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A Friend Who'll Tease is Better

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“He’s not here.”

“Thanks, Sergeant Obvious,” Samatoki grumbled at Rio, letting out an annoyed grunt when the heel of Jyuto’s dress shoe smacked into the side of his leg. Jyuto knew he was only complaining because he’d been banned from drinking and gambling any more than was strictly necessary to make their stakeout operation as inconspicuous as possible, which was why Jyuto had been pretending to drink from the same glass for almost two hours.

Rio, on the other hand, was so deathly serious about the whole thing that he’d had to be reminded that he was supposed to look like he was having fun. He’d always been better at staying in the shadows than blending in with a crowd, but three sets of eyes were better than two were better than one, and it wasn’t like there were many places to hide on a busy, brightly-lit casino floor.

In any case there was nothing to be done about the fact that neither of his teammates were ever going to be good undercover investigators, and nothing to be done about the fact that their intel had apparently been bad. Their target wasn’t there, and while Jyuto had spotted a few persons of interest, there was nobody worth risking their cover and their ongoing investigation for. The underlings could deal with that; it was why they made the small bucks, after all.

So Jyuto supposed he was officially off the clock, and that meant he had time to have a little fun. They were in an illegal casino (that everyone knew about, but the owners had cut in the right people to the point where Jyuto’s bosses had told everyone to ignore it), they were hardly the most recognisable people in the building, and they had an absurdly tacky room reserved in the hotel above the casino that was exactly as opulent as one would expect.

Sighing loud enough to get Rio and Samatoki’s attention, Jyuto pushed his hair back with his free hand and finally tipped his drink down his throat while making sure to keep his neck long and exposed by the open collar of his shirt. He didn’t even have to look to know that they’d both taken the bait, particularly as Rio hadn’t been particularly subtle with his staring when Jyuto had shown up in with his first few buttons undone and his sleeves rolled up, and Samatoki wouldn’t recognise subtle if it cut off his pinky finger. Not that Jyuto was complaining.

He liked simple men. He possibly liked complicated men more, but at least it was always easy to lead Samatoki and Rio in whatever direction he felt like. Samatoki being the mad dog that he was, had taken a bit of training; over the years, though, Jyuto had figured out how to turn him on with the right tilt of his chin or sidelong glance. Rio had come to him already trained, although he’d held out longer than Samatoki ever had. He had more discipline than the other two of them combined, apparently deciding on his own that sleeping with his teammate was a bad idea, but Jyuto had corrected him on that point eventually.

In fact, the only step that Jyuto hadn’t managed to take with either of them, was having both of them.

At the same time.

Preferably in the same place.

(And he wasn’t talking about the hotel room).

An illegal casino in Yokohama wasn’t precisely Vegas, but a casino was a casino and Jyuto supposed that what happened there, could certainly stay there. He would probably never get a better chance to convince them both to play nicely with each other than in a police-funded hotel room during a work trip, even if he’d have to undo another button or two on his shirt to help convince them.

Rio first, then.

Setting his now-empty glass on the table, Jyuto tilted his head slightly and pinned Rio with a faintly flirtatious stare. They’d settled down in the casino bar once it had become obvious that their target was nowhere to be seen on the game floor, and Jyuto took advantage of the table’s cover to run his shoe up the length of Rio’s calf.

Jyuto let his lips part slightly when Rio’s attention turned back towards him, his gloved hand brushing against his chin, and then Rio said, “I’ll continue to keep an eye out, just in case he arrives late.”

His eyes sliding past Jyuto and gazing back off into the distance, Jyuto barely managed to avoid slamming his forehead into the slightly sticky table. Rio was a simple man, but sometimes that meant he was so single-minded as to be utterly oblivious.

Samatoki first, then.

Jyuto had barely brushed his thigh against Samatoki’s when a hand slid into his lap, Samatoki groping his crotch under the table with all the casual easiness of a man who had been there many, many times before.

