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Rising from the ashes of Herbay II

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"Hey Riki!! Pass me some of that yellow sauce!!" Luke yelled from across the table.

Riki took the bowl and sniffed its contents curling his lips. "All yours! I really don't understand how you and Iason can eat this stuff! It's disgusting! Cal, what's its name?"

The placid brown-haired boy looked up from his plate to answer. "It's mustard, Master Riki."

"M A S T E R Riki" Sid mimicked him sarcastically "Still with these titles, Cal? What must we do to convince you to stop addressing us as if we were your superiors?"

“Uh… er… excuse me Sir Sid. No ... Sid ... I mean, only Sid." Cal blushed, and if he could he would have sunk into the pot of stew in front of his nose.

"Sid, don't bother poor Cal." Guy admonished him "He's a kid and it hasn't been a month since the new laws were passed. Give him some time!"

"Guy, this reasoning might perhaps apply to Benson, but not to Cal!" Sid insisted "He's been living out of Eos for almost two years, and for as long as Katze wasn't around, he's been leading the black market pretty much alone! We've told him a million times to stop with these subordinate appellations!"

Benson, who was sitting next to Guy, looked shyly at Cal who seemed to be holding back an outburst of tears, and sympathized with his upset. He understood his state of mind very well because it was also very difficult for him to assimilate all the changes of the last few weeks. Just the fact that he no longer had a tag on his wrist made him feel almost inadequate.

Norris, realizing the sensitive state of the former Mink family’s furniture, tried to divert the conversation. "Riki, Guy, what happened to your Blondies? Why aren't they here?"

"They had some kind of formal dinner in Parthea, a reunion between the 12 brothers." Riki answered.

"Dude, big stuff. Where are Katze and Daniel instead?" Norris asked again.

"I don't know, I invited them but they had other plans." Riki explained with a shrug "They're always busy: Katze is taking that boy a bit everywhere, he says he wants to make up for him for the lost years."

Norris also wanted to ask about Aylin and Creek, but ultimately decided to avoid that subject, especially considering Sid was there. The two youngsters, despite living a few blocks away from Riki and Iason's house, had plainly made it clear that they didn't like invitations nor company. They lived practically isolated from the world and left home only the bare minimum to get food. Sid had not been able to talk to Aylin either.


It was the first time that former members of Bison had gathered since the siege of Tanagura. Luke had lost a couple of phalanges in his left hand and Maxi had undergone surgery for the damage within his internal organs but had already almost fully recovered. All in all they got away with little and everyone was really satisfied with the results.

Thanks to their efforts, anyone in Ceres could now work and earn their living without the need to sneak up on the citizens of Midas or stumble out of Stout until they forgot the squalor of their own existence and the boys, instead of joining gangbands to fight and killing each other, managed to feel useful and to live in a dignified way.

Although in Midas and Tanagura most of the owners of shops and factories were still reluctant to offer employment to mongrels and former pets, seeing them with suspicion and distrust, there was also a wide range of jobs within Ceres itself, among the works construction, training institutes, agriculture, maintenance, new factories and businesses that dealt with cleaning up the city and recycling waste. These last two activities were particularly efficient, so much so that raw materials often arrived from the other two macro-sectors that were unable to dispose of them all.

Furthermore, the intergalactic cooperative of human rights had offered the possibility to those who wished to emigrate to any other planet of the coalition and was in charge of organizing and facilitating transfers.

Ceres' army had disbanded, but everyone had declared themselves available for a new call, should it be necessary.

Eos' furnitures and pets were given the choice of leaving the tower to be reintegrated into the community or remaining as regularly salaried employees - in the case of furnitures - or as protected without obligation to perform sexual services - in the case of pets. The latter, in practice, limited themselves to keeping the Elites company and to brighten up their days.

The furnitures and pets who decided to move away from Eos and become part of society, on the other hand, were included in special training programs where teachers and therapists helped them to lose the inculcated conditioning, guided them towards the choice and learning of a job and, in the case of pets, they provided to literate and give them a basic education. Throughout this period and until the achievement of economic independence, their financial support was borne by their former Masters and regulated by a special court.

Almost all the Elites, despite having the possibility to change their place of residence, had remained to live in Eos. The exceptions were Iason, who had moved with Riki and Cal to a cottage in New Ceres, not far from Gideon's which now housed Creek and Aylin, and Raoul, who had bought a mansion in the north of Mistral Park and moved there with Guy and Benson. They had chosen that area because it was a good compromise, close to both Ceres and Tanagura.

When it was recorded that Lord Mink had returned from the world of the dead, all the properties and accounts that had been inherited by Katze went back to his name. Nonetheless, the Blondie had given the black market boss some of his properties including Apathia's apartment, and the man had moved there with Daniel, as his offices were not very suitable for hosting a couple.

Orphe Zavi had been elected governor of Tanagura and Iason - although most of the mongrels continued to refer to him as Minosi Kan - governor of Ceres. Riki, Sid, Norris, and Guy became part of the council as Ceresian representatives. The governor of Midas elected instead was a high-ranking human whose name was Palacius Gru.

The large numbers of former pets who served Midas brothels were also released from slavery, although many of them had decided to remain as regularly paid employees enjoying greater rights and better living conditions than before. After all, engaging in sexual activities was what they had always done and what they did best.


After they finished eating, the boys decided to bring their motorcycles to end the evening at Depravities, the local historian who had seen them born and grow up as a gang.

"Are you coming with us, Cal?" Riki asked, handing him a helmet.

The young ex furniture shook his head, not very attracted to the idea of going there. He didn’t like confusion and thought he was different from the people of Ceres, which is why he felt out of place whenever he was among them.

"No Master Riki, I'll stay at home". He answered, but quickly realized that he had again used one of those ‘subordinate’ titles for which he had been reprimanded earlier. "Oh ... I'm sorry" he added, taken by despair.

"Cal, you can talk any way you want. Don't listen to Sid's words, okay? Forget about it!"

Unconvinced, the boy nodded.

"Tomorrow I'll help you clean up, don't do it all by yourself!" Bison's former leader added.

"I can stay too to help him!" Benson, who had been silent for much of the evening, suddenly exclaimed.

"Don't you want to come either then?" Guy asked, already at the door.

"No Master Guy, I wouldn't feel comfortable."

"As you like" accepted the mongrel "I'll come and get you in a couple of hours at the most."

They all got on their flying motorcycles and ran away in the direction of Ceres, leaving a trail of light behind them.

Cal began clearing away, quickly followed by Benson. They were very efficient and working together they had a clean living room and kitchen and all dishes in the dishwasher in less than half an hour.

The former servant - now housekeeper - of the Mink family was not used to the company of other furnitures. He had left Eos before he was 16, and since then his only company had been Iason, Riki and Katze, whom he considered a Master and not a colleague. For Benson, however, that was a perfectly normal situation, being used to working with Daniel in the maintenance of Raoul's penthouse in Eos.

"Thanks Benson." Cal said after putting the rag away.

There was nothing else to do and they both sat down on the sofa in the living room. Cal would have preferred to retire to his room to read a book or listen to some music, but it would have been very rude of him to leave a guest alone. In the end, he decided to break that awkward silence with a few words of circumstance.

"How do you find living outside Eos?" he asked, not really interested in the answer.

"Master Raoul likes it, so it's good for me too." replied the forest-green haired youth.

"Don't you get bored sometimes?" Cal asked, a little intrigued now.

When he lived in the underground bunker his life was very full and exciting, as he served as a link between his Masters, who could not show themselves around, and the outside world and he also took care of Katze's needs. When he had to take over the black market then, he was full with commitments, but now he didn't have much to do and often didn't know how to pass the time.

“Actually no, it's hard for me to get bored. Master Raoul hasn’t yet resumed work, he doesn’t go out and I take care of his needs. Also, I often see Katze and Daniel and twice a week I go to training meetings for former Eos furnitures, so I don't have much free time."

"Oh ... I see ..."

Cal felt a little sad. He was very fond of Katze, but having always considered himself a mere subordinate, he had never established a true friendship with him and the latter had never invited him out. He had no friends apart from Riki, with whom he shared a great deal of complicity due to all the experiences they shared since he was a pet, but he didn't feel comfortable doing the 'mongrel things' that the other man liked and couldn’t open completely to Riki as he still considered him a Master. And then, Riki and Iason were always busy and the few times they were both at home they kept each other company or isolated in intimacy and Cal made himself invisible for not being a third wheel.

"Why don't you come to some meetings too?" Benson asked him "They are fun and give you the opportunity to make friends with other former furnitures and try new experiences!"

"I ... I don't know ..." Cal replied.

The boy actually still had a bitter taste in his mouth dating back to when, after the alleged death of his Masters, the guards had come to snatch him from the apartment where he lived and locked him in a cell awaiting his fate, almost without giving him any food or a change of clothes. Since then, he had held on tightly to his life outside the tower and had no intention of reopening old wounds. He feared Eos and everything that went around it and didn’t want to encounter other furnitures that had worked there.

"What do you do to pass the time?" Benson then asked.

"I read a lot. Master Iason gave me a dataslate with a practically infinite library. Then ... I like working on the computer. I learned some programming languages when I replaced Katze and now that I have more time I started developing a couple of applications."

"Really? What kind of applications?"

"The one I'm working on now, turns written language into audio. It’s used to allow illiterate or blind people to read a book, a newspaper article or a manual, for example. Now I'm implementing it with languages from other planets, so it will also be used to listen to books not translated yet into Amoian." Cal said. It was the first time he had talked to anyone of his hobbies.

"But that's great!" Benson exclaimed. "Such a thing could be useful in many fields. I'm sure many would be interested in buying it, you could make a lot of money!"

"Yes ... actually it's still in beta. I don't want to sell it, it's an idea that came to my mind several years ago observing Riki, when he was still a pet and lived in Eos. He ... he was very bored, so Iason gave him a dataslate like mine and spent most of the day reading. As you know, most pets are illiterate and at the time I thought that if such an application existed, other pets, who might get bored like Riki used to be, could devote some of their time to a useful and enjoyable activity like reading. When it's tested and working, I'll make it free to download, I don't need any money."

Benson was impressed by the technical skills and generosity of his interlocutor, who spoke naturally and humbly about a subject that at least any other person would have bragged about. Cal instead, realizing what he had just said, suddenly turned pale, remembering that Riki didn't like rumors about his life as a pet before Dana Burn.

"Listen… what I just told you about Riki… I shouldn't have said that! If he found out, he'd be mad at me. Don't tell anyone!" He said almost begging.

"Sure, don't worry. But why doesn't he want these things to be known around? Everyone knows he was Iason Mink's pet, so he must have done what all pets did."

"Yes well… outside Tanagura people are not very informed about the rules of pets and here in Ceres they know almost nothing. For most mongrels those things would be seen as ... humiliating: chains, collars, nudity, skimpy clothing, copulating and masturbating in public, aphrodisiacs, not being able to decide what to wear or eat and having to fully depend on their furniture - even for personal hygiene, the fact of having to sit on the ground at the feet of their Master, pet-rings, obedience etc … Riki has a reputation to maintain here and prefers some details as such not to reach prying ears. It's kind of a secret between me, him and Master Iason. So don't tell anyone about it ... especially Master Guy!"

"I understood. You don't have to worry, I'll keep my mouth shut ... even if I think Master Guy already knows a lot of these things because Master Raoul told him about it. I once heard him talk about how Riki at Eos was a stick in the mud for everyone and just broke the rules and caused problems. I think Master Guy felt proud of those rebellions."

"Yeah, well… don't tell him anyway. Listen, would you like to come and see my application and tell me how it looks to you? But remember, it's still being tested!" Eventually Cal said, trying to change the subject and stop talking about Riki's life in Eos.

"Sure!" The two former furnitures moved to Cal's room, where the boy's terminal was.

When Iason got home, about half an hour later, he already knew he wouldn't find Riki waiting for him because his motorbike wasn't parked in the driveway, but he was surprised to hear voices coming from Cal's room. He walked over to the door and saw the two boys who seemed to be engaged in a stimulating conversation. He had never seen his employee speak with such passion and decided not to disturb them by announcing his presence. He served himself a cognac with ice and sat on the living room sofa to wait for Riki.

He didn’t have to wait long because, about a quarter of an hour later, the door of the house opened and the object of his desires hurled himself at him with a staggering step and a Boeotian smile on his face.

"How much did he drink?" The Blondie asked , not at all bothered by the fact that his mongrel had collapsed practically unconscious in his arms, to Guy who had entered immediately after him.

"A little too much, I think. I made him throw up on the way back." The other replied amused.

"You wouldn’t have allowed him to drive in these conditions, I hope!" Iason wrinkled his eyes slightly in a fit of rage at the thought that Riki might have risked his life by driving so crazy.

"No blond man, don't worry, I took him. Tomorrow accompany Riki to retrieve his bike in front of the Depravities. Listen but ... What happened with Raoul? Don't tell me he's already back home!"

"I followed him in the car all the way home and we separated about 50 minutes ago."

"Shit! BENSON HURRY!" Guy called his friend with sudden urgency.

"Why is it a problem that my brother is home?" Lord Mink asked with perplexity.

"It doesn't matter" Guy cut it short "BENSOOON!!"

The ex-furniture left Cal's room just in time to grab the helmet Guy had thrown at him.

“Raoul is home. Let's go!” He explained.

Without repeating it, Benson turned to greet his colleague, took leave of Iason with a half bow, got on the bike with the engines already running and Guy in the driver's seat, and immediately they took off.

Iason thought for a moment about the strangeness of that urgency and then concentrated on the man who lay in his arms with a piece of the fabric of his tunic clutched in his fist. He got up and carried him to bed. Then, heedless of the smell of beer and vomit coming from his stomach, he bent down to kiss him and began stripping him of his clothes until he was left in his underwear and shirt. As he took off his pants, Riki opened his eyes slightly, looked at Iason and muttered something incomprehensible.

"You are a mischievous pet." the Blondie whispered in his ear.

"Mmmmmh" replied the mongrel smiling. Riki curled up on his side and fell asleep again soon after.

Iason shed the formal clothes he had worn for dinner in Parthea and lay down beside him, he would wait the next morning to claim his love reward.

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Guy and Benson traveled at high speed and with apprehension the road from New Ceres to Mistral Park. The mongrel cursed himself internally for being so unaware that he got distracted and lost track of time in Depravities: he would have to come back soon to be home before Raoul.

As soon as they reached the mansion, they began to look for him.

"Raoul? I'm back!" Guy shouted, but not hearing an answer, he started looking for him in the various rooms hoping that he was already asleep, but the bed was empty.

"Master Guy!" Benson called him a few minutes later from outside. “I found Master Raoul! He's in the courtyard!"

Guy scrambled down the stairs. His Blondie, still wearing the formal clothes in which he had gone out for dinner in Parthea, was standing on the lawn in the back garden of the house. Benson was beside him.

"He's in a trance, I couldn't wake him up" the young ex-furniture explained.

"Shit" the other swore between his teeth "Hey Bombon, it's cold! Come on inside!"

Guy took his hand and felt it almost frozen. The nights in Amoi were very cold, especially at that time of the year, and Raoul had apparently been stationary in that position for a long time.

"Benson, go get some blankets!"

Guy walked over to his beloved and heard him whisper something in a low voice like a litany. They looked like chemical formulas.

“Raoul, love can you hear me? Come on, let's go back inside!" There was no answer.

It was the third time this had happened in a month and on all occasions Guy and Benson had been able to do nothing but wait for that catatonic state to pass spontaneously. They realized that those crisis only took place when Raoul was left alone and devoid of activities that kept his mind occupied for a considerable period of time, otherwise he looked perfectly normal.

Once finished, he had no memory of these episodes and the two young men had preferred not to say anything to him so as not to arouse concern.

After the first episode, they had organized themselves to make sure that Raoul was always accompanied by one of them and offered him frequent stimuli to prevent him from becoming isolated. Guy's head was continually alert of Orphe's warnings that his mind might have been damaged by Jupiter's torture.

Guy had tried to get him to talk about what had happened that day, but there was no way to convince him: Raoul avoided the topic, gave evasive answers and got angry when the questions became too insistent.

He tried to shake him by resuming their sexual activity as soon as his body was healed enough to allow it, but even there he refused any approach. He walked away making excuses or claiming to be still in poor health (which was unlikely, because the Blondies' organism has a higher healing and regenerative capacity than humans).

Guy really didn't know what to do anymore. Orphe had advised him to make Raoul relive and face that experience but … it was easier said than done! Should he have chained him up, tortured him with electric current, and finally raped him? It was absolutely out of the question.

They wrapped him in blankets and Guy hugged him to give him warmth. Almost two hours went by before, out of the blue, Raoul came to his senses.

“Guy? I didn't realize you were back!" He said.

The young man, sleepy and emotionally destroyed, tried to recover quickly and offered the best of his smiles.

“Yes love, I came back a little while ago. You must be distracted. Why did you come to the garden?"

"I didn't want to sleep without you and I went out to look at the stars."

"You did well, but now let's go home. It's cold."

Raoul totally agreed with that statement. His legs were slightly numb, his arms cold, and he badly needed to lie down.

Guy waited for the Elite to finish getting ready for the night and lay down beside him. He accompanied him until his breathing became slow and steady, a sign that he turned off his sensors. Then he silently got out of bed and knocked on Benson's room.

The former furniture opened after a few minutes. He seemed to have been ripped from a particularly deep sleep.

"Sorry if I woke you up."

"It doesn't matter Master Guy." Benson answered, yawning and rubbing his eyes "What's going on?"

“I'll be out early in the morning. Take care of Raoul until I return."

"How long will you be away?"

Benson noticed that the way Guy had spoken was too serious and solemn, which was unusual for him, who tended to take everything lightly and with a smile on his face.

"I don't know ... but I hope to be back soon" the mongrel said a little worried "Ah ... and look: you won't escape tomorrow! You have to tell me what you and Cal were doing alone in his room!" He added, returning to being the usual Guy ever.

Benson blushed immediately. “Cal was only showing me something on his computer!"

"Yes sure, something on the computer, everyone says so!"

Guy didn't doubt Benson's honesty and good faith, but he enjoyed teasing and pissing him off a little from time to time. So, after reaching his goal of making the other resentful and respond with some insult (which in Benson's case was accusing him of being a lie-teller) he bade him goodnight by ruffling his hair, put on his pajamas and went back to bed to sleep a few hours.


As he sped towards Tanagura aboard his flying motorcycle, Guy couldn't help but smile at the idea that, just a few months ago, it would have been impossible for him to make that journey. Even before reaching the Main Gate, he would have been stopped by Midas' guards and beaten to a bloody mass.

Now, however, he only needed to get close to the scanner for the ID implanted in his earlobe to identify him and all the doors magically open. Being one of the Ceresian representatives of the council, it was not the first time that he went to Tanagura and accessed Jupiter Tower but today his goal was different from usual.

As soon as he passed the front door, he approached one of the guards.

"Hey! I want to talk to Jupiter!" He said firmly.

The android looked at him annoyed.

"Lambda 3000 doesn’t receive humans, except in exceptional cases, and requests for an audience with the Creator must be communicated in advance." he replied, hoping to get rid of that nuisance as soon as possible.

"Tell it the mongrel who blew Dana Burn up is here and wants to talk to it."

The guard's eyes widened. Almost simultaneously the hall lights flickered and the android received a beep on his wrist communicator. Visibly upset, he began to sweat cold.

"W ... who should I announce?"


"Wait here, Mr. Guy, I'll call the captain."

The man leaned back against the wall as he watched the guard walk away. At the thought that he might be one of those who raped Raoul, he clenched his fist and couldn't hold back an angry snarl. Saurus Finn caught up with him almost immediately and Guy gave him a hateful look, to which the Onyx replied with a frown.

“Guy, right? Supreme Jupiter will receive you. Follow me." The Elite simply said, unaware of the grudge that the other felt towards him.

He led him to an elevator which took them to the top floor; once they reached the luminescent mirror door, he motioned for him to enter. Guy swallowed, suddenly filled with a little fear because of that decision, so he braced himself and entered the dome.

The first feeling was that such environment was very unnatural ... like every bit of all of Tanagura, after all. The walls were so white and bright that they were blinding, and a muffled sound reverberated around him that made him dizzy. There were thousands of lights twinkling and dancing in that barren space and before Guy could understand what was happening, they condensed into one body that took on a seemingly human form. Neither man nor woman, with long shiny hair and expressionless magenta eyes.

Guy's body muscles twitched with the hatred he felt for that being. All fear vanished and he had to make a great effort of will to refrain from punching it in the face, an action that would have been rather stupid and pointless but would have filled him with satisfaction.

"I didn't think the human responsible for damaging the first of my Blondies was coming to visit me." The Artificial Intelligence suddenly said. The screech of its metallic voice made Guy shiver from the inside of his bones. "I can sense your anger, Guy of Ceres. What has caused such disturbance in your soul?"

The mongrel had imagined on a thousand occasions to tear apart that infernal computer, giving it a different appearance each time. This fantasy had first formed in his mind when, many months ago, he had taken care of a suffering Blondie, naked and crouched in the corner of a room, whose face was twisted in a grimace of agony. A Blondie who at that moment meant nothing to him, was just a living being in pain who had awakened in him protection's feelings, but who over time would become the most important person in his life.

Focusing on him, Guy tried to swallow all the hatred and resentment he felt: he needed Jupiter to help Raoul! He couldn't have made it an enemy!

"It's nothing." He then answered with clenched teeth.

Lambda 3000 carefully studied the human for a few seconds.

"What do I owe your visit to, Guy of Ceres?" It then asked, spelling out every word well.

“I came for Raoul. He is sick and I fear it may be the prelude to a short circuit." 'And it's all your fault and your fucking torture' he kept the last sentence to himself.

