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Mee and Shee

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Mee danced by the water’s reflection, sky
covered with stars, land
covered with trees but her eyes
did not leave the one below,
who’s feet
tap tap tapped along in time.

Shee danced by the water’s surface, eyes
up up up up, reaching
for something to hold,
something solid and rich and bright.
But she met with water, cool
and unobtrusive.

Mee dug her feet in deeper, reaching
for the one below, who
blinked and winked and made
all manner of strange, lovely faces.
She felt nothing but sand and dirt for
many days until

Shee gave one final push and
up went Mee
and in went
colliding, transforming, filling in what
was already full, making space by pulling around
and pulling pieces


Shee danced under stars,
warm rich bright summer
around her,
and all was well.