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Rising from the ashes of Herbay II

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Raoul opened his eyes and his first sensation was that of Guy's warmth, curled up next to him with his head resting on his shoulder and his arms and legs wrapped around his body.

Only later did he realize that the bed they were lying on wasn’t that of their home and recognized the surrounding environment. Suddenly he remembered. Not only the events of that day but also all the details of what had happened a month and a half ago in that same room: each image was vivid and clear in his mind as if it had just occurred.

Taking care not to wake his sleeping lover up, he got up and went to retrieve his clothes which had been folded and left on the floor not far from the futon. As he dressed, he sensed Jupiter's presence but deliberately decided to ignore it. Only when he had his ceremonial robe properly put on did he turn to look at his Creator. Lambda 3000 had resumed its humanoid form and stood silent in front of the Blondie.

Raoul felt angry, disappointed and betrayed. Now that he remembered everything clearly, he couldn’t believe that Jupiter had subjected him to such a cruel and derogatory punishment, having him raped by the guards after torturing him for hours and causing him unspeakable pain.

He had always known what had happened, but the protective barriers his mind had erected thus far had provided him with a muffled and impersonal memory of events. Now, however, he possessed every detail and, in the throes of emotion, he held the gaze of his parent with his head held high.

"Why did you do that?" He asked.

"I was angry at your disobedience in withholding important information from me and deliberately violating the rules I imposed on you by practicing self-eroticism, son. I also suspected your involvement in the riot." replied the AI.

"It was cruel. I ... loved you ... I trusted you ..." Raoul said in a shaky voice.

"I never wanted to cause you so much suffering nor did I intend to produce any real harm to your body. I ordered a voltage that would cause you intense but tolerable pain and that wouldn’t generate severe burns. My intent was to distract your mind, not to martyr your body. Now that I have perceived the extent of your suffering, however, I understand that something hasn’t worked as it should."

Raoul looked confused. "What do you mean? It was you that ordered Saurus to use that wand on me!"

"Exactly, but the electric current have been calibrated so it won't do you any real physical harm. I suppose that the previous blackout with consequent restoration of power has sent the system into a tailspin transmiting the instrument a voltage higher than the set one. The anger running through my circuits was so intense that it blinded me and didn't make me understand the magnitude of the force of the electric shocks you were undergoing. I'm sorry Raoul for the pain you suffered during the interrogation and in the weeks after."

The Blondie managed a bitter smile. A technical error? Was his torment due to a malfunction?

"And the rape?"

"I thought I would dissuade you in that way from persevering with the exploration of sexuality, but I regret it. I shouldn't have allowed the guards to humiliate you and violate your intimate sphere."

Lambda 3000 tried to touch its offspring's face but Raoul pulled back. He didn't want it to touch him. The excuses he had been offered weren’t enough to appease his wounded soul.

"Take the time you need to soothe your disappointment, Raoul, you wont be put under pressure from me. I’ll wait until you regain your trust in me, but in the meantime I have a request for you." The Supercomputer stated.

"What request?" The biochemist asked coldly.

"You’ll have to come to me once every thirty days for a checkup. Since you no longer live in Eos and are off my radar, I want to make sure your health remains stable. This will also apply to Iason and all the Elites who from this moment on will choose to live outside Tanagura. I cannot allow other system errors like the one you recovered from today, to affect you or one of your brothers again and remain hidden for so long. As you well know, Raoul, you Elites have a very strong body but your brain is as complex as fragile and the slightest bug could be lethal."

"I accept this condition" Raoul agreed in a detached and apathetic way.

"Thank you. You and your human have my clearance to exit the dome. My screening will leave this room to allow you to do it in comfort." The materialization dissolved.

Lord Am took a deep breath to regain his composure and approached the young man still asleep. Guy looked really serene and the expression on his face was peaceful and smiling.

When he reached out to wake him up, however, he noticed the blue marks on his neck and frowned in disappointment. How did he get them? It was evident that someone with immense strength, perhaps an Elite, had tried to strangle him. His sharp-tongued mongrel had managed to get himself into trouble.

He bent down to kiss his lips and Guy opened his eyes.

"Hey bombon" said the latter beaming, as if illuminated by a ray of sunshine "You are healed right?"

