little more, so I can see better!" Lan Wangji obeyed and spread his legs further apart so Wei Wuxian could finally admire the red abused asshole stretched so painfully around the huge jade dildo. "Perfect. It looks perfect." He rubbed one of Lan Wangji's thighs, his mind moved the wand again, forth and back, forth and back, looking at the reaction of his husband's body in the mirror. 

"You're doing so good, so good," he praised his lover, then he slipped the dildo out of his ass to look at his gaping hole, and pushed it in again. 

Lan Wangji suppressed a pained noise.

"Ssshh," Wei Wuxian proceeded to fuck his lover like he himself liked to get fucked. Hard. "Now give it to me, c'mon." 

It was as if Lan Wangji's cock was swelling even more as he started ramming it into Wei Wuxian's ass, and Wuxian could feel cum running from his hole from Lan Wangji's previous orgasm. He reached back and wiped some, bringing it to his mouth to taste it. 

"Mmmh," Wei Wuxian watched the mirror a few minutes more, then he turned to his lover and took control over the whole situation, starting to ride him, taking his delight on him. "Don't you dare to come until I'm done," Wei Wuxian warned him with crimson red eyes, Lan Wangji just swallowed and nodded, as always obedient when his husband turned into a demon-like being. 

Wei Wuxian buried his fingernails into Lan Wangji's sides, he rode him faster, and Lan Wangji got fucked faster, feeling the hard stone against his prostate, he closed his eyes and curled his toes, trying to hold back as his husband had ordered.

Wei Wuxian was finally feeling on edge, he wanted more, but he was also so overly sensitive after months of abstinence that he couldn't control himself. The warm flesh rubbed his most sensitive spot, again and again, Wei Wuxian felt his orgasm building up gradually until it escalated into a violent explosion. His legs tingled as he felt the warm release shooting on his husband, some cum splattered on Wangji's face.

"Come inside me! I want to feel you now!" Wei Wuxian lowered to lick his own fluids from Lan Wangji's face, despite being exhausted he proceeded to fuck Lan Wangji, intent to give him another intense climax.

Lan Wangji grunted as he felt pleasure at both ends and jerked his hips, coming inside his husband, but his cock slipped out, and he made a mess everywhere. 

"Hahaha Lan Zhan, you're so clumsy," Wei Wuxian had already sleepy eyes and rested his head on his husband. 

Lan Wangji took a few minutes to enjoy the afterglow, "Wei Ying, free me. We need to clean up."

 Wei Wuxian stretched lazily and checked the baby, she was still sleeping next to them. He undid the ribbon around Lan Wangji's wrists and neck and then carefully removed the jade wand from his ass, noticing slight traces of blood on there.

"Lan Zhan, did I hurt you?" He showed him the tiny blood spots on the wand, but Lan Wangji wasn't concerned. 

"The next time mh," he winced a little as Wei Wuxian pressed loving kisses on his swollen hole. "Use more lube."

 "Alright, alright." Wei Wuxian giggled and laid lazy on the bed, letting Lan Wangji take care of everything. He cleaned them both and limped a little as he got up to blow out the candles, to put the mirror on its place and to soak the jade wand in the water basin. Wei Wuxian felt a little guilty but also enormously satisfied. 

"Put the baby in the crib?" Wei Wuxian stretched.

"Let her sleep with us tonight." Lan Wangji crawled under the blankets and Wei Wuxian snuggled on top of him, using him as a pillow. Hanguang-jun put one arm around Wei Wuxian playing lazily with his hair, the other carefully pulled the baby closer to them. 


The pitter-patter of the rain outside was like a lullaby, Wei Wuxian dozed off soon, Lan Wangji enjoyed this moment for a few minutes longer, holding his husband and his newborn child close. As if he had been called, A-Yuan sneaked into the room. 


 "Yes?" Lan Wangji whispered, he knew well what was up with the boy. 

"I had a nightmare," Wen Yuan whined softly, it was a recurring situation every time it stormed at night.

Wen Yuan obviously hoped to sleep in the huge bed with his parents, even if Lan Wangji had often pointed out he's a big boy and he had to fight his fears. Yet tonight, Lan Wangji was needy to have his family around, and even if A-Yuan was not his biological son, he always had treated him as such. 

"Come here," Lan Wangji patted the spot on his right side. "Stay close to your sister."

 Wen Yuan smiled and climbed onto the bed, cuddling close to the baby and wrapped his arms protectively around her, mimicking his dad holding the other dad close. 

Luckily A-Min was a sound sleeper and instinctively snuggled to Wen Yuan, Lan Wangji put his arm around A-Yuan.

"Did you dream again about the war?"

 "Yes," Wen Yuan sighed.

Lan Wangji mn-ed and stroked the boy's hair while he told him his dream, whispering softly in the night. 


Wei Wuxian stirred lazily, he was still naked and wrapped up in the quilt. The bed was empty, but he heard a soft noise, splash-splash from the corner of the room. He opened and closed his eyes a few times, then as he managed to sit, he saw a tray on the night stand with a teapot and a plate full of steamed buns. He smiled softly, the buns were a bit ugly which meant A-Yuan made them under Lan Wangji's supervision. 

Wei Wuxian groaned as he felt his swollen chest, it meant it was time for A-Min to eat. 

A-Min, he looked around shocked, he hadn't put the baby in her crib last night! Did she fall off the bed?

The sound of water splashing and a baby giggling echoed behind him, Wei Wuxian got up and wrapped himself in a silk robe, walking towards the noise. He smiled softly as he watched Lan Wangji bathing the baby, and she seemed quite happy about it since she was giggling a lot.

"You're bathing her," Wei Wuxian knelt next to Wangji and pecked his cheek. 

Lan Wangji mn-ed and rubbed the baby with soap. "She was stinky this morning. We didn't change the diapers before we fell asleep."

 "Hahah, little stinky!" 

Wei Wuxian wrapped the towel around the baby as Lan Wangji lifted her from the small tub. Hanguang-jun held her close to his chest and A-Min closed her tiny fingers around Lan Wangji's index and giggled again.

"She's so tiny," Lan Wangji looked at the small baby with the giant blue eyes which reminded so much of Wei Wuxian.

"Yes, she is." Wei Wuxian smiled, leaning his head on his husband's strong shoulder.