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Do What You Want (disowning)

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“Mr. Jeon, what’s your relation to Mr. Wen Junhui?” the prosecutor asked, inching closer to him as if that would coax the answer out of him.


Wonwoo maintained his cold and detached stare, as if he were speaking to his therapist.


“I was his partner.”


“And where were you on the night of July the seventeenth?” 


“I was at Mr. Kim’s penthouse in the upper east side. We were there for- well, what would you say? Dinner?” 


“Makes sense.” the prosecutor snorted, clasping his hands behind his back as he turned to face the jury. 


“Mr. Jeon, could you please walk us through the events chronologically. That is, if it isn’t too hard or traumatic for you to do so.” the man mocked. 


Whether he picked up on the prosecutor’s snide tone or not, no one knew. All anyone could see was the faint grin on his face, as if he were laughing in the face of doom. It was how he coped with everything.


“Well, to put everything into context and make your life easier, I’ll start with this. You see, before I was Mr. Wen’s partner, I was with Mr. Kim. Apparently he never got over me.


~ Months earlier ~


Working in public policy meant that he had to speak out of both sides of his mouth. Heck, he didn’t even believe in public policy. What right did the government have telling people what to do? Nevermind stealing tax money from them to pay for someone’s drug addiction or their retirement which they never saved up for? 


It shouldn’t have been something he had thought about considering he was in the heart of New York’s underworld. Though he was surprised he didn’t see any one lying out on the street. It was probably too wet for anyone to set up camp. That and the gangs ruled the streets at night. Of course there wasn’t any use in beating up homeless people or picking on stragglers. But that didn’t mean there weren’t sadistic people out there that didn’t think those things were fun.


Besides the fact that the neighborhood was now a ghost town and with the yellow lights shining from the street lamps down onto the asphalt made things look even more ominous. Everything gleamed after the rain, from the brick walls on the sides of buildings to the pipes and telephone wires that were strung overhead. It made him wonder why he chose to walk instead of take the train. Now that he thought of it. He didn’t even remember making the decision. 


His mind wandered back to the two conferences he had visited that night. The presentation he had given to a room full of businessmen had occurred earlier in the evening while the convocation of social workers had just gotten out. He took joy in scheduling them right next to each other. It made him feel as though he were cheating on his husband with another man after being with him only a few hours ago. 


Of course, he enjoyed going against his true beliefs. He liked putting on an act and fooling everyone. It may have boosted his ego but it also gave him a thrill, seeing all those social worker’s faces falter when he said that the people they claimed to serve and champion were really just lazy buffoons. He also liked switching it up sometimes and telling a conference room full of businessmen that the rent they were demanding was cruel and inhumane. He said everything just for the fun of it. Writing a one-hundred page report on the living conditions of tenants that could determine the livelihoods of hundreds of families? Just for the fun of it.


 Perhaps he did enjoy listening to the complaints of tenants who were upset about the lack of space or the musty smell in their apartment coming back. He took great joy in nodding and smiling while they went on and on about how there was lead in the water or how there was a mice infestation. He liked making people feel as though they were being listened to because in the end, they weren’t. 


Though overall, the only reason he became a public policy-maker was because he wanted to piss someone off, whether it be the greediest businessman who was looking to raise rent or buy real estate, or the self-righteous charity worker who sacrificed their entire life to the soup kitchen. He never did anything because he was passionate about helping others or because he was in love with helping himself. He did things because they amused him and lying to people amused him. Misery amused him. Everything negative may as well have.


Being the most pathetic human being was like being a middle finger in the face of life. For all he cared, life could go to Hell. If there was only one life to torturously live, he may as well make the most of it. And if that meant spending most of his life laughing, then so be it.


It was just when he smiled to himself that he heard a loud footstep splash into a puddle a few dozen feet behind him. If it were daytime he would have assumed it was a kid who ran through a puddle. Maybe it was an animal but he didn’t know any animals big enough in New York to make that hell of a splash. Either way, he didn’t increase his footsteps. That would have alerted whoever was following him. Not that he was afraid.


Who was he kidding? 


Who would follow some nameless bureaucrat like him? A public policy-maker? 


Maybe he had indeed succeeded at his job and pissed someone off. Maybe it was a businessman who lost profit or perhaps a tenant who got evicted because of him. He loved businessmen so much he hoped it was one of them. It would simply add to the many contradictions in his life. Perhaps it would finally push him to the breaking point. 


The thought made him slow down a little, measuring his footsteps and calming his breath. He could now hear the thud of boots against the wet asphalt sidewalk, not stopping because he stopped. 


Just as he was about to turn around, the roar of an engine howled from down one of the empty side streets ahead of him. He could see the lights of the vehicle traveling across the sides of buildings as it got closer but it was only until it reached the intersection that it came out from the corner and stopped, blocking the crosswalk. It was a black van, shining below the street light at the intersection. He would have shrugged it off if it had a license plate and wasn’t lined with tinted windows. It was then that he didn’t know where to look, behind him where approaching danger was, or the unmarked vehicle a little ways ahead? However, he was able to mask his indecisiveness by continuing to look straight, crossing his arms and narrowing his eyes as the van’s side door rolled open rather smoothly, revealing a man wearing a black tuxedo. The figure stepped out, taking his time as he set his two feet on the curb. If it hadn’t been for the fact that it was dark out and that Wonwoo had poor eyesight, he would have noticed that the man had pulled out a gun and was aiming it straight at him. It had to have been planned. The stranger behind him was routing him towards the intersection where he would be blocked and have nowhere else to go. He should have known those businessmen he spoke to were of the petty and conniving type. Though he didn’t expect them to go this far. 


Before he was about to go running in zig zags, a shot rang out, bouncing off the walls of the building next to him, causing him to crouch down slightly and hold his head. He questioned himself if he were alive seeing that he wasn’t bleeding or anything. He also wanted to pinch himself to see if he were dreaming though the arm that grabbed his wrist confirmed his worst nightmare. 


“C’mon. Let’s get out of here.” a gruff voice ordered him, pulling him with only one tug into the van like he was being kidnapped. It took him a second to realize the man had just shot the stranger behind him, putting a bullet through his head. It took him even longer to realize that the murderer was none other than his ex-boyfriend Kim Mingyu. Although he didn’t know if he could call him a murderer. There on the cracked and yellow sidewalk he could see a small metallic object shining next to the dead body of his would-be assailant. It was a knife. 


All he could do was stare out the tinted window with his mouth hung open, peering against the glass as he watched the corpse disappear as they sped off down the street. 


It was when he felt Mingyu’s large hand sneak around his back to hold the other side of his waist that he recoiled, snapping out of his daze and looking up at the man he once knew.


“Mingyu.” he began, sounding more automated than surprised. He could only stare at the man with cold and indifferent eyes, as if he hadn’t almost been attacked. 


“Why are you here?”


Mingyu seemed to notice the anger in his tone. It came out more like a demand than a nervous question. 


The alpha only granted him a chuckle. 


“I think you meant to ask why are you here.”


He scoffed. 


“Whatever floats your boat. Now are you going to tell me or what? I think I have a right to know.”


Mingyu’s grin faltered, morphing into a scowl.


“What? Would you have preferred me to let you get killed back there? Is it too awkward for you now?” 


“No, but I didn’t plan on getting involved in a turf war. I told you I didn’t want to be anywhere near you or your gang.”


“It’s too late for that princess. I’m taking you to my place where you’ll be safe. I still care about you Won, did you know that?” 


“I found out just now. I guess you care enough to kidnap me.” he retorted, latching onto Mingyu’s arms with both hands in an attempt to pull Mingyu’s hand off his waist though it was no use. The alpha simply laughed, leaning closer to him and bearing his canines as he tried to scent his neck. 


“I missed you.” the alpha said, breathing onto his skin. 


“Gyu- please. Could you please just take me back home. My husband’s waiting for me and he’s going to be worried.” 


“I knew it.” Mingyu smirked. 


“Knew what?” he narrowed his eyes, whipping his head to look beside him where Mingyu had been nuzzling his head against him. The taller man only grinned wider, making him all the more angry.


“Kim Mingyu don’t look at me like that. I don’t even want to hear it and I’m not playing your games anymore!” 


“But I thought you wanted to know.”


“If you shut up after then sure, tell me.”


Mingyu shook his head as if he had just said the most foolish thing an omega could say. His ex probably still thought of him that way but there was a glint in Mingyu’s eyes that told him something had changed. 


“I knew you didn’t love Jun, Wonu. I know you don’t wanna go back home because you want to be with your husband. You’re just sympathetic for him. You don’t want him to worry huh? Is that it? Sympathy and pity isn’t love Wonwoo. You’re only ruining two people’s lives. You and Jun’s. You think Jun deserves that?”


“I’m giving him everything I have, more than what you’ve given me.” 


Mingyu smirked.


“I thought you were the one who said love wasn’t about giving or doing things for others?”


“That was when I was dumb and naive. That was when we were together.” 


“Well I just wanna fuck you dumb.” the alpha whispered huskily into his neck, wrapping both arms around his torso. 




“I deserve to have you. I’ve waited for years now.”


“That’s your problem, not mine.” Wonwoo gritted, trying to curl up in a ball against the door. It was no use as the alpha manhandled him into his lap, laying him out sideways as if he were carrying him bridal style.


“Gyu- stop! What are you doing?” he shouted, slamming his fists against the taller man’s shoulder. It only made the alpha chuckle louder.


“Just for one night Won. Tell your fucking husband you’re aint coming back tonight and that you’re having a sleep over with your omega friends. Perfect cover am I right?” 


“No, you’ve always been wrong. This is wrong!”


Mingyu clenched his teeth, bringing their foreheads together. His large hands held Wonwoo’s head between them, as if it were a life and death situation. He wanted Wonwoo that badly.


“I don’t care if it is. The only moral purpose I live for is my own happiness. And having you makes me happy. Forget about one night stands, I want you forever. Fuck, I’d make you marry me if I could. I’d fucking breed you if that’d make you stay with me.”


Wonwoo shook his head, trying to shield his teary eyes from Mingyu’s glowing red ones. 


“What’s it gonna take Won? Are you gonna come quietly and peacefully or are we going to have to do this the hard way?”


“I choose neither. You aren’t fit to even look at me you- you monster! I hate you!” Wonwoo screamed through his hands. There would have been more power in his voice if he hadn’t muffled it. But he knew Mingyu was stronger and more unrelenting. It was futile. 


“Alright then. If that’s how it’s gonna be then I’ll just take my hands- you feel them Wonu? You feel my hands?”


The omega snorted in contempt, though it was outweighed by his shame. He couldn’t believe he was actually considering going with Mingyu to his penthouse. He was getting everything he deserved, thinking about cheating on his own husband. Though Mingyu’s hands on his head seemed to make him forget. Despite the uncomfortable pressure exerted by the alpha’s palms, it served as a distraction. 


“I could tear you to pieces with these hands Wonu. I could snap your neck if I wanted to.” Mingyu chuckled. “But what good would you be to me then?”


Wonwoo uncovered his face, staring with wide eyes at the alpha who claimed to love him. It wasn’t like he was disturbed by the taller man’s words. He was simply afraid. A fear that only Mingyu could make him experience. 


“So I’ll take my hands and I’ll remove every worry from your head with them. I’ll crush your skull in so much you’ll forget about Jun and only think of me. You got that Won? Your life is mine.” Mingyu growled, flashing his eyes once more as he saw that the omega began to tremble uncontrollably. 


Wonwoo’s chest had been growing tighter and tighter in fear while his breath stalled. It was the worst feeling in the world, even worse than the thought of Jun dying. He didn’t know what was going to happen and for that he was angry. Angry that Mingyu was still playing games with him. Angry that his life was no longer in his own hands. That his own heart was not his to give or to keep. Mingyu was an alpha and he was just an omega. The man had a claim to his life. The man owned him.


No. That was where Mingyu was wrong.


“Take your hands off me!” he snapped, tugging on the alpha’s arms. When that didn’t work, he did the only other thing he could. He slapped Mingyu across the face, smacking the red glow out of his eyes. 


The alpha looked more angry than surprised. Slapping men in the face wasn’t something alien to Wonwoo nor off the table. Wonwoo had done it to him many times whenever he crossed boundaries that were too early to cross. Though this time, Wonwoo slapped him with utter contempt. It wasn’t a teachable moment nor did it help correct his ways. It only made Mingyu want to ruin him more. But that could wait.


Mingyu’s claws shot out from his hands, scraping the fabric of Wonwoo’s white satin blouse. The color matched him perfectly. Through all their years together the omega always told him they were going to wait until they got married. Though he wondered if Jun had taken the chance to deflower him before he could. The fucking beta.


“You’re not getting rid of me that easily omega.” the alpha gritted, holding his clawed hands against Wonwoo’s back, the presence of them sending Wonwoo’s body to jolt and stiffen, almost like he was riding him. The thought made Mingyu smirk.


“J-Jun’s going to find me and you’ll be locked up for good.” Wonwoo said, trying not to choke on his own words. 


“Really? I didn’t know you had a kink for getting fucked by a prisoner. Promise me you’ll come visit?” 


“I’ll come to your execution Kim. You aren’t worth any more of my time than that.” 


The alpha let out a huff.


“C’mon, don’t give me that bullshit. If you really wanted me dead you would have killed me if you had the chance- and don’t say you couldn’t bring yourself to it. I know how cold-blooded you are. You might be an omega on the outside but there’s something wrong about you on the inside. Preaching about being a virgin, never wearing anything skimpy, all those masks you wear just to hide your true self from me. Don’t you get it? We’re true mates. I can see through everything you try to cover yourself with. Though I gotta say, I think you’d look nice in lace.” the alpha grinned, cupping his rear. 


“You were waiting for this moment weren’t you? Shaking that little omega ass of yours and walking all alone in the dark. Fuck, you really wanted it didn’t you? Wanted to get fucked by a stranger. Hell, not even that. You wanted someone lower than you to fuck you right? Wanted some man that was angry at you for something. Wanted his revenge. You always wanted bad romance. That’s why you stuck with me. But you know what, I don’t want revenge. I want your love. I don’t care if I have to force it out of you or if you give me it voluntarily. Your love is your love. Whatever comes from you I’ll cherish. I need you now. I’ve waited so long, Wonwoo. Haven’t looked at or been with any other omega, no matter how many sluts that my men have around me. None of them have ever made me like this.” the alpha growled, grinding his clothed hardness on him. 


“You act like a starving animal Kim. You’re disgusting.” 


“And you try to act like a kitten when everyone knows you're not. I bet you’re husband thinks you’re off getting fucked. Ever since you left me I knew there was nothing holding you back from losing it. Has Jun tried to take advantage of you yet? You know, since he’s not with Minghao anymore he needs someone to vent to. And you’re right there after all. I bet he fucked you good on your wedding night, did he?”