“How about we ditch Mr Serious over here and put that room to good use?” Samatoki said quietly, his warm breath hitting Jyuto’s ear.

Placing his hand over Samatoki’s and holding him to his hardening cock, Jyuto slung his other arm over the back of Samatoki’s chair and whispered back, “What if I said I didn’t want to ditch him?”

“I’d say I should have expected that,” Samatoki replied in a normal voice, giving Jyuto a little squeeze. “C’mon, Rio, we ain’t doing anything but wasting time here.”

If Rio noticed the way that Samatoki’s hand was playing in Jyuto’s lap before the two of them stood up, he didn’t outwardly react to it. Not that he outwardly reacted to much, but if anything was going to break through that stoicism, Jyuto supposed that a little shameless public groping might be the thing. As it was, the trip to their room was largely uneventful beyond Samatoki’s hand apparently being glued to Jyuto’s ass during the elevator ride up to their floor, and Rio insisting on scoping out the corridor as they turned any corners.

Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

Their room was so tacky as to almost be amazing, with gaudy spreads on the queen beds and delightfully distasteful nude art adorning the walls. It was bad to the point that the bed roll Rio had set up in the corner almost fit in perfectly with the rest of the weird room, the addition of which had been the only thing that had convinced Rio not to sleep in a tent outside the hotel.

“I smell like booze and gambler desperation, I’m taking a shower,” Jyuto announced as soon as the room door was closed, beginning to flick open the remaining buttons on his shirt. Conveniently enough, he ‘forgot’ to take any clean clothes in with him, leaving him with only the smallish towels provided by the hotel to cover him when he finished cleaning up. If he’d still been more than half hard, it would have been positively indecent.

Although if the look Samatoki gave him when he stepped back into the main room was any indication, it was pretty indecent regardless. Rio was less obvious with the staring when Jyuto dropped the towel and slid clean pants over his bare ass, but Jyuto knew he’d caught a glance or two.

The scene was set, then, and Jyuto didn’t bother with either zipping up his pants or putting on a shirt as he bent over to collect his pack of cigarettes from his other pants pocket and turned to face the other two. “Light, Samatoki?”

From where he was lazily stretched out across one of the beds, Samatoki lifted an eyebrow, slid a cigarette of his own between his lips, lit it, and then slipped his lighter back into his pocket.

“Come and get it,” he mumbled around the cigarette, and Jyuto barked a short laugh. Putting Rio’s presence aside for a moment, he crawled onto the bed and straddled Samatoki’s thighs, planting his forearms on either side of Samatoki’s head so that he could lean in and press the tip of his cigarette to Samatoki’s cherry. The firm hand that slid up his thigh and right back to his ass was hardly unexpected; for Jyuto, at least. Rio’s sharp inhale was loud in the quiet of the room, and Jyuto could have sighed in relief from knowing that he’d finally shattered that damn obliviousness.

He didn’t, though, instead choosing to cheekily blow a cloud of smoke into Samatoki’s face and then slip away before he could retaliate, reclining back along the bed next to their darling leader. Rio looked vaguely (very vaguely) curious but not particularly bothered, not even bothering to demurely look away.

“I have my tent if you two would prefer,” he said, voice as deep and steady as ever.

Jyuto opened his mouth to say something clever and seductive and utterly irresistible, but Samatoki beat him to the punch. “Oh, just get up here and help me fuck him stupid.”

“How could he possibly resist such a wonderful invitation,” Jyuto drawled, his free hand settling on his lower stomach so that his pinky finger could just barely brush against the top of his pubic hair. “Not that I’m complaining, of course.”

“That ass of yours is all the invitation he needs,” Samatoki said. “If you want pretty words, you’ll have to look somewhere else.”

“Keep talking and we’ll throw you out. His cock’s bigger than yours, it’d be no great loss.”

“I’d ask how you know that, but I’m not surprised you’ve already fucked him.”

