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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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“A prisoner has to choose between three rooms,” Dee says.

She’s been hanging out around Sophia for three days, now, either ignoring or laughing at her harshness and attempts to make her go away, and Sophia finds herself toning the aggressivity down a bit. Dee smiles a lot, in a way that makes Sophia very aware that smiles are just another way to bare teeth.

Sophia wouldn’t call her a friend, but she’s, well.

She’s not too bad to have around.

“The first room is filled with fire,” Dee continues. “The second room is is a pit full of spikes, and there’s a lion who hasn’t eaten for a year in the third. Which room should the prisoner choose if he wants to live?”

“The lion,” Sophia says. “He can’t do anything against the fire or the spikes, but he can try to fight the lion, and maybe kill it.”

Dee stays silent for a few seconds.

“It was supposed to be because the lion would be dead after being starved for a year, but it is the lion, and you do have a point, so you win this one. Your turn!”

Rory gives Sophia a thumbs up from two tables away.