Wonwoo shook his head, whimpering.


“Was it on your honeymoon then kitten?” 


“No, I haven’t- we haven’t-”


“So you’re still a virgin huh princess?” 


“That’s what you’d want me to say you bastard!” 


“You don’t have to. I already knew you were still one. Looks like you’re still sensitive too.” Mingyu snickered, noticing how Wonwoo’s slick was leaking onto his hardness.


“Haven’t had an alpha touch you the right way that’s why.” he added, moving his hands up to the small of the omega’s back. 


“You see princess, no man can ever be as pure-hearted as you think they are. I know Jun’s still sweet on Minghao. You can’t hide it. Just like how you can’t hide how much you want me. I’m the only man who understands you, who can give you what you’ve always wanted. Forget about how many people I’ve killed or whatever you hold against me. You can’t deny we’re the same. You just don’t have the guts to do what I do. Fuck, you wouldn’t even kiss me that time we raided the Lee’s.”


“I don’t like blood.” Wonwoo scoffed. The pout on his face made the alpha even harder.


“Well, so long as you keep loving me, it’ll never be yours. Alright?” 


Wonwoo sniffled and rubbed his eyes. He didn’t have the courage to look Mingyu in the eyes anymore. He lost all of his audacity once Mingyu told him how much he loved him. No matter how cruel the alpha was, he couldn't be cruel back. He loved Mingyu that much. He loved him so much that he let his body collapse on Mingyu’s chest, resting his head against his shoulder and letting the taller man scent him.


“I wanna go home. Jun needs me.” the omega whimpered, staining Mingyu’s tux with his tears.


“Forget about Jun. I don’t want to hear about him no more. I just saved your fucking life.” Mingyu growled, grabbing the omega’s forearms yanking him off him. Wonwoo began to sob, hiding his face behind his sweater paws as his body was sat up and exposed on the alpha’s lap. 


“I’m sorry. Thank you- thank you for saving me but I- would you please let me go home? Gyu, I’m serious.” 


“And I’m serious too. You don’t want anything to happen to Jun do you?”


Wonwoo froze, gasping for breath.


“No! He’s innocent! Please! Stop! You wouldn’t!” Wonwoo cried, shaking the alpha’s shoulders even though the taller man barely moved an inch. Mingyu could have grinned at the fact that he had drained all the fight out of Wonwoo but he liked it when the omega struggled. Conquering Wonwoo was his favorite pastime.


“Relax. All you have to do is be a nice good omega for me. I’m not asking much from you princess. Never have.” 


Wonwoo scoffed.


“That all depends on your definition of what being a good omega means. What do you want me to do? Play along with your sick fetishes?” 


The alpha huffed.


“Maybe if I was Jun. I always knew the little bastard was twisted inside. Don’t worry babe. I have something else in mind. I know you’ll like it.” 


“You looking at me like that isn’t helping.” Wonwoo snapped. 


“Sorry princess, I didn’t know me looking at you made you feel uncomfortable.”


“It isn’t like that ever stopped you.” 


“You got that right.” Mingyu grinned, grabbing the omega’s right hand, turning it over, and kissing the top of it. Wonwoo cringed but no matter how hard he tried to pull it away the alpha was too strong. It gave him a thrill. He didn’t want to want Mingyu but perhaps the devil was his savior. Only in the most evil form and the most rotten way could Mingyu save him. At least, that’s what he always hoped for. They were indeed the same but Minygyu knew him more than he knew his own self. He needed Mingyu. Those red glowing eyes were the only light in the tunnel. 


It may have looked as though Mingyu was a rebel without a cause but that was wrong. From the moment they met, the alpha made sure to make him understand that the only cause he lived for was his own. The alpha didn’t fight for nothing but his own happiness. Mingyu held his own flag. And he would be there walking alongside the alpha as he held up his flag on the dark march towards whatever they were approaching. For they lived in a world where no one was innocent. Whether it be because they renounced their own innocence, or had it taken from them. 


For all he knew, only Mingyu could have it. Hearts were hard and brittle. They could break easily. But one’s innocent mind was soft and malleable. It could be molded into the shape that fit another’s vision, to fit another’s purpose. Though it had been so long since he saw Mingyu. Without the connection, he felt like he was going to go insane. Of course, where they were headed, it was inevitable. 


Though, it wasn’t like he was cheating. Mingyu was forcing him into a situation he had no control over. It was exactly what the omega wanted. He never wanted to be in control.


Letting out a faint breath, Wonwoo let his head fall under Mingyu’s chin. It was more out of tiredness than from his craving for the alpha’s warmth. Though it was there nonetheless. Mingyu retracted his claws and the palms of his hands came to rest on his lower back. Finally, they both could relax. For a moment.


Wonwoo chuckled aloud, shaking his head beneath the taller man’s chin.


“Do what you want but I’ll never go back to you. I can’t.” 


Mingyu narrowed his eyes, staring into his brown orbs with the intensity of a demon wolf. It was as if he was struggling between laughing or ridiculing him. But the sadistic grin forming on Mingyu’s face said otherwise.


“It never mattered to me whether you could or couldn’t. You don’t have a say in this princess. I follow the law of the jungle. It’s not your fault you look good enough to eat. And it’s not my fault that I’m an alpha with needs. This is how it works around here.”


“That’s why I left.” Wonwoo said into Mingyu’s chest, clutching onto the alpha’s shoulders.


Mingyu grinned, kissing the top of his forehead. 


“Right. But look where you are now. You won’t ever leave me again baby.” 


He raised his head up and his eyes darted towards the window on his right. He forgot Mingyu was taking him to his penthouse. Mingyu had been teasing him and softening him up so much that the dread hadn’t kicked in until now. But what was the use in worrying? He wasn’t in control. And if he wasn’t in control there was no point in worrying. It was all up to Mingyu now. After all, the guy was an alpha. 


Even if he was a mafia boss and a cold-blooded killer, Mingyu had always been gentle with him. 


At least, that was the old Mingyu.

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Lyrics borrowed from “Do What You Want “ by Lady Gaga Ft. Christina Aguilera


”Eomma.” the excited voices of his daughters called out to him as they entered the living room. Seonmul was still learning how to keep her balance but Suji came bolting up to him, catching him in the middle of dusting the bookshelf. 


“Yes honey?” he asked, turning to cradle Suji’s cheek in his palm as Seonmul waddled up to him and steadied herself on his arm.


“Appa got me a ring pop. Look! It’s blueberry!” 


“Oh he did?” Wonwoo gasped, touching his chest. “Appa really loves you doesn’t he?” he giggled. 


He didn’t expect Mingyu to be home so early. It was a good sign though. He didn’t mean to judge the guy but ever since the onset of his first pregnancy with Suji, he figured the alpha would have cheated on him. But he’d been proven wrong. It was the only time that he liked being wrong, even if part of him hated Mingyu’s guts.


“And you Seolie. What’d Appa get you? Let me guess, stick out your tongue.” 


Seonmul did as she was asked, hiding her pixy stick behind her back.


“Hmm, don’t tell me he bought you those candy straw things.” he narrowed his eyes, seeing the melted sugar on his daughter’s tongue. He looked at Suji for confirmation but all she could do was smile sheepishly at him.


“Gyu! Those things are full of sugar! Why would you buy that for-” he paused, spotting Mingyu still dressed in his work suit standing there smirking at him in the doorway.


“Maybe I like spoiling my kids Won. You would know, huh?” 


Wonwoo scoffed.


“I’m just glad you’re a good father to them. Really makes up for the past doesn’t it?” 


The alpha’s smirk fell and shoved his hands in his pockets, glaring at him.


“You watch how you speak to me Wonwoo.” he growled, stalking closer to him, taunting him with the slowness of his pace.


The taller man leaned down, nuzzling his neck before whispering in his ear,


“One day, you might wake up to find your kids gone. Got it?” 


~ Five years earlier ~


“Gyu, please.” he sobbed. “I wanna go home. I’ll- I’ll give you what you want later. Please. I promise! I’ll do whatever you tell me.” 


He didn’t really mean it but he’d say anything if that could save him.


Mingyu looked unbothered, standing at the doorway of his bedroom in his suit and tie, looking more like a CEO than a mafia boss. If only he weren’t both those things. How could someone who’s job demanded they be outgoing and a sociable ‘people person’ look so callous and cold-hearted, yet emanate a warm familiarity? It was as if Mingyu were a friendly businessman except this time he had negotiated a deal with the Devil. Although, ‘negotiating’ was putting it nicely. It was really a zero sum game. Mingyu’s sadistic one.


If it weren’t for the fact that Mingyu weren’t his true mate, Wonwoo wouldn’t have been gushing slick down his thighs and legs. And if not for that, Mingyu probably would have had more self-control. But even if Mingyu only had an ounce of it left, the omega knew the man could still fight off his urges and every temptation that came his way. It was how he was able to resist every prostitute coming up to him for money and every girlfriend of each of his men that sent him looks of suggestion.


Indeed it was a game. And Mingyu liked challenging himself; holding out until he could stand it no longer. All it took was Wonwoo’s scent to get him like this and he willingly embraced it.


It may have been crazy but he expected the taller man to at least say something, whether it be a remark or what he was going to do to him. But Mingyu advanced on him silently, knowing it scared him more. 


From the front of Mingyu’s king-sized bed, he extended his hands feeling the edge of the blanket as he sidestepped to the right, keeping his eyes focused on Mingyu’s dark and menacing ones. 


The alpha’s eyes trailed down from Wonwoo’s neck to his lithe waist, biting his lips at the thought of bruising it. If he wasn’t hard already, the sight of Wonwoo’s enlarged pupils and his widened and frightened eyes made his pants feel tight but his hands stayed by his sides. 


Although, for extra measure, the alpha put one hand in his pocket as if he were patiently waiting for Wonwoo to jump on the bed, facing him on his back. 


However, it looked as though he misjudged the omega who had grown bolder than he had known him to be. Back then, the only thing that protected Wonwoo from rapture was his mercy and patience. But now, it was between an alpha’s strength, and Wonwoo’s own. Although he doubted Wonwoo could put up a fight that could last him ten seconds, the thought was entertaining. After all, this was his favorite sport. 


Wonwoo may as well have been an innocent fawn grazing in a meadow. 




There was no mockery in his eyes however, no pitying derisiveness. Mingyu simply radiated superiority, as if his title, his rank, and all his achievements spoke for themselves, not in need of any boasting or flattery.


And when Wonwoo felt those warm and calloused hands grab his neck, he knew how hard Mingyu had worked to achieve what was his. He could feel Mingyu’s heartbeat thumping through his fingers, paralyzing him as he forced him against the side of the bed.


I, feel good


While the omega’s mouth hung open in shock and awe, his eyes burned with hatred. It wasn’t of the ‘making up’ or ‘getting back together’ kind that characterized hate sex. It was the kind of hatred for someone who was more powerful, for what he could be. It was like an unequal marriage though there hadn’t been a contract. 


As Wonwoo regained control of his mouth, he gritted his teeth and craned his head forward biting Mingyu’s arm.


I walk alone


The alpha recoiled but he only showed a grimace, more shocked than hurt. It only made things worse for the omega as the taller man brought his arm back and slapped Wonwoo in the face with the back of his hand, putting enough power in it to stun him rather than knock him out. Mingyu wasn’t in the mood to have sex with a limp body. 


Wonwoo fell back-first onto the white comforter, hissing in pain.


But then I trip over myself and I fall


Even if it looked as though the wind had been knocked out of him, the omega retaliated by kicking his feet forward, pushing his heel against his assailant’s chest but he merely grabbed his ankle when it came back for a second try. 


I, I stand up, And then I’m okay


A smirk reappeared on Mingyu’s face as he saw the perfect opportunity to shove a whole three fingers between the omega’s legs as they flailed about. Wonwoo who was trying to nail him in the head with the heel of his one free foot brought it back and swung it at his face. It may have worked if his foot had gotten an inch closer but Mingyu was faster, grabbing his thigh and pressing it against the bed.


But then you do some shit that makes me want to scream


Wonwoo shrieked at the intrusion between his legs and managed to jolt back by a few inches though there was no time for him to wonder if he had done so out of pleasure or pain. However, if anything, the slick spilling onto the alpha’s silk comforter was firm evidence that the wolf in Wonwoo was enjoying itself, wanting to be conquered by the more powerful alpha. Power was what Wonwoo despised but at the same time he admired it. There was nothing more polarizing than Mingyu himself.


Wonwoo’s leg fell, following in his other legs footsteps. He felt like laughing at the quirkiness of his own mind but he could only grant Mingyu a contemptuous glare as the alpha climbed up on the bed and used his knees to pin his ankles down, spreading them apart in a ‘V’.


The omega hadn’t accepted defeat yet, jolting up in a last ditch effort to deliver a barrage of knuckles, elbows, and even his own head as he fought against the encroaching alpha. Mingyu merely caught his wrists, letting him try to tug them away from his grip like how a fisherman plays tug of war with his catch. 


Mingyu let the omega beat against his chest for one last time before he circled his arms around his torso and captured his lips. The shorter’s eyes widened and his hands jolted towards the mafia boss’s biceps, holding on for his dear life as Mingyu sucked the life out of him.


He knew that Wonwoo could have bitten him but just as he predicted, Wonwoo’s grip on his arms loosened. In the end however, it was only preparation for a retaliatory attack as Wonwoo brought his fist back to swing at him. Before Wonwoo could even throw the punch, Mingyu grabbed his neck once more, catching the fist in the palm of his other hand, and threw the omega back down on the bed, letting him stare up at the ceiling, dazed and confused as he ripped his clothes off. 


So do what you want, what you want with my body


Wonwoo’s pants were first to go. The silky and flimsy material came off like paper being torn by a letter-opener. 


Do what you want, don’t stop let’s party


The alpha smelled the citrus and vanilla-scented aroma of the omega’s slick as he tossed his pants on the chair next to the bed, getting a glimpse of the soaking holes he had made with his clawed hands. 


Do what you want, what you want with my body


Next was Wonwoo shirt. He tore a line right up the middle of it, revealing the shorter’s pale and flawless torso, glowing in the moonlight coming from the balcony windows. He would have stopped and stared if not for the fact that Wonwoo was still struggling against him. However, that was less of a reason compared to the desire boiling in him to take Wonwoo right then and there. Even Wonwoo’s shivering and trembling was enough to make him release but he reminded himself that the omega deserved more than to have the essence of his manhood strewn over him like party streamers. The omega’s body was sacred and he would mark it in every way he could, with his teeth and his seed. 


Do what you want, say what you want ‘bout me


“You still got a lot of fight left in you huh?” the alpha smirked, leaning over him so that his face was on top of the other’s.