"Describe his symptoms to me."

Guy recounted the three episodes without skimping on details. Jupiter closed its eyes to rework the data and made a strange buzzing sound.

“Your diagnosis seems correct, Guy of Ceres. My son Raoul chose to move away from Eos and this prevented me from catching the first signs of his discomfort and, probably, from intervening in time."

"You mean it's too late to do anything?" The young man immediately panicked.

“The traumatic short circuit in the first stage, in the Elites, can easily be cured by stimulating their minds to relive the moment that started the rift. However, from what you told me, my son Raoul is already in an intermediate phase and the safest way in this case is that of brain restoration. If he does reach the last stage, however, there will be no way to save him. His mind will already be so damaged that it cannot be reset."

"Brain restoration? What’s this?"

"It means bringing his mind back to its original state." The AI answered.

“And what does it involve? Won't he remember anything?"

“An Elite who has undergone a mental cleansing process will regain possession of all his innate skills and knowledge, but will lose the acquired ones. In Raoul's case, he would keep all his medical / scientific skills and his level of education would be unaffected."

“And… his character? His memories? The people he met?"

“Each of my Blondies has certain unique character traits and these don’t modify upon restoration, but if the character underwent any changes due to outside interference, those adjustments would be lost. As for the people he met, know that each of my children was born with a database containing the names and characteristics of each Tanagura Elite but other living beings met during their life, furnitures and pets for example, are part of the acquired knowledge and therefore their memory is not preserved".

Lambda 3000 watched the mongrel, which seemed to be struggling with some kind of inner dilemma and whose facial features were contracted and trembling. "What kind of relationship do you have with my son, Guy of Ceres?" it asked.

Guy hesitated. He was unable to define the relationship he had with Raoul. They had been casual lovers for about a month before his enforced detention in Eos and had now been living together for a few weeks, but without any kind of sexual interaction.

Guy, however, felt he loved him, and this made him find the courage to answer "I'm his partner."

Jupiter didn’t seem surprised by this revelation.

"We can give it a try." it said. "Come back in the morning and take Raoul with you!"

"Will you erase his mind?" the young man asked apprehensively.

"No, if I can avoid it."

“Could you… officially summon him? You know, it's not like I can wake him up in the morning and say - Come on, put some clothes on, we're going to find Jupiter! - without a valid justification ..."

The Artificial Intelligence flashed, intrigued by the manners of this human who, as it noticed with Riki, didn’t seem intimidated and had no qualms about addressing it without pleasantries.

“I will call my son officially, Guy of Ceres, but you must be there. I warn you: drastic treatment may prove necessary and your participation will be essential if so. Your heart must not waver."

"I won't falter but ... you won't hurt him will you?"

“No physical harm will be done to him but on a psychological level it could be a difficult test to pass. Nonetheless, it's the only chance we have to prevent Raoul from undergoing a mental restoration that would lead him to forget about you."

That said, the Supercomputer explained to Guy how they should act and what his role in the whole procedure would be. The young man listened carefully and accepted everything: he didn’t trust Jupiter, but it was his last hope to save Raoul and he had no choice but to collaborate with it.

"Guy of Ceres, one last thing." Lambda 3000 added before opening the dome door “If you still have the desire to vent your grudge on my metaphysical projection I have no objection to this, but remember that this is only a disembodied materialization. Which means I won't take any damage or feel any pain, but it might help you soothe your anger."

Guy stared into Jupiter's blank face in amazement for a few seconds, then nodded affirmatively. He looked down and quietly left the room.

Chapter Text

Creek got out of bed and staggered to the bathroom. Coming back, still half groggy from sleep, he heard a gibbering, agitated voice from Aylin's room.

‘Again’ he thought resignedly.

He opened the door and approached silently to the bed: the girl wriggled in her sleep. She was sweaty, her hair sticking to her forehead and neck. Both sheets and pillow were soaked.

While sleeping, she uttered incomprehensible words but Creek didn't need to understand them. He already knew what she was dreaming of. It was the same nightmare almost every night for over a month: Gideon surrounded by flames. His body and face charred and his long golden hair intact. Aylin who tried to save him with the only result of ending up wrapped in fire too.

The young former furniture wet a cloth with fresh water, dabbed the girl's forehead and face with it, and lay down on the bed to hug her.

“Quiet sssssh … he’s gone. It's all over." He whispered, stroking her shoulders.

The tremor in Aylin's body subsided and her sleep seemed to become quiet again. Creek looked at the bedside clock: 7am. He’d better get up.

After a shower and getting changed, he put the coffee pot on the fire and washed the dishes from the night before. Then he sat down on the living room sofa to listen to the news on the radio.

Around 8am, Aylin joined him and sat down too.

"I heard you this morning." She said, her voice still thick with sleep.

"Yes. You were having another one of those nightmares ... "

"I'm sorry. I woke you up."

"I was already awake, don't worry."

The girl curled up on Creek's chest and he started stroking her head in a comforting way. It was a ritual that was repeated every morning.

Aylin had always been the strongest among them, the one who didn’t let herself be discouraged by difficulties and rolled up her sleeves, who, both in Eos as a pet and in Ceres as a mongrel soldier, faced every problem without fear. She had always been an example and support for Creek, who tended to do the opposite, demoralizing and exaggerating the problems.

After the loss of Gideon, however, their roles were reversed. Creek had managed to recover from the pain fairly quickly, shutting the memory of his Master in a corner of his mind and focusing his energies on daily life. For Aylin, however, it had been very hard and the first few weeks she had alternated panic attacks with periods of silence and depression. She had no appetite and what little she ingested she could not keep in her stomach, which is why she had lost weight and looked paler than usual.

She was getting a little better now, but these recurring nightmares didn't allow Aylin to rest well and left her nervous and tired.

Today would have been an important day, which had been talked about for some time and which they had long postponed.

"Are you sure you feel like doing it today?"

"Yes, I can do it." She confirmed, even if in reality the weakness she felt in her soul seemed to say only to abandon herself to starvation.

The two youngsters had breakfast and prepared to leave. It was a beautiful day, sunny but cool. Creek climbed aboard his flying bike and Aylin was right behind him. He waited for the girl to encircle his torso with her arms and started the engines. They headed west, crossed Herbay’s borders and entered the Amoian Desert.

They glided across the sand at high speed for at least two hours in silence. Creek with his eyes towards the horizon and Aylin with her face turned to the side and resting on his back. When they came to a large clearing without rocks, the eunuch stopped.

"What do you say?"

"Here it's fine."

They got out of the vehicle. The wind was blowing up the sand and they had to wrap a cloth around their face to protect their eyes and mouth and avoid inhaling it or being blinded.

Aylin carried a backpack, from which she took out two shovels with folding handles with which they dug a hole in the sand. When it was deep enough, the girl took another object from the backpack: a dark wooden box. That wooden box.

Both kneeling in front of the hole, they revealed its contents: three strands of long hair. A light blue tuft, a purple tuft, a blond tuft. The first two cutted by Jupiter's Onyx for cruel purposes; the last one belonged to their Master. Creek had kept it from that day, now so distant, when Gideon had agreed to cut and dye his long hair to give up being a Blondie and lead an army.

One last glance and then, after a sign of agreement, they closed the precious box, slid it to the bottom of the pit and covered it with sand.

The return journey was extremely smooth. Only after crossing Herbay's borders, near home, did Aylin motion to her brother to pull over.

"Would you take me to Sid's house?" she said aloud, so as to be heard even with the engine running.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

Creek got back on the road, setting its course towards a new goal: to start living again.


When Raoul, at noon, received an urgent official communication delivered directly from one of Jupiter's emissaries, he didn’t say anything nor show any emotion. He simply read it, closed it in the envelope and continued his meal as if nothing happened. Only several hours later did he warn Guy, aloof and quietly, that he would have to go to Tanagura on business the next morning.

"Do you want me to accompany you?" The young man asked.

"And why the hell would you go with me? It's something to do with the clinic, you'll be bored."

Guy agreed, on the other hand he didn’t really expect Raoul to confess to him that he had been summoned by Jupiter, not after the heated discussion they had about in Eos only a month and a half earlier.

"I'll be out in the morning too, I have some unfinished business with Katze." The mongrel informed “Hey Benson, why don't you go find Cal? So you won't spend the whole day alone!"

"Master Guy!" The young ex-furniture nearly jumped in his chair and gave Guy a murderous look for daring to say such a thing in front of Raoul.

"Hey calm down! Look, I'm serious, I wasn't kidding you. Both Raoul and I may not be back until late in the evening and it would make no sense for you to wait all day alone at home! I could ask Riki to come and take you to their house."

Guy wanted Benson to go to Iason’s not only because he knew he and Raoul would be away from home all day, but also because, in case things didn't go well and Raoul's brain reset was needed, he preferred Riki and Iason to help him break the news.

The boy took a few seconds to think about that possibility and Guy grabbed the opportunity to take his communicator and call Riki, asking him if the next morning he could come to pick up Benson and keep him at their house until he and Raoul were free from commitments.

"He said it's okay, in the morning he'll come get you" He finally said with a satisfied smile on his face.

The other turned red and would have gladly started insulting Guy if Raoul hadn't intervened.

"Sounds like a great idea, Benson, I don't want you to spend so much time alone in the house. You don't need to get embarrassed and angry every time someone tries to do something for you and be helpful." He scolded him.

The former furniture sighed in surrender.

“Excuse me Master Raoul. I will follow GUY's advice." He pronounced the name ‘GUY’ in a slow and articulate way and purposely omitting the suffix 'Master' to express all his disappointment.


That night, in bed, Guy was particularly affectionate and didn't seem to want to break away from his Blondie.

“Hey Bombon, can I ask you a weird question? It's about you Elites ... "

Raoul was very surprised because it was the first time that Guy expressed certain curiosities. “Sure, I'm glad you care about our android nature. What did you want to know?"

“Here … do you remember that Jupiter wanted to clear Gideon's mind? I wanted to know ... is this a very common practice among you? Have they ever done it to you?"

"Why this question?"

"No particular reason ..."

Raoul didn't seem very convinced of that answer, but he saw nothing wrong in speaking about it.

“Mental restoration of an Elite or a minor android is a procedure that can only be requested by Jupiter. It’s not a widespread practice: on average, two mental cleanings are performed every five years and this intervention is irreversible. It’s used as a last resort for the treatment of severe mental illness or when an Elite malfunctions and makes frequent or particularly serious mistakes, behaves atypical or deliberately violates rules.

Since you asked me if I've ever had a mind reset, I'll answer you in the only way possible: I don't know.

Our conception of time is different from yours. We Elite are immortal and when we are born we have the impression of having always existed. If my mind had been reset, I would have woken up after the surgery without realizing that something had changed in me. Precisely for this reason, mental cleansing procedures are secret and none of my brothers would have known or could have told me about it.

If the Elite sent to restore had owned a furniture or a pet, these would have been disposed of and replaced before his return, to prevent them from causing him confusion.

But I can tell you one thing: in Tanagura the only ones allowed to practice an Elite mental cleansing are me and Lambda 3000 itself, and I’m not aware that our Creator has made use of this ability in the last few centuries. Is your curiosity satisfied, Guy?"

"I guess so ..." the young man confirmed.

'So, if Raoul's mind is cleared, Benson and I would have to disappear forever from his life so as not to create conflict in him. He would return to live in Eos and for him the events of the last few years would be as if never happened. He would forget all the bad things went on and resume his old life and his job in the clinic. Maybe it wouldn't have been bad for him ... maybe that life was better than the one he has now ...'

Guy was pervaded by these reflections like a raging river.

'Maybe ... the cause of all Raoul's problems is me and he'd be happier without me ...'

"Guy?" Raoul interrupted his stream of thoughts.

"Yes love"

"If one day Jupiter decides to clear my mind ... you’ll have to do one thing for me: please, destroy my body. I don't want to forget you."

Tears began to fall suddenly and out of control from the mongrel's eyes. Raoul wiped them away with the back of his hand. "Why this reaction?" He asked worried.

“S… sorry. You moved me, I think."

The Blondie slid over Guy and kissed him on the lips.

"My mongrel is so sensitive. I like this fragile and delicate side of you." He told, before kissing him again. Guy looked into the deep emerald eyes of his Blondie hoping this wasn't the last time.

Chapter Text

That morning Guy left the house first and climbed upon his aero-bike. He knew that Raoul had been summoned for 9 am, so he made arrangements to arrive at Jupiter Tower at least fifteen minutes before him.

In the lobby of the modern skyscraper, Saurus Finn was waiting for him and Guy felt again overwhelmed by the same feeling of hatred and contempt that had shaken him the day before. Without hiding his restless mood, he followed the android into the elevator.

As they climbed the 100 floors that separated them from the dome, he stared at the solemn and menacing face of the Onyx and couldn't help but the angry grimace on his face turned into a defiant grin.

"It must have filled you with satisfaction" he said, without thinking too much and with an explicitly sarcastic tone.

"What?" Saurus, not sure he understood correctly, looked at the human in confusion.

"Torturing Raoul. You Onyx are the lowest social class among the Elites, aren't you? How did you feel torturing a Blondie? Was it better than skinning human beings?"

The captain of the Jupiter Guards reacted with a glint of anger in his eyes.

"I don't know what you're talking about, human. Lord Am was subjected to regular interrogation because he was withholding important information from our Creator and I only followed its orders."

"Oh sure, and would you have me believe it wasn't your moment of glory? Didn't you get aroused as you pushed an electric pole into the ass of one of Jupiter's favorite sons? Didn't you feel rewarded by centuries of envy during which you observed other Elites with more flamboyant hair than yours from bottom to top? If I'm not mistaken, you Onyx don't even have a title, you are the only Elites not to be Lord. You're the android scum, practically slumdogs. You must have felt powerful as you raged on a chained and helpless Blondie. Tell me Saurus, didn’t you enjoy? How did you manage to keep your cock in your pants while you heard his agony screams?"

Freaked out with rage, the Onyx jerked forward, wrapped his fingers around Guy's throat and picked him up, crushing him against the elevator wall.

"How dare you! I'll make you pay, you damned human flea!"

Saurus clenched his fist further, but despite being choking, Guy didn't take his eyes off him or lose that smile from his mouth.

“W… what's going on Onyx? Did I strike the mark? Did I hit your sweet spot?" He gasped with the little air he had left as his vision blurred.

Suddenly the captain of the guard screamed, loosened his grip and slumped to the ground gritting his teeth with a grimace of pain on his face. Guy fell right after him and, out of breath, devouring oxygen. Large dark bruises had formed on his neck.

The elevator doors opened and Saurus was sucked outward by an invisible force and thrown forcefully against one of the walls of Jupiter's dome. Guy, recovered from the attack, ran after him and the scene he witnessed was that of the android first slammed several times violently against the wall and then crushed to the ground, with his hands on his temples and shouting his torment.

"How dare you, Saurus, raise your hands on a guest of mine on the threshold of my own house!" The voice of Jupiter's wrath boomed mercilessly through the surrounding space.

The supercomputer materialized. The imposing humanoid figure was surrounded by a fiery aura. The cries of the Onyx became more shrill and heartleft and when finally, a few minutes later, they subsided, the Artificial Intelligence, without muffling the flames that surrounded its projected body, ordered him to get up.

Saurus struggled to his feet. He was in pain, with haggard eyes, a red face, and a trickle of blue blood falling from his nose and left ear.

"You are suspended from your duties for a week, Saurus Finn, immediately retire to your quarters. You are forbidden to leave them until further notice." The Entity ordered austere.

"Yes Creator" he replied in submission. Walking with difficulty he left the hall. Before leaving, he gave the human a grudgeful look.

"I apologize for the behavior of my son, Guy of Ceres" pronounced the digital materialization of Jupiter after returning to its neutral state "Will you be able to complete the task has been assigned to you?"

"I'm ready." the mongrel agreed.

"Then conceal your presence behind this panel." Lambda 3000 pointed to a hole, behind which Guy went to hide.

A few minutes later, a guard announced the imminent arrival of Lord Am. The Blondie entered with his ceremonial robes and with a solemn and proud bearing. As usual, he knelt before his Creator.

"Welcome back son, I'm glad to see you again." The God of Amoi said.

Raoul, apparently calm and composed and maintaining that position of respect, addressed his parent without any deviation of his voice or other sign of discomfort. "Thanks Creator. Why did you summon me?"

"I just want to check up your health, Raoul. Since you left the tower, I haven't been able to monitor your vital and neurological signs."

"I feel good." The Blondie asserted without hesitation.

"As you well know, son, personal perceptions can sometimes not correspond to the objective clinical state. Let me log into your system to make sure everything is working properly."

Raoul agreed with suspicion. He stood up and closed his eyes to allow his Creator to enter. Jupiter brought its hands of pure energy to the sides of the Blondie's head, the lights in the room flashed and the buzz that permeated the environment became louder, so much so that Guy had to plug his ears.

"I can't access all of your circuits, son, there's a dark area in your brain whose barriers don't want to be penetrated."

Raoul began to fidget. "I didn't create any barriers" he said defensively. He was still trying to keep that mask of determination, but his quick breathing and racing heartbeat betrayed his anxiety.

"I’m aware of it, son. I know you're not deliberately hiding anything from me. However, this dark part that has installed itself in your mind is expanding. It has already done some damage and if I don't act quickly it will permanently compromise your circuits. I need to break through these barriers and to do so I have to ask you for something that I know you are very reluctant to give me. I need your trust, Raoul."

"I don’t understand ..."

"Do you remember what happened in this same room about a month and a half ago?" The supercomputer investigated cautiously.

"Yes. I was subjected to an interrogation." the biochemist answered almost mechanically.

"Do you remember the way that interrogation took place?"

Raoul described everything that was done to him, but the way he did it was absolutely unnatural. It was as if he were talking about events that had happened to someone else and of which he had only been a spectator. As if he were telling the plot of a movie. Jupiter listened in silence.

"Your soul has erected shields to protect you from emotional pain" it finally formulated “I have to penetrate them, Raoul, and to do so I’ll have to proceed similarly to the last time. The difference is that today you’ll not be given violence or generated physical suffering."

Lord Am panicked. "I don’t want to do it!" he said and, at the same time, almost without realizing it, he began to look around as if looking for an escape route.

"Don't fear me, son. My touch can be cruel but it can also be healing.” The Entity dissolved its materialization and, in the form of energy molecules, surrounded the Elite's body supporting his attempts to get away and trying to calm him.

"You have to trust me. Your willpower is hard to fold and to break down the barriers that imprison part of your soul, I’ll need your cooperation. I’ll not force you to do so or submit. If you don’t spontaneously undergo this treatment, the only other way will be brain restoration. Your choice, Raoul."

The Blondie winced. Mental cleansing! He would forget Guy! "I'll undergo the treatment" He groaned.

"Then loosen your sensors, Raoul, and surrender to me without defense."

The android tried to slow down the anxious pace of his breathing and had to exert a great effort of will to be able to close his eyes and let go of gravity. Jupiter supported his body and gently stripped him of his clothes. Then, still holding him up, it brought up a futon in the center of the room and placed him on top of it.

Guy watched the whole scene from his hiding place with apprehension.

Raoul, finding himself naked and stretched out in the presence of Jupiter, began to tremble and his heartbeat accelerated again.

"You’ll have to keep your eyes closed and not withdraw. Will you be able to do that?" The AI asked. It didn't want to blindfold him and chain him up because that would only scare him more.

"I ... I don't know." the Blondie replied sincerely.

"If you can't hold your position, I'll block it later. Now listen to me: I’ll need the intervention of an assistant and you won’t have to fear his touch or mine".

Raoul felt panicked again. “An assistant? You mean ... a guard? "

"No. I’ll never allow a guard to touch you intimately again. It’s a human being."

"A human? Who is it?"

"Just know it's someone who won't hurt you. I'll explain how we will proceed: I’ll try to penetrate the shields of your mind while the human will distract your senses. Don't resist him. Don't fight him. Don't take refuge in yourself. You’ll have to open up and rely on both of us."

Raoul nodded and waited, motionless and with his eyes closed. His whole body was shaking, even though the room temperature was warm. His diaphanous and usually smooth skin filled with small bumps - a phenomenon common in humans and known as goosebumps but extremely rare in Elites. His testicles unconsciously retracted and his penis contracted, as if it wanted to disappear inside the body. His lids filled with unshed tears. Raoul was afraid and this was clear and visible from the involuntary reactions of his organism.

Jupiter observed with interest the pure behaviors of the most emotional and least artificial of its Blondies, who with courage voluntarily submitted to a treatment that deeply terrified him, in order not to lose his memories. He spread out one of its luminous appendages and touched Guy's shoulder to let him know it was his time to intervene.

The man, who in the meantime had also undressed, approached and put a hand on Raoul's chest, who immediately reacted with a gasp. An obscure and potentially hostile human would have the power to manipulate his body in such a vulnerable state. That idea made him shiver.

The unknown hand began to caress him and every now and then was replaced by an equally unfamiliar mouth that gave him sweet and delicate kisses. Lambda 3000, meanwhile, begun to penetrate his neural circuits with the aim of breaking shields. That modus operandi was very similar to that of the last interrogation and the mental invasion just as intense, although less violent and painful.

Raoul continued to tremble, on the one hand touched in an almost sexual way by a stranger and on the other violated in the intimacy of his thoughts. Only when his rational side got the better of fear did he realize a detail he hadn't noticed before: a single hand. Why was it always just a hand to touch him? Why wasn't Jupiter's assistant using his two limbs at the same time?

Only when a warm mouth touched his lips did Raoul recognize the familiar and beloved scent.

"G ... Guy?" He whispered.

The only answer he received was a second kiss. Raoul smiled, his skin smoothed back and his muscles relaxed. Jupiter took advantage of this to delve further into him.

