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Chapter 1: Site seeing around Akala Island.

Yawn “The flight yesterday was exhausting.” Nik reached for his glasses and put them on. “Let me see here… so today I will be heading to Paniola town, Royal Avenue and (Route 7) Wela Volcano Park.” Nik spoke to himself. Nik proceeded to get fully clothed. “Phone check, headphones check, Pokémon repellent check, water check and… that appears to be everything.” “Now follow along route 4 and you should see Paniola town.” Nik read the navigation instructions. Nik left the nice Tide Song Hotel to sightsee the destinations of Akala Island.

Nik followed the navigation instructions on his phone closely. The walk from the hotel to this Ranch town was surprisingly short and uneventful. “So this is Paniola Town?” Nik said. The whole look and feel of the town reminded Nik of Orre. The rustic houses, the treaded ground and the Milktanks roaming around the ranch. “Well that was fun for a while, but now I'm bored.” Nik give a bored sigh. “Next stop Royal Avenue.”

Nik proceeded to move down route six the locals call it ‘Straight Street.’ Upon arrival Nik saw his destination, the loud and bright Battle Royal Dome. However in front of the dome is a beautifully arranged flower circle. “Wow!” Nik saw Oricorio pluck nectar from the flowers. However Nik noticed a Malasada Shop near by and checked it out. Nik ordered and sat down to have a Malasada. It’s sweet fried taste made Nik think back to his childhood in Orre. After Nik finished the Malasada he ordered a to-go Malasada and finally entered the Battle Royal Dome.

The inside of the dome was surprisingly tame with gray and white floors. Nik got a ticket and headed upstairs into the stands. The main arena entrances are giant heads of Charzird, Garados, Tiraunatar and Haxsares. Nik took his seat and watched the battle. After the long fight Nik made his way to Wela Volcano Park which is a part of Route 7. The park was really unremarkable and didn't get all the hype surrounding it. So Nik quickly left the park and went back to his Hotel room to make plans for tomorrow and go to bed early.

Nik walked into the room and dropped on the bed like a Geodue. “Tomorrow Melemele Island.” Nik with what little energy he had left put his device’s on Chargers, undressed and went out like a light on the bed.

End of chapter one.