If you want to know that I’m not sorry


Wonwoo stopped clenching his teeth and was about to spit something out when the taller man’s hand stopped him, covering his mouth.

Do what you want, what you want with my body


“Don’t answer that. You’ll ruin the moment.” he chuckled, using his elbow to hold down Wonwoo’s arm as he leant down to kiss the omega’s neck, scenting it too.


What you want with my body


“You think you can stay still while I turn the lights of babe?” 


Wonwoo didn’t say anything. Perhaps in his silence, he kept his dignity. As if his rapture meant nothing at all to him. If it were indeed a sacrifice, it was a meaningless one. Only in his surrender was there any weight to his actions. Maybe that's why Mingyu hadn’t completely destroyed him yet. The bastard was still fishing for a surrender from him. 


You can’t have my heart and


The room fell dark but the city and moon outside continued to provide light, though it only made the alpha’s figure look more menacing as he loomed over him with that cocky grin on his face. 


You won’t use my mind but


The omega’s breath hitched and he let out a frightened whine as the taller man brought his lips to his collarbone, inhaling his scent all the while he made sure to lather him with obnoxiously loud kisses. It was just the beginning, and soon after, Mingyu took his chances, relying on his elbow to keep the shorter’s hands stuck under its weight as his mouth reached his nipple. 


Do what you want with my body


“Gonna look all nice for me babe when I fill you with my pups?” he asked, having the audacity to look up at him with his tongue sticking out, flicking the bud. 


Do what you want with my body


“I’m gonna like it when these get big. Fuck! Can’t wait to suck them dry. Maybe we’d actually get closer to each other, like how we used to be. I’m sure you'll like that huh?” he snarled, breathing hot hair against his nipple.


Wonwoo groaned, wincing as Mingyu bit it slightly though it wasn’t enough to hurt. Even in the smallest details the alpha was a sadist. He hoped the guy would have as much fun as he wanted. He wasn’t going to get any in prison.


The alpha unlatched himself from his nipples and moved back slightly, his hand returning to hold down his arm. 


“I bet you like your flat stomach now huh? Looks like you worked pretty hard for it. But guess what?” Mingyu snickered, kissing his ‘V’ line. 


“I’m going to ruin you so bad babe. Your stomach’s never gonna be the same again. You aren’t going a day without being filled with my cum or my pups, got it?” he snarled, flashing his eyes before he returned to hovering over his face, making their noses touch.


“Better enjoy yourself now kitten.” he grinned, ripping off his underwear in a split second. Wonwoo tried to use the opening to shove Mingyu off him but the alpha didn’t even budge, taking his time returning his hand back to restraining him. 


It was then that the alpha lowered his face between the omega’s arching thighs and pulled his hand back to push his thighs back more. His other hand unlatched itself from his mouth, trailing down his torso to hold him by the hip while his elbow kept his other thigh open. Mingyu was certainly resourceful. 


On the other hand, Wonwoo was in no position to sit up but tried his best to push the taller man’s face away but it was no use, he could barely reach to where Mingyu laid in front of him, teasing him.


“If you keep fighting kitten I won’t prepare you. Do you understand me?”


You can’t stop my voice ‘cause


“I’ve never understood you.” he spat, slamming his head back down in frustration. 


“Real funny, is that why you stayed with me for a whole three years? Or were you just scared to leave?” 


“Does my answer even matter to you?”


You don’t own my life but


“Good point, it doesn’t.” he chuckled, letting out a breath against the rim of his puckered hole, fluttering open by reflex. In actuality, Wonwoo’s entire reaction wasn’t so much a reflex or a biological response. No, Mingyu could tell Wonwoo was still in love with him, no matter how hard he fought him. It was because the omega was too stubborn to admit it. 


It was like Wonwoo subconsciously knew he was still in love with the alpha and was in effect trying to sabotage his conscious efforts to deny the fact. That was why Wonwoo didn’t fight him in the limo. It was why Wonwoo let his slick gush all over his crotch, let his scent get all over him, and so on. Wonwoo knew what he was doing when he looked up at him like the innocent beauty he was. Wonwoo knew what he was doing when he chose to fight him only until they were in the same bedroom. It may have been a show for the omega’s inflated ego to put on for himself, or it may have been a show for him, in the sense that Wonwoo wanted him to know he didn’t love him.


Funny how that worked.


Do what you want with my body


And just for Wonwoo’s stubbornness, he liked a fat stripe up from his hole to his perineum, causing the omega to shake uncontrollably and squirt out slick all over his face.


Do what you want with my body  


Mingyu closed his eyes shut as the sugary liquid hit his tongue and face, dripping from his eyebrows and forehead. He drank as much as he could, spitting out the rest against the omega’s thighs.


When Wonwoo tried to push the man’s face away from his lower region, he felt a mix of the alpha’s cold sweat and his own warm slick, melting in his hand. And when the alpha grabbed his wrist and flung it away, he made sure to wipe it into his sheets. Mingyu wasn’t getting off the hook so easily.


It was hard to take Mingyu seriously when his omega juices were dripping from his hair, his jaw, and his chin, but the alpha continued to pose a threat, going in for the kill once more and sticking his tongue inside his hole, licking up as much of his slick as he could before the omega’s could crush his head between his legs. 


Mingyu let out a growl, raising his head slightly to get more of a height advantage so he could make sure Wonwoo stayed still as he pushed his legs back apart. Of course, it was impossible for the shorter boy to stay still, even more so when Mingyu went down on him again, shoving his face between his thighs, making his tongue go in and out of him faster than a dog lapping up water from a bowl. In the end Mingyu regretted not getting a bowl to catch all of Wonwoo’s slick. He was practically addicted to the sweet honey and vanilla taste. Wonwoo really was the perfect omega. 


The shorter boy let out a scream as Mingyu’s tongue hit the right spot again, causing slick to gush out in an arching torrent with the alpha’s mouth catching it like a water fountain. 


When he was done drinking from his fruit, Mingyu bore his canines, leveling his arm with his gaping opening and sticking his middle finger inside, pumping it in and out at the speed of lightning. When that didn’t seem to be working, the alpha moved his finger around aimlessly searching for his spot again until his slick squirted out for a whole ten seconds, giving the taller man ample time to put his mouth over his hole and drink from him. His body convulsed and his slick was reduced to quiet spurts, as Mingyu licked up what he could. 


The shorter boy squirmed and kicked his legs. They flew up in the air as Mingyu pressed his knee into the bed, driving forward with his tongue. All the alpha wanted to do was torture him more and humiliate him but Wonwoo wasn’t having it. 


The heels of the omegas feet came down to land on the alpha’s shoulders and he attempted to push the man away but Mingyu was too strong, sticking a finger in him for revenge.


My bones hurt


Wonwoo let out a choked whimper, letting the tears fall down his face as if finally giving up the charade. He couldn’t pretend that he was strong anymore. 


From all the shows


Heaving a breath, the omega gritted his teeth and clamped Mingyyu’s head between his thighs again, using it as leverage to turn them over on their sides. It only allowed Mingyu to grab his torso and pull himself up next to him, deciding that he was done preparing him.


But I don’t feel the pain ‘cause I’m a pro


“You asked for it Won. I was being nice at first but I guess you don’t like Mr. Nice Guy. Fuck, you never did huh? That’s why you stayed with me even though you knew what kind of person I was right?” he chuckled, descending to give his nipple a suck before he looked back down at where their legs were connected, transferring his warmth to the omega’s lower body. 


Wonwoo watched with undying hatred as the alpha beside him concentrated on inserting himself inside him. He felt the alpha trail his hardness up and down his perineum, searching for his hole. Only his lower body jolted at the sensation of the alpha’s bulbous head finding the opening as his upper body was completely seized up by the taller man’s arms wrapping around him. 


His eyes let out a few more tears but it wasn’t because of pain. His slick and love for Mingyu made sure of that. It was simply the fact that soon he’d be tied to Mingyu forever, in more ways than one. His old life was dying. The past was gone, wasted. 


What about Jun?


When bad times precede good times, Wonwoo never thought the bad times were a waste. They made paradise seem even more whimsical. Like waking up from a nightmare. But if the coin were flipped and the good times had descended into bad times, what was the purpose? The good times before only served to make the bad times seem worse and more real, like waking up from a dream. 


Mingyu had always been the one to bring him back to reality. But perhaps, the alpha could make it a happy one for him. Wonwoo just had to hold out for a little longer. Mingyu’s knot wasn’t so far away. 


His eyes didn’t even widen at the sight of his stomach bulging slightly when Mingyu thrusted into him. Gone were his stomach muscles or the elegant and sharp lines of his abdomen and hips. They were all ruined by Mingyu’s hands, using his own body to piston into him like a rabid wolf in the wild. 


All he could do was frown as he watched his virginity be stolen from him, as if what was transpiring a few feet below him was simply an unfortunate accident rather than a malevolent manifestation. His shoulders jolted back and forth as Mingyu continued to ram into him and turned to stare at the alpha with a look of confusion, mouth hanging open, eyes glossy.


I sink in


Mingyu let out a grunt, turning to meet his gaze with an arrogant one of his own but it faltered when he noticed how vulnerable and innocent he looked. It wasn’t out of pitiful sympathy that the taller man’s expression softened, but from the knowledge they both shared of the meaning behind their current attachment.


Then I’m okay


It was then that the alpha leaned beside him to kiss him, releasing the grip on his torso and arms to hold his hands with loving gentleness as if they were dancing together on the bed. 


‘Cause my body belongs to you when I’m on stage


Mingyu pulled out, getting on his knees and flipping the omega over on his stomach. The sudden action made the omega bury his head in his arms as he sobbed, more angry at himself that he broke character and kissed the enemy when really he should have taken the time to slap him. 


“Get on your knees.” the alpha ordered him, grabbing his thighs and propping him up so that he would be kneeling horizontally across the bed but he didn’t budge.


“I said get on your knees. Now!” Mingyu roared, causing him to spit out a breath. 


Knowing what was going to happen next, he arched his back, shaking his head in mock defiance. He chuckled to himself as he saw Mingyu stand up on the bed in the corner of his eye, stroking his hardness as he looked down at him like a piece of meat. Though he was more like his trophy. Then, he got an idea. If he could somehow catch the alpha off balance…


There was no time to plan as he twisted around and tried to shove the alpha back, hoping that he could push him off the bed but he wasn’t fast enough. 


The taller man caught his wrists and threw him back on the bed, not caring about being gentle anymore. 


Wonwoo felt the bed dip next to him and his eyes widened when Mingyu’s foot appeared in front of his face, rising up in the air one more time and landing on the side of his head. The large and slightly hairy limb pressed him into the mattress while the alpha’s other foot stood on the other side of his torso. 


“If you pull any more tricks like that again I’m gonna fuck you like this for the rest of the night! Do you hear me?” 


Wonwoo didn’t respond, grimacing as he felt the taller man’s foot press down on the side of his face harder. 


“Do you hear me?” Mingyu growled, slapping his ass and leaving a red handmark on it. 


“Yes.” Wonwoo gritted, glaring up at him. The omega grabbed onto the white comforter as if he could take all of his anger out on it.


“Good. I happen to like your pretty face babe. Wouldn’t want to see your stomach and your face go once I’m through with you.” he snickered, taking his foot off of him and setting it right next to Wonwoo’s knee. 


Mingyu only took a few seconds to admire the sight of him on all fours, back arched and ass up in the air like he had just arrived at the dinner table, served by the butler on a dome plate. The alpha might as well have poured oil all over him with lavender and rose petals but Wonwoo already smelled nice and fresh, soaked in his own slick. 


They were probably in the most primitive position for werewolves with Mingyu grabbing his hips as he arched over him, lowering his manhood into his gaping hole. Wonwoo took it without resistance or difficulty, though his breath hitched and he sobbed as he was reminded just how far Mingyu could penetrate him. With the alpha’s length combined with the position he chose, it was like he could feel Mingyu reaching for his soul, squeezing the life out of him. Mingyu was practically crouched over him like a bulldog with his legs lined up with his feet and Wonwoo’s face as his cock lined up with the omega’s hole.


Wonwoo’s chest tightened and he banged his fists against the sheets, wondering why he had been so stupid. But of course, Mingyu possessed the intelligence of a predator and he had a right to stake his claim. From Mingyu’s large cock and massive low hanging balls, to his sharp claws and his muscular stature, to the sinister glint in his eyes and the arrogance of his shining white fangs, Mingyu was endowed by nature with the weapons and armor to conquer him. It was his right to lay waste to him, to use his resources, to drink from his fruits and to plant his seed on his fertile land. It was something Jun had never done or thought of, and that was what made Mingyu a good businessman. And as for the conquest of the omega? That was what would make him a warrior, taking and violating the enemy King’s own omega. Perhaps most of all, what swelled Mingyu’s pride was not his girth, or the speed of which he was able to make love to the omega below him. It was the idea of passing down his genes to create the next generation and only Wonwoo was the vessel fit enough to grant him pups. Only a person like Wonwoo could bear his children. Even if they had been forced upon him Wonwoo would still think of himself as a mother; a person who could love his children even when he had been impregnated against his will. Mingyu knew it. He could see it in the omega’s spirit. 


It was why he wasn’t gentle when he slammed his girth into the shorter boy beneath him. It was why he picked Wonwoo up by the hips when he came down, thrusting inside with the omega’s lithe and tiny body forced to rise and meet him. 


The alpha’s large hands covered the whole front of Wonwoo’s stomach, making the omega feel his manhood penetrating him extra hard. It was one of the tiny things that drove Mingyu insane, knowing Wonwoo felt him deep inside. 


All that could be heard were his deep growls that came with every thrust and the whimpering escaping from Wonwoo’s pursed lips. The sound of wet skin slapping skin bounced off the walls of the bedroom while Mingyu looked down between their bodies, seeing his cock plunge inside the omega’s warm and tight cavern. The shorter’s slick combined with his precum created a cloudy white paste that formed a web between them, stretching out and splattering against their skin as Mingyu pulled out and slammed back in. His balls were dripping with Wonwoo’s slick, flapping back and forth as he railed him, slapping Wonwoo’s ass cheeks. The only difference between them and real wolves was the fact that they weren’t in a forest. 


Mingyu changed his position slightly, crouching over Wonwoo’s arched back almost as if he were sitting but it was only two drive his cock in harder and faster, too impatient to wait for his knot to form. 


Wonwoo could only cry out from the intrusion, arching his back more, unintentionally making Mingyu’s length plunge into him with a sickening slap of his balls below his rim. Every time the cum-filled sack flopped backwards as Mingyu pulled out, slick spat out of his hole like a sprinkler, prompting the alpha to reach down with three fingers and plug it up. The taller man wiggled them around between his velvety walls, making Wonwoo feel the cold hardness of them and the small dusting of hair and calluses on his knuckles as the taller man punched his ass every time he jabbed his fingers in. 