Jyuto laughed, patting Samatoki’s chest with mocking sympathy. “Don’t be jealous, Samatoki-sama. He’s only taller and stronger and fitter than you, with stamina for days and-”

“You are. So. Annoying,” Samatoki growled, and this time it was him planting his knee between Jyuto’s spread thighs as he positioned himself above the other man. The cigarette was plucked from between Jyuto’s fingers and tossed into the ashtray alongside Samatoki’s own barely smoked one, and Samatoki’s following kiss was more teeth and tongue than lips.

He wasn’t angry, though. Jyuto knew what Samatoki was like when he was genuinely angry, and it was nothing like this: jokes aside, he’d never actually been the jealous type. Rio, though, was less used to reading Samatoki’s various degrees of pissy, and so when Samatoki turned his attention to chewing up Jyuto’s neck, Jyuto took the opportunity to lift himself up on his forearms and catch Rio’s eyes.

“This bed’s big enough for three, Rio.”

Rio’s answering salute probably would have broken multiple codes of conduct had the armed forces still existed, his shirt disappearing with military precision as he unfolded himself from the ground and approached the bed. Jyuto patted the space beside him in a silent invitation, his other hand winding through Samatoki’s hair to encourage him to keep kissing and biting from Jyuto’s ear to his shoulder and back again, and he smiled triumphantly when he finally had both of his teammates in bed with him.

His free hand sliding around the back of Rio’s neck and pulling him in, Jyuto sighed happily between Rio’s determined kisses; the single-mindedness was in turns helpful and infuriating, but having that focus directed towards his pleasure was always, always helpful.

“You slut,” Samatoki said almost fondly, taking hold of Jyuto’s chin and pulling him away from Rio to once again take Jyuto’s lips for himself. Shifting slightly, Samatoki’s thigh ground down into Jyuto’s crotch, the movement jostling Jyuto enough that his pants slipped down and completely exposed him.

“Why did you even put these back on,” Samatoki bitched as he set to removing them. “You knew you were going to be out of them pretty quick.”

“Presents should always be properly wrapped.”

“Fuck, I hate you so much.” With the offending pants thrown unceremoniously on the floor, Samatoki ducked back in for Jyuto’s lips but was promptly interrupted by Jyuto’s long-fingered hand wrapping over his mouth, turning his face towards Rio.

“You’re leaving poor Rio out, Samatoki. Why don’t you give him a proper welcome?”

“Isn’t that your job?” Samatoki asked after he pried Jyuto’s hand off his mouth, but he took hold of Rio’s broad shoulder and pulled him in for a deep kiss anyway, Jyuto biting his lip and flexing his hips against the thigh that had made its way back between his legs as he watched his teammates make out for his entertainment.

And make out.

And make out some more.

...Now he was the one being left out, and Jyuto wasn’t about to have that. He wasn’t at the easiest angle to undo the buttons on Samatoki’s shirt, especially when it seemed like Samatoki was intentionally moving to be as annoying as possible, but eventually he managed to run his short nails down the bare skin of Samatoki’s chest, catching his nipples along the way and making him moan.

That was what finally drew both of their attention back to Jyuto — as it should have been.

“One day I’m going to make you learn patience,” Samatoki said, pinching one of Jyuto’s nipples as payback. Glancing back at Rio, he smirked. “Especially now that I have help.”

“It might do you well,” Rio agreed, and Jyuto would have been annoyed had he not been so completely and utterly in the mood to be absolutely taught a lesson or two by the men in bed with him. His cock throbbing so hard he was fairly sure that there was no blood flowing to his brain, Jyuto put his years of self-defence training to work and flipped Samatoki over, reversing their positions so that he was once again on the top.

“I look forward to it,” he murmured, sliding a hand between their bodies to fiddle with the button on Samatoki’s pants. “If you two are determined to team up against me, I won’t say no.”

The weight of Samatoki’s cock in his hand was familiar and as invitingly hard as it ever was. This was one of the only things that Jyuto had ever seen take the snarl off Samatoki’s face, and Jyuto basked in watching Samatoki go from being his usual pissy self to having his face go slack in pleasure as Jyuto teased the head of his cock with his thumb.

