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She moves in on a Thursday.

The left side of the room has been empty for close to two weeks and Laura was starting to wonder if the Office of Student Affairs was ever going to send her a new roommate. Not that she would be terribly opposed to that. Having the room to herself has some certain…advantages.

She’s in the middle of a lit assignment when the door swings open. She jumps and her head swivels. Standing in her doorway, doused completely in bright orange light from the weird hallway light show happening, is a girl just a few inches taller than herself. She’s carrying a duffel bag across her shoulder, which she drops almost immediately after she crosses the threshold of the room. She’s got a scowl on her face and her only greeting is a casual eyebrow raise in Laura’s direction. She walks to the empty bed and sits. She bounces up and down a few times, a semi-satisfied look crossing her face. Laura stares. The girl is paying no attention to Laura. So she clears her throat and the girl’s eyes finally meet hers. They’re dark – like the rest of her. She’s wearing all black. From her tied t-shirt down to her ridiculously impractical leather pants. Laura raises an eyebrow. “And you are?” It comes out harsher than she intends and the girls own eyebrows raise in surprise. Her arms are at her sides, palms face down on the bed. Her shoulders push together as she leans forward. She tilts her head toward Laura. She licks her lips, her eyes traveling the length of Laura’s body. Laura shifts. She’s wearing only a loose green tank top, her bra off after a long day and flung somewhere across the room, and short athletic shorts. Her hair is piled up on top of her head in a bun, leaving most of her skin exposed. Every inch of it feels the intense heat of the girls stare. Her eyes finally return to Laura’s.

“Carmilla. I’m your new roommate, sweetheart.” Her mouth curls around the word sweetheart and the last syllable is dragged. It sounds filthy, like it’s been dragged through dirt before landing on her tongue. Her voice is low and guttural, raspy in the best way. Laura gives her a tight smile and a nod, her curiosity satisfied for the time being, before turning back to her computer. Carmilla makes a tsk noise with her teeth.

“Not going to introduce yourself cutie? Where’s your manners?” She drawls and Laura clenches her teeth. This assignment is due in two hours and it’s still not perfect. She doesn’t have time for this. She sighs.

“I’m Laura.” She responds shortly, once again returning her attention to the bright computer screen in front of her. Carmilla eyes still don’t leave her.

The stare is…unsettling to say the least. Laura feels like Carmilla is attempting to burn holes through the back of her head with only the intensity of her gaze. She feels the piercing gaze for a few more moments before the girl stands. Laura watches her in the reflection of her computer screen. She leans down over her duffel bag. She digs something out of it which she proceeds to shove into her back pocket (and Laura is most certainly not watching the curve of her legs as she bends over) before walking out of the door without a second glance.

She forgets to shut the door.


The first few days of living with Carmilla teach her quite a bit about her new roommate.

First, she has no concept of personal boundaries. Her things always end up on Laura’s side of the room and Laura makes a show of kicking the dirty pants and flannels across the floor and back onto their proper side. Carmilla, generally, sneers behind whatever book she’s got covering her face whenever Laura makes that signature huff of annoyance.

Secondly, she has no sense of shame whatsoever. She walks around, completely topless, for much longer than necessary following her showers. She walks out of the bathroom, her hair still dripping wet, clad only in whatever pair of probably dirty pants she decided to recycle that day and a nearly see through black lace bra.

(Of course, Laura doesn’t watch as water drips from the ends of her hair and trickles down to disappear between the swells of her breasts. That would be incredibly inappropriate.)

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, she is remarkably unpleasant. She’s grumpy all of the time. She sleeps at the strangest hours. She sneers whenever Laura makes an attempt at pleasant conversation. She steals Laura’s hot chocolate and doesn’t even ask. Laura swears it’s like this girl was raised in barn. And she was the one talking about manners the first time they met!

Honestly, Laura would have preferred the half of the room stay empty.

She does her best not to think about Carmilla very much at all. Her strategy toward life tends to be to keep her mind clear of any unpleasantness and her roommate certainly falls into that category.

It’s the Friday after Carmilla has moved in and she’s sitting in front of her mirror, carefully applying mascara to her eyelids. Carmilla is sitting on her bed, carefully chewing on one of Laura’s stolen cookies. Laura can see her in the reflection of the mirror. She’s dressed in all black, as she normally is, and she’s paying Laura no attention. They’re silent – as they usually are because despite Laura’s few attempts at pleasant conversation, Carmilla doesn’t seem very interested in speaking to her. She finishes off her makeup with one last flick of the mascara wand and she stands from her seat. Carmilla still doesn’t look up. Laura turns tentatively. She clears her throat. No response. She tries again, louder this time. Still nothing. She tries one last time. Finally, Carmilla looks up from her book, aggravation written on her face. “Do you need something?” She asks shortly and Laura internally curses herself for trying to talk to her at all. She shifts her body weight onto her left foot, crossing her right foot over it.

“I was just wondering if you were planning on doing anything tonight?” Laura asks. Carmilla lowers the book down into her lap now. She looks up at Laura with a raised eyebrow, her eyes once again scanning the length of her body. Laura shifts. Carmilla meets Laura’s eyes and she smirks.

“Why, you got an offer for me cutie?” And that tone from the first night is back and Laura feels a flush creeping up her cheeks. She shakes her head.

“No, sorry, I’m going out with Danny tonight.” She pauses and makes eye contact with Carmilla, whose face has dropped slightly though she still manages to look completely disinterested. Carmilla doesn’t ask who Danny is but Laura feels compelled to say, “She’s my girlfriend. In case you were curious about who she is. She’s the one in like, all of the pictures I have on the wall.” She rambles and the only noticeable reaction from Carmilla is the small raise of the corner of her upper lip.

“Fantastic. Want me to throw you a pride parade?” She snarks and Laura rolls her eyes. She sighs.

“No. I was just trying to tell you something about me so we could start, I don’t know, getting to know each other. Like roommates are supposed to.” Laura explains. Carmilla picks her book back off of her lap. She looks at Laura, eyes narrowing as if she’s examining her. Their eyes connect and when they do, it seems like there’s no shield across Carmilla’s eyes this time. They’re not warm and inviting by any means but they are less...guarded. If Laura squints, she swears she can see the ghost of a smile beginning to pull at the corners of her lips. Laura is the first to look away when her phone vibrates in her back pocket. She pulls it out, a blush strangely creeping up her neck. It’s Danny, telling her that she’s waiting downstairs. She types out a quick, ‘I’ll be right down’, before glancing back to Carmilla who is now looking back down at her book, no trace of a smile. Laura sighs. She turns to leave the room, pausing just before exiting. “Have a good night, Carmilla.” She says. No response.


