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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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Sophia wakes up.

She stays very, very still for a few seconds, and then scrambles to turn on the night lamp.

Electricity is running.

The sheets on her bed are ones she got after coming back.

The stick figure she had Eddie spray-paint on the wall is there.

She’s home. She’s fine. She’s home.

She’s home.

She lets herself fall back on the mattress.



She’d thought…

She had started to get less nightmares, hadn’t had one that bad in a while, and it’s not the first time they’ve slowed down before coming back in force, but she’d hoped…

The nightmare was bad.

(She was the Thing with her face in the house that wasn’t hers. She was the Thing with her face, and another face was Steven’s and he wouldn’t stop talking and she could never get away.)