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Writhing On His Sheets

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Over the past week both boys had been texting each other and it had quickly turned sexual. It was no surprise that they were attracted to each other. However with both of them still living with their families it was frustrating to find a time and place where they could be alone.

The invitation ended up coming from Muichirou. His foster father and their civic teacher Himejima had taken Yuichirou out for a doctor's appointment which gave them a decent two hours at most. It was more than enough time for them.

When Muichirou invited him in they wasted no time. Muichirou stood at his front door wearing a short pleated checkered skirt and a white button up. It wasn't unusual to see Muichirou in skirts, the boy chose to wear them more often than the uniform pants that boys were required to at school. But this one was not the standard skirt, it was a nicer sexier one that did nothing to hide the thickness of Muichirou's thighs.

Genya couldn't hold himself back. He shoved Muichirou inside and leaned down to pull him into a kiss. Muichirou smirked into it, hands coming up to wrap around Genya's neck as he stood on his tiptoes. Genya's hands wrapped under Muichirou's thighs and lifted him up and shoved him against the door.

When Muichirou's back hit the door he let out a gasp. Genya's sturdy chest against his made him squirm. He knew the other was strong, but it was another thing to feel it himself. Their shirts were thin already but Muichirou wanted their skin to touch so badly, desire and lust starting to really heat up under his skin.

Genya couldn't stop kissing him. Muichirou's mouth was soft, warm, addicting. The back of his thighs were warm on his hands, and Genya could feel his dick grow harder by the minute. They barely separated for air before coming back again, addicted to each other already. Muichirou bit at his bottom lip and Genya groaned, grinding his dick between Muichirou's legs and feeling Muichirou stutter for breath.

He couldn't take it anymore. Genya broke off the kiss. "Where's your bedroom?" He whispered, voice slightly breathy.

"Down the hallway, to the left," Muichirou responded. Muichirou thought he'd be let down but Genya kept his hold on Muichirou, walking them to the bedroom. Muichirou smiled into Genya's neck and wrapped his legs around his waist tighter.

Genya flipped the lights on with one hand, the other still holding on tight to the smaller boy. He didn't pause to look around until he shoved Muichirou down on the bed. He stood there looking down on Muichirou when he noticed just how big the bed was. "Hey, did you change your bedsheets? Yours were blue in our texts, not green."

"Oh, this is my dad's room," said Muichirou.

Genya paused and looked around. His dad's room? Mr. Himejima? Genya noticed the blank walls decorated only with a few pictures of the twins. The entire room gave off the aura of someone much much older than them. It was completely different than the snippets he's seen of Muichirou's room when they've been risky on Facetime togeter. "Why aren't we in your room?" Genya asked, heart pounding at the thought of being in his teacher's bedroom.

"Well his bed is comfier. Come on, what's the big issue? It's just a bed."

"It's your dad's bed! It's weird!"

The only response Muichirou had to that was to stretch his hands far above his head, arching his back and spreading his legs to make his waist look smaller. "C'mon Genya, don't you want to fuck me already? I'm aching here."

Genya's mouth went dry. He couldn't say no to that. Sure, it was a little weird but he was thinking with his dick now.

Genya grabbed onto the back of Muichirou's knees, pulling him closer so that their crotches nearly touched. His hands roamed down Muichirou's thighs until they reached under his skirt, flipping it over Muichirou's waist. His panties hugged his sex so tightly, and Genya could already see a wet patch on the pasty pink cotton. He groaned and felt all the blood rush to his dick again, making it throb painfully.

Genya grabbed the back of Muichirou's knees again and grinded his dick against Muichirou's cunt. Both boys moaned, the pressure finally feeling good. They barely started and Muichirou could already smell the sex forming in the air from how wet he was getting. Muichirou's hands came down to rub at his hard nipples which were starting to poke out from his button up. Soft little moans escaped him the more Genya rubbed his dick between his legs.

"Genya, please, I can't." Muichirou moaned. Genya swore and quickly undid his jeans and took off his shirt. He kept his boxers on for now. Muichirou was frantically unbuttoning his shirt but Genya was impatient and slid it up and held it above his collarbones. When Muichirou's nipples became exposed to the air Genya leant over and licked over one.

