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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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“James is stupid!”

Eddie’s arms are crossed in righteous indignation, and he’s aggressively pouting. Sophia resolutely doesn’t laugh.

“James is in your class, right? What did he do?”

Eddie pouts harder, but brightens as he speaks.

“In class, we were talking about superheroes, and then, Miss Mason, she asked who our favorite superheroes were, and I said you were mine ! But then, James, he said you weren’t a superhero, because you didn’t have powers, or, or, a mask, and a secret identity, and stuff.”

Sophia tries not to wince. Eddie didn’t understand what her using her powers meant at the time, or forgot about it, and it was deemed safer not to put him back in the confidence.

Sophia is mostly fine with that, but sometimes, it leads to awkward conversations.

“I don’t care if you don’t have powers! You’re still the best superhero in the whole world!”

Eddie beams at her.

She smiles back.