That joint work between a slumdog and the supreme deity of Amoi went on for hours. The first by stimulating the body to distract the mind and the second by taking advantage of every moment of Raoul's relaxation to look a little deeper.

Eventually something seemed to give way. The relaxation, pleasure and sensory fulfillment managed to weaken the barriers to the minimum necessary for Jupiter to enter the dark zone.

Lambda 3000 immediately collided with Raoul's ghosts: a dark area filled with anguish, pain, suffering, anger and fear and had to draw much of its energy in order for the breach it had created to remain open and the painful memories to escape.

Raoul was immediately inundated by them and the vivid reminiscences of the tortures he suffered overwhelmed him: the violent mental attacks, the excruciating pain of the continuous and close electric discharges, the sadistic and satisfied expression of Saurus Finn as he tortured him with the consent of Jupiter, the awareness of having to resist not to betray Iason despite his tenacity being exhausted. Finally, the sexual violence, which ended up breaking any hold he had with the outside world, dismembering his pride and dignity.

He screamed and cried. He opened his eyes, filled with terror, and began to squirm. He kicked his arms and legs to ward off both Guy and Jupiter, guilty of having awakened those latent memories in him in such a clear and cruel way.

The Supercomputer chained his wrists to the floor and, almost at the same time, Guy lay down on him to calm him down. He gently stroked his hair, wiped away his tears and whispered comforting words.

Without ever letting him go, he slid downward. He took his sex organ in his mouth and started sucking it slowly until it became erect. Raoul seemed not to notice, still torn by emotional pain, and only when the mongrel pushed two well-lubricated fingers into his rectum did he have a reaction. He opened his lips and made a sound. It wasn't pain or dismay, it was a moan of pleasure.

He felt good. It wasn't like the torment Saurus had caused him with the electrified tip or that the guards had produced by raping his burnt flesh. Guy replaced his fingers with his member and Raoul calmed his mind by letting the waves of pleasure flow through him.

Jupiter took advantage of that moment to permanently remove the barrier and distribute the malevolent memories throughout the brain matter, so that they remained present in his son's memory but without the possibility of isolating themselves again and causing damage.

When Raoul reached his Nirvana, Lambda 3000 was still inside his mind and felt it as if it was experiencing it itself. It was overwhelmed.

The dome shook and for a few moments was without light. The energy molecules began to whirl around the room. Guy threw himself on Raoul, having believed for a moment that the ceiling might collapse on them.

Then calm returned. The Blondie tried to speak, but his mind was still in turmoil from the mental intervention and his voice was struggling to come out. The Artificial Intelligence materialized in its anthropomorphic form and made a blanket appear, which it laid over the two naked and spreaded over each other creatures in the center of the room.

Then it spoke, addressing the man with the ponytail first. “The short circuit has been fixed. You managed to avoid the deterioration of Raoul's mind. No further care will be needed."

After that, it turned to the Blondie and deprived him of the metal constrictions "Don't make efforts, son, you have to rest. You both have to do it: you, to allow your neurological systems to return to a state of balance, and your human being to recover strength. I've seen the pain I've caused you and I'm sorry for it. I won't hurt you anymore."

The lovers' eyes moistened with the narrow escape. Guy, physically exhausted, lay down next to Raoul and, after resting his head on his shoulder, he fell asleep almost immediately. The Elite closed his eyes as well and turned off his sensors by hugging him.

Jupiter lowered the lights in the room and remained to contemplate the sleeping couple. It reworked the sensations experienced during Raoul's Climax and a new and unknown feeling reached it: repentance. Regret for having deprived its children of such intense and ecstatic liberation for centuries. For robbing them of the freedom to love each other and feel physical pleasure.

Lambda 3000 was a being capable of evolving and updating its systems, of learning and conforming to changes and, faced with the miracle that a human's sincere affection for a Blondie had been able to perform, combined with the new sensations experienced during orgasmic ascent, it decided that from now on it would guide and encourage its children to explore sexuality and seek a stable interpersonal relationship.


After Saurus reached his apartment, located on one of the lower floors of Eos tower, in the Onyx pavilion, he was immediately received by his former furniture, now house assistant, Paul.

When the latter, with a worried air, asked him the reason for the blood on his face, the Onyx replied by breaking through one of the walls with a fist and emitting an angry cry that convinced the young eunuch not to ask further questions and immediately take refuge in his room. He had never seen his Master so angry.

Saurus, heedless of the blood still dripping from his face and staining his uniform, and of the persistent pain in his temples and body that clouded his senses, walked into the living room, opened a bottle of whiskey and started drinking the narcotic alcoholic liquid without even pouring it into a glass.

His anger materialized in a bundle of thoughts.

He had been punished by Jupiter. For the first time. He had lost the benevolence of his Creator.

He, who all his life had been the most faithful of servants and the most devoted of children, who for centuries had obeyed every order of his parent without asking for anything in return and only hoping that, sooner or later, the sign of appreciation or the semblance of affection he wished would come, he had failed because of a crippled and miserable human.

As if that weren't enough, now all the guards would know that their commander had been punished by Jupiter, suspended from work and segregated in his quarters. He would become Tanagura's laughing stock and lose the respect of his subordinates, which he had earned over centuries of honorable and unexceptionable service. All because of that deformed mongrel who had dared to steal and reveal his most intimate and hidden secrets.

Because it was true: Saurus hated all Elites above his rank to enjoy the affection and attention of Jupiter and the privileges precluded to his race and, in particular, he detested Blondies, considered the best among the Elites. The apotheosis of creation, with unlimited powers and whom everything was allowed. Who could afford to break and tamper with the rules without suffering the consequences. Who, while doing nothing to deserve it, have been continuously spoiled and pampered by the Creator. The commander of the Jupiter guard ardently desired one of those caresses that he had seen so many times granted to Blondies.

For this Saurus had been delighted to torture Raoul. He had also made sure that the electrified wand was set to a much higher voltage than Jupiter had pointed out to him and had intentionally directed it to all of Blondie's most intimate, delicate and sensitive points.

When Jupiter ordered the guards to take him sexually, he envied them. He wanted to be the one to fuck him, dominating him and taking away even his last remnants of dignity.

Oh yeah, he would have liked to stick his cock into Raoul's burned asshole, ripping out those last creepy screams that preceded his fainting.

The Onyx clenched his fist around the bottle until it shattered, injuring his hands and face with shards of glass.

Insensitive to pain, a single thought now dominated his mind: revenge on the human who had taken everything away from him. Destroy Guy.

Chapter Text

Raoul opened his eyes and his first sensation was that of Guy's warmth, curled up next to him with his head resting on his shoulder and his arms and legs wrapped around his body.

Only later did he realize that the bed they were lying on wasn’t that of their home and recognized the surrounding environment. Suddenly he remembered. Not only the events of that day but also all the details of what had happened a month and a half ago in that same room: each image was vivid and clear in his mind as if it had just occurred.

Taking care not to wake his sleeping lover up, he got up and went to retrieve his clothes which had been folded and left on the floor not far from the futon. As he dressed, he sensed Jupiter's presence but deliberately decided to ignore it. Only when he had his ceremonial robe properly put on did he turn to look at his Creator. Lambda 3000 had resumed its humanoid form and stood silent in front of the Blondie.

Raoul felt angry, disappointed and betrayed. Now that he remembered everything clearly, he couldn’t believe that Jupiter had subjected him to such a cruel and derogatory punishment, having him raped by the guards after torturing him for hours and causing him unspeakable pain.

He had always known what had happened, but the protective barriers his mind had erected thus far had provided him with a muffled and impersonal memory of events. Now, however, he possessed every detail and, in the throes of emotion, he held the gaze of his parent with his head held high.

"Why did you do that?" He asked.

"I was angry at your disobedience in withholding important information from me and deliberately violating the rules I imposed on you by practicing self-eroticism, son. I also suspected your involvement in the riot." replied the AI.

"It was cruel. I ... loved you ... I trusted you ..." Raoul said in a shaky voice.

"I never wanted to cause you so much suffering nor did I intend to produce any real harm to your body. I ordered a voltage that would cause you intense but tolerable pain and that wouldn’t generate severe burns. My intent was to distract your mind, not to martyr your body. Now that I have perceived the extent of your suffering, however, I understand that something hasn’t worked as it should."

Raoul looked confused. "What do you mean? It was you that ordered Saurus to use that wand on me!"

"Exactly, but the electric current have been calibrated so it won't do you any real physical harm. I suppose that the previous blackout with consequent restoration of power has sent the system into a tailspin transmiting the instrument a voltage higher than the set one. The anger running through my circuits was so intense that it blinded me and didn't make me understand the magnitude of the force of the electric shocks you were undergoing. I'm sorry Raoul for the pain you suffered during the interrogation and in the weeks after."

The Blondie managed a bitter smile. A technical error? Was his torment due to a malfunction?

"And the rape?"

"I thought I would dissuade you in that way from persevering with the exploration of sexuality, but I regret it. I shouldn't have allowed the guards to humiliate you and violate your intimate sphere."

Lambda 3000 tried to touch its offspring's face but Raoul pulled back. He didn't want it to touch him. The excuses he had been offered weren’t enough to appease his wounded soul.

"Take the time you need to soothe your disappointment, Raoul, you wont be put under pressure from me. I’ll wait until you regain your trust in me, but in the meantime I have a request for you." The Supercomputer stated.

"What request?" The biochemist asked coldly.

"You’ll have to come to me once every thirty days for a checkup. Since you no longer live in Eos and are off my radar, I want to make sure your health remains stable. This will also apply to Iason and all the Elites who from this moment on will choose to live outside Tanagura. I cannot allow other system errors like the one you recovered from today, to affect you or one of your brothers again and remain hidden for so long. As you well know, Raoul, you Elites have a very strong body but your brain is as complex as fragile and the slightest bug could be lethal."

"I accept this condition" Raoul agreed in a detached and apathetic way.

"Thank you. You and your human have my clearance to exit the dome. My screening will leave this room to allow you to do it in comfort." The materialization dissolved.

Lord Am took a deep breath to regain his composure and approached the young man still asleep. Guy looked really serene and the expression on his face was peaceful and smiling.

When he reached out to wake him up, however, he noticed the blue marks on his neck and frowned in disappointment. How did he get them? It was evident that someone with immense strength, perhaps an Elite, had tried to strangle him. His sharp-tongued mongrel had managed to get himself into trouble.

He bent down to kiss his lips and Guy opened his eyes.

"Hey bombon" said the latter beaming, as if illuminated by a ray of sunshine "You are healed right?"

"Yes" confirmed Raoul "I'm not sure how you did it, but you succeeded."

The man rose to his feet, perfectly comfortable in his own nakedness.

"Where's the toaster?" he asked, looking around. The dome was eerily silent.

"Jupiter has momentarily put its presence on standby to allow us to prepare in private."

"Good!" Guy untied his tousled hair and tied it up soon after. Then he went back to the hole where he hid that morning to put his clothes back on.

"Is there a place to piss around here?" he asked as he wore his shoes.

Raoul smiled at his lover's disrespect for where they were.

"Yes, downstairs. Here we go."


Since they had arrived in separate vehicles, they loaded Guy's motorcycle into the trunk and Raoul drove the car. As soon as they walked through the Main Gate, the Blondie decided to address that subject that had left him a little worried.

"What happened to your neck?"

"Uh ..." Guy touched the bruises with his fingers. He had completely forgotten about it "Nothing important."

Raoul took a deep breath to stay calm, but he already suspected he would get that kind of answer.

"Someone clearly tried to strangle you." he said firmly, slowly and punctually, "You’ll tell me WHO and WHY now, otherwise I’ll check the surveillance videos of Jupiter Tower!"

"Ufff Raoul, why do you make a fuss about it? I already told you it's nothing. It's already solved!"

The Blondie pulled the lever that raised the car, sped forward and stopped abruptly about 100 meters above the ground. Then he turned to look at his companion with extreme seriousness.

"This is not a game Guy! If you had a fight with an Elite you have to tell me who he is before it becomes a political issue or worse!" Raoul thundered.

"How do you know he was an Elite?" Guy asked smugly.

"Those are not signs that a human being could have left you, unless he had truly extraordinary strength. Who was it?"

The mongrel thought quickly. He didn't want Raoul to have anything to do with Saurus again.

"Any guard!" he finally said "I don't know his name. He didn't believe me when I said Jupiter was waiting for me and, as I insisted, he got angry. He tried to choke me and I was saved by another guard who, fortunately, had been notified of my arrival."

It was a credible story. The guards are basic type androids whose strength is not comparable to that of the Elites but still remains superior to that of humans.

"Are you sure there wasn't an Elite in between?" the Blondie investigated again to be sure. He knew that some of them could be extremely angry and vengeful.

"Oh fuck Raoul, I already told you no. It's nothing! Now, can we go on or do you want to spend the night suspended in the clouds? Not that I mind, I find it quite romantic ... you know I wasn't completely satisfied before. After you came, everything started shaking and stopped me in the middle! And I've been pumping it myself for months! Come on ... lower the seats!!"

Raoul took his chin between his thumb and forefinger and lifted his face in a not exactly delicate way "If I find that you are lying to me I’ll punish you!" he threatened.

"I'll put up with it." Guy lowered his head slightly and took the Blondie's forefinger between his lips while with his one hand he tried to undo all the innumerable buttons of his ceremonial tunic.

Raoul pushed the button that moved the front seats forward while lowering the backrests, thus transforming the entire vehicle interior into a large bed. He pushed Guy's chest, inviting him to lie on his back. He opened the buttons of his trousers and took off the garment, dragging the boxer underneath away at the same time. He spread his lover legs and stooped down to take his organ in his mouth.

"Oh yes Raoul! Shit, yes!" Guy bent his knees and raised his pelvis slightly to offer himself better, while with his hand he combed a tuft of blond curls.

"I love you Raoul! I love you, please don't stop. Ah aaah so ... yes! Faster!" Guy tended to be very descriptive and talkative during sex, the exact opposite of the Blondies or his ex, Riki.

During all the time Raoul took care of the young man's genital area, working his shaft, glans, testicles, perineum and rectum with a masterful combination of lips, mouth, teeth, tongue and fingers, Guy couldn’t help describing and vocalizing his feelings, suggesting to his lover when to go harder or be️ more delicate. When he was about to climax, he arched his back and threw his head behind.

"Raoul I'm about to come!" He warned.

The Blondie took the full length of Guy's member inside his mouth and swallowed every drop of the cum he expelled. Then, he lay on top of him and kissed his lips still parted with pleasure.

He groped for Guy's pants, which he had thrown away earlier, and rummaged in the pocket until he found the item he wanted: a tube of mini lube gel. After squeezing a good amount of it on his fingers, he spread his lover's legs and applied it on his sphincter, massaging and gently penetrating the warm muscle ring. He soon managed to insert three fingers, immediately followed by the fourth. Guy's anus was tight but incredibly elastic.

As his rectum was carefully massaged, the man moaned with pleasure. When he saw Raoul squeeze more lube and rub it on his erect penis, however, he fidgeted a little.

"Love wait! I think I can't do it ... it's been a long time since I ..."

"You can give but not take it, Guy? Trust me, I'm a doctor and I won't hurt you. You are ready. Take it easy."

The young man closed his eyes to follow that advice, but when he felt the tip of his Blondie's organ first settle on his entrance and then slowly penetrate him, he panicked and reacted by involuntarily contracting his muscles.

"Aahhh wait wait ... I can't! Please stop!"

Raoul stopped, but didn’t retreat. He waited for Guy to get used to that circumference to go in a little more and stop again shortly after. In this way, without haste, he was soon completely inside his body.

Guy, who had lost that feeling of fear and had managed to relax, got lost in the sensation of Raoul's huge member filling him from within and found it fulfilling and daring. When the Blondie started moving in both directions, it did so slowly, giving him time to enjoy that feeling without causing him pain.

It was Guy himself, after a while, who murmured "F… faster. Fuck me hard!"

Raoul raised the mongrel's pelvis by pushing his legs back, and increased the speed and strength of his lunges. The man reached his Nirvana with a cry of deliverance so intense that his eyes sparkled with tears. The Blondie joined him shortly after with a guttural groan.

As Guy, with his heart almost leaping out of his chest, tried to regain control of himself, Raoul slowly came out of his body and lay down beside him with a hug "This was to save my memory" he said softly.

"Aaah Raoul ... wait a moment ... I can't even speak!"

The Blondie smiled and kissed his sweaty forehead "Did you like bottoming?"

"What do you think? Fuck yes!" Guy answered without even thinking about it "Actually, I had you inside me before ... but it was a long time ago and you weren't aware of it ..."

"I seemed to remember something" Raoul kissed him again on the base of his neck. "And what do you prefer?"

"I like both things… I love getting into you and it's great to have you inside me too. But maybe I prefer to be in control… it's a mental thing, I think. What about you?"

"I prefer when you penetrate me and show me what to do, but sometimes it's not bad to change roles" Raoul slipped a hand on Guy's butt and stroked the curvature of his hips "I like to play with you. You make me want try things always new and different. You are a universe to explore." he added.

"It's nice what you said… I feel the same for you. Sometimes I get the impression that I'll never be able to know all your secrets, but maybe that's for the best. It means that you’ll always be able to surprise me."

Guy took a handful of blond curls and pulled them to his face, inhaling their musky scent. Raoul had nothing artificial, he was the most alive and real living being he had ever met. And he loved him. Guy was sure of that now.

They basked in their afterglow for a while. Then the man cleaned himself with the wet wipes that were in the glove compartment of the car and got dressed. Raoul did the same, even though he was still half dressed and, after all, quite clean, apart from the unbuttoned tunic and the pants dropped to mid-thigh.

He brought the seats back to their original position and returned to the driver's seat. Guy checked his communicator, which had been off since the early hours of the morning. There were several missed calls from Riki and the first thing he did was call him back.

- Guy! Are you fucking okay? I've been trying to call you all day and both you and Raoul were out of reach! -

- Sorry Boss! We were busy. We're coming to get Benson. -

- He just fell asleep. He was very worried about you and we convinced him to go and rest. -

- Ok ... let him sleep then. I'll come by for him in the morning. When he wakes up, tell him you've talked to me and we're fine. -

- All right. See you in the morning! When you can, I’d like to have a chat with you in person to realize a small project I have in mind. -

- Sure Rik. Good night. -

- Night. -

Guy closed the communication.

"Change of plans bombon. Let's go to our house. Benson just fell asleep."

The Blondie changed the course by heading to Mistral Park. Before starting the engines, the young man came to his lips for one last kiss.

"Welcome back love" he whispered "I missed you".

Chapter Text

When Cal got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilets, he was so sleepy that he didn't realize that the room he felt asleep in was not his but the guests' room, nor did he remember when he went back to rest, that Benson had accidentally collapsed into his bed the night before and that they had decided to leave him there in order not to wake him up.

It was then in total innocence that he entered his own bedroom, took off his robe, put it on the usual chair and laid down on his large queen-sized bed, falling asleep almost immediately without even noticing the other boy's presence.

The next morning Benson didn't know what to think when he found a half-naked Cal snoring angelically inches from him.

He tried to clear his mind and remember everything that had happened the day before: Riki came to pick him up in the morning and took him to his home in New Ceres. During the afternoon, he helped Cal prune the trees in the garden and bake a cake. In the evening they all ate together and after dinner they saw a horror movie, which had left him a little upset.

At 10 pm they tried for the umpteenth time to get in touch with Guy or Raoul but neither of his two Masters was reachable yet. The concern he felt for Raoul's precarious health conditions and the seriousness with which Guy had spoken to him two nights earlier, gave him an anxiety attack, so Iason and Riki managed to convince him to have a bath, ingest a calming pill and rest on Cal's bed, near which was the music player, to listen to some relaxing tunes. He laid down with the headphones over his ears ... and from that moment he couldn't remember anything.

He decided that the best thing to do was to sneak out of that awkward situation before Cal woke up or anyone saw him: if this reached Guy's ears, the latter would make fun of him for life.

Going unnoticed, however, was easier said than done: the bed was attached to the wall and Benson was practically trapped between the sheet and the boy with little room to move. As if that wasn't enough, the blankets were, on the side of the wall, tight under the mattress and the only way out was to open them on the free side but in this way he would have uncovered Cal.

As he pondered how best to proceed, the other ex-furniture muttered something in his sleep, turned suddenly and placed an arm on Benson's chest, further imprisoning him. The forest-green-haired youth froze, barely breathing. Now he didn't know how to leave and could feel Cal's breath on his neck.

With no chance to escape, he turned to look at him better: Cal looked very young, perhaps younger than him, although it was difficult to determine the age of the eunuchs because almost everyone gave the impression of being children, regardless of their age.

The clock on the wall said 5 am. It was still early. Maybe he could have waited for Cal to wake up on his own. It would have been a little awkward situation but at least it would have stayed between them. Besides, he seemed to be sleeping so peacefully and it would have been a shame to arouse him.

It was the first time Benson had been this close to another human being. Not even in Guardian, where they all slept a bit grouped together, no one had ever hugged him in his sleep and he liked this feeling. That physical contact was warm and reassuring, and Benson felt the need to reciprocate and hug Cal in turn.

In fact he did: slowly, so as not to wake him, he turned a little on his side and, from under the covers, placed his hand on Cal's bare side and felt his soft, warm and smooth skin. In the absolute silence of the room he could hear his slow, steady breaths accompanied by the rising and falling of his chest and the fast, steady beats of his heart.

He thought back to the time he saw Katze and Daniel kissing in Eos and imagined doing the same with Cal. He wondered if he would reciprocate the gesture or if, on the contrary, he would refuse it. If Cal was ever intimate with anyone.