She’s profoundly annoying. It’s her only distinguishing quality as far as Carmilla is concerned. She’s the human equivalent of a fly hitting a light bulb. She’s passive aggressive (if the post it notes attached to the grape soda that say, in all capital letters ‘MINE’ are any indication) and easy to rile up, which is one trait Carmilla really enjoys taking advantage of.

She’s ridiculously possessive over her only slightly better than subpar hot chocolate and extremely unhealthy chocolate chip cookies. Carmilla finds the easiest way to get a reaction out of her is to sip, loudly, a stolen cup of coco while the other girl is in the room. It makes her nose wrinkle and her cheeks flush an irritating shade of red.

Carmilla finds, very early in their cohabitation, that her naked body makes the other girl extraordinarily uncomfortable. She twitches anxiously and her eyes start to jump, her attempts to look anywhere but at Carmilla are painstakingly obvious.

She does it accidentally the first time.

She’s running late for her art lab and she doesn’t know Laura’s schedule. She rushes out of the bathroom following her shower without a shirt on and Laura makes a squeaking noise that has Carmilla freezing in her tracks. She’s moving slower now, making a show of getting a clean shirt from the wardrobe, occasionally glancing back to find Laura diverting her eyes. She doesn’t comment, enjoying the way Laura’s cheeks flush and her brow furrows as she walks slowly back into the bathroom, deciding to leave the door open while she puts her shirt on.

She starts to do it purposely after that.

As annoying and pestering as the girl might be, Carmilla can’t deny the twinge between her legs that she feels whenever Laura’s eyes hover for too long on the line of her cleavage.

Personality aside, Carmilla can’t deny that the way she wears those prissy little button ups has her imagining what it would be like to tear them off of her. To figure out what’s beneath all of those layers she hides underneath. She got a glimpse that first night when all she was wearing was that tight tank top that left very little to her imagination and shorts so short they may as well have been underwear.

(That night, when her hand drifted down beneath the band of her underwear, she imagined everything she would do if she got those little shorts off of her).

She’s familiar with this – the physical attraction. The desire to brush her hand across a girl’s bare stomach. The need to feel warmth and tightness around her fingers. She’s no stranger to lust. It’s just never burned so bright when she’s been in such close quarters with someone so…unavailable.

(Well, almost never).

She knows Laura’s taken. She’s known that since the moment she decided to snoop through her side of the room when she was out. There are enough pictures of her kissing the cheek of some gargantuan red head that her relationship status is rather easy to surmise.

She know it ought to stop her – lusting over a girl she can never fuck always leads to trouble. She convinces herself that she doesn’t need to touch her but then, then she’ll bend over in front of the wardrobe and Carmilla will remember, all over again, why she felt like this in the first place.

Her stomach drops when Laura tells her that she’s going out with Danny. She assumes that’s the name of the redhead in all of the pictures. As soon as Laura leaves the room, Carmilla’s book is face down on her bed and she’s walking over to Laura’s side of the room. She climbs onto Laura’s bed, staring up at the pictures of Laura and Danny. Her nose wrinkles. She’s not even that attractive anyway. Laura could do better. Carmilla’s sure that the obvious height difference makes it hard for Danny to kiss her, to touch her. But those long fingers….they probably do wonders. Carmilla bites down hard on her bottom lip, a feeling bubbling deep in her stomach that she’s not very familiar with. She imagines, somewhat unwittingly, Danny having to lean down to kiss Laura’s neck. Laura having to stand on her tip-toes to give Danny a proper kiss. Danny lowering herself, resting on her knees, her nose nuzzling into Laura’s bare stomach before she lifts Laura’s leg over her shoulder and starts to use her mouth as a weapon. A growl escapes her mouth then and she realizes why the image is bothering her so much.

She wants to be the one kissing Laura’s neck. She wants to be the one sinking down to her knees in front of Laura, gripping her ass with her thin fingers while Laura writhes and moans above her.

Her next exhale is shallow and shaky and she leans back on her knees. Her heart is racing and now that she’s not staring at pictures of Laura and her overgrown babysitter, the smell from Laura’s bed begins to run through her. It’s fruity. It smells of lavender and vanilla and exactly like the air after Laura brushes past her. A shiver goes down her spine. Her eyes are closed and her legs fold out from underneath her. There’s pulsing between her legs as her imagination takes her into a world where she’s the one in this bed next to Laura, giving her orgasm after orgasm. She licks her lips and she feels wetness pooling in her underwear. She looks behind her. The door is closed. With a long, shaky sigh, she reclines so her head is resting against Laura’s yellow pillow, her smell seeping into every one of Carmilla’s pores. She’s overwhelmed by it in the best way possible. Her knees rise up and one of her hands drags down her own body until reaches the button on her pants. She undoes it and within seconds, her hand is underneath her underwear, her fingers dipping into the wet warmth to find her clit, which reacts immediately by sending sparks of pleasure up through her. She rubs it slowly, her mind beginning to put together a picture of Laura between her legs, teasing her with light kisses to her inner thigh. Her fingers speed up as her fantasy continues with Laura fucking her hard with her fingers and her mouth sucking her clit with enthusiasm. Her breath is shallow and tiny, quiet moans are coming from her mouth the harder she rubs. Her teeth are clamped down on her bottom lip, her hips arching upward. She’s close. She grinds down against her own fingers once, twice, three times until the friction she’s created comes to a head in an explosive orgasm punctuated by Carmilla’s loud moan of “Laura.


Danny insists on walking Laura to her door after their date. She’s a little drunk and she can’t keep her hands off of her. Her hand is running up and down Laura’s side, her face falling and resting on the side of Laura’s forehead. She kisses her temple. Laura is biting down on her lip, willing the elevator to move faster. Danny’s giggling into her ear. The elevator finally stops at the 5th floor, the doors flinging open. Danny leads them out, pulling Laura quickly out of the doors. As soon as they’re out of elevator completely, Danny pins Laura back against the wall. Her arms are positioned next to her head and she leans down to kiss her. Their lips are barely connected for more than a moment before Danny pulls away. “Wait…you have a roommate now. Is she here?” She asks and Laura sighs internally. The last thing she wants to be thinking about right now is Carmilla. She leans up off of the wall.