Mingyu stepped back slightly to watch as the omega’s perky cheeks jiggled everytime his fingers penetrated his tiny form, causing more of his slimy sweet-smelling slick to squirt out on the sheets, soaking their feet. 


The alpha jumped back, landing on the floor before bolting to bend down and put his mouth under Wonwoo’s hole, letting it squirt in the air before it landed in his mouth. So much for tasting the slick on his fingers.


The stream of the omega’s juices was reduced to a trickle, leaving Wonwo’s hole to flutter open as if it’s body knew there was more to come but it wasn’t fast enough to keep up with production. Mingyu smirked, knowing that all Wonwoo’s hole would be full of was his cum.


He got right back to work, but this time, he jumped back up on the bed and stayed standing as he flipped Wonwoo over on his back. The alpha raised his body by his legs like a wheel barrel and hooked them over his shoulders, wagging his manhood and slapping it in between the omega’s thighs. 


Wonwoo’s nimble hands came up to cover his hole but Mingyu stuck his claws out, warning him not to resist. He wasn’t in the mood to fight anymore after all.


At last, the taller man plunged himself in, circling his arms around Wonwoo’s thighs as he plowed into Wonwoo like a jackhammer, making sure the omega got everything including every drop of precum that leaked out of him. 


Mingyu’s nostrils flared and he scowled down at the shorter boy, grunting and seething as he snapped his hips forward, internally grinning at the sight of the omega's eyes turning white as his pupils rolled back. The shorter boy grimaced and hissed as the alpha stepped forward once to amp up his thrusts. Mingyu couldn’t keep still, bending his knees slightly or stepping slightly towards one side. He even reached down and grabbed his left nipple, gritting his teeth and snorting.


“These are gonna be so nice and full for me babe. I could suck on em all day. How’s that sound kitten?” 


“S-stop.” Wonwoo said, almost in a whisper. He couldn’t keep his voice steady but at least he still had control of his breath. That was the last thing he had. 


“You don’t want to look all big and beautiful for me babe?” 


The omega didn’t respond. Instead, Wonwoo merely turned his head away, letting out a breath against the cotton blanket his head was being pressed into. It was clear the shorter boy was ashamed and he closed his eyes shut, clenching his teeth. 


“So that’s how it’s gonna be?” the alpha arched a brow, not even slowing his pace as he spoke to him. 


Mingyu’s breath only got quicker as he went faster, pumping forward like a wolf in heat. Wonwoo’s body was helplessly shaking as he squirted his slick all over Mingyu’s ‘v’ line, splashing his abs and making the alpha’s happy trail look darker than before. 


The alpha chuckled, leaning forward slightly even though he was still standing over him. 


“Gonna make you round with my pups. ‘M you’re gonna look so good filled with my kids you won’t walk for months. You think you can carry three pups babe? Maybe a whole litter?” Mingyu smirked, reveling in the way Wonwoo’s slick was dripping down his balls and thighs.


“Don’t even think it’ll stop there kitten. I’m gonna fuck you until we can’t breed no more. I’ll fucking destroy you!” he gritted, shoving his cock the farthest it could go, making Wonwoo’s stomach bulge right below his belly button. 


“You’re pregnant belly ‘ll look so good bouncing on my cock. And that nice perky ass of yours too. Maybe you’ll put a little more meat on it.” the alpha chuckled, slapping it before he reasserted his hand around his leg. 


“Fuck! Look at you! You went from being Jun’s little damsel in distress to my fucking cockslut! All your life you wanted to be my breeding machine huh? My baby factory? That’s all you’ll ever be good for slut. You were made to have my cock in you at all times, being pumped full of my cum whenever I feel like it. You were just itching to have my cock deep inside you when I saved you back there huh?”


Wonwoo brought his arms up to his face and covered his eyes, not having it in him to look at the man. 


Mingyu took it as a challenge, wanting to get the omega all riled up so that he could break. 


“I know you like this Won. You couldn’t hide your fucking sick mind from me any longer. You think me blowing off guys’ heads was bad? You’re the one who wants to get knocked up by a mafia boss.” he snorted, reaching down again and slapping Wonwoo’s face but the omega only shielded his face more. 


“Imagine if that guy who was following you got to fuck you. I could have made a bet with him. He’d fill your fucking boypussy with his cum and pass you off to me. And we’d have to see who’s cum is stronger, more fit for your slutty hole. Wouldn’t that have been fun, kitten? Don’t you like guys fighting over you? I bet Jun would have paid to see that!” 


Wonwoo shook his head frantically, subtly wiping away a tear with one of his fingers.


“J-Jun’s a good guy. Unlike you!” he sobbed, kicking his leg up in the air. 


“You never wanted a good guy. You always thought good guys were boring.” Mingyu smirked, leaning sideways to kiss the omega’s ankle. 


“I guess I got what I wanted.” Wonwoo giggled, fighting back more tears under the palms of his hands.


“Cut that out! You’re gonna look at me while I fuck you!” Mingyu shouted, yanking his hands away. 


“Stop! Please!” Wonwoo cried, wanting the alpha to let him have just one ounce of privacy. 


“Open your mouth bitch!”


“W-what-” he whimpered, hissing instantly as the larger man slapped him across the face.


“I said open your fucking mouth! Do you want my fist in your hole or what?” the alpha gritted, practically spitting in his face as he yelled.


Wonwoo closed his eyes, opening his mouth slightly while his teeth clattered in fear.


Mingyu wasn’t going to complain, leaning down and spitting in his mouth. 


“Fuck, there you go kitten.” he chuckled, catching some runaway spit with his thumb and pushing it over Wonwoo’s lips.


“You’re gonna have a part of me in both your holes omega. We’re gonna make this our tradition.” he snickered, raking a hand gently through the shorter boy’s hair.


Wonwoo cringed at the warm yet cold feeling of Mingyu’s spit, but found an odd sense of comfort as he swallowed it down. It was like a part of Mingyu really was with him now. 


The alpha’s saliva ran down his tongue and over his teeth, tasting sour and salty but he closed his eyes and hummed to himself as he swallowed it, knowing it came from his mate.


“Damn, you didn’t even need me to tell you to swallow. I might go easier on you now. How’s that sound?” 


“Do whatever you want, I told you I don’t care!” Wonwoo snapped, jolting up slightly to try and get in his face. 


It didn’t even make Mingyu flinch. Rather, a disappointed scowl slowly formed on his face right before his hand jerked forward, snatching Wonwoo’s face and shoving him back down on the mattress. 


“That’s it! I’m fucking done with you!” Mingyu roared, crouching down and lunging over his body, pinning his shoulders while the rest of his mass weighed the omega down against the bed.


Mingyu still felt that Wonwoo’s hole was leaking slick and so he angrily rolled on his side, holding the smaller boy’s chest down with his bicep as his other hand traveled below his navel and was swallowed by Wonwoo’s ruined hole. 


A long high-pitched hum came out of the omega’s mouth as he bit his lips from the jabbing sensation Mingyu gave him in the most sensitive place on his body. All the alpha did was stare at him with lust-filled eyes as he fingered him relentlessly with five fingers, coaxing the last jet of slick to come out and spray across the room, soaking the floor and his arm which was caught in the blast. Mingyu didn’t even bother to taste his slick since he was too eager to get the omega knocked up already. Though he couldn’t help but stop and watch as Wonwoo’s eyelashes fluttered while he stared up at the ceiling, grimacing and hissing from his roughness.


Wonwoo was finally ready to take his knot.


The taller got up, walking on his knees as he grabbed Wonwoo by his neck and threw him against the pillows, spreading his legs open.


The omega was too weak to fight anymore, barely being able to comprehend what was going on when he saw Mingyu transforming in front of him. He was able, however, to see the full moon glow in the corner of his eye and emerge from the clouds. But despite nature’s magnificence, Mingyu’s eyes glowed brighter, staring into his soul as he tormented it.


Mingyu had grown even taller and larger in his new form, bulking near his chest and growing more toned near his abdomen. Heck, if his vision hadn’t gotten blurry he could have sworn he saw that the man had grown eight pack abs which were stark gray against the dark black coat of hair on his chest, spiking out along his shoulders and arms. The man’s claws thickened and grew sharper, forming a bridge over his arms as he kept him still. 


He didn’t feel much until Mingyu’s hardness was back inside him, but this time he could feel the werewolf’s fur between his thighs, his clawed hands brushing away his hair, and the man’s beastly snout nuzzling his neck. The omega felt compelled by the moment to bury his face in the fur on Mingyu’s shoulder, breathing in his musky forest scent. Though as he reflected, he found himself relaxing into the alpha’s embrace. It turned out that it hadn’t been any externality such as hormones, the scent of his alpha, or his primitive desire for comfort that made him behave the way he was behaving. It was simply a fact that his soul yearned to rekindle itself with Mingyu’s.


It didn’t help that the wolf’s black furry tail hit his leg everytime he pistoned his hips. Even if the alpha was being rough with him, his tail somehow managed to soothe him, brushing over his red and bruised skin. 


The wolf’s claws ran up his arms until they were pressed against his back. However, Mingyu made sure his furry paws held Wonwoo’s back first so he wouldn’t scratch him. Though, now that Wonwoo thought about it, he doubted he was able to feel anything else besides the pleasure Mingyu was giving him. For once in the alpha’s life had he done something for him out of love, even if it was only for a moment. 


For a couple of minutes the only thing that reached his ears was Mingyu’s grunts and his own labored breathing. But as the alpha grew tired of waiting for his knot to form, everything became drowned out by the sound of the werewolf’s furry balls slapping against his ass. 


Mingyu moved his hands away from his back to hold his legs up to get deeper inside, all the while staring down at him with a blank expression. In reality, Mingyu was just that determined to breed him that every other emotion was swept away by his dire need to knot his mate; to show Wonwoo that he was going to be in his life forever. 


A few minutes had gone past until the taller man’s bulbous knot at the base of his dark pink and swollen cock ballooned to the size of a baseball. Wonwoo swore it felt like he couldn’t hold the alpha’s massive low-hanging sack even with two hands. And even then it would still weigh him down.


Mingyu, despite the changes, continued to pound into him, causing his gaping hole to bubble with slick and make a low gurgling sound. The omega could feel his mate’s knot and all the veins and features on it. It was the closest he had ever gotten to knowing Mingyu this way and he moaned at the feeling of the alpha’s elongated head and thick girth, bulging with every vein.


It wasn’t until Mingyu’s knot stopped growing that he rammed his cock inside him fast, getting his knot past his rim before his hole closed and swallowed him up, locking him in place. The alpha’s furry ball sack pulsated as his cock shot ropes and ropes of cum into his womb, flattening and hanging over his asscheeks as the beast pressed harder into him. 


Mingyu let out a low growl into his ear as he held their heads together. 


To Wonwoo, the alpha felt like a warm fuzzy blanket that had been draped over him, engulfing him with his body heat. He felt the hardness of Mingyu’s abs up against his stomach which had become bloated with his seed, and for once the omega rubbed up against him, wanting to mesh their bodies closer together so they could become one. 


He could feel the alpha’s cum hit the wet and slick-soaked walls of his hole, pooling in his womb. Mingyu’s cock was still leaking inside him, shooting the juices from the alpha’s enlarged prostate and swollen balls deep inside him to the point that he could feel the mass of the werewolf’s sperm swimming up the caverns of his womb until they stopped at his bulging stomach, mixing with his slick. 


The feel of it alone was enough to make Wonwoo squirt again, grimacing as his hole made a hissing sound and squirted musky and citrusy-smelling droplets mixed with Mingyu’s cum. 


The alpha growled, realizing his chances of impregnating him were waning thanks to his mate’s sensitivity and he shoved his knot deeper inside him, releasing more spurts of his cum as if his body was on the same page as him. 


He could feel the werewolf’s warm breath brush against his hair and he looked up to see Mingyu’s attention completely directed towards where they were locked together, making sure he was knocked up for good. 


Wonwoo looked up at him incredulously, staring at the alpha’s scowling and angry-looking expression, wondering how he could still hold himself up by his arms and knuckles. Why hadn’t the man collapsed on top of him already? Perhaps it was the extra werewolf strength or maybe Mingyu just liked having an aerial view of him. 


Even if the alpha’s face had contorted into a beastly facade with a long and wrinkled snout, sharp elongated teeth, and a mane of dark gray hair, Mingyu retained his handsomeness that he could not associate with any other wolf. Considering a werewolf ‘handsome’ was entirely impossible… until now. 


Only in Mingyu’s beastly form could something beautiful come out of it.


With his hands free to move, he reached up with one slowly and subtly, placing it gently on the werewolf’s cheek. The action didn’t provoke a response from the alpha just yet as he was still preoccupied with making sure his balls had emptied all of his cum into his mate. But as Mingyu was finishing up, heaving breaths each second, Wonwoo heard the bed creak and suddenly Mingyu was gazing down at him, face expressionless through the dark gray fur. 


It was then that the werewolf leaned down and rubbed his snout against his nose and mouth, unclenching his jaw and breathing moist air against his skin.


Wonwoo closed his eyes, still trembling slightly until Mingyu licked a line up the entire length of his face before he used his snout to push the omega’s cheek towards the pillow.


“G-Gyu- stop. You’ve done enough to me already.” he whined, letting out a sigh as Mingyu stopped licking. Wonwoo opened his eyes to find Mingyu staring at him, eyes glowing stark red like he was angry. The werewolf didn’t need any words to make him get the point and he opened his mouth, letting his tongue rise up between his teeth to meet Mingyu’s. The alpha’s tongue darted out between his long and spiked canines, inserting itself inside his mouth. Wonwoo didn’t fight like before but gradually warmed up to the alpha’s playful tricks. Of course, Mingyu got bold and reached up with a clawed paw to grab his chin, giving him a tiny prickling sensation on the lower side of his face. 


Wonwoo pursed his lips, staring into Mingyu’s red glowing eyes with innocent curiosity. 


“Open.” the alpha growled, shoving his face back into the pillow slightly. The werewolf unclenched his jaws, showcasing every string and every bead of saliva stretched between his kanines.


The beast’s voice was dark and low enough to scare the hell out of him and so he opened his mouth even wider, granting Mingyu access to his mouth once again. However, this time the alpha released all of the slimy saliva that had been held up on his tongue and drooled all over him. All of Mingyu’s spit slid down his tongue like a chute, landing in the back of the omega’s throat without even letting him taste it. 


