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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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Laser Man’s name is Zap.

The PRT says he’s a villain, but apparently, he thinks of himself as a vigilante, and only goes after other villains.

His lasers aren’t actually lasers, just beams that send people to the other world. The PRT is calling it Earth Vav.

Zap is a villain because once he sends someone to Earth Vav, that’s it. He can’t bring them back. Apparently, he can tell whether they’re still alive, but that’s it.

They don’t tend to live very long.

Zap didn’t mean to send Sophia and Eddie to Vav, but he did, and they could have been hurt, they could have died, they could have…

(There was a Thing with her face in the house that wasn’t hers.)

Sophia hates him.

(He surrendered. When he realized he’d sent them to Vav, he gave himself up to the Protectorate, and worked with Armsmaster to make the machine to bring them back.)

(He sent them there, and brought them back, and he will go to jail for it.)

Sophia wanted to be a vigilante, but she can’t, now. The PRT knows about her, and so does her mom.

Armsmaster’s hand is heavy on her shoulder, equal parts reassurance and burden.

“Welcome to the Wards, Odessa,” he says.