“I’ll check.” She’s over at her own door in seconds. She turns the knob. It’s locked. Her roommate is either out or asleep. She mentally crosses her fingers as she turns the key in the door for the former. The lights are off when she opens the door. She flicks them on. No sign of Carmilla. She lets out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. She turns back to Danny, who is waiting with wide eyes, and she gestures toward the door. “Coast is clear.” She says and within seconds, Danny is crashing into her, backing her up so quickly they nearly bump into the shelf in front of her bed. Laura laughs but it’s quickly swallowed as Danny’s lips cover hers completely. Her hands are drifting up Laura’s shirt, feeling every inch of her bare skin. The back of Laura’s knees hit her bed and she falls down on it, Danny landing on top of her a few moments later. Their lips are connected again and Laura leans up, attempting to keep their mouths together while Danny’s hands pull her shirt up. Laura breaks the kiss just long enough for Danny to pull the shirt over her head. It’s cast across the room somewhere, and in the back of Laura’s mind she wonders if it lands on Carmilla’s side of the room. The girl would probably have a lot to say about that. Danny leans back on her knees and Laura rises to her own, gripping the back of Danny’s neck with her hand. Their mouths connect again and this kiss is slower, more passionate. Danny’s tongue takes its time exploring her mouth, as if it hasn’t spent months occupying it. Danny’s hands are snaking around Laura’s back to unhook her bra. It doesn’t take her more than two tries. She pulls the straps carefully down Laura’s shoulders and Laura drops her hand from Danny’s neck. Their mouths separate but Danny’s immediately connects with the crook between the base of Laura’s neck and the top of her shoulder. She smatters kisses across Laura’s now fully bare shoulder as she pulls Laura’s bra off completely. Danny discards it, her hands rubbing up and down Laura’s arms. Her lips are still attached to Laura’s shoulder. Laura throws her head back, exposing more skin for Danny to kiss. She immediately takes advantage. She kisses up Laura’s neck, pausing just below her pulse point, paying extra attention to that spot of skin, taking it into her mouth and sucking hard. Laura whimpers. Her pants are still on and Danny has all of her clothes on. Laura shifts, just slightly, so her hands are on the pale skin of Danny’s lower back. She brushes her hands around so they grab slightly at Danny’s hips. Danny’s lips are still on her neck and she wants the girl to pull back, just for a second, so she can finally get Danny’s fucking shirt off.

It takes a few tries but finally, Danny’s shirt joins Laura’s on the ground and her bra quickly follows. Danny pulls Laura close to her, their breasts pushed up against each other. Danny cradles Laura’s face, kissing her gently. The kiss is slow and languid and each time Laura tries to speed it up, Danny brings it back down. Laura wants to growl in frustration. Danny loves to take it slow. To explore every inch of her. Normally, she loves it. Loves feeling worshipped. But tonight? Tonight she just wants her girlfriend to fuck her as hard she can. She can cherish her body later. After she’s covered it in hickeys and bruises.

Danny’s head lowers to take one of Laura’s nipples in her mouth and Laura’s moan is loud. Danny raises a hand and rubs the other nipple between her fingers, switching after a few moments. Laura’s hands entangle in Danny’s hair and after a few moments, Danny comes back up to Laura’s mouth and kisses her. “I love you.” She whispers against Laura’s mouth, smiling. Laura bites down on her lip.

“I love you too.” She responds, stifling a frustrated groan.

After a few (excruciatingly long) minutes, their pants are finally off and Danny is kissing down Laura’s stomach. Laura’s back is arched and she’s soaking wet now. She’s sure there’s a stain beneath her, she’s practically dripping. Danny kisses the tops of her thighs and around her public bone, up to her hips. She puts her mouth everywhere but where Laura wants it. Her breath is getting shallow, she’s so turned on and ready for release. Through breaths she says, “Danny, please.” Danny looks up with a smirk. Finally, finally, her mouth attaches to Laura’s clit, sucking it lightly once before letting it go to use her tongue to spread her open.

A finger is in her and she nearly screams. Danny’s mouth is back on her clit and she’s finally moving fast enough for Laura. Another finger is inside her now and a breathy, “Fuck.” Comes from her mouth as she grinds her hips down against Danny’s face. The pressure inside her is building quickly and she knows it won’t take much more for her to come. Danny’s got three long fingers working their magic now. She curls them up and Laura’s eyes widen. She throws her head back, her hands grasping desperately at Danny’s hair. “Fuck, Danny, I’m so close.” She yells and Danny curls her fingers upward again, this time pairing it with a well timed suck on her clit. Danny pulls her face away then but leaves her fingers where they are. She hovers just above Laura’s mouth, one hand pushing hair away from Laura’s forehead. Danny’s fingers are still pumping in and out of her. Her thumb is on her clit, rubbing it in fast circles.

“Come for me, Laura.” She whispers and Laura’s eyes clench closed. Danny leans down then and kisses her. It’s the taste of herself on Danny’s tongue that puts her over the edge. She moans loudly into Danny’s mouth as her orgasm flows her through her. Her body unclenches slowly as Danny pulls away from her mouth pulls her fingers out of her. She brings them up and brushes them across Laura’s lips. Laura’s tongue darts out, getting a taste of herself on Danny’s fingers. Laura opens her mouth then and takes one of Danny’s fingers in her mouth, going all the way down to the base and back up again, taking every drop of herself off of Danny’s fingers. She does the same with the other two and Danny is looking at her with lust blown pupils. Laura raises her eyebrows and takes advantage of Danny’s mesmerized state long enough to get between her thighs. Without even a thought, she pushes two fingers into Danny, whose eyes widen with shock and pleasure. She goes quickly, whispering into Danny’s ear how fucking gorgeous she looks when she’s about to come.

Danny’s orgasm comes quickly and she watches as Laura licks her off of her fingers.

She pulls Laura down next to her, bringing her in tight to her chest. She kisses Laura’s temple. “You’re the best girlfriend I ever could have asked for.” She whispers, sleep peppering her voice. Laura nods against Danny’s bare chest.

She doesn’t respond.