The back of his throat burned slightly from Mingyu’s spit but he got accustomed to it, taking a liking to it’s dark and earthy flavor. He tasted a hint of it as it traveled down the wolf’s tongue and into his mouth, catching the faint taste of coffee on his tongue. He closed his eyes, feeling the slime travel through the tiny gaps of his teeth with some getting caught below his tongue and forming a puddle. It made him wonder what Mingyu’s cum tasted like. 


His tongue by reflex flicked around, but Mingyu wrestled it for dominance with his own, subduing the pink muscle before he went onto to lick the roof of his mouth and the insides of his cheeks, tasting Wonwoo’s natural spicy cherry flavor. Of course, that wasn’t all, as the second the werewolf retracted his tongue he drooled slobber all over the shorter boy’s lips, lapping it up and pushing it all in his mouth. Wonwoo knew what to do with all of the spit already but for extra measure, the beast grabbed his beck and narrowed his eyes at him, feeling his Adam's apple bob as his mate swallowed every drop and string of saliva he gave him. 


“Mine.” the alpha growled, thrusting his hips into him again for the last time before he fell on top of him, burying him under his coat of fur. Mingyu derived no pleasure from his last thrust but it was all in the name of marking his mate as his territory, ensuring that his mouth and fluttering hole would reek of his scent for years to come. 


“I’m yours.” he breathed, furrowing his brows with determination. “I’m yours.” 


His chest rose and fell almost in a panic but it slowed as Mingyu got up slightly to stare down at him, perhaps waiting for a speech from him. But it never came. The alpha had taken every word and every thought out of his head and filled it with a warm feeling. It was like his mind was at peace. One may have expected it to be cold in the shadow of his great conqueror but he could only feel loving admiration, relief that the hard part was over; the gasp of breath he had been waiting to take as he swam to the surface of the ocean. Except, he was greeted by the snarling face of the monster who was supposed to have lurked in the deep but in actuality was his only lifeboat on the surface. He had no other choice but to love Mingyu now, once again. But the thought still haunted him, didn’t he still have a choice? 


He should have pissed Mingyu off enough to make him snap his neck. He should have done something sooner. He couldn’t bear the guilt.


All of a sudden, tears overcame him as he kept his focus on those red glowing eyes. Not from fear but from shame and remorse. If Mingyu knew he would hate him for it but he couldn’t deny his last thought was all about Jun. How he didn’t deserve it. How he’d be devastated to know that he had thrown his whole life away, Minghao included, just to marry him and end up getting cheated on. And yet, here he was, telling his conqueror that he loved him. It was the ultimate betrayal of his values, something he could never be forgiven for nor turn back from. Hence why he laughed hysterically, shaking his head and mumbling incoherently.


“W-what are- what are you going to do with me now?” he chuckled, sparing Mingyu one last glance before he buried his face into the alpha’s chest, as if the fur of some supernatural creature could protect him from the divine wrath of the Lord. 


“I want your loyalty.” 


Mingyu shifted back to his human form and Wonwoo’s face was met with the warm skin of his mate but he backed away anyways, sensing the intensity of the taller man’s voice.


“And what does that mean?” he asked, making it sound like he expected Mingyu to give him a better answer. After all, it wasn’t like the alpha could snap his neck then and there if he felt like it.


“Divorce Jun and marry me.”


The omega’s breath hitched and his lips parted slightly in shock, more surprised about Mingyu's second proposal than his first. But that all fell away when a smirk crept up on his face.


“You’re going to have to do better than that Mingyu if you want me to marry you. First you need to buy a ring and then get down on one knee and-”


“Is this good enough for you?” the alpha whispered, clamping his clawed hand around his neck. 


If not for the knot still lodged in his hole and hitting his sweet spot he might as well have given up, but he gave Mingyu a dirty look right back, gripping his arm to show the alpha he wasn’t afraid anymore. Or perhaps, he wasn’t as afraid. 


“I’ll marry you.” he said softly, letting his lashes fall down to his cheeks as he stared at Mingyu’s bare hands, letting go of his neck. Maybe in the heat of the moment he would have confessed his love for Mingyu because he truly loved him, but now, it was the only practical decision he could make that would keep both him and Jun alive. 


“I thought someday you wanted to be my mafia Queen, you know, the omega that would keep me from tearing every man’s throat out in this city?” the alpha chuckled, lowering his lips to speak against his face.


“Fine. I guess I will.” the omega scoffed, losing every ounce of fear he had in him. “But I’m doing this for their sake, and for public safety. Not that you’d listen to me anyways.” 


“I’ll listen to you when you beg for my cock.” 


Wonwoo finally had enough, reaching up and slapping the alpha across the face. All he could do was wait for Mingyu to hiss and scowl at him but the taller man kept his face angled away as if thinking about what his punishment was going to be. 


In less than a second Mingyu’s head whipped forward and he roared in his face, showing off his fangs and red glowing eyes, scaring him into turning his head away into the pillow. 


“S-stop! I’m sorry! Please!” the omega cried, wincing as he felt the werewolf’s knot push into him. 


“I will if you say it Wonwoo. Say that you love me! One more time!” Mingyu grinned, beginning to thrust back into him again. 


“C’mon, I don’t hear it!” the alpha laughed, going harder this time. Mingyu reached down and grabbed his cheek, forcing Wonwoo to look at him. 


“Say it Wonwoo! Do you love me?”


The shorter boy nodded, closing his eyes and letting the tears fall down his cheeks.


“Y-yes! I love you! Please stop Mingyu I- I can’t take it!””


Mingyu stopped as he was asked, stilling his thrusts as he took one good look at his mate from where he loomed over him. The room fell silent except for Wonwoo’s whimpers until the alpha circled his arms around his mate and hugged him, going from his blank expression to a desperate and pained one. 


In turn, Wonwoo felt comfortable enough to cry, allowing his hands to trail up Mingyu’s back and run through his hair.


“Mingyu- please. D-don’t do this again.”


The alpha released a low and rumbling sigh before he turned his head and gave Wonwoo’s throat a peck. 


“I can’t make any promises, not when I know you were made for me.” he said, voice deep and husky against his neck.


“Then- will you at least promise our children that you will be good to them. Please, they deserve it Gyu. They really do.” Wonwoo whined, cradling his face with his soft and gentle hands.


After two years of waiting for his mate, it was probably the first time Mingyu genuinely smiled. 


“I promise.” 

Chapter Text

“Your Honor, I object! The claw marks found in the victim’s body speaks for itself.” the prosecutor shouted across the courtroom, standing up and slapping the palm of his hand on the table in front of him.


“The defendant’s attorney will be allowed to proceed. Mr. Cho, please, continue.” the judge said, placing her arms softly on the luxurious wood of her bench. 


The defendant nodded, placing his feet together as he stood in front of the witness stand, analyzing his cold and removed expression.


“Mr. Jeon, if I may speak plainly… do you believe Mr. Kim is guilty?”


“Do I believe?” Wonwoo asked, for once showing an ounce of emotion. He raised one of his eyebrows as he tilted his head partially in confusion, and partially in contempt. 


“Yes, do you?” 


“I was there. I wasn’t intoxicated nor was I hysterical.” he said very politely and in a refined tone of voice.


“You can refer to the police report for that.” 


“We all have it handy.” Mingyu’s attorney chided, turning slightly to give a sheepish smile to the jury.


“Objection! Would the witness please elaborate on his response seeing that the police report also established the fact that Mr. Kim here was found possessing an illegal firearm in his residence at the time of the murder.”


“Overruled.” the judge sighed, banging her gavel. “You can ask that question yourself Mr. Lee on your own time. Continue Mr. Cho.” 


“Would the witness care to explain why Mr. Kim is not guilty?” the defendant’s lawyer asked, leaning his elbow against the witness stand. Wonwoo thought the guy could have pulled out a cigarette and smoked it considering how comfortable he was. It wasn’t a shock considering he was Mingyu’s special lawyer. Mr.Cho and the law firm he belonged to were paid enormous sums of money by Mingyu’s mafia organization to defend their members whenever they got caught both at the corporate level and on the streets. The alpha always got caught hopping between both “domains”, either being brought before the judge for money laundering or for being involved with murders of rival gangsters. Though he always got out of it thanks to Mr. Cho and the other barristers who he alternated between depending on their area of expertise. And this time, it was homicide.


Wonwoo couldn’t help but clench his teeth behind his pursed lips, spotting Mingyu smirking at him from where he sat at the defendant’s table, arm in one pocket while his other arm rested over the back of his chair. Even in a suit and tie in the middle of a courtroom the alpha still looked like he owned the place. No wonder they called him the ‘the King’.


Even if Mingyu got caught at last and was sentenced to death, he bet the man would still be smirking. It sent a shiver up his spine but he maintained his stone-cold gaze, collapsing his hands on his lap.


“Mr. Kim-” Wonwoo swallowed, lowering his head for a moment. “Mr. Kim’s not guilty because I did it.”




“I did it!” Wonwoo heaved, chest rising in a strained breath and falling even more rapidly. His eyes darted between the defense attorney’s, waiting until it sunk in before continuing to speak. 


“I killed Mr. Wen Juinhui!” the omega cried. His eyes became watery and his face and neck practically trembled as he spoke, glaring at Mingyu’s attorney as if he were supposed to be challenging him and not the prosecutor.


“Mr. Jeon I uh- I’m afraid I don’t understand.” Mr. Cho grimaced, furrowing his brows. Mingyu explicitly ordered him to make sure Wonwoo did not incriminate himself or get too involved. The alpha was probably going to tear out his throat for this. Yet his boss sat there at the bench, unmoving and unphased, palm splayed out across the wood as if his claws would jut out any second. Mingyu retained his composure, merely letting out an amused breath.


The rest of the courtroom followed Mr. Cho’s line of sight as the attorney craned his neck to look at his boss for confirmation or assurance. Nevermind the judge. The judge didn’t matter, not when the most powerful man politically and physically was only a couple dozen feet away from him.


The solicitors and bystanders sitting in the rows of benches in the back looked up from where they had been shuffling their papers or scribbling notes, staring at the omega with wide eyes though not before they turned their attention to the alpha, gulping at the fact that he hadn’t said a word or moved an inch. A chorus of confused whispers and gossip erupted, prompting Ms. Park to bang her gavel down on her desk once again.


“Order in the court! We shall have order! The defense attorney is not through with his inquiry. Mr. Jeon will be allowed to proceed without any disruptions or I will clear the courtroom.” the judge said with the jewelry on her wrist jingling as she placed her hands together on her desk.


“Mr. Jeon-” the defense attorney whispered, almost gasping for breath as he stared at him like a fool, looking incredulous. “Would you please explain.” 


Wonwoo could only stare back at him, looking at him with a face that wondered why the world had to be so cruel.


“Mr. Wen Junhui died of a broken heart.” he said lowly, lamenting his partner’s death with the soft and pained tone of his voice. The omega looked down at his lap and sniffled. 


“Save the dramatics for the funeral.” some man groaned from the pews, earning a couple of laughs.


Wonwoo raised a tissue to his eye and dabbed it, more ashamed of himself for that frightful night at Mingyu’s penthouse than his own display of emotions. 


“I object!” the prosecutor shouted. “Would the witness refrain from using personal anecdotes. This is a courtroom, not a therapy session for battered omegas. Mr. Jeon’s mate’s life is on the line. I’d assume he’d stop the theatrics if he knew what was good for him.” 


Mingyu let out a low growl, not knowing whether he should be more angry that the prosecutor threatened his mate or completely disregarded his omega’s emotional state. Of course he’d be more angry at the former.  


The jury and the rest of the court gasped, shocked that the prosecutor would be so distasteful by disrupting the omega’s testimony and the trauma he was forced to rehash. For once the whole courtroom seemed to be on Mingyu’s side.


Just as the judge was about to silence the prosecutor, the man just so happened to stand up once more. This time Mr. Lee pointed at the alpha as if signaling for the deputies in the room to arrest him.


“Your Honor, I’m afraid you must remove Mr. Kim from the courtroom. He poses a threat to the prosecution’s safety and not to mention he could potentially pressure the witness.” 


“Overruled.” Ms. Park replied flatly. Stay in line Mr. Lee or you will find yourself removed. And as for you Mr. Kim, don’t make me order those cuffs to be tightened.” 


Mingyu flashed his red glowing eyes and bore his canines but the judge decided he wasn’t a threat, turning back to look at the omega in the witness stand. 


“We’ll take a moment for Mr. Jeon to recuperate.”


“It’s fine Your Honor, thank you.”


“Very well. Mr. Cho?”


The man swallowed and he bowed his head.


“I- I yield my time to the chair.” he said, trying to keep his dignity. There was really nothing else he could do or ask now that Wonwoo had brought all of the eyes in the room onto him.


“We will now hear the prosecution once more. Mr. Lee is called to the bar.”


“Thank you Your Honor.” he said, grinning slightly as he stood up and fixed his suit. 


Wonwoo’s eyes shot towards his mate, seeing the alpha scowl at the man as he walked towards where he was on the witness stand.


“Now, Mr. Jeon.” the man paused, looking down at the base of the stand with an expression of mock reluctance and tenderness. “I know this may be hard for you but you could please walk us through the events of the night. Why were you there at Mr. Kim’s penthouse? What motive could you possibly have to kill Mr. Wen? On the basis that you claim….” 


“Well I-” Wonwoo breathed softly, looking around the room with innocent confusion. It was almost as if he had just woken up from a dream, having been transported instantaneously to the witness stand to be torn apart by the prying eyes of spectators. 


His eyelashes flicked up as he gazed upon his alpha, asking quiet permission to continue. 


Mingyu nodded slowly, keeping that arrogant smirk on his face.


“Mr. Kim invited me. For dinner- the both of us. The both of us were invited.” Wonwoo said, albeit frantically.


“And how did things go?” 


“Hm, my memory’s, a little foggy but- all I remember was a shot!” he whispered, touching his cheek as he stared out the large vertical windows of the courtroom. The white sunlight shining in was the same light he saw when he passed out.


~ Five Months Earlier ~


“Sir, they are waiting for you downstairs.” Wonwoo heard the majordomo tell his husband in that snobbish and nasally voice of his. The guy might as well have pinched his nose when he spoke.


They are?” Wonwoo asked, turning in the foyer to give Jun a look. He figured Mingyu would have picked them up in his mustang to take them to his place in the city but he supposed the alpha was more of a prick than that. Of course, arriving in a mustang would be too modest for him.


“Mingyu’s security guards probably.” Jun breathed out, putting on a light black overcoat. “He’s a very important businessman ain’t he?” 


“Yeah.” Wonwoo said, grimacing slightly as the chief stewardess who had been helping him get dressed tightened the shiny blue silk sash around his tiny waist, making it even tinier as she pulled on it from both ends. 