Lost in what he was doing, Jyuto jolted slightly when wet fingers touched his ass, Rio brushing up against his hole without trying to push inside. Not particularly interested in taking it slow, Jyuto looked over his shoulder and pressed back against the hand that Rio had apparently lubed up while the other two were distracted, his eyes narrowing when Rio moved back with him.

“If you don’t open me up soon, we’ll be here all night before I can fit you both inside me.”

Fuck,” Samatoki swore, his hips thrusting up into Jyuto. “I know you like ‘em big, but-”

“Oh, don’t be such a wimp, Samatoki.”

“Fine, but if you can’t walk tomorrow, I’m not carrying you around.”

“I can carry you,” Rio butted in, and Jyuto shot Samatoki a smug smile.

“I’m so glad someone around here likes me,” Jyuto said, twisting around to kiss Rio again. It wasn’t the most comfortable angle ever, but any discomfort was long forgotten when two thick fingers finally slid inside him, crooking right up against his prostate and making him moan against Rio’s mouth.

“Mmm, right there.”

Arching his back more than was strictly necessary, Jyuto let go of Samatoki’s cock to instead focus on Rio’s mouth and fingers, making sure to moan oh-so-prettily every time Rio touched him in just the right spot inside. His cock was already dripping precome and he knew that if he really wanted to, he would be able to get off by riding Rio’s fingers; but while Rio had big hands, his fingers weren’t quite enough to scratch Jyuto’s itch unless he was willing to put, oh, another three or so in there.

...Fuck, he was definitely going to have to ask Rio to fist him at some point…

His cock jumping at the thought, Jyuto had to take a deep breath and calm himself back down. That was for another day, one when he didn’t have two willing men at his disposal.

“Rio, enough,” he said, forcing his hips to stop moving along with Rio’s hand. “Lube?”

Holding his hand out, he waited for Rio to hand him the bottle. He was surprised, though, when he was ignored and Rio instead moved to kneel behind Jyuto, his front pressed to Jyuto’s back and his slick hand reaching around to touch Samatoki’s cock. Even though Rio’s pants were still firmly in place, Jyuto could feel the hardness there pressing up against him and he smirked, pleased to know that his teammates were getting along.

Although, once again, they weren’t allowed to get along too well without him, and he pointedly cleared his throat when it seemed like the line had been crossed between ‘preparation’ and ‘hand job’.

“Yeah, yeah,” Samatoki said, rolling his eyes. “C’mon, Rio, better give the shitty cop what he wants before he plants drugs on us and has us arrested.”

Jyuto’s snappy retort disappeared when Rio’s big hands slid under his bare thighs, lifting Jyuto’s weight off his knees and pushing him forward to where Samatoki was lounging back with his hard cock exposed by the open fly of his pants, a hand wrapped around the base of it to keep it steady.

Being held open and manipulated so easily by Rio made it feel even better when he was finally, finally lowered down onto Samatoki’s cock, experience and gravity letting the thick head easily spread his hole open and the rest follow in quick succession. Tipping his head back to rest against Rio’s shoulder, Jyuto went to roll his hips into the cock that was now fully inside him; but then Samatoki’s hands grabbed his hips and held him firmly still, Jyuto barely managing to bite back a pathetically turned on little whimper at being trapped so firmly between the other two.

“Thought you were all about making sure Rio isn’t left out?” Samatoki said smugly, continuing to hold Jyuto down on the full length of his dick. “Better make it so he’s dripping with lube, he gets bitchy when he wakes up sore.”

“Lean forward please, Jyuto,” Rio said, the hand leaving his thigh and pressing firmly against his back giving him no other option but to fall forward and catch himself on his forearms. Face-to-face with Samatoki, he licked playfully into Samatoki’s mouth and smiled into the kiss when Samatoki responded, his hips involuntarily continuing to try to thrust against the bruising hold keeping him in place.