She leaves after her little….indiscretion. She can’t bear to look at Laura’s empty bed that she had just gotten off in. It seems incredibly desperate in hindsight. She had been overwhelmed, the smell of Laura taking over and making her do things she otherwise wouldn’t.

She doesn’t know where she’s going. It’s dark and while she knows the campus like the back of her hand, it’s still risky. She wanders, hoping to find anybody with alcohol that’s willing to share. She just needs something to help her forget….all of this.

She runs into a group of absent minded frat brothers that almost instantly start hitting on her. One of them sidles up next to her, taking a strand of her hair around his finger. She glares so harshly she’s sure she could have frozen hell over. He backs off but still offers her a drink from his flask. She glances at it skeptically. She knows the dangers of taking drinks from strangers but she needs to be out of her own head. She’s willing to take a risk. She takes a long swig from the flask before handing it back to the dumfounded frat boy, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She raises an eyebrow at him, “Is there a party or not?” She asks harshly, bite infused in every word. The frat boy just stares back at her dumbfoundedly. “Then why aren’t we moving, bro?” She curls the last word around her tongue with considerable contempt. He starts to move and Carmilla keeps pace with him. He tries to strike up conversation but Carmilla shuts him down with a quick wave of her hand.

She hears the bumping of the bass before she sees the moving bodies. The moment she’s through the door (no charge of course, her tight black pants do more than just make her ass look good) she ditches the frat asshole and makes a beeline for the keg. She’s able to move quickly through the line, flashing a flirty smile to a few boys she has no interest in speaking to, and she fills her cup. She chugs it and fills it again while she’s still at the front of the line.

She’s four beers and three tequila shots into the night when her vision starts to get blurry. She’s dancing with a blonde sorority girl she’s never seen before, her hips moving against her in time with the thumping bass. Her hands on the exposed skin above the girl’s jeans. Her mind is anywhere but with Laura for the first time since she moved in.

They go back to the girls (Elsie, she thinks her name is) room. Carmilla’s got her hand down her pants and Elsie’s begging for it within minutes.

She makes the other girl come four times that night, each time, Carmilla’s imagination taking her to a place where the moan above her is an octave higher.

She sneaks out before the run rises. She thinks (or hopes, rather blindly) that all she needed to do was get laid to get her annoying roommate out of her head. She’s just been sexually frustrated and it’s not the other girl she wants, it’s sex.

She isn’t quiet when she comes into the room, nearly knocking into something when she does. Her eyes are immediately drawn to Laura’s side of the room where her tiny brunette roommate is curled into a giant redhead. Laura is facing her and they’re kissing as if they never heard her walk in the door. Her chest constricts and the feeling from last night bubbles through her again. She clenches her teeth and clears her throat. “Isn’t there normally some kind of formal notice when a porn-o is being shot in your place of living?” She remarks and Laura separates from Danny with a blush. She looks down at the sheets and pulls at them, making sure she and Danny are both covered. Carmilla just rolls her eyes. “Don’t mind me. Feel free to keep going, just let me get some popcorn first.” She says, sarcasm dripping from every word. She’s facing away from them and she hears the bed creak. She tries her hardest not to peek but she catches a glimpse of Laura’s bare skin in the picture frame above her bed. She watches the reflection as Laura sits up, the sheet slipping down just enough to reveal the top of her breast. A shiver runs down Carmilla’s spine. Laura’s covered again quickly and Carmilla averts her eyes. Her body isn’t Carmilla’s to view, no matter how much she clearly wishes that it was. She rustles through some things on her bed, her eyes scanning the length of it for anything that might keep her attention for more than a moment. Near the edge of the bed she spies a lacy pink bra is that is definitely not hers. A wicked smirk spreads across her face and she picks it up, dangling it off of her pointer finger. She turns around with a quick spin. Luckily, both Laura and Danny seem to have shirts on now and Laura is leaning into Danny, who has an arm around her shoulder. Carmilla ignores the twinge in her gut. She clears her throat and both of their eyes glance up to Carmilla. The bra is still hanging from her finger. She looks over to it, wrinkling her eyebrows. “Well, this is a little too pretty to be mine. Belong to one of you?” She asks and she sounds a little menacing Laura’s blushing and biting down her lip. She shifts, as if she’s going to stand, before she remembers she’s still not wearing any pants. Instead she huffs.

“That’s um….that’s mine.” She mumbles and there’s a swooping feeling in Carmilla’s stomach. She ignores it. She drops it back down on the floor.

“Wouldn’t have pegged you for a lace kind of girl, Hollis. Guess people can surprise you.” She says, moving toward the door. She pockets a few dollars that are laying on her desk. She’s in the doorway when she turns around and says, “Next time put a sock on the door.” She hears a groan as she saunters down the hallway.

She doesn’t close the door behind her.

She stands near the elevator, her heart rate climbing. Heat flows through her veins and her fists are clenched. Her breath is catching in her throat and she feels the overwhelming urge to punch something. The image of Laura tucked in close to Danny makes her quiver.

She’s jealous.

She’s so, incredibly jealous.

She wants to be the one to make Laura moan. To fuck her until her legs are jelly. She’s jealous that Danny gets to touch her in the way that Carmilla can only dream of.

But that’s all.

And she can get over that.


She’s on the bed reading a book, her very familiar snarl on her face when Laura walks in from her last class of the day. The floor is cluttered and she nearly steps on at least three different pairs of leather pants on her way to her desk. She carefully sets her book bag on the back of her chair. She notices that the box of cookies sitting on her desk looks ransacked and she’s ready to turn around and tell Carmilla exactly where she should shove her – fingers when her phone starts to vibrate in her pocket.

She pulls the old Nokia flip phone out with quick fingers, answering with an exasperated sigh. “Hello?” She says and Carmilla is looking up from her book now.

Danny’s voice is on the other line. “Hey, you back from class?” She asks and Laura looks at Carmilla out of the corner of her eye. She’s looking back down at her book, a disinterested look on her face, but her head is tilted. She’s doing a rather poor job of pretending not to eavesdrop. Laura rolls her eyes. She sits on her bed, crossing her legs.

“Yeah. I just got in. Why, you want to come over and help me with some extra credit?” She teases, her eyes wandering to her roommate. The barest hint of a sneer ghosts over her face when Laura speaks but disappears so quickly Laura wonders if she even saw it at all. There’s laughter on the other side and it brings a smile to Laura’s face and grounds her back in the moment. God, she loves her laugh.