“Wonwoo, you’re going to be eating dinner for Pete’s sake. Why do you torture yourself like that? You know you’re beautiful without a waist sash right?” 


“I want to look good. Is that a crime?” the omega scoffed, leaning up against the grand archway of their living room by pressing his hand against the frame while the omega stewardess kept pulling. 


“It’s a crime if you’re looking good for another man.” Jun snickered, walking over to cup his cheeks as the stewardess skirted away to give them privacy.


“Jun- I wouldn’t. Looking good is just- it makes me feel powerful. Like I’m on par with you alphas. In a room full of claws, fangs and glowing red eyes, beauty is something I’ll savor.” 


“Look at you, my brave little omega.” Jun grinned, nuzzling his neck. 


“J-Jun stop!” 


“I want you to smell like me so that bastard knows you’re mine.” the alpha growled, glaring at him with red eyes. Though they couldn't outshine nor intimidate and frighten him more than Mingyu’s had a few nights ago. He was lucky he had scrubbed himself clean, every inch of him. He didn’t fear Jun’s wrath or anger as much as he dreaded the devastated look on his eyes if he found out what he allowed Mingyu to do. Yes, he allowed it and he was guilty for it. At least, that was the weight on his shoulders that he had been feeling for weeks now.


To make things worse Jun had grown more attached to him. And smelling like bland soap and water didn’t do much except make his husband want to scent him and mark his territory more. Or should he say his alpha since it wasn’t really Jun that was nuzzling him or had the desire to be close to him. It was really the other man’s wolf. Although now that he thought about it, Jun had never been his alpha. Just his husband who was bound to him by a piece of paper and a kiss. The fact that he was bound to Mingyu buy his teeth and by his knot made him shake with a cold feeling of anxiety but also warm comfort. As if it would all be over soon once he let Mingyu take the reins.


“What?” Jun asked expectantly, looking at him like he had his hands in the cookie jar. Suddenly the alpha’s anger had melted into friendly teasing. It reminded him of what Mingyu used to be like before it came out that he was a cold-blooded killer. 


“What do you know about this dinner that I don’t?” 


“N-nothing. I know nothing. I don’t know what you mean.” the omega giggled, resting his hands on his husband’s chest and looking up at him innocently as he arched his back and leaned forward. 


“Alright, well if this happens to be a birthday surprise party just know my birthday was months ago.”


Wonwoo thought it best not to say anything else, putting on glimmering white gloves and clasping his hands below his stomach as he walked towards the door. Jun grabbed his fedora from the hat rack and chased after him, getting the door.


Jun bent his elbow and held it up to him, bringing the omega to his side once he hooked his arm around it. They walked down the grand staircase at their own pace until Wonwoo slowed his pace, letting his husband drag him along to where Mingyu was standing in front of the vehicle, hands in his black pants pocket right under his belt. One of Mingyu’s large hands came out in front of him and Wonwoo placed his own into the alpha’s palm. He watched with his teeth clenched behind his lips as his true mate had the audacity to take his glove off, revealing his soft bare skin. Then after an eternity of staring at his skin Mingyu lifted his hand and kissed it, looking at him right in the eye as he did it. 


Wonwoo shivered but used the cool breeze outside as an excuse. He also tried hard to keep his legs together considering a trickle of slick had leaked down his thigh. He hoped Mingyu didn’t make fun of him for it much less give him that casual smirk of his.


However, the taller man wasn’t so happy to see him or amused. He could tell Mingyu simply hated the scent of Jun on the top of his hand. He couldn’t have washed it off no matter how hard he tried considering Jun didn’t stop scenting him when he came home that one morning. 


Mingyu raised his head, letting him take back his hand as the alpha stepped aside and opened the door for him. He breathed out a sigh of relief knowing now that Jun would have to sit on the other side though he didn’t know how him being a buffer zone would work out. If anything it would be a tug of war between the two alphas on how could get his attention most. Maybe that’s why Jun accepted Mingyu’s invite. At least his husband could show the taller alpha that he was his omega. He just hoped Jun didn’t have too much fun with it.


As soon as Jun walked around the trunk of the limo, he felt a large hand grope his carriage. He swore he should have worn a cloak or something, anything that wouldn’t make his flat ass seem like it had meat on it. Apparently it did, enough to make Mingyu smirk when he craned his neck to glare up at him. Indeed the alpha was already prepared for his feisty response, staring him right in the eyes.


“Haven’t seen you in a while.” 


Wonwoo could only scoff, brushing the alpha’s arm away. Mingyu just loved inside jokes. It had been two years since they’d last seen each other publicly and to their friends' knowledge.


“That was an advantage for you.”


The taller man released a chuckle, guiding his true mate under the roof of the car before sitting down next to him. 


Wonwoo couldn’t refrain from blushing at the fact that Mingyu now had a full view of his ass like he was presenting himself to the alpha. As if.


Luckily Jun didn’t seem to notice, merely taking his hand and turning to look out the window as he rubbed the top of it with his thumb.


Jun had already gotten his seatbelt on, disregarding Wonwoo’s own struggle as the omega tried to get his to click into the socket. Conveniently, the taller alpha next to him reached over, letting his hand stop on his mate’s stomach where his fingers grasped the clip before bringing it down to lock in it.


Wonwoo’s concern about Jun suddenly giving him the cold shoulder faded away, overcome by anger that Mingyu had the audacity to act like a gentleman to him, especially in front of his husband. He couldn’t imagine the even softer look Mingyu would give their kids when he was buckling them into their carseats-


“You guys hungry?”


“Hmmm, yeah.” Wonwoo smiled, trying to shrug off the lustful look the alpha was giving him. 


“Junnie, you hungry?” he said, turning to his husband. Tone slightly babyish. Jun didn’t respond when he poked his shoulder until a few seconds later.


“Yeah, I guess. There better be a feast, Kim.”


“Don’t worry, I told the cooks I’d kill them if there wasn’t.”

“Funny, maybe I should try that with our help- Ow!” 


“No, you’re not.” Wonwoo glared at him. “Plus they’d poison us.” 


“It’s just because we don’t have a whole mafia to avenge our deaths.” Jun retorted, shooting a look towards the other alpha.


Mingyu was still jealous about Wonwoo acting all cute and pouty when he was talking to his husband. It didn’t help that the omega cared so much as to scold him. Jun had the life he always wanted. 




“Nice place you have here Kim. Do you use the money you steal to pay the rent or the profit from your company?” Jun snickered. His eyebrows more or less were about to fall off from how far they were raised at the sight of the Renaissance-style murals on the ceiling. Jun had brought him in from the elevator entrance, arm in arm as they entered the dining room. It was nothing he hadn’t seen before. 


“Most of my money comes from the company.” Mingyu sighed, stretching out his muscled arms and then swinging them by his sides. “And actually, if you want to know, the money I ‘steal’ is already stolen.”


“Nice to know. I figured you were more of a drug lord or something. You don’t get way more cash running a mafia?”


“I could if I decided to expand.”


“Well, you’ve made a name for yourself in New York. I don’t know where else you could go. I guess you could expand your clientele North from here. Those Irish love their whiskey.”


“You got that right. But I’m not really in it for the money. The Prohibition Laws work well for us but sometimes you can get pretty tired of seeing the same wad of cash and the same duffle bag full of em.”


“You? Tired of money? Why else would you be a mafia boss?” Jun huffed.


“Snapping necks, tearin’ throats out, and putting bullets into people’s heads does the trick for me.” 


Jun gulped but of course Wonwoo was used to the alpha’s kind of talk. 


“Oh, is that so?” his husband chuckled, looking around as he shoved his free hand in his pocket.


“Wonwoo, you haven’t said anything about this place. Are you too awestruck to think?”


He had seen Mingyu’s ceilings before and considering the night a few weeks ago, he had seen it in more ways than one. But he couldn’t let Jun know.


“O-oh I was just admiring the decor. I didn’t figure Mingyu would have cared much about the design of this place since he’s probably more interested and busy in pulling people’s limbs apart.” 


“I was also busy with other things.” Mingyu said plainly. The alpha stared at him so nonchalantly and shamelessly that it made him feel wrong. Though he didn’t know why. Maybe it was because the alpha’s eyes were dirty and violating. Yet it was what they craved and deserved from him. 


“Other things that aren’t appropriate for our ears to hear I assume. Shall we have dinner?” 


Mingyu smirked. Wonwoo knew him too well.


“I was just gonna ask that. Sit down princess.” 


Jun scowled at the sight of the other alpha pulling out a chair for his mate but he felt like forgiving Mingyu since he was having them over for dinner. The man was simply being a good host.


Mingyu sat at the end of the long dinner table, hands clasped on the glass covering as he waited for either of them to speak. He was more or less looking for Wonwoo to ask him about his booming business but anything from the pretty little omega floated his boat anyways.


“So what’s your body count?” Wonwoo asked, resting his chin on his knuckle.


“My what?” the alpha chuckled, fixing his tie. Was Wonwoo jealous of how many omegas he had been with before him? He thought he made it clear that he hadn’t even looked at another omega after they had broken up, even if they weren’t on good terms. He had always treated their relationship as if it were a marriage and now he only needed a ring. Or handcuffs.


“Your body count.” Wonwoo repeated again. This time in a more serious tone.


Mingyu shrugged off his nervousness, turning to stare Jun in the eyes who was sitting on the other side of Wonwoo and was diagonal to him. 


“I’m not sure your husband would want to know.”


“I don’t.” Jun said plainly, giving his omega a weird look. “But we’re under your roof.” he added, looking up at the ceiling as he waved his hands around, almost like he was shackled. 


Mingyu eyed Jun’s knuckles for a second before he tilted his head and turned back to Wonwoo.


“Well, I haven’t seen anyone since we split. I still love you that much.” 


Jun looked as though someone had just hit him over the head with a frying pan with his jaw becoming slack and his eyes darting between the two other people at the table.

Despite realizing Mingyu had misinterpreted his question, Wonwoo still maintained that endearing look on his face, as if Mingyu was the most intriguing thing on the planet.


“Oh-” Wonwoo laughed. It probably could have made flowers bloom if he breathed on them. 


“You misunderstood me. I meant how many throats have you ripped out?” 


Jun gawked even harder but the length of which his jaw fell was only a few more centimeters. Wonwoo was smart to ask such a shocking question because it divided him completely. What was more shocking to dwell on?


Luckily Mingyu chose for him, not dabbling on the fact that he revealed it only seconds prior. 


“Oh that? You couldn’t use a calculator on the amount of guys I’ve killed when we were a thing. You think I have a number now?” 


“True. Perhaps evil is something that’s not quantifiable.”


“Funny. Didn’t you think that maybe your husband wanted to talk about something else?” 


“I considered my husband when I brought him here. And I’m here because I want to know what you want.”


“And Jun’s here for backup?”


“W-what?” Jun chuckled, not having the faintest clue of what was going on.


Wonwoo ignored him.


“I don’t need backup.” he said, voice becoming deeper than his normal octave. It may have been breathy and soft but it was the most threatening voice Mingyu had heard and he had been on the wrong side of a gun on more than one occasion. 


Mingyu could have come back with a witty remark but with how Wonwoo had his hands splayed on the table leaning closer to him, he could tell the omega wasn’t in the mood for any games.


“Well, it doesn’t matter now whether Jun’s your watch dog or your therapy dog. It was a big mistake bringing him here. It’s why I invited him. And unless you want to embarrass yourself even more, I’ll do the talking.” 




“What’d I just say omega?” Mingyu gritted, narrowing his eyes.


If Jun had been the bigger man he would have snapped at Mingyu for talking to his mate like that. The pitiful thing was that all he could do was stare wide-eyed at the taller man as if he had just seen a ghost.


“Now, do you wanna know why I invited you guys here?” Mingyu asked the both of them. Though the question was aimed more directly at the other alpha.


“Yes. I think we deserve an answer.”


“I think Jun deserves it more than you do.” Mingyu huffed before he turned to grin at Jun with a derisive grin on his face.


“Spit it out, Kim.” Jun snapped, laying back in his seat as he put a knuckle on the table.


“Alright, I wanted to go soft on you but I guess I don’t have to go through the trouble. Maybe I should soften you up a little bit though. I don’t think you could handle it. Coming here was suicide and now you’re mate can suffer with his guilt.


“You’d like that wouldn’t you.” Wonwoo muttered, laying back in his seat as he took a swig of water. 


Jun didn’t know whether he was supposed to be angry or confused.


“What’s Wonwoo got to do with this? Don’t tell me he’s the one who lured me here so you could kill me. Should’ve just made him poison me. That would have saved you a lot of trouble-”


“You really are an idiot.”


“W-what did you just call me?” Jun asked. The tone of his voice was menacing but he couldn’t conceal the fact that his chest was tightening and his breath was becoming more labored.


Mingyu didn’t answer. The taller alpha merely leaned forward on the table, crossing his arms. He let out a mocking breath.


“It’s hard to believe you’re an alpha. If you really were one I figured you would have smelled me on your mate. Nevermind tearing my throat out for that.”


“Don’t give me any ideas, Kim.” Jun gritted his teeth, gripping the edge of the dinner table. “What. did. you. do. to. him?” 


“Nothing that he didn’t invite me to do to him.” the man grinned, sparing Wonwoo a look.


“W-Wonwoo- I-” Jun began, shaking his head in frustration. “I don’t know what you mean. What’s he talking about?” he snapped, switching his attention to Mingyu and then back to Wonwoo. 


The omega had stopped sipping soup from his spoon, looking at Mingyu like he wanted to murder him. His forehead hadn’t wrinkled and he remained calm, setting the spoon back in his bowl as he sat up straight. His eyelashes had fallen to his cheeks but it wasn’t like he was trying to come up with a response. It was more like he was trying to muster the courage to tell him something he should have been told a while ago.


“This is between you and Mr. Kim.” Wonwoo said softly, albeit a little optimistically. It sounded weird how he said it, looking up at him innocently.


“You had a hand in this- whatever this is!” Jun growled, gesturing around the room.


Jun lost control of his face, retreating back into his shell as his eyes widened and his mouth fell open as if it were a third eye gazing at his husband. It was then that he felt as if he were having an out-of-body experience, watching as two dark silhouettes spoke to each other. But now, that same tone Wonwoo used when he scolded him was now being used on another man, as if Mingyu was his new husband. Had they forgotten that he was still there struggling to breathe? 


Wonwoo adopted a solemn look on his face, staring at the center of the table as if it were a coping mechanism or an escape for situations he had no idea what to do in. If it weren’t for the fact that Mingyu was watching him, he probably would have broken down crying and he didn’t need Mingyu to score a second victory. Breaking Jun and taking his dignity was enough. Yet it was never enough for the man.


“I gotta say Junnie, your mate needs a little more meat on him. But I don’t think it will be a problem though after the pregnancy.”