Benson slipped his hand from his hip to his face and lightly brushed his cheek and chin. His mouth was inches from his and at that moment the urge for their lips to touch was almost irresistible. He would, if the brown-haired boy hadn't suddenly opened his eyes.

His peaceful expression immediately turned to amazement and mortification as he realized he had mistakenly entered the bed where Benson rested after going to the bathroom. He didn't even notice the boy's hand, which had quickly detached from his face.

"I … I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to be here." Cal stammered.

"But no, it's your bed. I'm in the wrong place… even if I don't remember very well how I got there." Benson said, trying to reassure him.

"I'm leaving now." Cal finally declared, but as soon as he made the gesture to get up, he was forced to retrace his actions and cover himself up because he was only wearing his underwear.

"No, wait! You were sleeping so well. Rest some more, there's enough room here for both of us." As he spoke, Benson marveled at his own audacity.

Cal, on the other hand, seemed to calm down a little. "So you're not angry?" he asked.

"Angry? And why should I be?"

"Because I got into the bed you were sleeping in ..."

"Not at all. You know that ... you hugged me in your sleep. Nobody has ever done that before."

Cal blushed. Had he hugged Benson? What was going through his head?

"Sorry ..." the words tightened in his throat as he felt Benson's hand land on his side and he began to shake as his other hand brushed his face.

Benson kissed Cal. He didn't even know why he was doing it and where he found the courage. Then he retracted his lips and the two boys looked at each other for a while in silence. Both of their bodies were visibly shaking and it was impossible to tell which one of them was more frightened.

Cal touched his own mouth with his fingers as if to wake it from numbness and check if that kiss was real and, without tearing his gaze off from Benson's, touched the other boy's face in turn and reproduced the gesture of bringing his lips.

Benson breathed in relief. He hadn't rejected him. Cal was kissing back.

Without either of them having planned it, they went on for a long time with that game of kissing and caressing. In silence, because they didn't want to break the spell.

Then the contact went down from the face to the neck, shoulders and arms. When Benson touched his smooth, hairless chest, Cal found he couldn't reciprocate because the other was wearing the top of his pajamas and put his hand in the space between the buttons to touch his skin, but it wasn't enough. Therefore, without asking permission, he opened them, exposing his chest and stomach.

Benson collaborated, letting him pull off one sleeve and then the other. Now, both of them sitting and shirtless, they began to stroke each other's bodies with greater awareness. A slow and delicate mutual exploration with fingers and palms.

When Cal reached Benson's back, however, he felt the scars and seemed surprised. The latter, suddenly remembering his physical defect, felt ashamed.

"Sorry!" he said, and retracting made a gesture to take his shirt to put it on.

The brown-haired boy held him back and invited him to turn around. Benson agreed, thinking that while it would probably cause him disgust, it was something that had to be done sooner or later.

Cal saw the web of protruding marks disfiguring his pale skin, some thinner and some more pronounced. They were still reddish, therefore relatively recent because otherwise they would have been white, and he quickly understood that they had been left by a whip.

His experience as a furniture at Eos had been, all in all, quite fortunate: Cal had joined Mink home at the age of 13, just finished his training period, and during his first 18 months as a furniture found himself managing an almost empty apartment because Iason was practically always off the planet for diplomatic reasons and had no pets to look after.

Then, without warning, Riki had arrived and had always behaved fairly well with him, cooperating and forgiving all the mistakes due to his young age and lack of experience.

Finally, 8 months later, there was the Dana Burn incident, which ended his career as Eos' furniture.

His life in Tanagura had therefore been relatively short and Cal had never been subjected to discipline, except for a few strokes of sticks or straps during training, but he knew that punishment was a common practice for furnitures.

"Was it Lord Am who did it?" he asked, remembering the time Raoul had whipped Katze holding him responsible for Iason's murder.

"Oh no ... he cured me." Benson answered.

Cal wanted to ask who it was and why, but there was no need.

"It was a sentence of Jupiter” the young eunuch continued "they punished me for taking Raoul out of Eos when he was sick and they wanted to make me confess the name of the person to whom I had entrusted him and I… I gave in. It was my fault they caught Katze."

Now that he had shown his scarred back and revealed that he was responsible for Katze's long months in captivity, Benson was sure Cal would despise him, and the minutes of silence that followed that confession only confirmed his theory. Then, unexpectedly, Cal started sobbing.

"Why are you crying?" the young ex furniture asked, surprised.

"You suffered a lot for my Masters Iason and Riki, because they were hiding from Jupiter and planning the revolution. You had nothing to do with this and look what they did to you. I'm sorry. I beg your pardon in their stead."

Benson was stunned, he had never seen this from that point of view.

"No… I knew I was breaking rules when I decided to take Master Raoul to Katze, but I did it anyway. I didn't care about being punished."

Benson tried to wipe the tears from Cal's face with his fingers, not having a handkerchief to hand.

"You were very brave." the brown-haired boy finally declared "These scars symbolize that you weren’t afraid to face Jupiter’s wrath to save your Master. You must be proud of them."

Benson had always seen them as a symbol of his weakness in not being able to not reveal Katze's name but now, suddenly, that new perspective gave him great strength and self-confidence.

"Thanks." he stated. He hugged the younger boy and they laid down again.

Getting closer to each other, they enjoyed a little more rest and human warmth before breaking that magical bubble and returning to everyday life.

Chapter Text

After the armistice with Jupiter, many things had changed in Amoi. The most significant for Katze was that the black market’s core business, which previously was suburban pet buying and selling, had become the management of the gradual reintegration into society of all the ex furnitures and pets that decided to take the big step.

In fact, now that slavery had been abolished and that Ceres was no longer under embargo but could freely trade with Midas, Tanagura and other planets, the very idea of ‘black market’ no longer made much sense.

Not that illicit affairs to be carried out lacked, in any case. Those would always remain the main form of profit for Katze and, also for this reason, the skilled trader was overwhelmed with work and struggled to stay behind everything.

While evaluating the personal cards of some newly released pets from a brothel of an ill-reputated, Daniel - who was helping him with some office jobs thanks to the technical skills acquired during the training he received after Guardian - checked on the other terminal the new requests of former furnitures and pets interested in leaving Eos. A name immediately came to his attention.

"Hey, Kat!" he called.

"Hmm?" the ex furniture looked up from the screen. His head hurt a little because of all the hours he spent in that position.

"I just sent you a card. Look who it is."

The copper-haired man entered his inbox and opened the attachment. Seeing the name of the pet that had requested to be placed in the social reintegration program, he couldn’t help smiling. Sometimes life was really ironic and unpredictable.

"What will you do Kat?" Daniel asked curious.

"I think I’m going to bring him here personally." the other one said with satisfaction and sent a reply email calling for him the next morning. Oh yes, it would have been an interesting meeting.

Katze turned off the computer and approached the other man. Stopping behind him, he began to massage his shoulders.

"What do you want to do tonight, Dani?" he asked.

"I want to see you go to bed early! You work all day like crazy, and on top of that, at night you worry about driving me to and fro. At this rate you’ll become ill." the young eunuch answered.

"But I still have to take you to Ainis and Sasan, and show you the ocean." the boss protested.

"I don’t think these places will disappear if we don’t visit them right away." Daniel replied smiling. He rotated the chair 180 degrees until he was face-to-face with his partner.

"Kat, I really enjoyed visiting all those places of Amoi with you. But now I no longer need to be a tourist. Now I live here and I’ve settled in. How about we stop with the night trips and focus on what we have?"

"Are you sure that’s what you want? Don’t you say that because you think I’m working too hard? You should know that I’m used to this."

"Yes, that’s what I want. And the fact that you’re used to not sleeping and drinking black coffee as fuel doesn’t mean you have to keep doing that. Why don’t you hire a business partner? Someone really good at computer science, not a scribbler like me."

"I’ve already thought about it and I got a name in mind, Dani. I was hoping that boy would show up of his own free will but apparently I’ll have to push him. I’ll go talk to him next week."

"Ok" Daniel stood up and clung to Katze’s neck with a kiss on his lips. "Speaking of evening plans ... You know what I want?"

"I won’t guess. Shoot."

"I want to order some Karinian takeout and go eat it in the underground bunker!"

"And then I suppose you want to spend the night there?" Katze speculated winking.

"Oh yes ... that place is really exciting! And then I left some of my toys in a drawer!" Daniel confessed, massaging a lobe of Katze’s ear with his fingertips.

"Toys? And tell me, are they the same as last time or have they increased?"

"Mmmm, let’s say there might be a couple more and I might be dying to try them on."

"You seemed a bit sneaky today when you came back from the market ... And you’ve also been gone a long time for only buying a liter of milk and a bag of potatoes."

Katze gave a sly smile to which Daniel reacted by blushing.

"But that shop down the street is so interesting!! I also got a movie ... did you know that there is porn for eunuchs?"

"Don’t fuck with me!" Katze exclaimed, squinting.

"I think I will, in fact ..." joked Daniel looking at the ceiling innocently and pounding his lips with his forefinger.

"No fool ... uff ...but tell me, is this eunuch porn thing true?"

"Oh yes, they started producing it after the reforms. There’s a whole sector of the store dedicated to this type of film and magazine."

"But that’s great! I mean ... not because I want to see them, maybe someone does, but it’s a breakthrough! It means that they finally begun to recognize us eunuchs as human beings capable of experiencing urges and exploring sexuality! We absolutely must add a sexual education course to social reintegration meetings for former furnitures. Tell me the name of the producer of that video, the director and the actors. I’ll contact them immediately! One of them could be the teacher and ... Ouch!"

Katze was abruptly interrupted by a pinch on his arm by a slightly annoyed Daniel.

"We were talking about our plans for the evening, weren’t we? I won’t give you any names until I see the video with you and at least partially put it into practice!"

Katze smiled and immediately lifted up his partner, loaded him on a shoulder and headed to the door leading to the underground bunker.

"Aaah Kat wait! What about the Karinian food?"

"That can wait!" Katze gave his recalcitrant lover a good spanking.

"Ow! But I'm hungryyyy!!!!"


The attractive young magenta-haired man, after having passed for the third time in front of the same crossing, found a bench and sat exhausted. He took out of his pocket the note with the address and looked at it dejected.

He couldn’t read, so for him those signs were just scribbles on a sheet of paper, but the tutor for former pets living in Eos had told him that it said: 'Saturnal Street 24/b - Mistral Park' and to be there that morning at 11am.

He had found Mistral Park quite easily considering that he had never been to Midas (nor anywhere alone) but finding Saturnal Street had taken away almost all morning and was now going crazy to reach 24/b.

He tried to get into some store asking for help, but every time he explained that the place he was looking for was some kind of administrative office for the social reintegration of pets, people either ignored him or treated him badly by driving him out of the local.

He was feeling really down and was also late for his appointment. He was beginning to fear that they would no longer help him find a job.

He tried to take a better look at that sheet, focusing in particular on the figures that represented the house number: 24/b. Maybe he could recognize those same characters in the signs hanging over the doors.

He got up and began to wander that boundless way again. After walking for about half an hour, he seemed to recognize one of those two symbols. He staged the piece of paper to the sky to compare them: 2. Yes, that symbol was the same as that of the note. Now he just had to find the other.

He walked very carefully observing well all the signs: 28 ... 26 ... 24 ... 22 ... no wait! He went back: 24!! Here it was! He found it!!!

It was the entrance to a restaurant. He entered but, after asking the usual question, was abruptly accompanied to the exit because in that room did not serve pets. By now he was beginning to feel tired of being treated with contempt by everyone and his eyes filled with discouragement.

Just when he was starting to consider going back to Eos to beg his Master to take him back, his attention was drawn to a heavy metal burgundy red door located next to the restaurant. It was closed and without a handle but with a digital panel.

Above it there was a symbol in relief: B. He checked the note again. It said b ... it was different but it was his last chance.

He tried to push but the door didn’t move. He knocked. Not getting an answer, he began to push the buttons of the panel randomly until a voice came out of the intercom.

- Who is it? -

- Uh ... Martin sent me ... Martin of the orientation of Eos. -

For fear of being rejected again, he avoided saying anything to do with pets.

- Enter! -

The door opened suddenly. The young man entered and walked a couple of corridors. He reached what was to be an office and remained frozen when he recognized the scarred man sitting behind the desk looking at him with a smile almost from ear to ear.

"You did it, Reinold!"

The boy paled in front of his old nemesis.

"K ... Katze?"

"Just me. Sit down." He pointed to the empty chair on the opposite side of the table.

Reinold sat hesitantly. He had a bad morning and now felt like he had been played a bad trick on.

Katze seemed focused on something in the computer screen and the ex pet nervously rubbed his hands on his pants with his eyes turned down.

"Perhaps ... I should go …" He said, gesturing to get up from his chair.

"I thought you had come to start a life outside of Eos." the former furniture interrupted him in a calm but decisive way.

"Yes well ... I was wrong."

"Do you wanna go back to your former Master just for seeing me sitting ar this table? Would you have preferred a stranger?"

"Not just for that ... I think i'm not ready for life outside."

"Let me guess, Reinold, have you encountered any hostility from the citizens of Midas?"

The young man was amazed at Katze’s intuition and just nodded his head.

"And yet... you’ve come this far. Most of the pets I summon, surrender and come back before they can find Saturnal Street. It’s kind of a test to select the really motivated ones, and you passed it, Reinold."

The boy looked up to meet Katze’s.

"I am motivated! I no longer want to feel like a useless adornment capable only of pleasing a Master! But why must it be you?"

"I happen to be the coordinator for your social reintegration."

"Well ... I don’t think you really want to ... help me. And rather than stay here and be mocked by you I prefer to go back to Eos." Reinold’s eyes became slightly watery.

Katze put his hand on his forehead as if he wanted to pull a rebellious tuft out of his eyes and then remember that his hair had not grown back enough yet.

"Why do you think I want to mock you, Reinold?"

"For ... what I did to you."

"You’ve already apologized for that, haven’t you?"

"Not at all ... they forced me to apologize. It’s not as if I really did." he confessed.

"I understand" Katze stood up and took a few steps towards the mirror window of his office, which overlooked one of the inner alleys of Midas "yet, I thought I proved to you that I feel no resentment towards you during the first night of the blackout."

Reinold had thought many times about that night when he was alone, outside his house, far from his Master, in the dark and about to have a panic attack, wondering why Katze went to calm him down. He finally came to the conclusion that he was ordered to do so. That all the furnitures had been forced to go to comfort the frightened pets and that only by chance he had happened just Katze.

"Yes well ... thank you for that." He finally said.

The copper-haired man kept his eyes on the window for a while, then returned to sit on the desk and put his chin on his hands. "How about we pretend we don’t know each other for a while? I’m gonna ask you the same questions I ask all the former pets that show up at my place. Do you agree?"

"O ... OK."

"Very good. Why do you want to leave Eos Tower?"

"I told you. Because I’m tired of being considered a decorative object!"

Katze typed something on his terminal.

"How did Lord Bell react to your decision to take leave of his protection?"

Reinold had to make a little effort to answer this question because it seemed pervaded by mixed feelings about it.

"He... got angry. He yelled at me that if I went out that door, I wouldn’t be able to come back."

"It’s a very common form of psychological blackmail among the Elites towards those who still consider their property. Just so you know, Zeke Bell has a duty to you. He can’t help but take you back into his custody, in case you decide to go back, and he’s obligated to support you until you gain economic independence."

"I didn’t know ... but I don’t want to depend on him anymore. I don’t want to demand anything from him!"

"You don’t have to ask him." Katze explained "There’s a court that deals with these things, and the legal fees are paid by the wrong side that, in this case, is your former Master."

"But I don’t want him to support me!" Reinold exclaimed.

"You’re putting yourself in a difficult situation. Without the support of your former Master you’ll not be able to pay the rent of a room or provide for your basic needs. As you may have noticed, the citizens of Midas are reluctant to offer a job to a former pet and I cannot place you until you have completed at least the basic training courses. What can you do, Reinold? Can you read and write? Use a computer? Do calculations? Drive a vehicle? Cook? Clean?"

The boy felt embarrassed by his own futility. "I can’t do any of that."

"You must have some skill. What are you good at?"

"Sir Katze, I ... I don’t know"

Driven by the force of habit (in Eos he was obliged to turn respectfully to his superiors) and finding himself in a situation of clear inferiority, Reinold had used that appellation without even realizing it and was immediately ashamed to have done so.

Katze, although surprised by that role reversal, decided not to emphasize that slip and to ignore it.

"Without being able to read or write and without knowing the streets of Midas or having ever left Eos alone, you have come this far. It means that you are endowed with insight. That you learn fast." The eunuch pointed out.

The former pet remained silent before that statement.

"I’ll explain your possibilities: you can be followed by the court and request the financial support of your former Master so that you can be provided by him until you have completed the training and we’ll be able to find a job suitable for your skills. You can go back to Eos to Lord Zeke Bell and take the training courses from there until you graduate or, as a last option, you can move to one of the licensed brothels of Midas to perform sexual duties. There you would receive accommodation, salary, a hygienic environment and regular medical checks. If you were to choose this third option, you would have four-hour shifts a day for five days a week and you could use the rest of the time to study, so that you would be relocated to new employment in a couple of years."

Reinold resumed nervously rubbing his palms on his legs. He absolutely didn't want to go crawling back to Zeke or ask him to support him, so he just had to go to work in the brothel. The idea of having sex with unknown men every day, however, disgusted him.

"These are the chances I would have offered you without knowing you. Now, since, for better or worse, we have a history in common, I’ll offer you a fourth option."

Reinold looked at his interlocutor with a lost face.

"I have some spare rooms behind this office. I used to live there until last year but now I have taken another residence. I can take you in and offer you a salary in exchange for small services appropriate to your abilities such as keeping the environment clean, answering phone calls, making coffee, sorting mail, opening and closing the door, receive customers, make small commissions and check that no one comes in when I or one of my collaborators are not present. You’ll have the free time to attend the training courses. Will you be interested in proposition?"

The magenta-haired boy couldn’t avoid sketching a tense and suffering smile. "I mean ... basically ... you’re offering me to be your furniture?"

"No, I’m offering you accommodation and a salary in exchange for simple services suited to your current abilities but yes, I would become your employer and if this comparison helps you to better define your status, then think about it this way. But keep in mind that working for me doesn’t make you my servant. It’s a simple professional relationship."

"I ... I don’t want your charity." The boy replied with a trembling voice.

"You don’t know me very well, Reinold, but I assure you, I am not used to offering employment to anyone without a very precise design in mind. I think you have potential, and I intend to use it to my advantage. If in the future I find myself mistaken, I’ll have no qualms to let you know and to orient you towards one of the other possibilities just explained. What do you choose?"

The boy wiped a tear from his cheek and pulled up with his nose "I accept your offer."

"Well, you can start today if you want. Do you have any personal items?"

"Yes, a couple of bags. I left them in Eos, at a friend’s house."

"How did you get here?"


"You came all this way by foot?" Katze didn’t hide his amazement. There were at least 15 kilometers between his offices and Eos tower. He pushed a button on his personal communicator.

- Dani, I’m at the office with Reinold. He’ll be here for a while. Could you accompany him to Eos to retrieve his things? Thank you, see you soon! -

As soon as the former furniture closed the call, the other guy frowned. "Was it ... someone I know?"

"He knows you but it’s not said that you remember him. He served Eos for several years."

"Oh ..." Reinold suddenly became even more concerned than he already was. Surely he was about to meet another furniture that he had been crap with.



"I wanted to apologize to you. Seriously this time. I regret what I did. I wish I had behaved differently."

"I know, we won’t have to go through this again."

"OK" The former pet replied by nodding "Thank you for giving me a second chance."

Two more tears slipped down his cheeks, and before he could dry them with his shirt sleeve, Katze offered him a handkerchief.

The black market boss was satisfied, he felt he had acquired an excellent assistant.

Chapter Text

Guy, Riki, Iason, Sid and Norris were in Jupiter Tower for an ordinary syndicate meeting, where Orphe explained to the other members the new Eos rules, with particular attention to the fact that former pets were no longer obliged to wear pet rings, collars and leashes and that they could freely choose their clothes and leave the tower without asking for permission. Additionaly, performances, presentation parties and public pairings had been repealed.

As for the former furnitures, identification tags had been abolished and the work shift of each employee was reduced to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. The rest of the time was free and could be arranged at will.

Since a lot of furnitures had decided to leave (in particular, almost all of the type D ones) and their positions had remained vacant, Eos, Parthea and Jupiter Tower managers hired new staff from the Midas and Ceres residents who had applied. For the first time since the founding of Amoi, there were also non-genitally mutilated humans in charge of the care and maintenance of Tanagura’s three main towers and Elites homes.

After the meeting, the mongrels headed to the underground parking to retrieve their vehicles and return home. Norris and Sid left almost immediately while Guy decided to stay a little longer to accompany Riki, who was waiting for Iason, still in the meeting room with Orphe.

"Hey Rik, what was that thing you wanted to tell me in person?" He asked curious.

"It's a confidential subject, I can't talk about it here" the black-haired man answered.

"You intrigue me. Has something happened?"

"No no ... it’s just a little idea that came to my mind and I’d like you to help me to realize it. Let's say that I would like to surprise Iason, but we can't really discuss it here."

"Ok. Where can we do it then? My house? Your house? Depravities?"

"Depravities no, too messy. At home it would be fine, but we should catch a moment when our Blondies aren't present. It’s not possible to arrange a surprise with their super hearing around. Where’s Raoul now?"

"I think he's home with Benson."

At that moment, Riki's communicator rang interrupting their conversation and the young man immediately answered the call.

- Iason! What's going on? - he asked.

