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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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Sophia has mixed feelings about therapy.

On one hand, it’s… Useful. It kept her together, after she came back, when she couldn’t bear to let Eddie out of her sight, and gave her the tools she needed to deal with the nightmares, or the irrational fear to still be there whenever she’s alone.

(The suggestion to modify her room in easily recognizable ways so she can immediately tells where she is when she wakes up, for example, comes from Doctor Wiggins.)

It has even helped a bit with her anger issues.

(Sophia doesn’t know who she would have become, had things been different.)

On the other hand, the rotation shit is pissing her off.

At first, it was Doctor Wiggins.

Then it was Doctor Grimes.

Then Doctor Aranello.

Doctor O’Neill. Melton. Savage. Ho. Beltran. Right now, Doctor Pitts.

She knows why the therapists rotate. She can even understand the reasoning behind it, somewhat.

But it was weird, after all that time spent talking to Doctor Wiggins, to have him replaced, only to, a few months later, have Doctor Grimes be replaced too.

By the time Doctor Melton rolled by, Sophia didn’t believe anymore she was anything to them but a collection of files and problems to be solved. Didn’t believe anymore that they give a shit about her.

So, Sophia has mixed feelings about therapy.

Because, as things are, it helps, but it isn’t quite enough.