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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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Sophia dodges the Things as well as she can, but it’s hard, because she has to carry Eddie and she can’t take him with her in Shadow form, and she can’t do stuff like punching or kicking them because she doesn’t know if they can absorb her if she touches them through clothes.

(There’s a Thing with her face in the house that isn’t hers, and Sophia doesn’t want to end like that.)

Sophia dodges as well as she can, but she knows she can’t hold on forever.

She’s getting tired. Her arms hurt from Eddie’s weight, and she’s out of breath, and everything is blurry, and she’s getting dizzy and…

She trips.

She trips, and falls, and a Thing bends down and raises a hand toward her.

A halberd cuts down the Thing’s arm, and the blue of Armsmaster’s armor is the most beautiful thing Sophia has ever seen.

“Take them to the portal !” he says, and Velocity is there, too, and he takes Eddie from her arms and tells her to follow him, and they start running as Armsmaster covers their retreat.

(He doesn’t use his superspeed, for some reason, even after Sophia goes to Shadow form and tells him to get Eddie to safety.)

They run for a while, and then there’s a strange door in the air leading to the insides of a white plastic tent, with a weird machine she doesn’t recognize, and they all stepped through.

Armsmaster turns the machine off, and the door closes.

The Things are left on the other side.