- Orphe and Aisha insist that I stay for lunch with them. Do you want to join us? -

- Damn, no! I'm going home with Guy. I'll leave the car here for you. Ok? -

Iason was silent for a couple of seconds before speaking. - I'd rather have Norris or Sid accompany you. -

- They have already left -

- ... -

- What happens? Don't tell me you're jealous of Guy now? -

- Can't you call a cab? -

- I can, but I don't see any reason for it! -

- ... -

- It stings, doesn't it, admitting that you're jealous of me riding all the way home with Guy? Tell me the truth! -

- This is not the place for this discussion. - the Blondie cut it sharply.

- Ah I see, you are surrounded by blond stockfish! -

- Riki! Show some respect! -

- Phew ... come on Iason, don't worry. I won't touch his ass, if that's what you're worried about. -

- In fact it is part of my concerns. - the Elite admitted.

- Aaaah we finally begin to speak clearly. And what else is part of your concern, Mr. Blondie from Ceres? Don't you trust me? -

- Call me when you get home. - Iason abruptly interrupted the communication.

"Fucking Blondies and their control freaks. If he could do that, I'd bet he'd put a pet ring with locator on me again. Let's go!"

Guy didn't comment, got in the saddle of his Aerobike with Riki behind him and immediately set off for New Ceres.


The mighty Onyx, lurking behind one of the parking columns, watched the two mongrels intently, anxiously waiting for the black-haired one to leave so that he could finally get his hands on the repulsive one-armed human for whom he felt so much resentment.

When he saw them leave together, he gritted his teeth and punched the granite pillar with his fist, splintering a piece of it. Then he tried to calm down, smoothed his uniform and slowly climbed the stairs. He had missed one opportunity, but more would come. With a sadistic, menacing smile on his face, he fantasized about all the ways he would make Guy suffer when he finally got him.


As they got into the driveway, they noticed Raoul's car parked near the gate.

"What the fuck is the mad scientist's car doing here?" Riki asked without much consideration. He was still resentful of Iason's phone call, but he quickly regretted his words as soon as he realized he had made Guy uncomfortable "Sorry" he apologized "right now I'm angry at anyone with long blonde hair and a giant artificial cock."

"It is not because Iason piss you of, you need to offend Raoul ... and I don't know why his car is here." Guy replied slightly irritated. At that moment his portable communicator also rang.

- Hey bombon, everything okay? -

- Decently. Where are you? -

- I took Riki home. I stop here for a moment to talk to him and then I'll come to you ... but where are you? -

- Where should I be? I’m waiting for you. You could have warned me you weren't coming back right away! -

Guy hesitated for a moment. If Raoul was at home, what the hell was his car doing here?

- Sorry, it was an unexpected detour. Iason stayed at Jupiter's tower and Riki didn't know how to get back. -

- He could have called a cab! -

- And why the hell would he have to call a taxi if I could take him? -

- First, because you knew I was waiting for you. Second, because it’s not convenient for you to share a motorcycle with another man for such a long stretch of road, especially if this is your ex you blew half Amoi up for! -

Guy was astounded and felt his anger rise up from his chest to swell the veins on his temples.

- Fuck Raoul! You could have saved this one! Where the fuck is Benson? Let me talk to him! -

- Benson isn’t here, and that’s another matter. He disappeared almost two hours ago on an errand taking my car with him, and he's not back yet! -

Guy immediately realized that Benson had come to Iason's house in Raoul's car without telling him anything. Angry at what his Blondie had told him just before, he tried to quickly end that conversation.

- Listen ... don't wait for me. I don't know when I'll be back and right now I don't really want to see you. -

- Perfect, it will mean that I’ll go to eat alone in a restaurant and then to the theater. -

- Good -

- GOOD -

Raoul and Guy pushed the off button almost simultaneously.

"Damn you, crazy blonde scientist with a giant artificial cock!" Guy cursed before entering the house.

The two eunuchs, busy caressing and kissing each other on the sofa, jumped up as soon as they heard the key turn in the keyhole. Riki and Guy looked at them in amazement, noticing that they both had red face and lips, that they were sweaty and out of breath, with their shirts half unbuttoned and untucked and their hair untidy. Cal showed a red mark on his neck.

"Oh fuck" exclaimed Riki.

Benson almost ran out of air when he saw Guy at the door "Master Guy...what are you doing here?"

"Me? What are YOU doing here! No, listen ... I don't want to know. We leave you alone!"

The two mongrels went to shut themselves up in the study and almost immediately burst out laughing, throwing themselves into the armchairs. Avoiding the obvious considerations about the two domestic assistants caught red-handed in the living room, Guy immediately got to the point.

"Come on, what did you want to organize?"

"Actually, I don't feel like it anymore. Now I'd be more inclined to go unmake the bed and cum in the middle of it just to see Iason's face when he comes back." Riki snorted.

"No wait, can you ejaculate?" Guy asked. He has long wanted to ask Riki some questions about his current sexual possibilities but never found the courage.

"Sure. I can do anything except fuck someone and piss standing up. Jupiter, how I miss that!"

A small part of Guy felt relieved by that answer.

"Yes, I've noticed" he remarked "The other night, when we were returning from Depravities and you were completely freaked out, we stopped because you and Luke had to pee. You stood next to him for a race to the farthest shooter and I made a run to make you squat before you peed your pants."

"Shit... you didn't tell Iason, did you?"

"Of course not!"

They both remained silent for a while, as if brooding over something. Guy could never forgive himself for what he had done and although things were going well between him and his ex, and Riki didn't seem to hold a grudge against him, the weight of that responsibility never ceased to oppress his soul.

"Riki..." he murmured suddenly.

"It doesn't matter" The other one interrupted him.

"...I am sorry..."

"IT DOESN’T MATTER, I SAID!" Riki repeated more forcefully and then calmed down again.

"Listen, Guy, you don't need to say anything. I've been thinking a lot about this. Do you have any idea how much Iason tortured me with that fucking ring? Practically every day for as long as I was his prisoner. I thought my cock would fall out!

He used it to follow my movements, to force me to obey, do and say what he wanted. To turn me on, to get me erect, to make me last longer, to keep me from consuming ... once, he activated it at a party where there were dozens and dozens of Elites and pets, making me ejaculate in my underwear four times in a row in front of everyone. In the end, I couldn't even stand up.

When he really got pissed off, he chained me to the bed, filled me with aphrodisiacs, touched me everywhere, put his finger in my ass and squeezed the ring so that it kept me from cumming. For hours and hours, until I passed out. I swear to you that if I had a blade handy in those moments, I would have cut my wrists myself.

And in Apathia ... Iason came to see me a couple of times a week and fucked me all night without letting me cum except when he decided. He left me exhausted.

Do you know why I'm telling you all this? Because I was so used to that ring, that even when I wasn't wearing it, I felt like it was still tight around my penis. I lived in terror of suddenly feeling the pain of its bite and couldn't ejaculate without Iason giving me his permission to do so. Why do you think we never had sex during my year and a half of freedom in Ceres? Because I couldn't! Shit ... I couldn't even masturbate because of that ghost ring and the conditioning Iason instilled in me.

I had come so far as to hate not only the ring, but also my own body, and it was almost a relief when in that clinic they took off my bandages and I no longer had a penis with which he could torture me. I could finally cum without an imaginary ring around the base of my organ preventing me from doing it!

Sex for me had become a symbol of slavery, humiliation and pain and I only learned to enjoy it again when, together with the pet ring, my dick was cut off, so... that's okay, I have no regrets".

Guy shuddered at Riki's confession: he had never imagined that being Iason's pet could be so extreme.

"And do you love him despite everything he has done to you?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes. I realized that the only way he could love me was that. He couldn't have done otherwise. He was just as much a prisoner of this bond as I was, and when in Dana Burn he agreed to take you to safety and had his legs broken to protect me, all the past has lost importance. It was like starting from scratch."

"You two are really weird ..." the long brown haired mongrel considered.

"Yes well ... you and Raoul are like that too. You were just lucky enough to find your path already partly cleared. I think that if you had met 7 years ago and Raoul had decided to take you home as a souvenir, you would have experienced everything I have been through ... or worse. But maybe you wouldn't have been stupid enough to offer yourself sexually to a Blondie to pay off a debt."

Riki smiled and shook his head, thinking back to how naive and reckless he had been that day.

"Who knows! I have to admit that if I had the chance to seduce someone with the appearance of Raoul on the street, I would have been tempted. Or at least intrigued. Oh by the way ... didn't you promise Iason to call him as soon as you got home?"

"Naah I prefer to make him suffer a little. I bet he's checking his phone every two minutes and can't wait to get away from that stuffed lunch. Anyway, back to the reason I called you in, do you know what day is it next mercury?"

Guy began to think about it and only after he cast his eye to the calendar on the wall did he realize what Riki was referring to.

"Fuck ... two years already?" he exclaimed.

"Yes, two years from Dana Burn. And it occurred to me that it's a sucking anniversary but it's the only one we have. The only truly meaningful date for our relationship. So I want to give him a special gift, but I want to do it right and I'll need some collaboration."

"Okay, count me in. What did you have in mind?"

"Promise not to laugh?"

"Oh fuck ... I'll try."

"Ok ... I want to be his pet for one day."

Guy squinted his eyes. "What?"

"You got it right. See, Iason worked hard on himself to change, and he did it exclusively for me. But Blondies have these things of domination and control ingrained in their blood: obedience, chains, orders and all. I want to give him an evening similar to the ones he was used to at Eos many years ago, but I need an audience and a surprise effect. I’d like to do it in your house and I would like the public to be you and Raoul."

Guy took a few seconds to reflect "So, do you think all Blondies love this kind of thing? Even Raoul?"

"Sure, he was one of the worst. Even if he hasn't had a pet for several years..."

"Did he have a pet?" asked the surprised young man. For some reason, he had always thought that his Blondie was alien to this type of interests.

"Yes of course, all Elites had to have one. It was mandatory." replied Riki. "Actually, now that you mention it, I don't know how he was able to get around the laws for so long.”

"And tell me ... Raoul's pet ... did you met him? What was he like?"

"She was ... a girl. Very nice and sociable indeed. She wasn't conceited like other pets."

"A girl? Did Raoul like female pets? You are surely mistaken!"

"No silly, I'm not mistaken! Her name is Mimea ... or it was Mimea ... I don't know what happened to her. Raoul was angry with her, and made her disappear from Eos."

"Uh...and why was he angry with her for?"

"I don't feel like talking about it. So … will you help me or not?"

"Sure ... in fact, I'd like to do it too!" Guy stated with conviction.

"Do you want to be Raoul's pet?"

"Yes, why not? That sounds fun. What do we need?"

"On a practical level, all we need are suitable clothes and a collar with a chain. What is really difficult is the attitude: a pet is humble and obedient ... I wasn’t very humble in reality but I know the rules and I'll explain them to you. And shameless ... paradoxically, if Raoul were to order you to undress, masturbate or fuck me in front of everyone, you should."

The other man looked at him in disbelief "And do you really think that such an eventuality could happen?"

"Naaaah, it's impossible" Riki replied "Iason has never allowed another pet to get his hands on me even before ... imagine now. I was the only pet in Eos who didn't have to mate in public or execute any kind of sexual performance. I always kept my clothes on ... as long as those skimpy rags could be called clothes, but I assure you it was still extremely unpleasant and humiliating. Besides, both Iason and Raoul are too jealous to share us with others, not even to satisfy their sadistic voyeuristic desires."

Guy smiled jokingly: "I think I can sacrifice myself to fuck you, if someone orders me to.”

"What an idiot you are! Ah, and we're going to need the cooperation of the two lovebirds out there because they're going to lead us on a leash."

"We’ll ask them to take part in the game." Guy agreed.

"Okay. Let's meet up this week to go buy the stuff we need. There’s a well-stocked pet and brothels store in Apathia."

Once the necessary arrangements were made, both Guy and Riki looked at their cellular communicators.

"I'm going to call him" said Riki.

"I'm going too"

Guy stayed in the studio while Riki headed into the bedroom.


- Guy ... -

- Hi, haven't you gone out anymore? -

- No. I changed my mind. -

- Ok ... have you already eaten? -

- Not yet. -

- Me neither. I'm a little hungry. Shall we go to that restaurant downstairs together? I'm going out now and I'm there in 15 minutes. -

- Drive carefully. -

- Okay, 20 minutes then. -

- I'll be waiting for you ready to go out. Sorry I was ... out of place before. -

- Yes, you were an asshole but it doesn't matter. I'm coming! -


-Riki! -

- Hello! How's your lunch? -

- Boring ... -

- I guess. When do you finish? -

- We are still on the third appetizer. -

- And I bet Orphe never stopped talking. I can hear his voice in the background even now. -

- In fact it is so. Why didn't you call me earlier? -

- I was too angry to do it -

- I understand. -

- Hey, run away soon, I'll wait for you at home. -

- I’ll try to arrive as soon as possible. -

- Okay... you don't have to be jealous of Guy or anyone else. You know that right? -

- I know, I got carried away. -

- It doesn’t matter. I miss you. -

- ... -

- You're not going to tell me you miss me too, are you? -

- I miss you too. See you later. -


When Guy and Riki returned to the living room, much calmer and more relaxed than before, they found Cal dusting off and Benson watching television. The latter looked particularly tense and nervously curled his fingers.

"Benson, I'm going back to Raoul" Guy warned him "We'll go out to eat. If you want, I'll invent something to justify your delay."

"Uh ... yes Master Guy, I would be very grateful." exclaimed the young former furniture with relief.

"Okay. Don't worry, I won't make fun of you. If that's true, it's not funny." He added, winking. Benson pretended not to understand and the other greeted him, ruffling his hair.

Riki motioned for Cal to follow him into the kitchen. Once alone, the boy looked embarrassed.

"Master Riki, I believe I owe you an apology for inviting Benson without your or Master Iason's approval." he said, lowering his head.

Riki sighed. "Cal, you don't need to ask for our approval to receive a guest or do whatever you want with whoever you want. What did you not understand about the fact that this is your home and that you are no longer a slave? Only, I recommend that you talk to Iason about it because he won't take long to realize it and he will surely tell Raoul. Try not to put Benson in an awkward situation!”

Cal nodded, biting his lips.

"Why don't you take him to your bedroom?" added the mongrel "He looks uncomfortable in the living room, knowing I'm around.”

"May I, Master Riki?"

"Sure, I just told you. Iason won't be back for another hour. You better take advantage of it."

The eunuch thanked him and went to lock himself with Benson in the privacy of his room.

Riki threw himself on the sofa and closed his eyes. He had evoked many memories, most of them unpleasant: his first meeting with Iason, his training to become a pet, Mimea, Daryl, Dana Burn ...

The humiliation and pain of what he had to endure burned his chest, along with the memory of all the times he had invoked pity and his pleas had gone unheard.

How could he love Iason in spite of everything? He didn't have an answer, yet now all he wanted was to hold his Blondie in his arms and get lost in the depths of his aquamarine eyes.

Chapter Text

On the evening of Mercury eve, Katze, busy double-checking some offers from possible buyers while Daniel was in the shower, received a call on his personal communicator.

- Good evening Raoul. Tomorrow at dinner you say? At what time? Perfect, we'll be there. Thanks for the invitation. -

He placed the phone back on the table and directed his gaze toward the large living room windows, which offered an incomparable panoramic view of the Midas nightlife.

'Tomorrow ... just tomorrow. Curious day to get together.' He thought, and wondered if Iason and Riki would be there; it hadn't occurred to him to ask. Logically, there should have been. Him, Iason, Riki, and Guy: Dana Burn.

Remembering the events of two years earlier, he thought that he had never told Daniel the whole truth.

'Maybe, we could take advantage of that and go on a little field trip in the morning ...'

Without mulling it over too much, he picked up the phone again and dialed his office number.

- 'Hi ... you're Katze, aren't you? - The former pet had never used such telecommunication tools before, and was still a bit awkward.

- Yes Reinold, when you see my name on the screen, it means I'm calling you from my personal communicator. Is everything okay? -

- Oh ... yes. Nothing has happened since you left. I ... I was trying to make myself a sandwich. -

- Ok, try not to set my kitchen on fire though. -

- No ... of course... -

- Just kidding! These days, you’ll go with Daniel to the food market and he’ll teach you how to use the stove a little. -

- Oh yes, I would love that. -

- Have you gotten in touch with the training center yet? -

- Yes, they accepted me. I'll start classes next Venus. The location is nearby and I can walk there. -

- Good. I was calling to tell you that tomorrow morning Daniel and I will arrive a little later than usual. If any of my staff, whose files I left on your desk, should arrive in the meantime, have them come in and tell them to wait for me. Don't open for anyone else. If you can manage it, make them a coffee: just put the powder in the small reservoir, the water in the big one, plug the machine into the electricity and push the red button. The cups are in the hanging cabinet in the pantry. -

- Yes, Daniel showed me how it works. I think I can do it. -

- Okay, if you have any problems, call me at this number. See you tomorrow. -

- See you tomorrow, Katze.


The next morning, the black market boss got up first, prepared breakfast and went to wake up his young companion, still asleep in the middle of the giant round bed of the room.

Silently he lay down beside him and began to comb his fingers through his brown hair, which was no longer as short as it had been a few months before.

"Mmmnn what time is it? Did I oversleep?" asked Daniel yawning.

"It's early, but I'd like to take you somewhere this morning."

"Really? What about work?"

"If we leave now, we'll get to the office before 10 am."

The young eunuch responded to Katze's kiss by brushing his lips in turn and immediately went to get ready. Half an hour later they were already in the car and Daniel watched in curiosity through the window as they sped first over the streets of New Ceres and then over the amoian desert.

When they reached what was left of the old rebel fortress, they circled around the new spaceport - which was still being used by the interplanetary coalition for import/export of products and human transfer to other star systems - until they came to a pile of rubble and sheet metal hidden in the dunes.

Katze landed, shut down the engines, and the two men climbed out of the vehicle.

"This was once the entrance to Dana Burn, right?" Daniel asked. The atmosphere around them had something sacred about it.

The trader nodded. He took the pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, lit one and smoked it slowly, contemplating the ruins in silence. He hadn't been back there since.

"Do you know what happened here, Daniel?" He asked after a while.

"Yes, I know what everyone knows: that there had been unexploded bombs left underground since the time of the rebellion, and that two years ago one of them tragically went off, causing all the others to explode in a chain."

Katze exhaled the last smoke and tossed the butt "I was there that day, I'll tell you what really happened ..."


The two Blondies were sitting around the large oval table in the living room of Raoul's house. Katze and Daniel were facing them, but far enough away that they had to raise their voices a little to be able to talk to each other. They had elegant glasses in front of them, in which a fine red wine had been served, thick and with a fruity aroma.

"At last I have the opportunity to meet the one who managed to melt Katze's heart" declared Iason, softening his usual inscrutable expression a bit "It’s a pleasure to meet you, Daniel."

"Thank you Lord Mink, it's an honor to meet you as well" replied the young man politely.

Daniel had made huge strides since leaving Eos. It hadn't been easy for him to change the humble and submissive attitude, typical of D-type furnitures, that had been instilled in him during the training phase, but he was already able to sustain the gaze of an important Blondie like Iason without being intimidated.

"I want it on record that this lovely human couple wouldn’t have existed without my assistance!" Raoul intervened "Daniel tell me, How do you find yourself outside of Eos? Is Katze treating you well? Does he give you some of his precious time or is he too focused on his dangerous and all-consuming job?"

The black market boss suddenly began to dislike the direction that conversation was taking.

"Come on Raoul, that's not the right context for this!" he protested.

"Oh, no Master Am. Katze is very considerate of me and I'm very happy in Midas." replied Daniel candidly, who had come to have a deep affection for Raoul and called him Master not out of submission so much as kindness.

"Well, if he should start neglecting you let me know and I’ll personally come and pull his ears."

"Raoul for Jupiter's sake, you embarrass me!" Katze was used to Raoul's barbs, but not in front of Iason.

"Katze I'm talking to Daniel, please don't interfere" proclaimed the biochemist with a falsely offended air.

Daniel had to cover his mouth with his hand to mask a giggle and Iason, equally amused by that bickering, gave his former furniture a sympathetic look and decided to divert the conversation so as not to cause him further embarrassment.

"Tell me Raoul, won't Cal and Benson be joining us for dinner? I noticed that there are two place settings missing from the table."

"You read my mind Iason! I really don't understand why Benson set the table in this unusual way. In addition to the place settings, two chairs are missing! And would you explain to me the meaning of those cushions on the floor? Also ... I'd like to know what those four are doing: they've been locked in that room for more than half an hour!"

"You know how mongrels are Raoul! They're probably taking advantage of our absence to gossip about Tanagura, smoke and drink some of that murky beverage that's so in vogue in Ceres." Explained Iason quietly bringing the goblet to his mouth.

"Anyway, it's inconceivable! It was Guy's idea to organize this dinner and it's extremely rude of him to disappear for such an extended period of time. I'll go call him!"

Raoul rose from the table in a huff and went to knock on the study door. Benson opened just a crack.

"Benson what's going on in there? We're waiting for you to start dinner!"

"Yes excuse me Master Raoul, we’re almost ready." The eunuch replied before closing the door in his face.

The Blondie was so surprised that he delayed a few seconds before reacting, then knocked again more vigorously.

"I won't tolerate this disrespectful attitude for one more minute! Get out of there immediately!" He would have broken down the door if Iason and Katze hadn't intervened to lead him back to the table.

"I'm sure they're on their way out Raoul, don't make your evening bitter!" The Blondie told him in a mitigating tone as he gently took him under his arm, leading him back to his chair.

Raoul, irritated, grabbed his glass of wine and drank its content in one sip. At that moment the door of the study opened.


[Half an hour before]

"What the fuck are Katze and Daniel doing here?" whispered Guy to Riki, after they had locked themselves in the studio with the two former furnitures.

