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Izuku stumbles into the shed only as a last resort.

He’d been more than willing to simply stay outside in the rain, it’s not like he has anything better to do. He’s graduating from high school next year and yet...

And yet…

While his classmates celebrate and show off their college acceptance letters or brag about their shiny new jobs, Izuku has nothing.

Not for lack of trying.

After that fateful day when even All Might had told him he couldn’t be a hero Izuku had made up his mind. He’d started a new notebook: ‘Options for the Future’ where he compiled lists of all the different jobs that would allow him to help others.
Doctor, Lawyer, Quirk Counselor, Guidance Counselor, Paramedic, Nurse… the list had gone on and on and then he’d begun research. He’d compiled a list of schools, analyzed their acceptance terms and kept his grades up accordingly.
He’d stopped fighting back against bullies, stopped trying to get help and simply.
Waited for his life to begin.



“We regret to inform you that-“

Izuku shakes his head.
Dwelling on his many, many rejections will just bring his mood down.


Will bring his mood down even lower...

Honestly if lightning had a higher probability for instant death he might not have taken shelter in the shed at all…

Izuku sinks down against the wall and shudders in his wet clothes.
This was so stupid.
He shouldn’t have-

A cat jumps into his lap and purrs.

Instantly he is filled with a warm heat that has even his clothes drying.

His eyes widen in shock and he slowly lifts a hand to pet the cat’s silky fur. She purrs even louder and now his glasses are fogging in the warm air.


“That’s Inky.” A soft voice calls from somewhere in the dark. “Her quirk releases heat when she purrs so please only pet her for as long as you absolutely need to…”

Izuku’s hand stills and the warmth becomes less oppressive.

“Thank you.”

Inky leaps off his lap and towards the voice and Izuku hurries to his feet. “I’m sorry for intruding.” He says, bowing low in the direction of his host.

The voice chuckles. “My my so polite. Tell me boy.” There’s a skittering sound as a little mouse steps out of the shadows, wearing a perfectly fitted yellow dress. “You aren’t actually here to cause us harm are you?”

Izuku gapes. “Wh-What? O-Of course n-not”

The little mouse tilts her head at him. “Are you still cold? Your speech still appears to be shivering…”

He flushes red and looks down. “I-I h-have a s-st-stutter”

“I see…”


A flash of lightning illuminates the space for a brief second and Izuku suddenly realizes he is surrounded.

“You may call me Tiny. My previous handlers did not have much in the way of imagination.”
Her little shoulders give a hint of a shrug. “What can you do…”

A large dog pads over, tail wagging as it pushes its head into Izuku’s palm.
His anxiety and nerves vanish as he is immediately swarmed by a feeling of calm and content.

“That’s Emote. She can be a bit stupid at times but she’s very useful in keeping children calm…”

Izuku snaps out of his happy daze. “Wait. So. You all have quirks?”

Tiny tilts her head again. “That is oddly phrased. You seem. Incredibly open to conversing with me.”

He tilts his head right back at her. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

She titters oddly behind one paw but doesn’t say anything else.

A weirdly lumpy sheep comes into view next and baas pitifully.

“That’s Kevlar.” Tiny says sadly. “You can guess what his quirk is… He was specially bred and hasn’t had a proper shear since we all escaped.”

“Escaped?” Izuku mumbles distractedly, already running a soothing hand down Kevlar’s back.

“Yes. A relative of mine organized a breakout. He also set us up with this refuge although it’s been hard to maintain without a human around to receive the deliveries.”

It takes Izuku an embarrassingly long amount of time to pick up on what she’s hinting at.

“Are you… offering me a job?”

Tiny beams and that smile seems oddly terrifying for some reason.

“...that too…”




It is late and the boy is now asleep, curled up with Emote, and Inky while Talon and Feather keep watch.

Tiny nods at them once before making her way down to the tunnels and taking her usual route.

She takes a moment to smooth down her dress before knocking on her cousin’s door and being admitted onto UA grounds.


There is a tiny cup of tea waiting, perfectly sized for her hands, and she sits primly on the little couch prepared for her.

“Nedzu.” she nods respectfully.

“Tiny.” The principal beams at her. “How is he?”

She takes a delicate sip from her cup before matching Nedzu’s grin with her own. “Exactly as you said he would be.”

She takes another long sip and puts down her cup.

“With our help, he’ll be a hero in no time.”