When Rio’s fingers were back inside him alongside Samatoki’s cock, though, it was all he could do to continue keeping himself somewhat upright and pant helplessly against Samatoki’s mouth. He’d taken bigger toys, but they had nothing on the warmth and movement of having two real, separate people stretching his hole open and holding him at their mercy.

And Rio hadn’t even put his cock in yet.

...Why exactly was that, again?

“I’m ready,” Jyuto demanded, managing to pull himself together enough to reach back with one hand and hold one side of his ass open, inviting Rio inside.

“...Are you sure?”

Samatoki scoffed, tugging slightly on Jyuto’s hair. “Clearly he’s never made you sit and watch while he takes increasingly ridiculous toys to prove that he doesn’t need you. He can take it.”

“Of course I haven’t,” Jyuto said, filing the slightly dazed look on Rio’s face aside for later. “Rio is a good boy who does what he’s told, not a useless thug with a bitchy attitude.”

“You know, I can leave if you wanna be all lovey-dovey with Rio.”

“That might actually be the smartest idea you’ve ever had, you-”

“If you’ll excuse me,” Rio interrupted politely, and all thoughts of arguing with Samatoki melted from Jyuto’s mind as Rio’s cock pushed inside him, sitting snug alongside the one already there. The stretch wasn’t as easy as Samatoki alone had been, but the sting of being spread too far was only making Jyuto harder as Rio got as far inside as he could at the slightly awkward angle.

“Fuck,” Jyuto breathed, letting go of his ass to plant a hand against Samatoki’s bare chest and avoid falling into him. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“I think he likes it,” Samatoki said conversationally, patting Jyuto’s cheek condescendingly. If he could manage to string two thoughts together, he would have had a bitingly clever comeback; but he was being held still while sitting on two dicks, so he figured he could let that one go and be extra mean to Samatoki later to make up for it.

“Move,” he demanded instead, thrusting his hips the small amount he could with Samatoki still holding onto him. This time, thankfully, Rio was the one in the best position to take control, and he obediently slid back from Jyuto and then in again.

Through his pleasured haze, Jyuto still noticed the way that Samatoki’s eyes went wide from the combined sensations of being inside Jyuto’s hole while Rio’s cock rubbed alongside his own, and his hands loosened enough for Jyuto to break free of his grip and arch back into Rio.

“Feels so good,” Jyuto moaned, finally able to properly indulge in the feeling of being spread open by two cocks. It wasn’t as easy as only riding one, but he was determined if nothing else and the feeling of being so full already had him halfway to orgasm. “Fuck me.”

Samatoki said something that Jyuto completely missed, and he felt more than heard Rio’s response from the way that deep voice rumbled through Rio’s chest and into Jyuto’s back. He was so lost in his own world, narrowed down to the kind of stupid pleasure that he’d never been able to find anywhere else. Apparently all their team bonding to improve their teamwork had been worth it, as Rio and Samatoki managed to find a rhythm that kept Jyuto moaning and trembling and utterly stuck between them. Even without Samatoki holding his hips, there wasn’t a whole lot that Jyuto could manage to do, and so instead he wrapped a hand around his cock and focused on chasing his own pleasure.

He could tell that it wasn’t going to take much more to get him off, between the feeling of being so completely filled up and the knowledge that both Rio and Samatoki were themselves getting off by using him.

“Fuck,” he sighed again, rubbing his thumb over the head of his cock and enjoying the shocks of pleasure running up and down his spine. “I’m close.”

“Of course you are,” Samatoki shot back, shoving his cock as deep as he could into Jyuto. When he pulled back, there was only a moment of reprieve until Rio was taking his place, both of them hitting hard and relentless as Jyuto could do nothing but take it and jerk himself off. The sting had long since faded away, replaced by an unimaginable fullness that was better than Jyuto had even expected it to be, and while he didn’t want it to end he also wanted to get off.

As per usual, pleasure won over denying himself.

