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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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Fuck new beginnings.

High school is just like middle school, just with more walking. People are just the same.

(It’s not that she didn’t try. It’s the glass between her and the other kids, because she survived and they didn’t.)

(She can’t know if they would fight back or break.)

(Sophia doesn’t want to be friends with a victim. Sophia doesn’t want to be friends with someone who might break.)

Sophia survived, and they didn’t, and it’s like a wall of glass between them.

(It’s not like with little kids. Little kids aren’t supposed to survive, or fight back. People are supposed to take care of them.)

She could hang out with some of the older Wards. Rory told her she could go to him if she couldn’t make any friends.

She doesn’t want to.

(It feels too much like giving up.)

School is hard, and Sophia almost wishes for a fight.