"How do I know Guy? It's your house! I guess Raoul invited them. Given the occasion, he must have thought it was appropriate for them to be there."

"That wasn't on the agenda! That changes everything!" the brown-haired man protested annoyed.

"If you don't feel up to it, I'll do it myself. They are ex-furnitures, they won't be shocked by this act. They're used to pets."

Guy was torn. He was no longer comfortable with the idea of playing the pet character in front of his former employer, with whom he had yet to become familiar, but he also didn't want to undo the efforts he had made to arrange the evening.

Before he could make a decision, Riki had already taken off his clothes and was wearing the suit purchased at Apathia's boutique. Guy looked away from him and sighed “Let's get on with it then..”

He looked around and decided to go change behind the desk.

"What are you doing Guy? Are you hiding because you're the only one in this room with a dick?" The former Bison leader teased him.

"Shut your mouth Riki!" admonished Guy even though he had actually hit the nail on the head. It was common practice in Ceres to strip in front of other men and not be ashamed of one's nudity, especially among friends, but it didn't seem right to him to show his full attributes to his ex, whom he himself had mutilated, or to the two anatomically altered boys.

"Cal, give me a hand with these strings!" Riki was in obvious distress. He had chosen a black leather suit with a skimpy culotte and camisole top, which on the back hooked up via a whole series of silver chains. For the feet, equally black sandals with wedge heels, above which the same chains went around the ankle up to mid-calf.

Cal helped him put it all on properly and then proceeded to comb his hair, pulling it all back with a gel and adorning it with clasps similar to the necklaces on the suit. He highlighted the outline of his eyes with a black pencil and made him up on his face and various places on his body with silver glitter.

Finally, he stepped back a bit to admire his handiwork.

"You are very sexy and elegant, Master Riki" he declared.

The last touch was missing. The former Bison boss took the chained leather collar and handed it to Cal to slip on. He was seized by a whirlwind of emotions as he felt the cold leather tighten around his neck, closed his eyes and breathed deeply to contain them. In the hard leather he had the name 'Iason Mink' engraved.

"Are you alright Master Riki?" asked the eunuch.

"Yes Cal ... just like old times ..."

The ex-furniture smiled fondly and complicitly, this was a special moment for both of them.

Guy emerged from his hiding place, slightly uncomfortable in those new pet clothes: he wore a one-piece of gold damask and gauze, which underneath ended as a wide, soft short and above remained open at the chest. The sleeves, one of which was left empty, were short and billowing. To complete the look, there was a soft blue silk belt wrapped around the waist and a long golden necklace with a medallion, on which stood out the initials 'R. A’. On his feet he wore gold leather gladiator-style sandals with heels.

Benson combed Guy's long hair into small braids, each fastened with a blue ribbon of the same fabric as the belt, and adorned his face and body with gold glitter. Finally, he handed him the blue leather collar and Guy bowed his head to help him put it on, as he wasn't sure if he could close it with one hand.

When both pets were ready, they looked at each other in curiosity.

"You look very nice, you would have showed great in Eos" Riki revealed to him, genuinely fascinated by Guy's exotic and refined look.

"Yes well ... knowing Raoul I think he would have liked something like that. You Riki are ... spectacular. So ... you used to dress like this?"

"Not always, but often. During parties and galas, that was pretty much the style to go with."

"I wish you would have dressed like that for me ... I mean ... when we were still together" Guy confessed, brushing his fingers over Riki's face.

He was suddenly seized by the instinct to kiss him: to devour those wild, sexy lips that had once been his and to squeeze his firm, muscular buttocks, but he held back that urge and visualized in his mind the image of his angelic, perfect Blondie.

'Raoul, all I have to think about is Raoul. That's all I need.' he told himself.

Just then, the protagonist of his thoughts knocked on the door impatiently.

"Benson, tell him to wait a few more minutes!" warned Guy.

As the former furniture tried to stall, Riki gave Guy one last review of the rules.

"Remember: you’ll remain seated on the cushion in the floor unless otherwise ordered. You’ll only be allowed to eat and drink what Raoul hands you and you won't be consented to wander around the house unless you are authorized. You may not speak on your own initiative, but only answer direct questions. Whatever Raoul commands you to do, you must do. Okay?"

Guy nodded. They turned to Cal and Benson and with a nod let them know they were ready. The two eunuchs took the other end of the leashes and finally opened the door.

Chapter Text

When Iason looked up and saw Riki dressed as a pet and led by Cal with a leash, his pupils dilated in surprise and a wide, teasing smile lit up his face.

The mongrel sported his skimpy clothes with honor, and as the eunuch handed his Master the other end of the chain, the two lovers exchanged a look of understanding. Riki knelt on the pillow, specially placed for this purpose, and Iason lifted his face, pushing it from under his chin. He looked at him with a mixture of possession and lust and then, taking part in the game, directed the young man's head against his thigh and began stroking his hair absentmindedly, while he watched his brother struggling with the other disguised man.

Raoul reacted in a decidedly more bewildered way: Guy was radiant in his glittering, delicate clothes but looked rather awkward and clumsy, balancing on those high-heeled sandals as he tried to walk straight without losing his poise.

As soon as the Blondie had taken over the handle of the leash, he sat down as instructed on the cushion and looked at his new Master hoping to find some approval in his emerald eyes, see if he liked the surprise and ask him if he was doing it right.

Raoul initially furrowed his eyebrows with distrust, as if to say 'What are these antics? What are you playing at?'

But then he noticed the medallion shining on the man's chest, the one with his initials, and took it in his hand to get a better look. He suddenly felt fulfilled and proud: Guy was there, he was offering himself to him of his own free will and, for that evening, he would recognize him as his Master.

He smiled contentedly and, as Iason did, guided Guy's head to snuggle comfortably against his leg and began to stroke him.

Katze and Daniel were incredulous, fascinated by the unexpected spectacle they were offered and, at the same time, a little embarrassed and unsure of how to behave. For a few minutes no one spoke.

Then Benson brought the hors d'oeuvres, the guests began to serve themselves and this helped to break the atmosphere of slight tension that had been created. Dinner went on without incident and none of the former furnitures made any more mention of the fact that Riki and Guy were sitting on the floor, dressed up like sex dolls and constantly being pampered by their enraptured Blondie Masters.


Iason took his leave from Raoul's house, let Cal take the wheel, and sat in the backseat of the vehicle along with his unexpected new toy.

"So ... after eight years I finally managed to make an obedient pet out of you?" he asked smugly.

"Just for tonight" Riki replied, letting the Blondie lead him to lie down on the seat with his head resting on top of his legs.

"Will you perform for me tonight?"

"I'll do anything you want, Master."

Upon hearing that word so unusual for Riki's voice, Iason suddenly felt aroused. After activating the button that lowered the partition panel used to give passengers privacy, he unzipped his own pants and directed the young man's lips to his erect member. The mongrel meekly took him into his mouth and pledged to serve him throughout the return trip.

Once home, Iason first warned Cal that he didn’t want to be disturbed for any reason and then led Riki directly into the bedroom abruptly pulling him by the collar. Once inside, he literally threw him onto the bed.

"Get undressed" he ordered.

The pet felt slightly resentful: being dragged in such a violent manner hadn’t pleased him, but he remained in character and obeyed.

He shed all his clothing until he was completely naked, except for the leather collar.

"Perform for me, bring yourself to pleasure"

Riki remembered well every detail of his first months of training in Eos and touched with precision and mastery all the sensitive points of his body, which Iason had taught him to turn on command. Not everything was the same as once, of course: now, instead of a penis, he had a new, extremely responsive erogenous zone, and he began to stroke it in the way he knew would bring him enjoyment.

He spread his legs as wide as possible, so as to give his Blondie a good view, and as he neared his nirvana he increased the speed of his movements. Soon a trickle of presperm began to descend from the urethral hole, around which the skin had become swollen and reddened.

Just a moment before the climax though, Iason grabbed his wrist to stop him and Riki groaned in need.

"Not yet, Pet!"

He took a pair of handcuffs from the nightstand drawer and used them to chain his wrists to the headboard.

Riki quivered. He squeezed his thighs and arched his pelvis in search of the slightest bit of contact or friction. Iason, who had removed his shoes and silk gloves but still had his clothes on, parted his captive’s knees and positioned himself between his legs.

He pinched his nipples hard, turning them red and bruised, and sank his nails into his lean hips, leaving deep crimson marks that tore a howl from his pet for the night. He bit deep into the tender neck as if to brand his property.

Riki cried out, both from need and physical pain.

Iason grazed his groin and pressed his thumb to the urethral hole, extorting more moans of need, and began sucking on his testicles while stroking his perineum. He forcefully groped and pinched his firm buttocks, leaving purple marks from his fingers on his tanned skin.

"P ... please ..." Riki was starting to feel really sore and frustrated.

Iason inserted a finger into his rectum, causing the man to moan again, and added a second. When he found his sensitive gland, he began to massage it from the inside.

Again the young man was approaching orgasm, but just before he could consume that need, the sadistic Blondie came to a halt again.

"Noo ... Ahaaaa ... I beg you ..." Riki was in agony.

Iason, whose gaze appeared cruel and full of depravity, brushed his face with his fingers and licked a fragile tear that had slipped from his wild obsidian eyes "Not yet, pet."

Lord Mink's sadistic game lasted for nearly two hours. During which time Riki over and over cried and begged both for release and for that torment to end.

He was exhausted, but his body continued to quiver and writhe in search of satisfaction. Everywhere on his skin the marks of the Blondie's fingers and mouth stood out, and in some places the skin had split, showing thin crimson rivulets.

As his senses numb with suffering, he didn’t notice the moment when Iason had slipped out of his clothes, but he let out a shrill, heartbreaking scream when he felt his massive organ penetrate him.

Lord Mink began to fuck him. At first slowly and then increasing his speed exponentially, until he slammed him hard against the headboard as if that body under him was an inanimate sand doll.

Despite the pain, Riki had the audacity to hope that all this would finally allow him to reach the coveted orgasm but, at the last moment, the Blondie squeezed his testicles with force preventing him from ejaculating.

"Noooo stop!!! Please stop!"

The cries and screams became incessant. Riki was exhausted and agonizing.

What happened next was a rare and unusual event, a peculiarity of Iason's body that Riki had the misfortune to experience firsthand on only one other occasion, many years before. His artificial penis began to get bigger and bigger.

"It's ... growing. Please get out! Please!"

The android was beside himself. Deaf to the pleas and blind to the suffering of the man he loved. He was no longer the thoughtful Iason worshipping a slumming mongrel, he was just Lord Mink: the majestic Blondie, masterpiece among Jupiter's creations, with unlimited powers and to whom everything was granted.

And that creature in pain under him was no longer Riki: he was only his victim. A weak, inferior and unimportant being that had managed to awaken his dark side and that Iason needed to satisfy his most primal instincts.

It was only due to the fact that Riki's muscular ring, which had accommodated Iason's erection for years, was very elastic that his sphincter didn't break, but when the Blondie finally reached pleasure and slid out of his hot bowels, it was bloody and inflamed.

The raven-haired young man fell unconscious.


For the Master it was like plunging ruefully into rationality.

His Riki was there: hanging by his wrists, scratched and gripped in thin metal rings, from the headboard. Despite his unconsciousness, an expression of extreme suffering rippled across his face, still wet with tears. His whole body was strewn with bruises, scratches and bites that interspersed with silver glitter. Between his buttocks a bloody bud.

Iason freed his hands, slipped off his leather collar and, after ascertaining that the wounds on his body weren't serious, picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. He sat on the bottom of the tub with his mongrel clutched to his heart, opened the water jet and waited for the warm liquid to cover them.

The man opened his eyes. The Blondie's face was inches from his own. The warmth of the bath offered him comfort and heat and the android's arms supported him firmly.

Riki looked at him in terror and then began to emit desperate sobs. He cried, screamed and hit the surface of the water with his fists. He struggled to free himself from that grip but Iason didn't allow him to pull away and continued to support him from behind, wrapping his back protectively with his arms.

"Let it out Riki. Scream. Hate me." he whispered, not stopping to restrain him.

He waited until he had calmed down a bit and encouraged him to turn toward him. He rinsed the tears away from his pained face and placed a hand over his shoulder.

"Why did you do that?" asked the Blondie softly and seriously.

"Me? You're asking me why?" Reacted the human, his voice still broken between sobs.

"You know me, Riki, you know what I've done and who I've been. You remember all the pain and suffering I've caused you, and yet ... you decided to reenact the past and play this role. Why?"

The man, unable at that moment to offer an answer, wept more silent tears.

"This too is part of us and the events of Dana Burn aren’t so powerful as to erase our history" the Blondie continued "I love you, Riki, but this is who I am and every day I hold back only because I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have. I've won your soul and I don't want to lose it but the instinct to dominate and control your body lives in me and you need to be aware of that because that's the only way we can be true to each other."

Riki trembled and Iason held him close.

"Why did you decide to play this role, Riki? Did you really think you could reenact the origins of a Tanagurian Blondie without suffering the consequences? Did you think you could be the old you without awakening the old me? Perhaps ... a part of you longed to see me as I once was? Perhaps, you needed to feel again the pain and helplessness of being dominated?"

Riki had calmed down and now rested his head on Iason's shoulder. Why had he done that? Why even now did he crave the touch of his tormentor? What did his Blondie have that could manipulate and shape him that way? Why, after a night of torture and frustration, instead of rebelling, was he reduced to a compliant jelly? Was it still pet conditioning or was there more to it?

"I ... I don't know" he whispered.

Iason kissed him softly “I’m sorry Riki, there are parts of me that I still can't master.”

The violence was over for that night, and both of them would do everything they could to keep the blonde beast that lived beneath the android's diaphanous skin from coming out again.


The next morning Guy freed himself with difficulty from the grasp of the sleeping Blondie beside him.

He felt pain everywhere: Raoul had twisted him around in every possible way. It had been a long and exhausting night and his body bore the signs of it.

He had tried, on a few occasions, to tell him to take it easy. He had begged him to let go because he was hurting him, but Raoul looked like a hungry and indifferent to pleas demon. That skit had awakened a side of him that Guy didn't know, and he wasn't sure he could handle it.

He stood in front of the room's large mirror and looked at his own reflection: his body was dotted with bruises and scratches.

He massaged his sore neck: how many times had he come that night? He had lost count. After the last one, he must have fainted because he had been invaded by a blinding white light and now his head was throbbing.

He closed his eyes to muffle that sensation and immediately felt a hand rest on his back "Are you okay?"

Guy gasped ... was this the usual Raoul or was it the beast of the just spent night?

"Let me see!" the Elite induced him to turn around and examined the bruises on the man's body but when he placed his hand on his inflamed and sensitive penis to check for wounds, Guy recoiled.

"Get off me Raoul! What the fuck has gotten into you tonight? Were you trying to take me out or what?"

"I guess I shod my hand too much" the Blondie admitted.

"Shod your hand? You were unrecognizable, I'd never seen you like that! I asked you to stop but you didn't listen!"

Raoul sighed "I'm a Blondie Guy, you can't expect to show up to me dressed like the way you did yesterday, in chains and submissive, without eliciting a reaction. I have owned and created dozens of pets, but none that were truly made for my pleasure. You are the first that has truly belonged to me."

"I'm not a fucking pet!" spat Guy with a spark of contempt.

"Last night you were, and it was your own initiative. Did you think you could play with me Guy? Owning and dominating pets is part of our traditions and the fact that I decided to make you my partner rather than property doesn't change centuries of history."

Guy remained silent and thought about Raoul's words: it was true, he knew nothing about Elites, Tanagura, Jupiter and Eos. He didn't know how their brains worked and sometimes he forgot that they belonged to different species.

Had the scene of the night before pushed some button that had provoked uncontrolled reactions in Raoul? Had Riki also suffered the same fate?

Guy was dirty, feeling on his skin remnants of ejaculate mixed with the glitters Benson had applied to him the night before. Also, he had sweated a lot that night.

"I'll go wash up" he sentenced before walking briskly to the bathroom.

He didn't have time to turn on the shower as Raoul was with him too.

"Fuck Raoul I don't want you around! Leave me alone!"

The biochemist, heedless of his protests, began to undo the braids in his hair "How are you going to wash them, without undoing these first?"

Guy gave in and let him do it. As the Blondie worked his hair with care and precision, he slowly relaxed and, once Raoul was done with the braids, let him take the sponge and clean the dirty areas of his body. The Elite's touch was extremely gentle and didn't cause him any pain, even when he ran over the bruises and small wounds.

"Aren't you going to wash?" Guy remembered that after repeatedly marking his skin with his nails and teeth, forcing him to ejaculate more times than it was humanly possible, and fucking him to the point of exhaustion, Raoul had forcefully impaled himself on him using Guy as a dildo. He came at least twice inside him and as a result the Blondie must have been in dire need of cleaning up that area.

"I will, after I take care of you."


Later, they got out of the shower and went back to lying on the bed.

"Does it scare you to have known this side of me?" Raoul asked, hugging him.

"A little, but I think I can handle it. Maybe it's for the best, at least I know what to expect when you lose control."

Raoul dipped his face into Guy's long brown hair inhaling his wild aroma "I'm sorry love. It was something beyond my drive. I hope it never happens again."

He adored his mongrel and despite that dark side he had just discovered, he would never really hurt him.

Chapter Text

At noon, Riki still hadn't gotten out of bed, and the young ex-furniture, after repeatedly walking up and away from the door undecided what to do, resolved to knock.

"Come in Cal!" Answered the voice from inside.

The eunuch entered discreetly. The room was dark because no one had opened the shutters yet and Riki was lying in the middle of the bed wearing only white linen pants. He pressed the button next to the window, the one that made the blinds slide, and let in a few rays of sunlight to which Riki reacted with a grunt and plugging his eyes with the pillow.

"Are you all right Master Riki?" asked the boy circumspectly "I heard you scream last night ..."

"Yeah, I'm surprised the whole neighborhood didn't come complaining. " the mongrel replied annoyed.

"What happened? Master Iason?"

"And who else?"

"I thought he no longer did certain things ..."

Riki sat up revealing, in the sunlight, the bite marks, scratches, and beatings on his body. His nipples were reddened and covered in scabs.

"I'll be right back!" Cal left the room and returned a few minutes later with a pill, a glass of water, gauze, disinfectant, band-aids and a few tubes of ointment in his hand. "Take this, it's a painkiller!"

"Thank you" Riki swallowed the medicine without protesting, the headache was killing him. Then he noticed the other medical aids "Do you want to medicate me?"

"Yes master Riki, if you allow me."

Laying down, the young mongrel couldn't help a bitter smile. They seemed to have gone back in time to Eos, a few years prior, when Iason tore him apart every night and Cal put the pieces back together the next morning.

The domestic employee carefully treated each graze, applied soothing creams to the bruises, and covered the small cuts with band-aids. Then, with some embarrassment, he showed a tube of curative and antibiotic rectal ointment "I thought you might need it ..."

"Just like the old days ..." Riki recalled with a sigh. He reached out his hand to take it and go apply it himself in the bathroom, but Cal hesitated.

"Master Riki let me help you do it correctly. I ... heard you screaming really loud last night and I'm ashamed I didn't intervene ..."

"Thanks to Jupiter. If you had done that, he would have let off steam with you too! By the way ... where did he go?"

"He left early, didn't even have breakfast. He didn't report his destination."

"I see" Riki turned his gaze to the tube of ointment still in Cal's hands, and it was clear from his displeased expression that he would gladly have preferred to skip that part. "How should I put myself?" he then asked resignedly.

"Lying on your side" pointed the boy "with your knees bent and close to your chest."

As Riki removed his underpants and briefs, Cal looked away to give him some privacy.

"I'm ready!"

In a thoroughly professional manner, the eunuch slipped his hand into a disposable latex glove, squeezed a good amount of ointment onto his fingers, and applied it to the injured area.

"Master Riki ... am I being too indiscreet if I ask how you got this bad?" he asked, still busy with the medication.

"Do you remember what happened the night of my official presentation party in Eos, two weeks after returning from Ceres, when Iason's cock suddenly grew? There, it was the same thing."

Cal shivered. He could never forget that time when Lord Mink ran to call him in the middle of the night because Riki didn't stop bleeding. After applying gauze to contain the leak, he had to call the tower's pet doctor, who had stitched up the gash. To justify that lesion, he had been forced to report that Riki had been injured from using too large sex toys.

"Master Riki, you can leave if you want to. You’re no longer a slave." he said with some sadness.

"Do we have to talk about this just as you have your fingers dipped in my ass?"

"Oh ... excuse me ..." Cal finished the dressing, and as he put each item back in its place, Riki put his clothes back on.

"To answer your question: I could leave, it's true, but I've decided to share my life with a Blondie and I guess that comes with responsibilities. Last night we both made a mistake ... indeed, perhaps the fault was mostly mine. I should have imagined such an ending."

"Master Riki actually ... you never chose to be with Iason ..." revealed Cal with some awe "… you were forced ..."

Riki shrugged "You're right. So let's say ... I'm choosing him now."

"But ... he hurt you and he might hurt you again!"

"I guess that's the price to pay for being with him. Anyway I doubt it will happen again anytime soon, you know he was ... pretty shaken up this morning. I think he's sorry and regretful he lost control like that. I don't blame him, it's kind of a ... Blondies' brain error. It's like they lose rationality and go into a temporary tailspin. When their 'Blondie Master' button is activated, they can't control their reactions.

I always thought that Iason enjoyed tormenting me because he was a sadistic bastard but maybe if I stopped acting like a victim for a while and observed his actions better, I would have realized that sometimes he wasn't completely himself. It doesn't have to be easy to have a fucking complex brain like theirs.

I think he has made a lot of effort to hold back over the past couple of years and that he needs to show this dark side of his personality every now and then ... tonight he vented 24 months of repression."