“With your roommate in the room? I don’t think so.” Laura’s expression sours and she shoots a glare to the girl who is once again enthralled in her readings, apparently having lost interest in Laura’s conversation. “I wanted to make sure you got in okay. There was an accident with one of the buses, toxic mushroom fumes were released into the air vents I guess, and I wasn’t sure how you were getting home so I wanted to check in.” Danny explains. Laura’s smile grows and she tucks her chin into her shoulder.

“I rode my bike today. I’m safe from any and all rogue alchemy club experiments, at least for the time being.” She responds and Danny breathes a sigh of relief that’s loud enough to register through the receiver.

“Good.” There’s silence for a moment before Danny speaks again, “The house is pretty empty right now…if you, you know, wanted to come over here and work on that extra credit.” Her voice is teasing and suggestive and it brings a blush to Laura’s cheeks.

“Yeah. I like the sound of that.” She says. “Want me to bring anything?” She asks, standing up, her free hand patting her back pocket, looking for her key.

“Just your beautiful face.” She says and it’s cheesy but it still makes Laura smile.

“I’ll be there in a few.” Laura replies and hangs up, her heart beginning to race just a little bit faster at the thought of spending some alone time with her girlfriend. Her phone buzzes just before she puts it back in her pocket. There’s a new text message on the screen that reads I can’t wait to touch to you. Show you all of the things I was thinking of doing to you during class. It’s signed with an xo and Laura’s flush creeps up from her chest. She bites down on her bottom and she begins to type out a response. Halfway through, she hears a scoff and the squeaking of the bed. She turns and sees Carmilla staring with a raised eyebrow. Laura sighs and rolls her eyes. “What?” She asks harshly and Carmilla shrugs.

“Red really isn’t your color.” She says and Laura can’t help but feel like she’s talking about more than just her blush. She turns and walks to the fridge, presumably to steal another one of Laura’s grape sodas. Flustered, Laura slips out of the room before Carmilla can turn around and say anything else.

She rides her bike to the Summer Society house and tries to shove any thoughts of her roommate from her mind.

She’s greeted with a passionate kiss as soon as she’s through the doorway. All thoughts of her broody, antisocial roommate are gone as soon as Danny’s tongue grazes her bottom lip and her hand slips underneath her shirt to brush her bare hip.

It’s not until later in the afternoon, when Laura is laying on Danny’s bed, hands gripping her dark blue sheets while Danny’s mouth works to bring her over the edge that Carmilla enters her mind again.

For some reason, the brunette is the one she pictures when the tension in the pit of her stomach is released and a loud moan of pleasure escapes her mouth.

When Danny emerges from between her legs, a grin on her face and Laura on her lips, she kisses her and pretends it never happened.


It’s incredible, how much time the redhead spends in their room.

The pangs haven’t gone away, if anything they’ve gotten stronger. Seeing Laura in various states of undress every day hasn’t been helping.

Danny is in their room almost every single day. She glares at Carmilla whenever Laura isn’t looking and Carmilla makes sure to glare right back.  Carmilla makes it clear that Danny’s presence is unwanted though Laura seems oblivious to the heated looks and barbed exchanges that occur between her girlfriend and her roommate. That or she’s incredibly good at ignoring it.

The jealousy bubbles underneath the surface of her skin at every moment. She wants, desperately, to reach out and grab Laura by the wrist and do everything she’s been imagining. The fact that she has a girlfriend is beginning to matter less and less. She just wants the feeling to go away.

She can’t get her out of her veins. She tries. She drinks herself stupid and forces herself to stay away from the room because she knows that if she goes back, she won’t be able to keep her hands to herself. She’s slept with more girls than she has in her whole lifetime in the few weeks that she’s lived with Laura. She’s willing to try anything to get the annoying little brunette out of her head.

But Laura isn’t making it easy for her. Carmilla knows she isn’t doing it on purpose but their banter….it reels her in every time. Carmilla won’t deny that sometimes, she does things that she knows will annoy Laura just to see her face burn bright red and scrunch up while her fists clench. She’s still passive aggressive but she’s much more…vocal about her concerns now and the way her voice raises sends shivers down Carmilla’s spine. She’s attracted to every inch of her, no matter what mood she’s in.

Most days, she’ll rile Laura up and then need to retreat into the bathroom to….calm herself down. It’s a horrible cycle, one she desperately wants to break, but she knows that it won’t stop until she gets…just a taste.

It’s a Saturday night and Danny is reclining on Laura’s bed. Laura is sitting in front of her computer, typing furiously away at her keyboard. Carmilla has a book in front of her face but every few moments, she peeks over the top of the book and watches the way Laura’s lithe fingers move across the keys. She bites down hard on her lip to prevent a moan from escaping her lips. It seems that every time her eyes flit up, Danny’s eyes move over to her. They narrow and Carmilla sneers.

Carmilla gets a kind of sick satisfaction from knowing that clearly, Danny sees her as a threat or there would be no need for the harsh glares. A smug smile settles on her face and Danny shifts so she’s sitting up next to Laura. Carmilla watches from the corner of her eye. Danny’s hand is dancing on Laura’s bare arm but Laura’s attention hasn’t shifted away from her screen. She mumbles, “Danny, I’m almost done.” From the corner of her mouth and Danny sighs. Carmilla snickers. Now Laura’s concentration breaks and she glares over at Carmilla.

“Don’t you have buddy you could be studying with right now?” She asks, the quotations around the words buddy and studying overwhelmingly obvious in her tone. Carmilla smirks.

“Oh no, I’m good here.” She comments, her attention not diverting from the page. Danny’s huff is loud and Carmilla’s smirk only grows. Carmilla vaguely hears Laura whisper something along the lines of ‘Just ignore her, I’ll talk to her later’. Carmilla’s smirk falls just slightly. She hears the sound of a kiss and her smirk falls completely. She makes a gagging noise. They both ignore her.

Danny leaves the room twenty minutes later, after a few more well timed gags and scoffs. Laura and Danny linger in the doorway for a few moments, kissing each other goodbye. Carmilla hears Laura say goodbye and fires her own, “Have fun climbing your beanstalk, Jack.” Which was met with a glare from both parties. Danny says a final goodbye to Laura and then Carmilla hears the door slam. Her grip on the book she’s holding tightens. She hears Laura take a deep breath.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Laura explodes and Carmilla bites back another smirk. She slowly lowers the book and puts it down on the bed. She shifts so her legs are dangling off of the bed. She shrugs her shoulders.