Jun’s head darted towards the mafia boss, gripping the spoon that was in his soup tighter until his knuckles turned white.


“T-the what?”


Mingyu grinned, fighting back a chuckle.


“You can hear it, can’t you?” the alpha whispered. His eyes were dark and shadowy and his face was sharp and narrow, but his voice… his voice was ghostly. 


Jun nodded as if the other alpha was holding his neck with his claws. 


A faint grin crossed the taller man’s face as he let out an amused breath, loving every second of it.


“You wanna know another thing Jun? You see, those are my pups.” 


“Your- your-.” he couldn’t even say it.




Jun was gasping for breath as if he had just been saved from drowning in the suspenseful silence. Jun looked at his mate for any form of response but all he could see was the narrow countenance of his omega, more concerned with staring into his soup. 


He felt like laughing. He thought it was just the blood pumping in his ears from his nervousness but as he listened more closely he could hear a second heartbeat, barely audible and faint. If not for a werewolf’s gestation period and the combined noise of the babies’ heartbeats he wouldn’t have been able to pick up on them. An exhilarating thrill overcame him as he thought of his husband carrying children but that all went away, vanquished by the fact that those things inside Wonwoo belonged to Mingyu. 


“How long have those things been in there?” Jun gritted. He so wanted to get up and drag his claws against Mingyu’s expensive table but he held himself together in front of his mate. 


“Long enough that’d I think you’re stupid for not noticing your mate’s scent was a little off.”


Jun clenched his head between his hands, wanting to claw at his own face.


“How long! Tell me! Tell me now!” the alpha roared, jolting up from his seat and hunching over the table. 


“Why should you care?” Mingyu growled, voice becoming deeper. 


Wonwoo could hear a faint echo in the taller man’s voice, almost like he had been wearing the helmet of a dark knight. Mingyu always had that affect when he was angry.


“Because I’m his-”


“His what? His mate?” Mingyu spat, chuckling. “The only thing you two have in common are the rings on your fingers. And they mean nothing.” 


“So knocking up my fucking husband suddenly makes him yours. I should have thought of that sooner. I should have fucking knocked up your sister!”


“Go ahead. I’d kill you.” 


“And I’ll kill you!” 


“You don’t have the guts Wen. You wouldn’t even punch me in the face for knocking up Wonwoo and now you expect me to think you’ll kill me. Funny how that works. You’re just a rat backed into a corner.” 


“Mingyu that’s enough.” Wonwoo gritted, crossing his arms and glaring at the taller man.


“It's never enough for him, Wonwoo.” Jun snapped, clenching his fists by his sides. “He brought us here! He wanted a fight!” 


“I wanted to get you out of the way.”  


“Yeah… I don’t know about that.” his husband chuckled, jumping on the balls of his feet and getting ready to fight.


Mingyu could only smirk, getting up slowly from his seat.


“I wouldn’t expect you to know anything by now, Wen. Especially when you didn’t smell me on Wonwoo when I pumped him full of my cum-”


“Your’re fucking dead!” Jun gritted, lunging at the other alpha. 


Mingyu was quick to respond, catching the shorter’s first in his palm and punching him in the face with his free hand. 


Jun recoiled, holding his cheek all the while using his foot to go in for the kill. The taller alpha caught it in his hand and dragged him on the floor, flinging him across the room and towards the balcony behind the dining room. 


Wonwoo watched as his husband dug his claws into the ground, sliding across the polished floor. Jun stopped right before his shoes touched the glass doors and he sprinted towards the father of his children, claws out and swiping across the other man’s face. 


Mingyu ducked his head upon the first swing, stopping the other two attacks by raising his arm. He wouldn’t have been surprised if the alpha was flexing his biceps and trying to impress him even as he fought for his life. Eitherway, Mingyu was certainly winning and the man hadn’t even gone onto the offensive yet. It was clear Mingyu was just toying with Jun, getting the other alpha to wear himself out. 


It was then that Wonwoo woke up from his daze, clutching his head with his hands as the taller alpha caught Jun’s fist once more, audibly snapping it.


His husband hissed in pain, trying to get out of Mingyu’s grip by striking his face but it was no use. The taller man caught that too. All Mingyu needed to do was elbow Jun in the gut for the shorter alpha to go stumbling backwards into the dining room chairs, trying to grab onto something before he completely collapsed. It looked as though Mingyu wanted to do the honors for him. 


“Mingyu! Mingyu stop it right now!” he shouted, semi-paralyzed and backing away. There was nothing he could do and he hated it.


The alpha refused to respond, remaining silent. It was just like that night when Mingyu said nothing to him as he took him, leaving him to grobble in fear. Except now it was worse. There he was, bearing witness to something completely out of his control happening to someone he cared about. Or at least… someone who didn’t deserve what they were getting. 


Mingyu threw a few punches, landing them all over Jun’s body from his face to his ribs. The shorter man’s limbs dangled all over the place as his head snapped left and right each time Mingyu’s fist collided with it. It wasn’t until Jun tried to retaliate that the taller man caught his slow and lethargic fist, wrapping his hand around his wrist and flinging him onto the table. Jun’s body slid across the dark wood, making a path through the expensive cups, hand made glass, and gold trimmed ceramic plates. Practically everything shattered on the ground as the other alpha slid off the table, but not before Mingyu caught up to his limp body.


Delivering the final blow, Mingyu lifted the shorter man up by his collar and bringing him down on the center table, snapping it in half. 


Silverware clattered and plates smashed as Jun’s body caused the wood to splinter and crack. 


Wonwoo let out a scream, not knowing if the sound that pierced his ears was Jun’s spine snapping or the wood. 


“It’d be pretty funny if you die a virgin.” Mingyu laughed, glaring at the other man with his red soulless eyes. It was the face of pure evil. 


Unfortunately, Mingyu’s arrogance blinded him. His complacent grip on Jun’s neck instantly fell loose as the other alpha’s foot kicked him back by the chest. With the same speed the shorter alpha flipped himself over, landing on the ground on the other side but not before giving Mingyu his payback. The metal thermos that Mingyu’s butler had placed down on the table was still hot, sizzling on Mingyu’s face as Jun splashed him with it.


“Fuck!” Mingyu swore, blocking his eyes with his hands. 


He recoiled immediately, planning to kill Jun just for that but it was too late. 


For once all of the anger he felt slipped away, and his claws fell to his sides. All he could feel was paralyzing fear as Jun suddenly reappeared in his view, holding a clawed hand to his true mate’s neck. 


“Wonwoo!” he shouted, voice almost cracking.


“Don’t do this Jun! If you hurt him i’ll rip your throat out!” he growled. Tears threatened to form around his red glowing eyes. He couldn’t help but want to run forward and save his mate, hug him and kiss him and tell him that he’ll always be there to protect him. But if he did… He didn’t want to imagine what Jun would do. 


How could he be so stupid? He should have just killed Jun when he had the chance. He should have just sent a hit man after him. The guy was worth three bucks. How quickly power changed hands….


“If I can’t have a mate without you sticking your fucking knot in him- t-then I’ll kill him!”


“I’ll kill you first!” Mingyu jabbed a finger at him, stumbling forward.


Tears were flowing down both men’s faces, but Jun’s were stronger, having lost something he had desired more than Mingyu had feared to lose. Though now, realizing that his true mate and pups were at stake, Mingyu looked just as bad as him. The taller alpha’s fists had lines of blood dripping down. He was clenching them that tightly, focusing on his mate’s frightened eyes. Yet the rest of Wonwoo’s face remained composed, breathing calmly against Jun’s wrist which was in front of his neck. 


“Don’t do this- this isn’t the way out for you. You’ll regret it. I- I know you will. I’m sorry Jun- I’m sorry.” Wonwoo nodded, gulping as he tilted his head to look up at his captor. 


His husband only scowled at him.


“This isn’t about finding a way out. This is about revenge.”


“T-Then kill me! Do whatever you want to me!” Mingyu growled, crying. “Please don’t hurt them.” he begged, falling to his knees in emotional exhaustion.


“Sorry, Kim. But you took away my happiness. So I’m gonna take away yours! You hear me?” 


“No! Don’t!” Mingyu shouted, clutching his head as if he were going to crush his own skull. 


“Jun-” Wonwoo quivered, grabbing the alpha’s wrists softly. “The pups-”


Jun cut him off with a smirk before putting his hand over the omega’s mouth, silencing him. 


“They’re the only things you could ever love right?” he breathed against his neck, looking his face up and down like Wonwoo was his prey.


“Fucking hell you didn’t even love the person you knocked up huh?” Jun raised his voice, taking both his hands and shaking him.


“Jun- Please!” Wonwoo gasped. “The babies! They’re innocent-”


“One more word out of you and I won’t even think twice about putting my claws in your throat nice and easy.” Jun warned, still crying as he held his claws up to him.


“If you do that I’ll tear you limb from limb!” Mingyu roared, yelling at the top of his lungs with his claws and fangs sticking out, ready to shred Jun to pieces. 


“Oh really? Maybe you’d want more of a cleaner kill huh?” Jun snickered, reaching into his belt and pulling out a small pistol from its holster. The alpha had done it in almost a blink of an eye, weary of giving Wonwoo an opportunity to escape while his hand was busy. 


Wonwoo’s breath hitched as he felt the cold stainless steel gun barrel poke him in the side of the head. All he could do was seal his eyes shut, not bearing to look at Mingyu anymore in his deteriorating state. Despite all the alpha had done to him, he couldn’t deny there was a bond. A worn out and brittle one, but still a bond. He couldn’t imagine the unimaginable horror of Mingyu - if he was listening - hearing the heartbeats of all three of them, his family. The family he could have gotten out of all his mistakes and misdeeds. But at the end of the day, thanks to the gun barrel against his head, he wondered. What would Jun get?


Maybe it was right for him to die like this. This should have never happened. Not if he was a good mate to his husband. 


He kept his eyes sealed shut, blocking out the sound of Mingyu’s heaving breaths and growling. He felt Jun’s arm tighten around him while his other hand holding the gun shook violently. 


“Wonwoo, you’re going to be eating dinner for Pete’s sake. Why do you torture yourself like that? You know you’re beautiful without a waist sash right?” 




“I’ll rip your throat out after this Jun. Bullets don’t stop alphas.” Mingyu warned him, getting ready to pounce. 


“Trust me, I believe in all the rumors about you. Kim Mingyu, the strongest alpha in the city. I got it, don’t worry.”


“You’re the one who should be worried. I’ll tear out each of your claws. I-I’ll make your death the most painful. You’ll wish you never even came here- I’ll break every bone in your body with my bare hands.”


“Lucky for me I got two bullets.” Jun grinned, showing off his pistol so that it gleamed under the chandelier in the room. Seeing the flicker in the corner of his eye, and the fact that Jun had it aimed towards the ceiling, it hit him that this could be his chance.”


“You fucking coward.” Mingyu spat, earning a chuckle from the other alpha. 


“And you’re a coward for thinking you could just knock my mate up and claim him as your own. Maybe you could have put me out of my misery first and then claimed Wonwoo. That would have saved your mate and your pups-”




Wonwoo clenched his teeth, picking up his foot and stomping on Jun’s toes.


“Fuck!” Jun yelped, letting the gun slip from his fingers in utter shock. 


It wasn’t long before Wownoo whizzed past him in a flash, shoving him back and crouching down to grab the grip of the pistol. Jun stumbled on his feet, still struggling to cope with the sudden spike in strength that Wonwoo had come at him with. Not to mention he was still caught off guard and disoriented from the sharp pain in his feet, shooting up to his head.


Knowing there was no time to lose, Mingyu sprang forward, leaping over Wonwoo and locking hands with Jun as they wrestled each other. It was like a tug of war but only in reverse, with Jun’s feet sliding against the polished floors and out towards the balcony at the end of the dining room.


Wonwoo rolled on the ground before stopping himself, perched on one knee while both his hands gripped the pistol, aiming it at Jun.


“Shoot him!” 


“I- I can’t.” he whispered, as if gasping for hair. He shook his head as Jun glanced at him for a second, feeling as though he should say something. His husband didn’t deserve to die like this. There must be some other way.


He felt like he wanted to recite a poem or deliver a eulogy to his ‘beloved’ husband, like he was some sacrifice for a greater cause; his love for Mingyu. But could that love bring him to kill his own husband, even if he was provoked? 


“Do it now!” Mingyu growled, flashing his alpha eyes before turning back to hold off the deranged alpha. 


Wonwoo didn’t, prompting his true mate to tap into more of his primal side, letting the beast inside of him go full force. 


First came the crackle of Jun’s knuckles as all the bones were crushed by Mingyu’s palms, then came the snap of his wrists, the tearing of his arm sockets, and then the propelling of his body backwards. Jun hissed as he was sent sliding across the floor once again. Not making any effort to rebound.


Wonwoo’s breath hitched as Mingyu suddenly appeared next to him, like a demon manifesting itself from the shadows. 


“Do it! Kill him!” the alpha growled, grabbing his neck with one hand while the other snatched his wrist, bringing it to bear, pointed at Jun’s face. 




“Why not?” Mingyu gritted, tilting his head in frustration.


“Just call the police.”


“And get the both of us in trouble? I don’t think so.”


Jun groaned in pain on the other side of the room, scampering back on his feet and legs towards the balcony. 


“I’ll save the both of you in trouble. J-Just let me die in peace.”


Mingyu’s head snapped towards the weak voice, and if looks could kill Jun would already be dead.


“What did you just say? You want to die in peace, huh? Like how my mate and pups would have died if I hadn’t intervened?” he chuckled, tightening his grip on Wonwoo’s wrist.


The omega’s eyes widened even more as the alpha’s clawed fingertip came close to the trigger. He couldn’t care less about the pressure increasing around his own neck. He couldn’t let Jun die.


“Mingyu- two wrongs don’t make a right. H-He can rot in prison. Please- stop!” 


“No.” Mingyu snapped. “Why do you want him alive anyways? He just tried to kill you!” 


Wonwoo flinched as the taller man roared in his face. After a few seconds of trembling he mustered the courage to open them again, taking in Mingyu’s red eyes and scowl.


“I’m not a murderer like you.” he hissed, not caring if he was going to choke to death. He could feel Mingyu’s claws coming out around his throat.


“Murder, huh? You think revenge is murder? It’s justice! Jun claimed vengeance. And that meant you were going to die. What’s stopping you from claiming your own? Pity? Fear? What?” Mingyu shouted, getting more in his face. 


The alpha stopped growling and the beginnings of a smirk formed on his face, slowly, and mockingly.


“Maybe you actually do love Jun after all. Is that it? You want to visit him in prison?” the taller chuckled, looking at the other alpha.