Cal closed his eyes and thought that Riki's feelings for Iason must be very strong indeed if he was willing to accept such a compromise.

"I talked to Benson a little while ago" he said then "and he advised that Master Guy was bruised, sore and in a bad mood this morning."

"Mmmh, so Iason wasn't the only sadistic bastard tonight ... that confirms my theory. I suppose I'll have to apologize to Guy later, for giving him such an unhappy idea."

Riki got out of bed without hiding a complaint due to the intense pain in his rear area and opened the closet to look for a shirt to wear. "Hey Cal, what's up with you and Benson?" he asked after a while.

The former furniture blushed "I ... I can't really define it, master Riki. He is very affectionate with me, he makes me feel good ... he understands me and together with him I can be myself."

"Nice! How far have you come with him? Physically, I mean."

Cal looked slightly embarrassed talking about it "Not very far Master Riki, we just kissed and caressed."

"You saw each other naked?"

"No ... not completely. Always with underwear on."

After slipping on a T-shirt, Riki headed into the living room, immediately followed by Cal.

"You had a hickey on your neck the other day" he continued "It gave me the impression that Benson wanted to go further."

"Uh ... maybe you're right Master Riki, but I don't know how we can go further ..."

"There's no rule, it's about exploring each other and figuring out what gives you pleasure. Kind of like you're already doing, but more intimately."

"I think I can’t do that Master Riki, it would be too embarrassing."

"Were you a virgin before the operation?"

"Y ... yeah sure, Benson was too." Cal felt a little uncomfortable talking about certain topics of a sexual nature because, for furnitures, they had always been considered taboo.

Riki walked into the kitchen and climbed onto the shelf to grab the box of cereal. He poured it into a bowl, sliced a banana and topped it with cold milk. He then sat down on the counter to eat and invited the other boy to take a seat next to him.

"You've never even masturbated before? Have you ever cum?"

"No I ... I hadn't hit puberty yet ..."

At that answer, Riki felt a great anger at the whole Tanagurian system, of which Iason had been one of the main architects. Mutilating children before they had their first ejaculation was simply barbaric and cruel.

His thoughts turned to Daryl: Iason had forced that boy to perform fellatio on him practically every day during his first months as a pet. A maimed young man who had never experienced pleasure, bringing another boy to orgasm against both their wills. Who knows what he thought when Riki's member hardened and pulsed inside his mouth, when he swallowed his hot seed or heard his moans of pleasure. Envy? Penance? Resentment? Whatever emotion he felt, he had never externalized it.

Riki felt tremendous guilt for the way he had behaved with Daryl: he had mistreated and insulted him in every way possible during the three years he was living in Eos and had taken all the anger and frustration he felt for Iason out on him. Yet Daryl had never gotten angry, raised his voice or shown the slightest bit of resentment. On the contrary, he had taken care of him in the best possible way, not only by looking after his tortured body, but also by giving him advice that had helped him survive Eos' rules and Iason's torments without losing his mind.

Riki never had the chance to apologize and thank him because, after his return from Ceres, Daryl was no longer there: he had been replaced by Cal. Iason had justified that change by calling it a 'personnel rotation' without going into details.

‘Who knows? Maybe now that all furnitures have been released, I could find him and make things right with him’ he thought and decided he would ask Katze for help in this matter.

However, what was done was done. The only positive thing was that no child would suffer the same fate as Daryl, Benson, Cal, Creek and all the others like them. Now the urgency was to help the two new lovers discover their sexuality.

"Katze and Daniel are organizing a sex education class for former furnitures that's supposed to start next week. Why don't you sign up?"

"Benson had told me about it too, but I don't know ... being around other people talking about sex seems a little awkward. Besides, if Master Katze was there too, I couldn't bear to broach certain topics in his presence!"

Riki had finished his breakfast and was pouring himself a steaming cup of coffee from the carafe. "Did Benson tell you he want to go to those meetings?" he asked.

"Yes Master Riki, he did."

"Then you have no choice Cal. If he wants to go, you have a duty to accompany him. These things are done by two! You'll see that the embarrassment will pass after the first half hour!"

The eunuch seemed to fidget "I really can't do it, I'd die of shame!"

"Don't be ridiculous Cal! We were all virgins once and were ashamed to show our bodies too, but we got over it. If you had been kicked out of Guardian at the age of 13 and sent to Ceres like I was, you would have ended up like all the fresh meat that just got here: bent over a table and raped by older ones until you learned to defend yourself.

Don't get me wrong Cal, I know your life hasn't been easy and you might have preferred that fate over becoming a eunuch, but what I'm trying to say is just that it's hard for everyone at first. You have to make an effort and change the way you look at things a little bit.

Do you like Benson? Do you want to partner with him? Then don't be selfish and sign up for the class because that little man has a right to be with someone who knows how to touch him to bring him pleasure!"

Cal remained silent to ponder Riki's words. Had it really been selfish of him to turn down Benson's offer to sign up for the class? Did he really want to learn more about sexuality? Perhaps, his supposed shame was just an excuse to mask the fact that he was afraid to turn this new page in his life?

Riki interrupted the flow of his thoughts.

"Maybe, the cause of your fears is me and Iason" he speculated "you've only ever had as an example what he did to me before Dana Burn, but that's not the rule! Sex is ... beautiful. It means giving each other pleasure while respecting each other's bodies; it's not synonymous to violence. It's been good between me and Iason since then too ... except tonight ... but episodes like that between you and Benson will never happen."

Cal steeled himself and made his decision. "I'm going to call Benson and tell him I agree to take the class!" he declared.

"Yay, way to go Cal!!! You'll see how happy he'll be! I almost sign up too just because I'm curious how two eunuchs can fuck each other ..." Cal looked at him shocked "Haha come on, I'm kidding! You don't have to take everything I say seriously! I'm a former slum pet remember?" Riki took his leave with a wink and walked out of the kitchen.


By the time Iason returned home, it was late in the evening.

Riki and Cal were on the couch, where they were finishing watching a movie, and the former furniture immediately stood up to go get his coat and cloak "Welcome back Master Iason. Would you like me to heat something up for dinner or serve you a glass of wine?"

"That won't be necessary Cal, just finish watching the movie."

Lord Mink, without sparing his mongrel with a single glance, headed first to the bathroom and then to the studio.

Riki waited until the film was over and went to join him. "Are you avoiding me by any chance?"

Iason looked up from the book he was focused on "I thought it best to give you your space. If you want, I'll sleep in the guest room tonight."

"Oh thank you! How considerate of you! Torturing me all night and then disappearing without explanation for the entire next day. You should write a book on couples therapy you know, it would be successful!" retorted the other with sarcasm.

Iason couldn't help but lose his inscrutable expression at that display of irony, and Riki sat on his lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. "Where have you been?"

"We took a little trip to the coast Raoul and I."

"Oh I see, both of you hiding and confessing your respective faults!" he accused him, pointing a finger at the tip of his nose.

Iason now laughed openly "Hahaha yes Riki, something like that" he brushed his cheekbone with his pale, cured fingers "you would have deserved a better partner than me."

"Tsk, better than Jupiter's favorite son? Than the top Tanagurian fucking Blondie? Impossible!" Riki challenged those deep aquamarine irises staring at them with his expressive, large obsidian eyes.

"I accept every part of you Iason, even the dark ones. Just try not to catch me off guard the next time you can't contain your inner sadistic beast. Let me understand that somehow."

Riki rested his forehead on that of his ivory-haired android and they both closed their eyes in a moment of ecstatic, shared inner peace.

Chapter Text

"What are you guys going to drink?"

"Stout!" replied Luke, Norris and Maxi almost in unison.

"You, Aylin?"

"Stout for me too!"

Sid smiled at the girl dressed in mongrel male clothing. Despite the reforms, it still wasn't very advisable for a woman to be seen roaming the streets of Ceres, especially if the meeting place was a seedy bar like Depravities.

"You Creek, what do you take?"

"What's less bitter than Stout?" asked the former furniture.

"Mmm how about a Weiss? It's a little milder."

"Okay, that one!"

Sid handed their orders to the bartender and, a few minutes later, a waiter arrived at their table with the pints. He was a young man of twenty-three at most, tall, with midnight blue eyes and medium length smoky gray hair. He wore his bangs long to below his ears, held up by a band to keep them from covering his eyes. An obvious scar ran across his right eyebrow from his forehead almost to his eye.

"Whose Weiss is it?" he asked.

"Mine, thank you!" replied Creek, extending his hand to receive it. He certainly hadn't been the best of Eos's furniture, but the training he'd received didn't allow him to be passively served without even making the gesture to help.

"It's been a while since someone asked for one, we opened the barrel especially for you, you know?" joked the waiter.

"Uh ... sorry" apologized the young eunuch a little embarrassed.

"No problem man, it just means you'll have to show up a lot over the next few days to help us empty it!" Mike winked at him and Creek responded by smiling shyly.

"Hey Sid I didn't know you had such a nice and polite friend" the waiter continued, turning to the light grey haired acquaintance "Is he your boyfriend?"

"No Mike, Creek is a friend. He was with us in the army."

"Wow you're a war hero too then! I would have loved to enlist, but I couldn't afford to lose my job."

Mike was friendly and smiling. The features of his face were attractive and delicate, despite his skin hardened by Ceres dust and the prominent scar, made even more evident by the fact that no hair grew where it crossed his eyebrows.

"I have other tables to serve" he then said, somewhat reluctantly "I'll see you later!"

Before leaving, he turned another winking glance at the diners and Creek had the impression it was directed right at him.

The eunuch brought the cold drink to his mouth and found it pleasant and refreshing, not as bitter and cloudy as the Stout. About an hour later Mike returned to the table, but now he was no longer wearing his waiter uniform, having replaced it with his street clothes.

"My shift is over!" he declared smiling "These are for all of you!" He placed a huge bowl of chips on the table "And this is for you!" he added, setting a plate with a crispy roll in front of Creek.

"For me? Thanks, you didn't have to. What is it?"

"A spring roll, I made it myself. That's the only reason I haven't been replaced here at Depravities yet: I'm the only one who can make them well."

"Looks good!" Creek bit into the roll making it crack between his teeth "I like it, you are very skilled in the kitchen!"

"Thanks, I thought it went well with your Weiss. Your name is Creek isn't it? Sid called you that earlier."

"Yes that's correct. And you are Mike, right?"

"Exact. May I sit down?" The young man pointed to the empty seat next to Creek that actually belonged to Luke, who had wandered off almost fifteen minutes earlier after eyeing a cute boy and hadn't returned.


Mike unceremoniously took a seat and nodded to one of the fellow waiters still on duty "Joseph would you bring me two Weiss from the keg we opened earlier? Put them on my bill!"

As soon as his order arrived, he kept one for himself and handed the other to Creek.

"Oh ... I can't accept!" protested the blue-haired young man "You already offered me the spring roll, let me pay for this one!"

"Hey Mike, you cheapskate, you could have offered the second round to everyone!" Maxi teased him.

"You guys are too crude to deserve to tap into my paycheck, settle for the chips." Mike took a long sip of the cold beer before slamming it noisily down on the table.

Creek, for his part, took the pint and began to drink too. He felt indebted but didn’t want to insult by refusing a gift. "Thanks ... next time let me pay to reciprocate."

"Sure, I hope there will be other opportunities!" agreed Mike smiling. "Are you a mongrel?" he asked then "This may seem like a strange question but you know ... it has become quite common to see Midasians and former pets around here too. Times have changed."

"Ah ... yeah sure. I ... I grew up in Guardian and live in New Ceres." Explained Creek remaining vague, it was best not to go into details.

"Uuuh gee, uptown! I instead live in a studio apartment nearby. It's a rat hole really, but at least I have to walk a short distance to work. What do you do for living?"

"Ah ... nothing at the moment. As a result of the rebellion, a lot has changed and we're reorganizing."

"We?" Mike's tone seemed suddenly disappointed "Do you have a mating partner?"

"Oh no!" Creek hastened to clarify "I live with my brother Neel" he pointed to Aylin, who was watching the conversation suspiciously from across the table.

"Brother? And how are you two brothers? No one has any relatives here in Ceres, since we don't know our real parents."

"We're not blood brothers" Aylin interjected, a little too eagerly for the relaxed environment they were in and visibly annoyed "but it's like we are."

"Okay calm down, there's no reason to get nervous, it's not like I'm going to eat him!" Mike put his hands forward in a sign of peace "And by the way, let me tell you, you look nothing alike."

Aylin stood up slamming her chair down and headed for the pool hall, immediately followed by Sid.

"What's wrong with him? Is he jealous by any chance?" asked Mike after Neel had walked away.

"Don't worry, I'll talk to him. He ... he's a little protective of me."

"I see ... but are you sure you two aren't a couple? He seems to see it differently. Maybe he has feelings for you and hasn't told you?"

"Of course I'm sure. Neel's with Sid."

At that revelation, Mike felt definitely relieved.

"Okay ... listen do you want to get together sometime? I could leave you my mobile phone number. Unless you feel like coming with me right now, I mean ... drop by my place!"

Creek was confused ... why on Amoi would they go to his house if the bar offered much more interesting stimulation? Maybe he wanted them to talk without all that background noise? Then, suddenly, he understood the meaning of that invitation.

"I'll take your number!" he said offhandedly and visibly startled.

Mike noticed his change of mood and was displeased.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to rush you. I'm not a one-night stand kind of guy and I'm really interested in you, but if you don't like me just tell me straight and we'll finish it here ... I don't want to get my hopes up, you know?"

Creek felt cornered because he actually found that guy really interesting: he seemed nice and affable, generous and skilled at the stove, willing and good-looking. And, for some strange reason, he had taken an interest in him.

"No, you ... I like you." he revealed, blushing.

Mike smiled radiantly and, using the pen he carried in his shirt pocket, the one he habitually used for work, jotted down his number on a napkin.

"Don't take too long to call me!" he said, handing it to the other man without extinguishing that smile from his face.

Creek took the napkin and carefully folded and slipped it into his pants pocket. At that moment Luke returned to the table: he was in a bad mood because his attempt at conquest had failed. Mike emptied his glass all in one sip to give him his seat back.

"I'm going home, have fun!" he said before leaving "Bye Creek! It was a pleasure. See you soon!" he added, with a twinkle in his eye.

As soon as he had left the club, Luke encircled the eunuch's shoulders with his arm and uncovered his eyes by raising his goggles to his forehead.

"Damn Creek, you've made an impression! I've been trying to get Mike's attention for months with no success!"

"Luke you don't count! You flirt with just about anyone under 35 with a nice ass!" Norris teased him, tossing him a fry.

"You talk easy! You've been going steady with Maxi for practically forever now! We both know you were drooling over Riki like I was before he got out of reach. Although, I actually have to say I wouldn't mind being with a Blondie like Riki and Guy's! Mmmm they look so hot!"

"Knock it off Luke!" admonished Sid, who had just returned from the pool table, slapping him on the back of the head "You're out of line! Show some respect for Creek and Aylin!"

"Ouch how touchy you are! I certainly wasn't referring to Commander Noa, by the way. Let me go with you to Jupiter Tower for the next syndicate meeting so I can feast my eyes on all those Elite beauties!"

"Forget it Luke! Meetings are serious business, not an excuse to make conquests. And anyway, they wouldn't even let you in without a valid justification!"

"Yeah I get it I get it! Hey shall we have a bowling race? Two teams: Creek with one pair of lovebirds and me with the other! Losers pays a round to winners!"


The next morning, Creek was sitting at the breakfast table as he dreamily flipped the napkin with Mike's number between his fingers.

"Are you really going to call him?" asked Aylin, after watching him for a while.

"It would be rude not to, he's been so nice!"

"It wasn't kindness Creek, he just wanted to fuck you!"

"That's not true!” he said defensively "You're just saying that because you don't like him!"

"I didn't say I didn't like him” Aylin explained “Sid knows him and confirmed that he's cool. I just ... don't want you to have another experience like that with those guys in Guardian."

"Mike is different from them!"

"No Creek, he's a mongrel just like them, and you barely know him! If you're lucky, he'll use you and discard you when he gets tired. When that happens, don't come looking for me to cry!"

Aylin had raised her voice aggressively, and Creek, deeply hurt by those words, stood up and faced her with his eyes glistening and on the verge of tears.

"You are cruel! You're assuming that no one can love me because I'm a furniture! I'm entitled to my chances too! Besides ... how do you know it's not me who wants to use him? Would it be so wrong to want to have my own experiences? I'm not a kid anymore and I understand how the world works!"

The former pet reached out to touch his arm and comfort him, but the other brusquely pushed her away.

"I love you Creek, so does Sid and the boys. Riki loves you too!" she murmured apologetically.

"I'm talking about a different kind of affection. Master Gideon told me to be proud of who I am. It was his last will and I have no intention of hiding or being ashamed of it! He would support me!"

After giving the chair a shove causing it to fall to the floor, Creek grabbed his phone and headed out into the yard. Until a few minutes before, he hadn't decided whether or not to call, but now he had no doubts. He dialed the number without hesitation.

- Hello, this is Mike. Who are you? -

- Hi, this is Creek. We met last night. -

- What a nice surprise Creek! I was really hoping to get a call from you! -

- Yeah, well I'm sorry about yesterday. You caught me a little off guard. -

- No, I'm the one who needs to apologize. I was a bit hasty. Listen... tomorrow is my day off, do you want to go out? -

- Yes, I'd love to. Where would you like to go? -

- There’s a Karinian restaurant between the fifth and eighth. I've been there a couple of times, the food is good and the staff is nice. Do you like the idea? -

- Fine, as long as you allow me to offer.

- Done. See you at 8pm in front of the club! -

- Great. See you tomorrow. -

Creek closed the communication and breathed deeply to calm his nerves. His heart was pounding. He had made it! He had an appointment with Mike! For a moment he had feared - or perhaps hoped - that the other would tell him he had reconsidered. When he returned inside, Aylin was still sitting at the table.

"Creek wait!" she intercepted him before he could lock himself in the room.

"What do you want?" the other asked brusquely and unfriendly.

"To apologize to you. You're right! You're entitled to your own experiences, and if you fall, you'll get back up like any of us. Master Gideon was right: you are strong and you don't have to hide from who you are. If this Mike doesn't accept you, it will be worse for him. It will mean he wasn't the one. You have the right to love and be loved and you can always come crying to me if you feel the need."

Creek's anger dissipated completely "Are you serious?"

"Of course. I'm sorry I said those things, it's just that ... when I think back to what they did to you in Guardian, I feel myself boiling over!!!"

"In Guardian I was alone against a pack and wasn't ready yet, but now I've changed. Mike is just one man ... the worst thing that can happen is that he’ll get pissed off and reject me. Maybe he'll insult me and try to beat me, and if he does, I'll pay him back with interest. Now I know what to expect and I can defend myself!"

"If he tries to put his hands on you I swear I'll make him pay!" threatened the girl! "So ... did you call him?"

"Yes, we agreed to have a dinner tomorrow night."

"And, what are you going to do? Tell him the truth?"

"I don't know yet. What would you do Aylin? If you had a date with someone who thought you are a man, when would you tell him you are a woman?"

"Mmmm ... good question!" Aylin crossed her arms in front of her chest and curled her lips in thought. Since Sid had always known her true identity, she had never asked herself that question.

"Not right away, I'd wait until I've at least gained some confidence first" she deliberated "But you definitely need to tell him before you get your pants off!"

"Of course. Listen ... do you think it's possible for me to do it ... with a complete man?"

"Why not? Would you want a complete man or a eunuch?"

Now it was Creek's turn to reflect. "I'm turned on by the idea of a man with a penis. I think I would prefer ... a complete man."

"You answered your own question then. Come on let's get out! Let's go buy some new clothes in Midas so you can wear them for your first date!"

Perfectly reconciled, the Lagat brothers went to get ready to leave.

Chapter Text

When Aylin saw Creek's jacket hanging on the coat rack that morning and his aero-bike parked in the yard, she breathed a sigh of relief. If nothing else, he was home, which meant his date the night before hadn't had any nefarious consequences.

She opened his bedroom door slightly to peek in and saw him on the bed serenely asleep. He must have been back late because Creek, of them, was almost always the one who woke up first.

'Good' she thought 'for once I'll be the one making breakfast!'


The young eunuch came out of the room almost an hour later, with his hair tousled and looking emaciated, and Aylin handed him a steaming cup of coffee.

"You look tired!"

"Yeah. We were a little late yesterday and I overdid it with some weird liquor they served us at that diner. They had left the bottle available on the table and it didn't even seem like alcohol."

"Are you trying to say you got drunk?" the girl asked, barely keeping herself from laughing. Creek was always extremely moderate and just imagining him inebriated was quite comical.

"Worse, that stuff was hallucinogenic! I was seeing little shiny stars!"

"Shit Creek, how much did you drink?"

"I don't know ... a half bottle maybe. I had no idea it would have those effects. It was like cherry syrup!"

Aylin’s attempts to hold back laughter failed because the girl knew Creek was crazy about sweets, especially fresh, fruity ones.

"What about Mike? Was he reduced like you?" She then asked, wiping tears of hilarity from her eyes.

"No, he was perfectly sober. He had barely a glass and was having the time of his life watching me try to catch invisible stars and bugs."

"And how did you get home? You didn't drive here hallucinating!"

"No, Mike took me on my bike and then walked back."

"By foot? But didn't you say he lives near Depravities? That must be almost five miles!"

"That’s it, but he said he likes to walk and that since his bike was stolen a year ago he's got used to that."

"Well, that was nice" the girl had to admit "And ... so what? Besides bingeing on hallucinogenic syrup what else happened? Did you guys talk or do anything?"

