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A kiss casually

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Ben Jie Ming had a set of rules in place for his standing lunch date with Luo Fei. No discussions about work, at least for the 30 minutes while they ate, and they took it in turns to bring food. It was a nice routine, even if Luo Fei didn’t always follow the rule about no work talk, and Ben kept the whole thing filed neatly away under ‘Luo Fei’ in his mental inventory.

As Luo Fei waved his hands around, illustrating a particularly amusing anecdote, his napkin, having been tucked neatly in his shirt collar, dropped to the floor. In the morgue, anything that fell to the floor certainly wasn’t useable, at least not until it had been thoroughly disinfected. Without looking up from his own meal, Ben lifted his own napkin from his lap and silently offered it to Luo Fei, held delicately between his fingers, his hand palm down.

Luo Fei reached out took Ben’s hand in one of his own, wrapping his fingers around both the napkin and Ben’s fingers. “Thank you, kind sir,” he said with a smile, leaning across the desk to plant a gentle kiss on the back of Ben’s hand.

Ben was fairly sure that wasn’t the right behaviour for the situation, but with Luo Fei, who knew? Luo Fei’s lips had been soft, and his beard had tickled slightly, but neither had been unpleasurable. His breath had been warm, and the whole thing – as brief as it was – had been almost comforting, as though it was a sign of affection and respect. It wouldn’t be... terrible to experience it again.

With a shrug, he picked up his chopsticks and continued eating his lunch. In his head, he updated the ‘Luo Fei ‘ file and wondered how he could make it happen again.