Muichirou moaned loudly as he felt Genya's hot tongue circle around one of his nipples. His hand came up and gripped the back of Genya's head, keeping him there while Genya's other than came up to play with Muichirou's other nipple. His tongue swirled against it, flicking it up and down before Genya sucked it into his mouth again. The pads of his thumbs played with Muichirou's other nipple in small circles, rubbing it until it was hard.

Muichirou felt pleasure start to ebb and flow, the pressure of Genya grinding his cock still between his legs while playing with his nipples was better than anything he had felt before. Muichirou threw his head back and let out another moan when he felt Genya start to grind right against his clit. His cunt started to pulse, wanting to get fucked the more Genya sucked and played with his nipples.

When Muichirou started to tug at his hair, Genya took the hint and reached the hand playing with his fingers down, scratching lightly against Muichirou's soft tummy before rubbing at the boy's sex through his panties. He was radiating heat and already had the pantis soaked. Genya groaned, adjusting them so that he was easily laying on his side now instead of between Muichirou's legs. Muichirou's legs stayed open with Genya rubbing at his cunt with three of his fingers over his panties. Muichirou let out a high pitched whine and Genya hooked his fingers in his panties, beginning to slide them down his fat thighs and throwing them on the ground next to his own pants.

Never had Genya imagined he'd be two fingers deep inside his classmate on his teacher's bed. Yet here he was on his side licking and sucking on Muichirou's nipple. His fingers easily slid into Muichirou, who was already slick and waiting. He was so warm inside, and Genya nearly creamed his own pants at how nice it felt. Muichirou's hairless pussy was exposed to the air and he couldn't hold back his quiet little moans when Genya started to finger fuck him.

Genya could start to feel his fingers get seriously soaked and moaned against Muichirou's chest. He slid in a third finger, listening to the slick sounds of them sliding in and out. His eyes were closed the entire time, content with fingering his pussy.

There was something filthy about the way he was spread out, Muichirou was thinking in the back of his head. They never bothered to close his dad's bedroom door and his pussy was pointed right at the entrance. If anyone was to walk in they would see Genya's thicker fingers sliding in and out of his wet pink pussy. The idea, which normally would probably horrify Genya, sent a thrill down Muichirou's spine and made him spread his legs more. He let out a deep moan and grabbed at Genya's hand, tugging it out. Genya let go of Muichirou's sore nipple with a small pop. Instead of telling Genya what to do, he pushed his head down until Genya took the hint.

Genya kneeled on the ground until his head was even with Muichirou's cunt. His dad's high bed meant that Genya had to sit up on his knees but it gave Muichirou an excellent view when Genya started to lick at his cunt. The pleasure was much more intense and Muichirou was caught off guard, letting out the lewdest sound he's ever done. Genya groaned into his cunt, his hands coming up to grab at his hips, thumbs digging into the soft flesh where his thighs met his hips.

His fat tongue was so warm, licking across his aching cunt while his legs were spread wide across Genya's shoulders. He couldn't close them if he could. He didn't want to, liking the way Genya looked up at him while he kissed his cunt.

"You look good down there, like a dog," Muichirou said.

Genya blushes harshly, pink cheeks turning dark red. Muichirou smirks and is about to say something else when Genya wraps his lips around Muichirou's clit and sucks hard. Whatever was on the tip of Muichirou's tongue turns into a lewd moan, echoing in the room.

"Fuck, I can't take it anymore, I feel like my dick is going to explode." Genya says. He moves up, pulling his boxers off. He reaches down into his pants pockets and rips out a condom, quickly putting it on. He doesn't give Muichirou a chance to say anything before he's sliding his head in, groaning deep.

Muichirou's thighs quiver, his hands grabbing onto Genya's forearms. Genya readjusted his hold on Muichirou's hips, letting his legs sit on his elbows before sliding in the rest of the way. Genya let out a deep moan, feeling Muichirou's wet hot cunt suck him in and pulse around him. It was hotter than it was around his fingers and tongue and he would have bust right then and there if he didn't have better stamina. Muichirou's eyes were fluttering shut, adjusting to the size.