Oh,” Jyuto moaned when he knew he’d gone too far to go back, frantically jerking himself off as the other two continued to fuck him senseless. “I’m coming!”

It was probably obnoxious to make sure his come splattered as much as possible across Samatoki’s stomach, but that just made it more fun even as he lost himself to the sensations of pure pleasure that kept him shaking and moaning for as long as he was coming. It seemed like somewhat less of an amusing idea when his arms gave out and he collapsed against Samatoki, sliding through his own come as they fucked him through the last throes of his orgasm, but what was a little more mess compared to what was going to be inside of him?

Samatoki was the next to go, his teeth clenched against making any sounds even as his arm wrapped around Jyuto’s shoulders and held him close. It was a sentimentality that Jyuto had learned to never comment on unless he was willing to overstep the hazy lines they’d drawn for each other, and in all truth he was usually too out of it to really have anything clever to say about it.

The feeling of having Samatoki’s come inside him and Rio still fucking him, even after Samatoki’s softening cock slipped out, was...strange, to say the least. Strange in a good way, if the dull pleasure still rocking through his tired body was any indication, but strange nonetheless. If Rio was bothered by it, he wasn’t letting it affect him: now that he was the only one left inside Jyuto’s ass, he could lift Jyuto’s hips into a better position and really go to town on him.

“See what I meant about his — ah! — stamina?” Jyuto murmured once he could get his thoughts back in order, letting himself lounge against Samatoki’s sweaty chest as Rio continued to fuck him.

“Is he even touching the sides?” Samatoki shot back, although he didn’t seem particularly bothered by the whole thing.

“I don’t hear him complaining, do you?” Jyuto asked, clenching his ass as best he could and smirking when he heard Rio grunt behind him. “Are you almost done, though? My hips are starting to ache.”

“Apologies,” Rio said, pressing his lips to the back of Jyuto’s neck. It was a testament to his iron will and discipline that that was more or less the end of it, Rio leaning his weight against Jyuto as he slammed home a few more times and then added to the mess already inside him.

“...Rio,” Jyuto said when it became clear that Rio wasn’t planning on moving anytime soon, his voice muffled from how squashed he was between the other two. “Rio.”

“Ah,” Rio said after a moment, finally rolling over to the side and letting Jyuto follow after him, settling on his back between the other two. He was sore and sweaty and leaking uncomfortably, but Jyuto wasn’t even entirely sure that he could get his legs to work just yet. At least Samatoki was already lighting up a cigarette, and Jyuto stole it from between his lips once it had been lit to give himself an excuse to lie still for a little longer.

“Fucking rude,” Samatoki said, but he didn’t bother trying to steal it back, choosing to light another one for himself instead. In a moment of goodwill, Jyuto turned his head and offered his cigarette to Rio; he was surprised when Rio actually took it, but it was quickly returned after a puff or two.

“That was good,” Jyuto said, breaking the silence that had settled over them. “Looks like you two might be useful to me yet.”

“Thank you,” Rio said, but Samatoki scoffed and smacked the back of his hand against Jyuto’s side.

“How many days do we have this room for, anyway?” Samatoki asked, flicking cigarette ash in Jyuto’s direction. If the police department had to cover extra cleaning fees then that was hardly something that Samatoki was going to care about. Not that it was something that Jyuto cared about either, but Samatoki didn’t even pretend to play nice with the cops.

“Two more nights. Why, so ready to try again already?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, shitty cop, I was wondering how much longer I’ll have to put up with you two.”

“You can go home if you don’t want to drink, gamble and fuck on government funds.”

“You’re not even letting me drink that much!”

“Pay for your own then, you lousy gangster!”

For once, Rio only laughed instead of trying to broker peace between them, even as Samatoki and Jyuto’s bickering became increasingly childish. The whole thing was unbearably domestic, to the point where Jyuto was wondering if he was perhaps in too deep, but for once he wasn’t feeling the desire to escape or otherwise tear it all apart.

If this was what it felt like to be comfortable, well, Jyuto couldn’t say he hated it.