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Grease Stains

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"I gave you the part of me. The only one that you could see. Tell me it doesn't mean a thing. Breath in Breath out. Some way, somehow. Say it all, say it now. Or don't say anything"
-Don't say anything, Sleeping With Sirens 

Chapter One - Grease Stains


"Iz, HEY IZZY" Sam pulls out my earbuds grabbing my attention. "The boss wants to talk to, like now."

"Where is he, did he say what for?" Aro never disrupts me while I'm working. He may seem like a big hard ass but those who know him well know he's got a soft side. He's also got a knack for designing the most elegant bikes. His boys work on the mechanics and I do the killer artwork.

"No he didn't say and he is waiting for you in his office." Sam walks away throwing his grease towel over his shoulder and continues working on the motor of our most recent bike. 

"Hey boss, Sam said you wanted to see me." Aro's office is what to be expected for a mechanic at heart. He's got parts and grease stains everywhere. His desk is covered in invoices and designs. He may be wicked at building kickass motorcycles, but his filing system - or lack thereof - have gotten us in trouble more than a few times. But he is the best there is so people keep coming back.

"Yeah I just got off the phone with a potential high profile client and he is coming by the shop later this week to take a look at some of our bikes here in the shop. I unfortunately have that family thing and won't be here."

"Okay, so why don't you reschedule  when you get back in town?" I stand in the doorway with a look of annoyance that I was stopped while I was in the middle of my work. I hate being interrupted.

"Look Iz I know you hate me right now but I need you to run the shop while my brothers and me are gone. This client is really important and I need you on your best behavior. You know the ins and outs of the shop better than anyone else here, do this for me and I'll get that new airbrush you keep hounding me about, ok?"

"You've got to be joking! I've been asking for this for eight months. I got you boss man!" To get my hands on that new brush I would do just about anything!

"Thank you Izzy."
With that I practically skipped my way back to my station. I could handle the guys and the shop for a few days no problem.

We did a lot of legit business here but every now and then the local family - the Blacks - would come in for repairs or custom paint job, the latter being the most frequent. Jacob came in here looking for a new design for his bike every few months. This month though he was getting his long time on again off again, girlfriend's bike repainted. I came up with a classic Rose and skull design. I knew Leah was gonna flip when she saw it, and as long as she doesn't piss Jake off again it would hopefully not be keyed up.

I walked in Thursday morning carrying my coffee and my cut throat "I'm the boss" look and waited for everyone to sit down. This meeting was going to piss a few of the old timers off, but this was business and Aro left me in charge. 

 "Alright listen up boys, the boss and his brothers may be out of town but I fully expect this place to run as smoothly as if they were all here. We have finishing touches on the Rose Skull bike and are assembling the Nightrider, where are we on the Manson bike?"
James cleared his throat and began giving me the specks for the Manson bike, it sounded like we might actually be ahead of schedule for once.

"Perfect, I like what I'm hearing. Now I'm gonna be out on the sales floor most of the day with a potential client if anything happens or you need an opinion or whatever, text my cell. Only call me if it is a complete 911 issue. With that lets get to work."

I stood and walked to the front of the shop where we kept some floor models and parts on display. Aro also had a portfolio of all my work, anything from sketches to bikes I designed. He was proud to have me on the team.

"Hey Jessica, I'm expecting a client to come in today can you let me know when they get here I'm going to do some organizing of Aro's paperwork." Jessica was the cheerleader type, but her uncle was Aro and she needed a part time job to pay for a prom dress or some shit. All she did was answer the phones and write down information or checked out customers buying parts. Simple job for the homecoming queen.

"Yeah sure will do Izzy." Attitude clear in her tone 
She was the basic popular girl type. Curled hair and fake long eyelashes. She always painted her nails while working or reapplying lip gloss. She wasn't the outright bitch type but she didn't like my somewhat "Alternative" look as she called it.

I wasn't super model skinny but I was slim and had curves that guys drooled over. I had long dark brown hair, that looked black at times. I wasn't tan even in the slightest. I had tattoos  on my arms and shoulders, nothing too elaborate but enough to show I wasn't a girly girl. My Daith piercing and industrial, made Jessica squirm every time I messed with them. It was a far cry from the girl currently painting her nails a bubble gum pink. EW.
About twenty minutes into trying to separate what was pointless food recites and actual part orders, Jessica came in.

"Izzy there's a dude in the front lobby looking for the boss." I waved my hand telling her I'd be there in a second.
When I made my way to the front I noticed a man about six foot tall peering through the bike portfolio.

"Good Afternoon sir, what can I help you with?" I stepped forward stretching my hand towards him.
He took it and continued looking at the designs while replying, "Hello, These bikes are incredible."

"I'll be sure to pass on the compliment" peering over I saw he was looking at the picture of my most prized possession.

"Ahh, sorry I got lost in these. My name is Edward, I was wondering if I could speak to Aro."

He was absolutely stunning, if you like the while color kind of type. He had long copper colored hair that didn't lay down flat and did it's own crazed look. His eyes were a deep emerald green and that damn smirk. Holy fuck he was HOT.

Putting all of this in the back of my mind I went straight to business. "Hi Edward, I'm sorry but Aro is out of town along with his brothers attending to some family matters. However I'm Izzy and I would be glad to show you some of our bikes and sit down and talk about what you are looking for in a bike." Damn I could be sales person I got this shit down.

"Out of town you say, hmm. Okay well as I told Aro on the phone this will be my first custom bike. I have a few classics that were passed down to me but I wanted to get a feel for something I could call my own, if you know what I mean."

"I do, in fact. Why don't I show you some of our floor models to get a feel for the look you are going for." I tried to keep a professional face and prayed he didn't catch the fault in my voice. I was never the type to go after someone so clean shaven - or really any guys for that matter, I kept to myself. It was better that way.

Taking him through our selection I talked about each of our bikes and the different specks on them, trying to speak in laymen terms as much as possible, I didn't want to get too technical and have things go over his head. He seemed to know his stuff though, which surprised me. He knew what motor he wanted and we soon came up with a basic mechanical blueprint of what he wanted.

"Alright so we have the groundwork for the bike, do you know design wise what you want?" This was my domain. I love building bikes don't get me wrong, but my passion was the look not the mechanics.

"I really like the look of the classics, you know the old Indian styles but I want something that pays homage to those but is also a new sleek version. Not all shiny chrome and what not but modern and clean. "

I could see where he was going with that and I was already coming up with a fantastic outline in my head. "I am pretty sure I know where you are going, how about I draw some designs up and I will call you when I have something for you look at and we can go from there."

He looked at me with a unknown face I couldn't read, "You are the one who painted those bikes, the portfolio, those are yours?" He looked amazed. What a girl can't make a kickass bike?

"Damn, you have some wicked talent Izzy, I can't wait to see what you come up with." There was that damn smirk again.

Giving him a raised eyebrow I answered his question, "Yeah all the works you looked at today I designed and painted."

"Here is my personal cell, call me if you need anything else from me or when you get those sketches done. Day or night, I want to see them as soon as possible." We shook hands and I walked him to the front door. 

I pocketed his number and went straight to work. This was going to be one our best bikes yet. I had a good feeling about this one.