"Ah, please. I can't take it anymore, move Genya." Muichirou moaned. Genya didn't hesitate before pulling out slightly and pushing back in, easing his cock in until the slide was wet and easy. Muichirou let out soft whines until Genya started to pick up the pace.

Soon the sound of their skin slapping was loud in the room, echoing along with Muichirou's high pitched moans. Genya watched his cock thrust into Muichirou's tight cunt, his clit pink and swollen and covered in his saliva. He leaned back and raised Muichirou's hips, fucking into him at a different angle which made Muichirou shake.

"Ah! Ah, ah, ah, aah~~!" Muichirou moaned, his hands fisting in the sheets. Leaning back like this made it easier for Genya to see how wet Muichirou's cunt was making his dick. It was easier to see his pussy too, hairless and so much more pinker than the rest of his creamy skin. Genya couldn't keep his eyes off the sight.

Suddenly Muichirou pushed him off. Before Genya could protest, Muichirou had flipped them and straddled Genya's thighs. Genya moved up the bed and Muichirou settled better on his lap, grabbing at Genya's dick and sliding it back into his aching cunt.

Genya grabbed a few pillow and put them under his head, leaning back and watching Muichirou adjust. Muichirou raised the skirt higher on his hips so that Genya could see his pussy slide up and down his cunt. Genya's hands rubbed up and down Muichirou's thighs as Muichirou started to ride him.

At this angle Genya's dick slid into him deeper. Muichirou throws his head back and puts his hands on Genya's chest so that he can adjust better. Genya's hands grip at Muichirou's hips as Muichirou begins to ride him. His hips grind against the boy under him, pussy squeezing his dick just the right way. When Genya looks down he can see a ring of slick around his dick where Muichirou slides down. Genya can't even think straight anymore, fucking up into Muichirou until his balls start to tighten.

He flips them over again. Genya pulls out and flips Muichirou onto his stomach before his hands grab at his waist, pulling his ass up. Genya flips Muichirou's skirt over his hips and spanks his cheek, grabbing his dick and sliding it into Muichirou's pussy. Muichirou screams, cunt squeezing around Genya again while he throws his head forward, back arching while Genya fucks him faster. Muichirou spreads his legs further.

Genya fucks into Muichirou doggy style, watching his ass bounce on every thrust and his asshole twitch. Muichirou's letting out the loudest of moans on every thrust and Genya can see and hear his pussy squelching, fucking his cunt open.

"Ah, I'm close, I'm close!" Muichirou screams. His hand reaches under him to rub at his clit until his thighs shake. Genya's grip on his hips is almost bruising but his cock is hitting him in all the right places. Muichirou's eyes go crossed as he feels his core tighten, pleasure moving through his body in hot waves. His toes curl and he lets out a staccato of moans as his orgasm takes over his body, tongue sticking out and eyes going crossed.

Genya feels Muichirou's cunt squeeze him, pulsing thickly around his dick and he can't hold back. His entire body is filled with tight tension until finally he cums, fucking into Muichirou's cunt until his orgasm starts to slow, groaning out into the air.

Both boys stop moving and breathe harshly. Genya pulls out and Muichirou collapses against the bed, cunt pulsing and wet. Genya's entire dick is covered in Muichirou's creamy cum. He takes it off and ties it, throwing it in the trash next to the bed before remembering he's in Muichirou's father's room and picking it out and wrapping it in a napkin. He heads to the bathroom to throw it out and comes back to Muichirou nearly asleep.

"Are you exhausted already?" Genya grins, only half teasing because he himself has been sapped out of all his energy.

"Shut up, you nearly fucked my brains out." Muichirou teases, lazily flipping back over. He's so lewd like this, skin glowing in the aftermath of getting fucked while his cheeks, lips, nipples, and cunt glow pink. "I can barely move anymore."

Genya smiles down at him, sliding down to cuddle him. "Well, we can just cuddle then until you want to get up." Muichirou smiles, wrapping his arms around the other.