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an easy workout

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 “Y-you’re sure about this, right?” Hibiki asks you, and you nod, reassuring her once again.

“Yeah, trust me. It’ll be fun for both of us, and you’ll burn all sorts of calories with this,” you tell her, and she smiles. It wasn’t hard to convince her of this, not when you mentioned how easy of a workout it would be, and how many calories she might burn. 

You’re not entirely wrong, you’re sure it’ll end up burning through more than simply sitting around, but that’s far from your main goal with this. But, that is how you get Hibiki tied up in your bed, spread eagle, with egg vibrators taped into place. There’s one on each of her nipples, and one shoved up her ass. A fourth one is on her clit, while you have a vibrating wand in hand for some added fun. 

“If you’re sure,” Hibiki adds, biting her lip. You can tell she’s still a bit nervous, and you lean in, kissing her. With your lips locked on hers, Hibiki eagerly moans into your kiss, already excited by all of this. You knew it wouldn’t take much, as you’ve discovered her ravenous appetite extends to sex as well. Hibiki is a very indulgent girl, which is why she works so hard to keep her figure.

Of course, you’ve never once thought her figure needed any help. Hibiki is absolutely stunning, and you’re lucky to be in a relationship with her. You just want to make sure she’s happy at any and all times, while having fun together. As you pull back, looking down on her, you can’t help smiling. It’s such a lovely sight, you’re gorgeous girlfriend spread out on your bed, vibrators in place.

“Are you ready?’ you ask, and Hibiki nods. 

“Yeah, go ahead!” and with that, you turn on the vibrators. With a remote control hooked up to the whole set, they all whirr to life, and Hibiki immediately tenses up. A quick moan escapes her, before she manages to shut her mouth. You know the silence won’t last long, not with how much she’s going to be stimulated. She strains against her bonds, already struggling beneath the toys’ intense vibrations.

You can’t help gawking, watching as your girlfriend succumbs to the intense pleasure rushing through her. She begins to whimper, to cry out, again and again, and as you listen to the sound of her arousal, you push up to the next setting. She looks at you, shocked that there’s more to go through. It seems she assumed that this was the highest setting, and as you turn the remote over, showing her how low the setting is, she gasps.

“Th-this is that low!?” she asks, and you nod. She shakes her head, completely shocked, but you simply raise it another level. She’s already being pushed to her limit, and in only a few more seconds, Hibiki is there. She cries out, practically a shriek of delight, as her body is pushed to the first of what will be many orgasms. This is going to be a fun night, going on until she finally calls for an end to it. She has a safe word, of course, if she can muster the energy to gasp it out over her endless pleasure.

You raise the setting every few minutes, watching as Hibiki struggles to keep up. Again and again, she is pushed past her limit, left crying out, gasping, struggling against the ropes that hold her in place as she climaxes. You can tell she’s getting tired after the third or fourth climax, but this is only just beginning. As you finally settle into the highest setting, and Hibiki can hardly keep still, and definitely can’t keep quiet, you seat yourself on the bed beside her. 

“Ready for more?” you ask, and Hibiki shakes her head frantically.

“N-no, this is too much,” she gasps, her voice cracking under the pressure. “I don’t know if I can handle more.”

“Don’t you want to push yourself?” you ask, and Hibki seems to pause. As much as she can, given the circumstances, that is. Slowly, you reach over, picking up the wand once more. “Think of how much more calories you’ll burn, once I start using this.”

That weak excuse isn’t much good right now, with Hibiki barely thinking about potential benefits. The pleasure that pulses through her is intense, overwhelming, and she can hardly think of anything else. By now, the bed is absolutely soaked beneath her, as her arousal seeps out. She’s dripping wet, perfect for what you have in mind. Slowly, oh so slowly, Hibiki nods. 

You turn on the wand, and gently press it against her cunt. She's wet enough that it likely wouldn't be hard to push into her, but you want to wait. To take this slow. Hibiki is already so close to another climax, her body now covered in sweat, and you want to take things slow and steady. Even this added external vibration is too much for the blonde, and she's crying out for you again. 

Her delicious moans of pleasure spur you on, you want to hear more of her losing control, more of her crying out in sheer carnal delight, so you gently press the tip of the wand into her. As the vibrating head pushes into her, Hibiki gasps. It's too much for her, far to much, and she's already there again.

With another climax crashing over her, Hibiki is beginning to reach her absolute limit. You can tell she's exhausted, but you press on. You begin thrusting the toy in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Hibiki is stammering, moaning, words proving far too difficult for her. You can tell she's overstimulated, feeling far body peak time and time again.

The way her muscles tense up every time, and the way she involuntarily pulls against her bonds, she really is getting quite the workout. She's exhausted, hardly able to stay conscious, but as you fuck her with the head of the wand, slowly, wearing down what final dregs of resistance she has left, Hibiki breaks one last time.

She groans, as a more intense orgasm than any before it crashes over her like a wave. With all of the eggs going full force, and you thrusting in and out of her with the wand, the climax seems to last and last. You watch her tremble, squirm, for several minutes, before she finally relaxes.

"Please," she begs, her voice barely a whisper, "That's enough, please…"

She seems so far gone she's forgotten the safe word, but you don't mind. You can tell she's had enough, and you pull back, reaching for the remote to turn off all of the eggs. 

"Told you it would be a good workout," you answer, and Hibiki groans. You work to untie her, then pull all the eggs back, and she stretches.

"Too intense for me," Hibiki answers, getting comfortable. "That was exhausting!"

You settle into bed with her, wrapping your arms around your girlfriend.

"We'll step it down a bit next time," you assure her, as Hibiki settles back against you. She's already fast asleep, smiling peacefully, and you wouldn't have it any other way.