"Yes" confirmed Raoul "I'm not sure how you did it, but you succeeded."

The man rose to his feet, perfectly comfortable in his own nakedness.

"Where's the toaster?" he asked, looking around. The dome was eerily silent.

"Jupiter has momentarily put its presence on standby to allow us to prepare in private."

"Good!" Guy untied his tousled hair and tied it up soon after. Then he went back to the hole where he hid that morning to put his clothes back on.

"Is there a place to piss around here?" he asked as he wore his shoes.

Raoul smiled at his lover's disrespect for where they were.

"Yes, downstairs. Here we go."


Since they had arrived in separate vehicles, they loaded Guy's motorcycle into the trunk and Raoul drove the car. As soon as they walked through the Main Gate, the Blondie decided to address that subject that had left him a little worried.

"What happened to your neck?"

"Uh ..." Guy touched the bruises with his fingers. He had completely forgotten about it "Nothing important."

Raoul took a deep breath to stay calm, but he already suspected he would get that kind of answer.

"Someone clearly tried to strangle you." he said firmly, slowly and punctually, "You’ll tell me WHO and WHY now, otherwise I’ll check the surveillance videos of Jupiter Tower!"

"Ufff Raoul, why do you make a fuss about it? I already told you it's nothing. It's already solved!"

The Blondie pulled the lever that raised the car, sped forward and stopped abruptly about 100 meters above the ground. Then he turned to look at his companion with extreme seriousness.

"This is not a game Guy! If you had a fight with an Elite you have to tell me who he is before it becomes a political issue or worse!" Raoul thundered.

"How do you know he was an Elite?" Guy asked smugly.

"Those are not signs that a human being could have left you, unless he had truly extraordinary strength. Who was it?"

The mongrel thought quickly. He didn't want Raoul to have anything to do with Saurus again.

"Any guard!" he finally said "I don't know his name. He didn't believe me when I said Jupiter was waiting for me and, as I insisted, he got angry. He tried to choke me and I was saved by another guard who, fortunately, had been notified of my arrival."

It was a credible story. The guards are basic type androids whose strength is not comparable to that of the Elites but still remains superior to that of humans.

"Are you sure there wasn't an Elite in between?" the Blondie investigated again to be sure. He knew that some of them could be extremely angry and vengeful.

"Oh fuck Raoul, I already told you no. It's nothing! Now, can we go on or do you want to spend the night suspended in the clouds? Not that I mind, I find it quite romantic ... you know I wasn't completely satisfied before. After you came, everything started shaking and stopped me in the middle! And I've been pumping it myself for months! Come on ... lower the seats!!"

Raoul took his chin between his thumb and forefinger and lifted his face in a not exactly delicate way "If I find that you are lying to me I’ll punish you!" he threatened.

"I'll put up with it." Guy lowered his head slightly and took the Blondie's forefinger between his lips while with his one hand he tried to undo all the innumerable buttons of his ceremonial tunic.

Raoul pushed the button that moved the front seats forward while lowering the backrests, thus transforming the entire vehicle interior into a large bed. He pushed Guy's chest, inviting him to lie on his back. He opened the buttons of his trousers and took off the garment, dragging the boxer underneath away at the same time. He spread his lover legs and stooped down to take his organ in his mouth.

"Oh yes Raoul! Shit, yes!" Guy bent his knees and raised his pelvis slightly to offer himself better, while with his hand he combed a tuft of blond curls.

"I love you Raoul! I love you, please don't stop. Ah aaah so ... yes! Faster!" Guy tended to be very descriptive and talkative during sex, the exact opposite of the Blondies or his ex, Riki.

During all the time Raoul took care of the young man's genital area, working his shaft, glans, testicles, perineum and rectum with a masterful combination of lips, mouth, teeth, tongue and fingers, Guy couldn’t help describing and vocalizing his feelings, suggesting to his lover when to go harder or be️ more delicate. When he was about to climax, he arched his back and threw his head behind.

"Raoul I'm about to come!" He warned.

The Blondie took the full length of Guy's member inside his mouth and swallowed every drop of the cum he expelled. Then, he lay on top of him and kissed his lips still parted with pleasure.

