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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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The following day, Sophia waits for Eddie to take a nap, and raids the pantry of the neighboring house.

(Not the one that looks like her house. She doesn’t… She doesn’t want to go there ever again.)

It’s slow. The Shadow form means it’s, not safe, but safer, means she can go through walls, and the Things as they try to catch her.

(She still tries to avoid the Things if she can.)

(They’re… Wrong.)

The Shadow form makes it almost safe, but there is only so much she can take with her in it.

And then, Sophia makes a mistake.

She’s crouching in the kitchen of the house she’s raiding, trying to see if she can find other cans of food behind boxes of rice, when there’s a noise behind her, like a footstep, and she goes to Shadow form on instinct.

It’s a Thing.

There’s a Thing in the house. Sophia hadn’t checked the other rooms.

It almost got her.

She gets back to where Eddie is sleeping and starts shaking.

It almost got her.

She thinks about the Thing with her face in the bedroom of the house that isn’t hers.