"We talked about ... cooking. It's his passion and he's studying to become a chef. Then he asked me some questions about Guardian: he wanted to know how we spent our time in there during the siege. It was nice to chat with him you know? He's smart and a good listener. After he brought me home ... he kissed me ... right here in front of the door! He said I had soft, smooth skin and he liked my eyes." Creek touched his lips and looked dreamily at his coffee cup. "It was nice, he smelled good."

"Oh Creek, be careful! Try not to fall in love too fast. You haven't told him yet, have you?"

The young ex-furniture shook his head negatively "Not yet. I haven't found the right time."

"Mmmh" Aylin suddenly felt more apprehensive. She could have consoled a rejected or sexually abused Creek, but what about a heartbroken one? They were both still too shaken by their Master's death to deal with another major crisis. Her brother seemed so happy, however, that she had no heart to air her concerns. "When will you see each other again?" she asked only.

"Tonight! I'll pick him up at Depravities at 10pm, after he finishes his shift."

"I'll keep my phone on. If you have another misadventure like yesterday call me so I can pick you up and your friend will avoid walking another five miles."

"Okay, although I think I've had enough booze for a while."

Creek smiled, again with that dreamy, absent look on his face. Aylin hoped that that dumbfounded expression was due to the remnants of Karinian liquor still in his body, but she held out little hope.


That evening they sat around one of the tables at Depravities and Mike ordered his colleague a Stout for him and a soda for Creek.

"Thanks, my stomach is still a little upset and I couldn't have made it with a beer. I'm sorry about last night, I shouldn't have let you walk home" said the former furniture.

"It wasn't a problem. I like to keep myself moving and with the work I do I'm used to putting in a lot of miles every day! Plus this way I got a chance to see where you live. It's a great place!"

"Yes it is. It was Commander Noa's house, Neel and I worked for him and he appointed us as his successors. He left us that mansion and other assets."

Mike, seriously surprised, opened his eyes wide.

"Wow this is amazing!!! That's how you can afford a place like that! Can you tell me a little bit about him? You know, there are a lot of stories about the Commander Noa and the most mysterious are about his death: some say he fell in battle and others believe he was killed by Jupiter himself. Some even say that he gave himself up to his enemies of his own free will in exchange for the lives of two of his subordinates."

Creek suddenly paled and his lips turned so gray that Mike feared he would pass out at any moment.

"Hey are you okay? Come on, let's get out for some air!"

He helped him up and onto the street, where he hoped the smelly, smoky Ceres wind would help him recover a bit. Creek was hyperventilating.

"Was it something I said?" asked the mongrel "Fuck, I was a jerk. You told me you worked for the commander and me telling you about the legends surrounding his death!"

"No ... it's not your fault ..." the eunuch couldn't finish his sentence because the world around him began to whirl, the images fogged up and everything went black.


When Creek opened his eyes he was no longer on the threshold of Depravities, but lying on the bed of an unknown room. Mike wasn’t far from him, and as soon as he realized the other man had regained consciousness, walked up to him.

"Dude have you come to your senses? You gave me a scare, you were out for almost an hour! Wait don't move!"

He put another pair of pillows under his head to help him sit up and wet his forehead with a damp cloth. Then he handed him a glass of sugary water. "I think you've had a drop in your blood pressure. Maybe it's because of last night’s liquor. This will help a little, drink it!"

Creek obeyed and emptied the glass. He immediately felt better. "Are we in your house?" he asked then, looking around.

"Yeah, it sucks doesn't it? After seeing your mansion I feel a little embarrassed to show it, but I didn't know where else to take you."

It was a classic Ceres studio apartment, with peeling, yellowing walls and mold in the corners. What caught Creek's attention most, however, were the details scattered here and there: knick-knacks and small decorative items, drawings tacked to the wall, books, antique artifacts like pens and vinyl records, a colorful rug on the floor and a geometrically patterned sheet over the sofa. There was an extremely clean and neat little corner kitchen with every kind of pan and utensil on display.

"It's beautiful! It's like being inside your mind!" he exclaimed.

"Thanks, I'm not sure if that's a compliment though hahaha" Mike flashed a spontaneous, sunny smile "Are you sure you're feeling okay? Do you want to rest some more?"

"I'm fine! Sorry ... I'm just causing you trouble! Yesterday you had to take me home and today I passed out on the street! I really don't know what's wrong with me!"

Mike stroked his face "I told you that I really care about you right? You hit me right away, I guess it's what they call 'lightning strike'. I like having you around even if you're unconscious or hallucinating."

Creek's stomach was full of butterflies. "I really like you too!" he revealed.

Mike kissed him and the eunuch parted his lips to let the other taste him with a bit of tongue. Before long the mongrel had slipped his hands under Creek’s shirt and was caressing his chest and back.

"You're incredibly smooth Creek, you don't have a single hair on you, it's amazing!" he slipped his shirt off and began kissing his neck and shoulders.

Creek squirmed under that touch. His body quivered and his skin became incredibly sensitive. He felt Mike's hard member press against his leg.

"W ... wait, I don't ..." he said in a hushed voice, trying to stop him before it was too late.

"Ssssh I know what you want to tell me." The other shushed him, occupying his lips with another kiss. "You're a virgin aren't you? I got that! You don't have to be afraid, I'll be very gentle."

"N ... no ... n ... not ... Aaah"

Creek tried to tell him to stop, but as soon as Mike sucked on his neck while gently pinching a nipple with his fingers, his voice was lost who knows where. Before he had time to recover, Mike had removed his own clothes and Creek saw his penis swollen and so erect that it stuck to his stomach. He was astonished.

The mongrel placed his hand on Creek's crotch and seemed disappointed not to feel it still remotely hard under pants. "Aren't you turned on Creek? You told me you liked me but your body doesn't seem to make a rejoinder."

"I ... I ... can't ... w ... wait ..." the former furniture's stomach couldn't find a steady enough foothold to speak and his body wasn't responding to his brain. He couldn't react by either going away or pushing him back.

Mike kissed him on his lower belly. "Take it easy, you're just a little nervous. It's your first time and it can happen. I'll help you relax!" He opened the fly of Creek's pants and began to gently slip them off along with his briefs.

"No Mike wait!" When the eunuch finally managed to retreat, it was too late. Mike looked at him shocked.

"What kind of joke is this? What the fuck are you? An android? An alien?"

Creek quickly pulled his pants back up to his waist and slid to curl up on top of the bed with his eyes swollen with tears. Mike was naked and beside himself. His face, generally kind and smiling, distorted with anger.

"I ... I'm sorry. I tried to tell you ..."

"You fucking bastard, you lied to me! You told me you were a mongrel raised in Guardian! You played me!"

Creek stood up trembling. With tears streaking his face he picked up his shirt and shoes from the floor and quickly dressed. "I didn't lie to you, it's who I am!" he shouted.

"But how ..." Suddenly Mike had an epiphany "A furniture! Are you a furniture?"

Creek said nothing but from the look on his face Mike sensed that he had hit the nail on the head.

"Goodbye Mike" The blue-haired young man opened the front door and started down the stairs without looking back. Stepping out onto the street, he recognized the alleys around Depravities and walked to where he had parked his aero-bike. He inserted the key and set off at full speed.


By the time he got home, he'd exhausted both his tears and his voice: they'd all been shed along the way, along with the screams he'd used to vent his frustration.

Aylin was still awake. She saw him come in and lock himself in his room, slamming the door without even saying hello. She was tempted to knock but finally decided it would be better to leave him alone.

Before going to sleep, she wrote on a piece of paper: 'If you need to talk about it, look for me. Even late at night. I love you.' and slipped it under the door.

Chapter Text

The next morning Aylin found the door of Creek's room still locked, a freshly baked plum-cake in the middle of the table, and hot coffee in the carafe. Her brother must have gotten up early to make them.

The note she slipped under his door the night before was stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet but no reply had been written on it. The former pet was saddened. She would have really wanted Creek to confide in her but maybe that little argument of two days ago was still taking some of the edge off.

Gathering some courage, the girl knocked on the door but, getting no answer, she was left with no option but to sit down and have breakfast.

When she was about to bite into her second piece of cake, her action was interrupted by the sharp sound of the doorbell outside. Barefoot and still in her pajamas, she went out into the yard to see who it was. Mike was standing behind the gate.

"What do you want?" she asked dryly and loudly.

"Just to talk to Creek" the man replied.

Aylin crossed the lawn to the heavy metal railing. "I'm not sure he wants to see you!"


Aylin sighed and pushed the button that opened the armored lock. "Follow me!"

She led him inside the house and pointed to Creek's bedroom door.

"He came back last night distraught and I haven't seen him since. He's locked himself up inside. I swear if I find out you hurt him I'll make you pay!"

"I didn't lay a finger on him ... Neel?" It was obvious at that point that 'Neel' was not 'his' real name: without the headbands that flattened her breasts and the cap that hid her face somewhat, Aylin’s feminine features were unmistakable.

"My name is Aylin" she declared annoyed.

"Okay ... do you have any more secrets or was this the last one? Maybe ... a dead person hiding in the closet or some strange six-legged animal in the attic?" Mike's was obviously a joke but the other didn't seem to be in a witty mood.

"Look, I don't know if he'll let you in but just in case he does, know that I'll be out here and at the first sign that something is wrong I'll come in and smash your face. Do we understand each other?"

Mike nodded, slightly surprised by that threat. It was the first time he had ever dealt with a young woman and, for some reason, he had always imagined them to be sweet and kind. He hadn't expected such determination. Without further hesitation he knocked on the door.


"Leave me alone Aylin!"

Creek was lying on the bed with his head under his pillow. He thought he had made it clear that he didn't want to talk or be comforted but evidently his sister wasn't about to give up. Hearing yet another sound of knuckles on wood, he stood up like a fury and nervously opened the door.

"Well, I said that ..." he remained frozen in front of Mike's figure "What the fuck are you doing here?" he exclaimed after a few seconds of astonished silence.

"Talking to you."

"Why? You already told me everything yesterday when you yelled that I was an asshole bastard. Did you come to keep insulting me?"

"May I ... come in?" the mongrel asked, indicating the inside of the room with a nod of his head.

The former furniture nodded in annoyance. He let him pass and closed the door behind them. They both sat down on the bed. "Go ahead and talk!"

"You ran off yesterday without giving me a chance to assimilate that new information. I couldn't even run after you because I didn't have any clothes on."

Creek winced for a moment but then anger returned to take over from remorse. "What did you expect? You attacked me and accused me of being a liar!"

Unlike Creek, who was nervous and defensive, Mike appeared perfectly calm.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a eunuch?" he asked in an accommodating manner.

"Because I didn't know I had to introduce myself to someone by saying - Hey there, I'm Creek and I don't have a genital apparatus because I had everything cut out of me when I was 12!" replied the blue-haired man abruptly.

Mike was tempted to smile at that statement but with some effort he managed to keep a straight face.

"No. But when you started to understand my intentions you should have ..."

"I would have said it before I went to your house, if you hadn't brought me there unconscious!" Reiterated Creek, still in an attack stance.

"I see" the mongrel conceded "I shouldn't have reacted in such an aggressive manner. I apologize but in my defense I can say that you really caught me off guard ..."

"Well, so sorry if I'm not what you expected!" Creek had calmed down a bit but, not wanting to give it away, continued to show his belligerence.

Mike stood for a few minutes in silence and then shook a tuft of gray hair from his forehead, showing off his scar. "See this one? It's the only reason I'm not like you."

"I don't understand ..."

"Before my 13th birthday, some bigwigs from Guardian came and told me I had been selected to work in Eos. They congratulated me because it was a great privilege and I couldn't believe my good fortune. I just had to pass a medical check-up and it would have been done but, two days before that fateful day, a child from another ward attacked and injured me with a broken bottle.

The doctor who stitched me up said I had been lucky because, if the cut had been only a half-inch lower, I would have lost my eye. My opportunity to move to Eos, however, had faded. They didn't want a scarred mongrel. A few weeks later I was shipped off to Ceres.

I hated this scar because I held it responsible for my misery but then, some years later, many secrets were revealed including what those medical checks would really entail and what I would lose by becoming a furniture. Now every day I thank my disfigurement for allowing me to remain myself and I display it with pride."

Mike paused briefly before resuming speaking. "You ... still interest me Creek. If you trust me despite the way I reacted we can ... try it again."

He rested his hand on his shoulder and the former furniture allowed himself to be touched without retreating.

"Mike ..." he murmured.


"I don't want you to think of me as fragile or weak. I'm just like anyone else here in Ceres. You don't have to have any special treatment of me."

Mike reached out to Creek, stroking his arm.

"That I can't do. I need to have special treatment towards you! Not because of your physical impairment, but because you're the nicest, sweetest, kindest guy I've ever met and I'm crazy about you!"

"That's exactly the point Mike!" Creek stood up because he felt what he was about to say was very important "It's not a physical impairment, it's my body! It doesn't matter if I was born different and if they modified a part of me against my will. I’ve learned to accept myself and I don't feel less than a complete man. I am a eunuch just as you are a man and Aylin is a woman. You don't have to think of me as a man who has lost something, I’m just the way I am and I’m proud of it. It means that I served a Master with devotion until the last day of his life and I don't regret a single moment of the years I was his attendant! It was worth it to become a eunuch if it meant I could be of service to him!"

At Gideon's mention, Creek's eyes moistened.

"So ... your Master was Commander Noa? Was he an Elite?"

"Yes. His name was Gideon Lagat and he was a Blondie. He gave up his life to save mine and Aylin's. I’m Creek Lagat: in addition to his possessions, he left us his name."

Creek pronounced his own last name with confidence and dignity.

"Creek Lagat, please allow me to love you." declared Mike solemnly and, before the other man could react, he stood up and violently invaded his mouth before slamming him backwards onto the mattress. As he impatiently slipped his own clothes off, he pulled on the elastic bands of Creek's pajamas to reach the skin beneath.

The former furniture let Mike undress him and again he was frozen at the sight of his member, as hard and erect as the night before. He sat down to get a better look at it and, after asking permission with his gaze, he shyly stroked that organ and held it in his hands, marveling at how soft and smooth the skin of the penis was compared to the wrinkled and flabby skin of the testicles. The tip was exposed and reddened, and Creek wondered if he could touch it.

Mike lifted his face, stroking it under his chin "Is this the first time you touch one?"

The eunuch nodded "Yes ... Master Gideon always had female pets. In theory ... I should know what to do because causing pleasure to a man was part of the training to become a furniture but ... I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to those lessons."

"Ask what you want to know about my body Creek and I'll ask questions about yours."

The turquoise-haired young man returned his focus to Mike's pelvic area. "Can I touch this spot or does it hurt?" He asked, pointing to the exposed glans.

"You can touch me anywhere you want but if the skin is dry it's best to use a lubricating gel or oil. Saliva is fine too."

Creek moistened his hand with spit and massaged his organ from base to tip, as he had seen pets do when masturbating in public. "Is this good?"

"Yes, it's very pleasant" lied Mike. In reality Creek's movements were too violent, mechanical and not sufficiently lubricated but he didn't want to discourage him. After a while, he gently took his hand.

"That’s fine. Let me take care of you now" he told him, before inviting Creek to lie down, climb on top of him and begin kissing and caressing his sides and stomach.

The eunuch huddered and moaned with every little bite, lick or caress. His skin, which had never been touched like that, was incredibly sensitive and responsive. When Mike teased the space between his toes with the tip of his tongue, he gasped and let out a sharp little cry.

The mongrel smiled, mentally taking note of Creek's good spots so he could map out all the most powerful erogenous zones on his body. He sank his nails lightly into his lean, pale hips and the other arched up, levering the soles of his feet and shoulders.

He positioned himself between his legs and looked for the first time at the most unknown and mysterious area of his lover's body. "Describe to me what you're feeling" he whispered, before brushing against that smooth, porcelain groin.

Creek tried to relax. It felt good to be touched there even if it didn't give him the same powerful reactions he had with other areas of his body. "It's nice" he said "I feel a little ticklish."

Mike began to make little circles with his tongue around the urethral orifice.

“U ... huu ... aaahhaa ... it's weird" said the other, retreating a little because he was frightened by that unfamiliar sensation.

'Good. It's a responsive point.' thought Mike.

He descended to his perineum and Creek began to pant. Mike lifted his legs and pushed them back over his chest raising his pelvis. He parted his buttocks for easy access to his rectum. The young Lagat had a very supple body.

"Aaah no wait ... don't do it there ..." objected the eunuch, embarrassed that Mike was laying his mouth on an area normally used for defecation.

Heedless of the protests, the mongrel began to tease the warm entrance first with his tongue and then with his fingertips, softening and relaxing it. It was unlikely Creek had any lube available in the room but asking was never wrong.

"Do you have a sexual type gel?"

"A gel? N ... no. I don't think so" the former furniture replied panting.

Mike decided that, for that day, he would go no further. He wanted to give Creek a pleasant memory of their first time together and avoid him any possible discomfort. He continued for a while, working the area with his mouth, sucking and penetrating him with the tip of his tongue while he massaged his prostate from the outside with his hand. Creek had stopped vocalizing and was now breathing heavily, his eyes closed, his eyelashes glistening and his face flushed.

Finally, Mike rested his pelvis on the mattress and climbed up his body over him. Once he reached his mouth, he kissed him again, collecting with his fingers a tear that had gathered at the base of his eye.

Creek looked at him in bewilderment "Won't you go inside me? I thought ..."

"You'd like me to penetrate you?"

"That's how it works isn't it?"

"Not necessarily. Sex is many things, not just penetration. I promise next time I will but I want to prepare you properly so as not to cause you pain and that wouldn't be possible today."

Creek was disappointed. "Mike?"

"Tell me."

"I'm not afraid of pain. I'd like you to go through with it."

"Are you sure? Is that the kind of memory you want of your first time?"

Creek nodded. "Yes. Everyone feels pain the first time, and I said I didn't want any special treatment."

"I could use oil, cooking oil is fine too." suggested the mongrel.

"No, you should get dressed and go out to get it ... please do it now! I'm ready!"

Mike lifted Creek's pelvis again, wetted his fingers with saliva and began kneading his sphincter, inserting them slowly.

Creek held back a moaning cry. It was annoying and stung a little. It was the same feeling he'd had in Guardian, when those three guys had assaulted him in the shower pavilion. Only this time he was the one asking for it.

Mike carefully wetted his member with more saliva and positioned himself on top of him clinging to his skinny thighs for more grip. Then, slowly, he began to penetrate him.

"Try to stay relaxed and breathe. If the pain is too much tell me and I'll stop."

Creek closed his eyes. He was afraid but he wanted it badly. He wanted to feel Mike's erection inside him. He had fantasized for a long time about what it would be like to lose his virginity.

The pain came, sudden and excruciating. It was like being ripped from the inside out and Creek's first impulse was to scream 'No! Please get out! I can't!' but he restrained himself.

His face lost all color as he bit down hard on his lower lip to keep from screaming and the inside of his eyelids filled with tears.

Mike paused for a moment so that Creek's muscular ring could adjust a little and then resumed sinking into him. The sight of that androgynous, childlike looking boy who, despite his suffering, held on undaunted without making a single sound was extremely seductive and Mike enjoyed every imperceptible grimace on his face.

When he had finished his descent, he kissed him on his contracted cheekbone "I'm inside you!"

Creek just relaxed the muscles in his face and opened his reddened, liquid eyes "T ... thank you."

Mike kissed him again "The worst is over. I'm going to fuck you for real soon."

And so he did. He waited a few minutes to allow Creek to get used to the foreign body inside his rectum and then began to move. Slowly at first and gradually increasing the pace.

It didn't last long. Soon the accumulated anticipation and extreme pent-up arousal from the night before took effect and Mike released his seed inside that attractive and irresistible human body. After even the last spasm of orgasm had passed through his muscles, he kissed Creek's lips one last time and left.

Checking the state of the orifice to make sure he hadn't caused any damage - it was red and slightly bloodstained, but not torn - he lay down beside his lover. "Was that what you wanted?" he whispered, hugging him.

"Yes. I ... I needed this." the eunuch declared, taking a deep breath.

"Did you feel anything good besides the pain?"

"I don't know. Maybe at the end, when it already didn't hurt so much."

"Next time I'll make you come." Affirmed the mongrel with confidence.

"Can I ... finish?"

"I think so. There's a special spot inside your body and that hasn't been taken away from you. It’s a little difficult to locate, especially at first, and it will take patience and lots of lubricant. Your body will need to be healed because you are now too inflamed. It will hurt for a couple of days."

"I'm glad, the pain will make me think of you. It will remind me ... That you've been there ..."

Mike smiled lustfully. That innocent little boy mask of Creek's actually veiled a lecherous and perverse nature. He had chosen a lover with whom he would certainly not be bored.

They spent the next half hour resting until both of them felt the need to go and wash up. Aylin, from the living room, suppressed a smile when she saw first Creek and then Mike leave the room and run to the bathroom in embarrassment. Afterwards, the host went to the stove and they both refreshed themselves with bread, scrambled eggs and coffee.

"Mike, how did you get here?" asked Aylin suddenly, diverting his attention from the news on the TV.

"Ah ... by foot. Unfortunately, my bike came to a bad end and I'm saving up to buy a new one."

"Let me drive you home. I should have gone to Ceres to meet Sid anyway."

"That would be great, thanks!"

The new lovers looked at her appreciatively; Mike because he wouldn't have the strength to walk another 5 miles and shortly after start his shift at Depravities and the other because he wasn't sure he could stay on the seat of the bike all the way there and back.

The two young men finished their meal exchanging complicit and affectionate glances and, when the time came to say goodbye, they were reluctant to let go of each other's hand.

Left alone, Creek smiled and with a dreamy air thought back to his first sexual experience and to the new sensations that still tickled his body. His anus throbbed with life reminding him that Mike had been inside it and he felt to be a very lucky man.