“You’re going to have be a little more specific, cupcake.” She responds and Laura groans, her shoulders falling. Her head falls back in a show of frustration.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about Carmilla. Danny is my girlfriend. I have every right to have her in the room and she deserves to feel comfortable while she’s here.” Her hands have moved up to her hips now and Carmilla’s tongue darts out of the corner of her mouth. She licks the corner. Carmilla brings her shoulders in and leans forward.

“Sorry, I just can’t help myself. She really makes it incredibly easy.” Carmilla comments and she tries to sound as nonchalant as possible. Carmilla watches as the muscles of Laura’s face tense. Her lips fold into her mouth, creating one straight line, and her nostrils flare. Carmilla’s stomach swoops. There’s color creeping up into Laura’s cheeks and Carmilla knows she’s got her riled up now.

“Listen! This was my room first. And Danny is my guest. You have to start being nicer to her or find somewhere else to read your philosophy books.” Laura exclaims and Carmilla feels her heart sink. Her fingers clench the sheets of the bed and her eyes close tightly. A slow shiver spreads down her back. The words have to echo through her brain, the voice morphing from Laura’s sweet one into a lower pitched, hoarse one.

“How old are you, five? The ‘I was here first’ bullshit is a moot point when you live in a dorm. In case you haven’t noticed there are two beds in this room and this one belongs to me. I have as much say in what goes on in here as you do and if I have a problem with your girlfriend sitting pretty on your bed all of the time, then I’ll damn well make it clear.” Carmilla’s voice rises as she speaks to Laura and Laura seems taken aback. Carmilla knows it’s because she’s never given Laura’s complaints the time of day. Usually she shrugs them off with a sarcastic comment or a snort but she can’t let this one go. She can’t.

“Danny’s my girlfriend and I want her here. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask that you at least be civil to her. Or just pretend she’s not even here. I’m sure we’d both be okay with that.” Laura retorts and Carmilla rolls her eyes.

“She takes up half of the oxygen in the room whenever she takes a breath. The feeling of running out of air is a little difficult to ignore.” She looks Laura in the eye and raises a quick, disapproving brow. “Though I suppose it’s a feeling you’re probably used to. I’m sure she sucks all the air out of you when you’re lip locked.” Laura scoffs and takes a step closer to Carmilla, her hands resting on her hips.

“Like those study buddies of yours don’t deplete your oxygen supply?” She shoots back and Carmilla lowers herself so her feet are on the ground. She doesn’t stand up yet.

“But I never bring them back here. I, at least, have the decency to screw them where nobody can walk in.” Carmilla spits the word screw at Laura and Laura’s jaw clenches.

“We weren’t doing anything when you walked in. You were out when we came back. I apologized for that.” She responds and she has the decency to look a little embarrassed.

“Yeah, I remember your little grumbled apology where you couldn’t look me in the eyes. Really great. I absolutely believed you were being genuine. Keep it up and you might reach the level of the ‘designer’ watch your girlfriend gave you.” Carmilla gestures to the bulky thing hanging off of Laura’s wrist. Her hand quickly covers it.

“I don’t care about labels. It’s the thought that counts.” Carmilla snorts.

“She shouldn’t be buying you knockoffs and trying to pass it off as real, sweetheart. Makes you wonder what else she could be faking.” Carmilla teases and the color floods into Laura’s face.

“That is….that’s none of your business!” Laura exclaims and Carmilla is on her feet now. Laura’s only a foot in front of her and she stares as Carmilla slowly lifts herself off of the bed. Her eyes are wide and Carmilla suddenly feels everything all at once. Her anger at Laura’s earlier words begin to morph back into the desire she’s very much used to feeling when she looks at Laura. Laura’s flush spreads across the length of her neck and into her cheeks. The redness brings a familiar twinge back between her thighs.  Carmilla bites on the corner of her lip. They’re standing just a few inches apart and Carmilla swears she can see flecks of gold in the irises of Laura’s eyes. Carmilla stares into them. Laura’s back is the wardrobe and Carmilla’s eyes travel down to Laura’s lips. She’s fixated on them as Laura pulls her bottom lip between her teeth. Carmilla’s breath hitches. She takes a step toward Laura.

“Cutie, you made it my business the second you decided to fuck your girlfriend in here, when you knew I could walk in at any second.” Another step. Laura takes a step back. “Did that turn you on? The thrill of knowing you could get caught?” Laura swallows and Carmilla smirks.

“W-what are you doing? This isn’t what this is about. This is about Danny and why you seem to be jealous of her!” Laura exclaims and Carmilla pauses. Her eyes travel the length of Laura’s body. Laura’s hands open and slide down from her hips, wiping her palms on the side of her dress. Carmilla watches the movement. Her eyes flit back up and meet Laura’s own. Her pupils are blown wide and something in Carmilla snaps. She takes another few steps toward Laura and Laura keeps moving back. Within seconds, Laura is backed against the wardrobe and Carmilla’s hands are on either side of her head. Carmilla leans in. Carmilla can feel Laura’s breath against her face. Carmilla’s hand moves off of the wall and she tucks a few strands of hair behind Laura’s ear. Carmilla keeps her eyes locked on Laura’s. She waits for Laura to move away. To tell her that she’s uncomfortable. To tell her that she wants Carmilla out of her space. But she doesn’t. Carmilla’s head shifts and her mouth hovers right next to Laura’s ear. She whispers,

“Maybe I am jealous. Jealous of how she gets to kiss you.” Carmilla plants a light kiss on the lobe of Laura’s ear. She can hear Laura’s breath hitch. “Maybe I’m jealous of the way she gets to touch you.” Carmilla’s hand drags through Laura’s hair and down to her shoulder. “Jealous because she’s the one who gets to hear what you sound like when you’re just about to finish.” She kisses the base of Laura’s jaw. Carmilla shifts her body and pushes one of her thighs between Laura’s open legs. Laura makes an audible gasp. Carmilla smirks. She’s at the side of Laura’s mouth now. “She gets to see all of the best parts of you. Of course I’m jealous of her.” Her voice is husky and low. She catches the corner of Laura’s mouth in kiss. Laura turns her head and her lips collide with Carmilla’s own.