“No- I don’t. You’re the only one I love. Mingyu- stop this now. Come back to me. Don’t do this.”


“Do what? I’m not doing anything. You’re gonna kill him.” Mingyu said slowly, taunting him.


“No- I’m not.”


“You’re weak. Fucking pitiful omega. You don’t have the guts to take your revenge. You don’t have the guts to even know what’s right and what’s wrong. All you care about is Jun.”


“You’re mostly right. Except for one thing.”




“You’re the one I’ve always cared about. There’s no room for revenge in my soul, just my love for you. Isn’t that what you want the most from me?”


Mingyu loosened his grip, visibly caught off guard. 


“I guess it is.” he glowered, letting Wonwoo’s arm fall to his side while the pistol dropped to the ground. 


They looked at eachother and could not deny that they both were partially embarrassed, at least, the feeling existed in the back of their minds. Mingyu felt like cutting off the hand that was around his true mate’s throat, but seeing how Wonwoo took it, gently, and warmly, he never wanted to let go.


The moment didn’t last however, as in the corner of Wonwoo’s eye, he saw Jun rising to his feet, glowing in the lights of the city skyline behind him. The sky had become purple in the evening, illuminated by the soaring skyscrapers in the distance, and the forests of street lights hundreds of feet below. Jun looked golden, as if his life force was preparing to leave his body. 


Wonwoo’s face hardened as his head whipped towards the figure that had walked backwards onto the balcony, offering himself to the sky. His body would soon be no more, and his life force free, like a ghost escaping the chains anchored by his own heart. Except, he looked possessed. Like his mind was occupied by only one thing. Escape.


“Jun-” he gasped, but was stopped by Mingyu’s arm wrapping around his front, holding him back. 


It was as if relief had washed over his husband, even as his limbs dangled from his torso, and blood seeped from the small cuts on his face. It was like something tragic had already happened, and was all over with. Jun looked disappointed, but at the same time excited. This was the end of his suffering. He had missed the mark in his life, but it had only brought him closer to realization, as his body would become closer to the ground. 


“Jun- No! Stop!” 


Like a ragdoll his husband’s body fell behind the railing of the balcony with its arms held up as if Jun had been crucified. His suit, cuffs, and pants fluttered in the wind, casting a rippling shadow as his body blocked out the yellow lights of the street lamps and cars below. It disappeared after a few seconds, but he knew Jun hadn’t died yet. He was still there, still falling, until there was a sickening splat.


Cars started honking and tires screeched against the street as drivers swerved around the scene. Wonwoo stood there, cringing at the sound. Feeling as though he had just thrown out everything he owned, knew, and loved. Yet this only brought him closer to the chest of the alpha next to him, whom he hugged. 


“I- I think I’m going to be sick.” Wonwoo cried, bringing his knuckle up to his mouth. 


His face became meshed with Mingyu’s chest and neck as the taller rubbed his back and kissed his forehead.


Just then, the grand wooden and paneled doors of the dining room burst open to the kick of a police officer’s shoe. They had heard the armed men entering, but had done nothing to prepare themselves, preferring to hold each other and preserve the moment. But there would never be peace. 


Mingyu was yanked back by two other alphas with cuffs placed around his arms while Wonwoo was grabbed by the arms, left to watch his true mate be taken away. A police officer rushed past the commotion, and in his periphery he could see the man, clad in black and with his hand reaching for his radio pinned on his shoulder.


“Dispatch, we got a 10-56” the man said, breathing heavily as he looked over the balcony. 


He exchanged glances with his true mate, and just in doing so, for a quick second, he could see something change in the alpha. As if Mingyu was letting him go all the while keeping his dignity. The alpha looked as though he was accepting what was happening, no longer fighting the police. 


Mingyu remained stern and calm, keeping his shoulders taut and his chest out, walking backwards as the police brought him towards the door. The look the alpha sent him sparked more fear in him than motivation or solace. It was clear Mingyu was still in control, over the situation, over the police, and soon, over him. Mingyu knew this, and thus he was calm. But it was the omega who he was worried about. The omega whose fate remained uncertain. Mingyu stared at him, grunting as the police officers tugged him along.


“Mingyu.” he said in a hoarse whisper, arching over to get closer to him but the officers around him held him by the crook of his arms and waist.


Mingyu glared at them, growling at the way they were swarming and touching his omega.


“Be strong for me! I’ll be back Wonu- I’ll come back to get you!” 


Wonwoo nodded, sucking in a breath as more tears flowed from his eyes.


It was the last time they saw each other. For a while.


Chapter Text


Belle Reve was a place whose name meant the opposite of what it really was. But that didn’t matter to the families who sent their ill to stay there. It was not a hospital, where the price of taking one’s grandparents off of their oxygen was a quick and painless death, or a prison where it was quick and easy to administer a lethal injection. ‘Beautiful Dream’ as it was called in French, was a place where the excommunicated from families and society, were sent to rot in the waste of their own excessive thoughts. It was a place for misfit humans; a mental asylum. 


Hunched over on the small desk in the corner of his room, Wonwoo read a small leather hardcover book which laid flat on the rough and coarse wooden surface that often gave him splinters. The orange glow that came from his reading light that Jihoon had got him for his birthday still had enough power in it to last him a few more weeks. The fluorescent light attached to the ceiling simply would not do, especially with his poor eyesight. Usually they didn’t let patients wear glasses as they could break them and use the shards to cut themselves or swallow them. But they made an exception for him. Mingyu was, after all, a very powerful man. The same man who put him here.


A fly buzzed past his ear and he swatted it away, hoping it would go up to the fluorescent light tubes and die or something. He watched it zip around him before it landed on the green-tiled wall next to him. He ignored it, not wanting to take another life. Jun was already enough. 


He went back to hunching himself over his book, though calling it ‘his’ seemed out of place and made him cringe. It was the Lord’s word, not his. And he was so fortunate that they gave Bibles out for free at Belle Reve. Sure they had a big selection of books to choose from but considering all that he went through a trashy romance novel just wasn’t it for him. 


Besides, he had always wanted to read the Bible, and solitude helped him focus. He liked to think he was Dostoevsky, locked away on orders of the Czar of Russia, not knowing that he was destined to become a great novelist when he was freed. 


Wonwoo touched his cheeks with the pads of his fingers and laughed at his own arrogance, hunching over his desk more as if he were about to vomit. Being cooped up in this place made him, well, delusional. Reading was probably the only good thing he got out of being locked up in an insane asylum. That and he liked Taco Tuesdays. 


He felt a giddiness rise up from within him at the smell and taste of tacos. He couldn’t wait for Tuesday.


Wonwoo stopped himself, but not before letting out another giggle, remembering that this was a pious moment. He was supposed to be reading. 


He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”


“Let not man separate. Let not man separate.” he whispered to himself, scratching the paper with his finger nail out of anxiousness. His mind went blank before the chiseled face and rustic image of Mingyu emerged from the darkness. 




The rattling of a door sliding open prompted him to jump in his seat and sit straight up as it rolled into the wall, slamming against the doorstop. 


“C’mon Mr. Jeon. Let’s go.” the man heaved callously, snapping his fingers and gesturing for him to follow. 


“Coming.” he sang, wiggling his fingers as he got up, looking for the pile of clothes he had set down somewhere. He’d have to get showered first and all cleaned up before he could present himself to Jun’s family, let alone the public. 


“You should be thankful your husband’s family is even allowing you to go to his funeral. It’s been delayed for weeks now until your condition has improved. ” his caretaker huffed, chewing on a piece of gum as he opened the door to the showers for him. 


Wonwoo pursed his lips, pondering what the man said. Mr. Lee had been assigned to ‘watch over him’ since he first arrived, and after many instances of letting the man run his mouth without informing him that his husband was a powerful man, it wasn’t a surprise that Mr. Lee spoke so freely in front of him. Not to mention, the way he acted as if there were no security cameras perched all around them. Belle Reve should have been ashamed to call them security cameras. They were contradictions in themselves. He’d have to give up his privacy for the sake of security? Could he not have both in Mingyu’s arms? Wasn’t privacy and security the same thing! In his mind he cried to himself as his eyes caught sight of the shower stalls. 


As much as he hated the way Mr. Lee watched him undress, he also hated undressing in the shower stall when the floor was still wet. Thus, he made sure to take his clothes off quickly before jumping onto the tile floor and whipping the curtains behind him. The thin, flimsy, and almost transparent curtains always had tears in the material when he handled them. It was said that the asylum’s administration feared that patients would attempt to asphyxiate themselves with their clothes. Hence why their cell walls were clear plexiglass. He supposed suicide was still a prevelant danger since patients could drink shampoo or find some other bizarre way to die. But still… couldn’t Mr. Lee trust him and give him some privacy? 


“What are you doing in there Wonwoo?” the older man asked gruffly, crossing his arms and stalking over the stall. 


The omega stopped squirting a glob of shampoo onto his hand and whipped his head towards the monotone voice, spotting the figure of his caretaker approaching and growing larger as he neared the curtain. 


“Nothing.” he said softly,  “I’m just washing my hair.” 


He said it in almost a melodious tone, like he wasn’t trapped in an insane asylum and was calling back to his mother who was calling him downstairs for breakfast because it was getting cold. But that wasn’t at all the case. That was just his nostalgia talking, trying to drown out the sound of Mr. Lee’s boots thudding against the tile floor. 


Just as his hands came to cradle his hair and soak it with suds, the curtain was pulled back in a loud flash, causing him to jump back. His feet slipped and he was forced to support himself with his hands against the wall behind him, exposing himself to the prying eyes of the man in front of him.


“You need help in here, Wonu?” Mr. Lee chuckled, staring at him and outlining his dripping wet figure as shower water ran down his pale legs. 


“N-No. No thanks.” he replied, bringing his knees together as he stared down at his feet. 


“You sure? I think you need some help with your back.”


“I’m good.” Wonwoo nodded. “Thanks.” 


“C’mon. Car’s leaving in ten minutes. I’ll make it faster.” Mr. Lee grinned, reaching next to him to get the body wash, drizzling it all over his backside. 


It was when his hand grabbed his hip to get him to turn around did Wonwoo slap it away.


“I said no.” he said bluntly, glaring up at him.


“Really? Is that how it’s gonna be Wonu?”


Wonwoo said nothing.


“You don’t wanna go back in isolation do you? I heard once you reach strike three, you’ll have to pay a visit to The Angel.”


He could only gulp, not wanting to be reminded of the stretcher he had seen outside the Doctor’s operating theater. The leather straps, the golden belt buckles, and ankle clamps, plus the gag and mask…


Wonwoo shook his head, keeping his mouth shut.


“Good, now turn around for me.” 


He did, albeit slowly, shivering as he felt a hand come to rest on the small of his back and go lower, rubbing the soap onto his skin.


“So beautiful.” Mr. Lee chuckled, letting his other hand come up to massage his chest. “It’s your fragility that makes you that way.”


Wonwoo closed his eyes, trying not to show any emotion. 


It is my fragility that makes me strong! It is my fragility-


Wonwoo kept his shriek quiet as Mr. Lee’s hands reached the most intimate part of his omegan being.


He wondered if he’d be late for the funeral or if Mr. Lee was just lying about the ten minutes. 


Adorned in a royal blue silk tuxedo, Wonwoo walked calmly through the aisles, finding his pew on the right, opposite of the Wen family who sat in the front row as well. He didn’t blame them for them not wanting to speak with him, but his shame and guilt were most potent before the eyes of Christ crucified, who had suffered in agony for his sins, only to see him cheat on his husband and push him to suicide. 


Wonwoo didn’t have the mental capacity to think ‘what do I do now?’. He merely reflected on what he hadn’t done. 


Not only was his shame and guilt made real and concrete , sitting in Mrs. Wen’s field of vision. His emotional state was made all the more worse by the extra-realness of having Jesus Christ looking down upon him. It was all so cliche. Everyone’s tears and Mrs. Wen’s ‘boo-hooing’ as she wiped her eyes with her snotty tissue would have made Wonwoo scoff inside. It was like a movie. It felt so unbelievable that it made him realize just how real death was, lying down on the altar in a coffin. At least it was pretty with all the flowers and what not. Wonwoo couldn’t stop himself from being poetic even when he recalled being told that he was ‘unfit’ and not in the right state of mind to deliver a eulogy. 


Perhaps he was so broken and defeated that he couldn’t cry anymore. But even as his tear ducts ran dry, his shoulders slumped and his lungs evacuated themselves when the only thing the room became filled with was Mrs. Wen’s choked cries. He could tell she was trying her best to keep herself together in front of so many people, but at the same time it was like she was desperately chasing after the train towards heaven, crying out and waving her handkerchief, begging her son not to go soon. All too soon. 


It wasn’t necessarily the catharsis he got from watching a play; watching Mrs. Wen cry. It was just that he could mourn and weep through her. She could do all that for him, letting him sit back and try to take in all of the things bombarding his mind. 


What was that the priest was saying? 


“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”


And yet, a group of men, Jun’s friends, had given eulogies to him. They were not mourning him. A eulogy could be understood by the Greek “good speech”. In other words, praise for someone. What did the Bible have to say about that? Blessed are those who give praise, for they will be…. 


For they will be….


Wonwoo didn’t know what to think. He wasn’t mourning Jun. All he could say was that he was glad to have known him, to have been his omega. Or at least to have made him believe that he was his omega. It was then that he broke down in tears. If only that particular charade could have lasted up until the very moment Jun left his arms. His husband’s death could have been less tragic had he believed his omega was still his. Less tragic for Mrs. Wen and Jun’s friends. 


Oh no, it wasn’t tragic for Wonwoo. No, not at all. Tragedy could only arise in romantic love, like Romeo and Juliet. Where platonic love was concerned there could be no tragedy. Platonic love was for something eternal, changeless, incorruptible. Such as wisdom and true beauty! Tragedy could only arise from the loss of something. 


Wonwoo had lost Jun. But their relationship, their relationship could last. Their love was eternal. Wisdom and beauty could never die or be wrested from someone by death. That was what made it all the more tragic for Jun himself. He had truly loved him in a romantic way, a kind of passion that burnt out like one’s childhood. 


Wonwoo had always been too naive to see it, but he saw it now. And this was his childhood coming to an end. 


Now, as death surrounded him, there were only a few things he could see. All of the things that were corruptible, mutable, and decaying all passed away. Now he could truly see the true beauty and wisdom lying in Jun’s coffin. They were as real as a memory. All thanks to Jun. Jun had shown him!


If only he could have given a eulogy. How grateful he was to have known such a man. Wen Junhui, someone who could teach him what no philosopher in thousands of years ever could. What true love ought to be .


In Jun’s passing, it was all the more clear to Wonwoo that true love was too good for this world.