He groped for Guy's pants, which he had thrown away earlier, and rummaged in the pocket until he found the item he wanted: a tube of mini lube gel. After squeezing a good amount of it on his fingers, he spread his lover's legs and applied it on his sphincter, massaging and gently penetrating the warm muscle ring. He soon managed to insert three fingers, immediately followed by the fourth. Guy's anus was tight but incredibly elastic.

As his rectum was carefully massaged, the man moaned with pleasure. When he saw Raoul squeeze more lube and rub it on his erect penis, however, he fidgeted a little.

"Love wait! I think I can't do it ... it's been a long time since I ..."

"You can give but not take it, Guy? Trust me, I'm a doctor and I won't hurt you. You are ready. Take it easy."

The young man closed his eyes to follow that advice, but when he felt the tip of his Blondie's organ first settle on his entrance and then slowly penetrate him, he panicked and reacted by involuntarily contracting his muscles.

"Aahhh wait wait ... I can't! Please stop!"

Raoul stopped, but didn’t retreat. He waited for Guy to get used to that circumference to go in a little more and stop again shortly after. In this way, without haste, he was soon completely inside his body.

Guy, who had lost that feeling of fear and had managed to relax, got lost in the sensation of Raoul's huge member filling him from within and found it fulfilling and daring. When the Blondie started moving in both directions, it did so slowly, giving him time to enjoy that feeling without causing him pain.

It was Guy himself, after a while, who murmured "F… faster. Fuck me hard!"

Raoul raised the mongrel's pelvis by pushing his legs back, and increased the speed and strength of his lunges. The man reached his Nirvana with a cry of deliverance so intense that his eyes sparkled with tears. The Blondie joined him shortly after with a guttural groan.

As Guy, with his heart almost leaping out of his chest, tried to regain control of himself, Raoul slowly came out of his body and lay down beside him with a hug "This was to save my memory" he said softly.

"Aaah Raoul ... wait a moment ... I can't even speak!"

The Blondie smiled and kissed his sweaty forehead "Did you like bottoming?"

"What do you think? Fuck yes!" Guy answered without even thinking about it "Actually, I had you inside me before ... but it was a long time ago and you weren't aware of it ..."

"I seemed to remember something" Raoul kissed him again on the base of his neck. "And what do you prefer?"

"I like both things… I love getting into you and it's great to have you inside me too. But maybe I prefer to be in control… it's a mental thing, I think. What about you?"

"I prefer when you penetrate me and show me what to do, but sometimes it's not bad to change roles" Raoul slipped a hand on Guy's butt and stroked the curvature of his hips "I like to play with you. You make me want try things always new and different. You are a universe to explore." he added.

"It's nice what you said… I feel the same for you. Sometimes I get the impression that I'll never be able to know all your secrets, but maybe that's for the best. It means that you’ll always be able to surprise me."

Guy took a handful of blond curls and pulled them to his face, inhaling their musky scent. Raoul had nothing artificial, he was the most alive and real living being he had ever met. And he loved him. Guy was sure of that now.

They basked in their afterglow for a while. Then the man cleaned himself with the wet wipes that were in the glove compartment of the car and got dressed. Raoul did the same, even though he was still half dressed and, after all, quite clean, apart from the unbuttoned tunic and the pants dropped to mid-thigh.

He brought the seats back to their original position and returned to the driver's seat. Guy checked his communicator, which had been off since the early hours of the morning. There were several missed calls from Riki and the first thing he did was call him back.

- Guy! Are you fucking okay? I've been trying to call you all day and both you and Raoul were out of reach! -

- Sorry Boss! We were busy. We're coming to get Benson. -

- He just fell asleep. He was very worried about you and we convinced him to go and rest. -

- Ok ... let him sleep then. I'll come by for him in the morning. When he wakes up, tell him you've talked to me and we're fine. -

- All right. See you in the morning! When you can, I’d like to have a chat with you in person to realize a small project I have in mind. -

- Sure Rik. Good night. -

- Night. -

Guy closed the communication.

"Change of plans bombon. Let's go to our house. Benson just fell asleep."

The Blondie changed the course by heading to Mistral Park. Before starting the engines, the young man came to his lips for one last kiss.

"Welcome back love" he whispered "I missed you".