Laura’s lips are soft and they taste like the cookies Carmilla steals from her desk.

The kiss isn’t soft but it’s everything Carmilla had imagined it would be. One hand buries itself in Laura’s hair and the other slides down Laura’s arm and grips her hip. Laura bites down on Carmilla’s bottom lip and in turn, Carmilla grinds her hips down against Laura’s. Laura is still sucking on Carmilla’s bottom lip and Carmilla moans into her mouth. Laura’s hands are on the backs of her shoulders and she’s kissing back with fervor Carmilla had only been able to imagine.

Their lips separate for a moment and Carmilla fears that Laura’s realizing what she’s done. Instead, through heaving breaths she says, “Bed, now.”


Laura’s head is foggy the second Carmilla backs her up against the wardrobe. It seems like every ounce of morality she possesses has flown out of the window. She forgets about Danny and the reason they were having this argument in the first place. Carmilla’s in her space and suddenly, her smell is everywhere. Her perfume is permeating the air and it’s intoxicating.

She never expected this.

Danny told her that Carmilla was attracted to her. Laura didn’t believe it. There was no way her broody, insensitive roommate was attracted to her. If anything, she’s sure that Carmilla hates her, judging by the sarcastic and biting responses she often gets to her attempts at extending the olive branch.

But. She did stare. A lot. And maybe Laura got a bit of a thrill out of seeing Carmilla’s eyes widen and rake up and down her body when she walked out of the steamy bathroom in nothing but a towel. But it didn’t mean anything. She wasn’t attracted to Carmilla. And Carmilla was not attracted to her. She had her barrage of study buddies to keep her occupied.

So Laura shrugged Danny’s concerns off, shutting her girlfriend up with a kiss and a promise that there’s no way she would ever, ever betray Danny.

And yet.

Here she is, backed up against a wardrobe, with Carmilla planting light lines of kisses against her jaw.

She isn’t even thinking of Danny. All she can think about is how warm Carmilla’s mouth feels against her skin and the shakiness she feels in her knees. Carmilla mouth catches the side of her own and Laura’s head turns on its own accord. Their mouths meet and Laura sees stars.

Carmilla’s mouth is warm and hot on hers and Laura thinks she’s never been kissed more thoroughly in her life. She takes Carmilla’s bottom lip between her teeth, fighting Carmilla for power and control.

She’s wrapped up, completely. Her hands are resting on Carmilla’s shoulders and Laura just wants to be closer. She’s sure if it were possible, she would let Carmilla consume her just to be closer to her.

The kiss is broken and Laura knows that she should take this opportunity and she should leave. She should break free from the (surprisingly) light hold that Carmilla has on her and she should run. She should go find Danny and tell her how much she loves her. But she can’t. All she sees when she pulls back is Carmilla’s eyes and the lightness that’s shining through them and she doesn’t want to be anywhere but there. She takes the moment to lean up and whisper exactly where she wants to take this: over to the bed.

Carmilla doesn’t let go of her and she wonders if Carmilla thinks she’s going to leave. She isn’t.

Carmilla backs them up until they’re next to Laura’s bed. Carmilla wastes no time in pushing Laura back onto and Laura squeaks. Laura is lying flat on the bed and Carmilla is straddling her, her thighs tightly hugging her hips. Laura’s hands immediately find Carmilla’s hips as Carmilla bends to kiss her lips. The kiss is hard and fast and Laura presses her fingers against the protruding bone of Carmilla’s hip, which elicits a moan from the girl hovering above her. Carmilla drags her mouth away from Laura’s and attaches it to the base of her throat. She bites, gently, and Laura whimpers. Carmilla pulls back and sits up on the base of Laura’s thighs just long enough to pull her own shirt over her head. She discards it and Laura sits up, attempting to undo the zipper of her own dress. Carmilla shakes her head. “Oh no. I’ve spent too much time wondering what it would be like to undress you to waste the opportunity.” And for a split second, Laura is afraid that she’s going to be like Danny. That she’s going to want to take her time and that’s not what she wants out of this. She wants Carmilla to go fast and to just give her what she wants.

Her fears are, clearly, unfounded, as Carmilla yanks the zipper of the dress down and nearly breaks it off completely. Laura laughs as Carmilla moves off of her lap so Laura can sit up onto her knees. “Careful. You’ll have to buy me a new one if you break it.” Carmilla growls and takes Laura’s face between her hands.

“Do you ever shut up?” She says before connecting their lips again, Laura’s squeal swallowed by Carmilla’s lips. Carmilla’s hands drift down to the hem of Laura’s dress. Her hands drag up the sides of Laura’s thighs and the dress bunches around her wrists as she does. Her hands never leave Laura’s skin as she drags the dress up and off of Laura’s body. She throws it somewhere and her hands snake around to Laura’s back. Laura’s own arms rise and rest on Carmilla’s shoulder and she arches her back so they’re closer to each other. Carmilla tries to make quick work of Laura’s bra but as Carmilla’s fingers graze Laura’s back, she realizes that she can feel them trembling. Was Carmilla nervous? The thought alone was pretty…endearing. She gets the clasp undone on the third try and pulls it off of Laura’s arms with as much smoothness as Laura’s ever encountered. Danny’s never been that good at getting her clothes off of her.

Laura’s hands wander back up to Carmilla’s shoulders and Carmilla lowers her head and bites at Laura’s collar bone. She licks the patch of skin in the middle of the middle of the bone before taking it into her mouth. She releases quickly and Laura’s grateful. That last thing she needs is to have to explain to her girlfriend why there’s a hickey in the middle of her chest that she definitely did not give her.

Carmilla’s mouth travels down the length of Laura’s torso, stopping for a few moments to pay extra attention to Laura’s nipples. Laura throws her head back when she feels Carmilla’s mouth on them, “Fuck, that feels so good.” She nearly yells and Laura can feel Carmilla smirking against her skin.

