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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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Sophia locks Eddie in his room.

She kinda feels bad about it, but she needs to check if she can find someone, and she needs to be sure he doesn’t wander off or something.

She looks for an hour, then two, then three, using her shadow form to avoid Things and locked doors, and then she has to go back. She can’t leave Eddie alone for too long, and he can’t go to the bathroom with the door locked.

She didn’t find anyone.

She shares a can of tuna with Eddie for lunch, and then finds a stack of paper and a box of Crayola.

He draws his Mom, and Sophia realizes she’s alone.

She’s all alone. There is no adult.

What will she do when they run out of canned food? Of bottled water? If Eddie throws a tantrum and the Things come because of the noise? If the Things get inside? What will she do if Eddie gets sick?

What will she do if she gets sick?

Sophia closes the door so Eddie doesn’t see her cry.