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The Wonderful Adventures of Sophia Hess, Babysitter Extraordinaire

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It’s a new beginning.

It’s high school. The other students are going to be older, more mature. Less childish. Maybe the glass will be thinner.

(Only very little kids should be childish.)

It’s a new school. They won’t know her. Maybe she can make friends.

Not that she needs friends. Or wants them. She’s doing just fine on her own. She doesn’t need someone to follow her around and then crumple at the first hardship.

She just wants Dean and Rory to get off her back. They’re always bothering her about balancing her cape life with her civilian one, like it’s that all-important thing.

Armsmaster doesn’t have any civilian friends and he’s fine.

Mostly. Kinda.

It’s high school. Things are going to get better.

Sophia walks through the door of Arcadia.