Carmilla keeps her mouth moving though, kissing down Laura’s bare stomach. Her hands follow suit. They drag around her back and underneath the band of her underwear. She squeezes and Laura whimpers. Carmilla’s head comes back up and she kisses just below Laura’s ear. “Lay down.” She whispers and Laura’s eye flutter closed. She nods and shifts, Carmilla’s hands pulling out of her underwear. As soon as Laura is horizontal, Carmilla is between her thighs. She’s kissing her hip bones and the tops of her thighs, her fingers working at pulling the underwear down her legs. Laura is bare open in front of her now and Carmilla wastes no time in putting her mouth on the spot that’s begging for it. A loud moan of pleasure escapes from Laura’s mouth and the more Carmilla’s tongue flits against her clit, the more she realizes that staying quiet is an impossibility. This just feels too good.

Carmilla doesn’t take her time. There’s a finger pushing inside her quickly and Laura’s hips push up. Carmilla puts her free hand on Laura’s hip, gripping it tightly. Another finger joins the first and Laura throws her head back against the pillow with a loud exclamation of, “Carmilla, fuck.”

One of her hands is gripping the sheets on her bed so tightly her knuckles are white. The other is woven in Carmilla’s hair. Her grip is tight and every so often, something will feel so good that she pulls. It makes Carmilla whimper but her tongue never stops moving. If anything, it speeds up whenever Laura’s hand constricts.

There’s sweat on Laura’s brow and every so often, her hips will rise and grind down against Carmilla’s face. Carmilla never tries to stop them. Her fingers move quickly and Laura’s loud, moans of pleasure continue to echo throughout the room. She’s wrapped up – completely. Her head is thrown back and her eyes clenched tightly closed in ecstasy. The tension is beginning to pool in her stomach and her grip in Carmilla’s hair tightens. Her hips rise. Carmilla curls her fingers upward and she’s tumbling over the edge, “Fuck, fuck, right there, god yes, Carm.” Are the words on her tongue as she has one of the best, most powerful orgasms of her life. Carmilla’s fingers work her through the orgasm and it’s only once Laura’s body has relaxed and sigh of content has escaped from her lips that she pulls them out. Through heavy lids, Laura watches as Carmilla puts her fingers into her mouth and takes every last drop of Laura off of them. Laura shifts so she’s reclining back against her elbows and she watches Carmilla. She’s still mostly clothed and her hair is a mess from Laura’s hands being raked through it but Laura swears she’s never seen her look so…..peaceful. There’s no guard around her eyes and her shoulders are relaxed. She thinks maybe Carmilla would be easier to get along with if she was like this all of the time.

“Think you can lend a hand or are you too blissed out?” Carmilla quips when she notices Laura staring. Laura laughs. She sits up and brings their mouths together in a kiss.

“I think I can help you out.” She says and this time, it’s her smirk that’s wicked.


Laura learns a few valuable things about her roommate that night.

Like what she looks like when she’s about to come.

And what she sounds like when she’s begging for Laura to keep touching her.

And how she looks just emerging from between Laura’s legs, cheeks flushed and grinning.

And just how lovely her own name sounds coming off of her tongue.


Carmilla wakes just before the sunrise. Her eyes flutter open and she’s greeted with the sight of caramel colored hair smattered across the pillow (and some pieces even in her mouth).

She fell asleep curled behind Laura. She remembers being too tired to go back to her own bed and Laura had told her, “We’ve just spent the whole night…..fucking. Falling asleep next to each other is hardly the worst thing we can do.” So she slept. She’d fallen asleep facing away from Laura but when she woke, her arm was around her waist and her face was buried in her shoulder. She shifts so she’s sitting up. Laura moves a bit in her sleep.

She looks down and she thinks that she really should feel bad. She’s just fucked somebody else’s girlfriend. Laura’s body was never hers to touch and she had done it anyway. She’d lost all self-control. She should feel guilty. But she doesn’t. All she feels is satisfaction and a little bit of something else she can’t quite place. Carmilla watches Laura, a soft kind of smile on her face. She moves a little in her sleep and grumbles something unintelligible. She thinks that maybe Danny’s lucky. She gets to wake up to that every morning.

After a few more sleepy grumbles and a toss and turn, Laura’s eyes begin to flutter open. Carmilla pulls the blanket up over her chest and crosses her arms. She watches Laura with careful eyes. Laura blinks sleep slowly from her eyes, an easy, well-rested look on her face. It morphs into one of panic when she spots Carmilla, still naked, in her bed. Carmilla watches the realization sink in. Laura sits up, grabbing the sheet and pulling it over herself. Carmilla raises an eyebrow. Laura’s eyes clamp shut. “Please tell me last night didn’t actually happen.” Carmilla’s heart drops.

“Sorry to disappoint.” She remarks and it doesn’t carry as much bite as she wishes it did. This shouldn’t bother her. This was just sex. Something she needed to do to get her roommate out of her head. It didn’t mean anything to either of them. And yet, it still feels like someone is digging their fingernails into her heart. Her eyes flit down to Laura’s covered torso.

“No need to cover up, cutie. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” She says with a smirk and Laura’s jaw clenches. She moves to stand and takes the sheet with her. She’s facing away from Carmilla.

“Oh this is not happening.” She murmurs, mostly to herself Carmilla thinks. “How could I let this happen?” She turns around then and points an angry finger at Carmilla. “How could you let this happen? You knew I had a girlfriend and you still pushed me back up against the wardrobe!” She exclaims and Carmilla leans forward.

You knew you had a girlfriend and you let me push you back up against that wardrobe anyway. Which one of us does that say more about, hm?” She says and she moves to stand up off of the bed. Her feet are on the ground and she stands in front of Laura, who is staring at something deliberately over her shoulder. Carmilla picks up a shirt, that’s she’s pretty sure is Laura’s, and pulls it over her head. Laura looks at her now.

“You’re a terrible person.” She practically spits and Carmilla’s jaw clenches. She doesn’t react. She shrugs and she pulls on a pair of underwear from her side of the room.

“So are you.” She replies and walks toward the bathroom. She slams the door but she still hears Laura’s loud sob as she does. Carmilla sinks back against the door, her head hitting the wood. She buries her face in her hands and tries to get rid of the twisting feeling in her gut. Laura’s last words echo through her head and her hands grip tightly at her hair. She hears Laura crying on the other side of the door.

This shouldn’t bother her.

It was just sex.

She thinks that maybe, if she keeps repeating that, she might believe it.

Eventually, Carmilla hears the tears stop and the slamming of a door. She stands up off of the bathroom floor and opens the door slowly. The room is empty. She steps out into it. It still smells like sex and Laura’s perfume.

Her heart skips a beat.