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Pepto Bismol Veins (And I Grin).

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"some girl confessed to me today".

the disinterested tone wasn't hard to identify, quickly squashing ando's vision of meeting his best friend's potential first girlfriend.

"who?" "pube - head." watanabe shion was a nice girl, albeit a bit shy. hiro's rejection must've embarrassed her, given the circumstances. "i don't think you've ever had an actual girlfriend, hiro. have you even been on a date?" ando teased, peaking over at the other boy currently sitting at his desk. hiro, as usual, was scanning through the latest edition of One Piece, disengaged from the world. "no, i don't bother with that kind of stuff." ando knew that. it was obvious - - hiro had never expressed any sort of desire for a relationship, and rejected any girl who posed as a potential love interest.

it was strange, especially for a 17 year old boy. yet, that was hiro. he'd always been iffy concerning romance. "besides, i don't need anyone else to keep me company. i have you." the sincerity laced in his voice traveled straight to ando's heart, words echoing in his head. hiro often said things like that - - it wasn't anything to get flustered over. "i guess. but don't you want a girl to go on dates with?" at this, hiro's eyebrow raised, gazing over his manga to give ando a quizzical look. "i mean - - i can't be a substitute for a cute girl!".

"chokko." hiro cut him off, carefully bookmarking his manga and placing it to the side. "i don't want that. i don't need anything like that. as long as i have you, i'm happy." the previous distance between the two had been broken, and ando could practically feel the warmth radiating off of hiro at this point. soft, dark brown eyes gazed into ando's own hazel ones, somehow reiterating every previous word he had spoken. "hiro.." ando mumbled, inwardly chastising himself for the blush that resided on his cheeks.

ando wasn't sure what prompted him to act next. in the middle of hiro opening his mouth to respond, ando quickly connected their lips. it wasn't sensual whatsoever - - it was more of a split second brushing of lips than anything. immediatly after the action, ando reared back, frantically searching hiro's face for any signs of disgust or anger. the idea that he could've possibly ended their multiple years of friendship due to his inability to keep his feelings under control seemed to be a reality, based on hiro's initial lack of response.

"god - - i'm sorry, hiro. i don't know what got into me, i'm so sorry." ando stuttered, hanging his head to avoid hiro's blank stare. he'd just fucked it - - all those years of friendship were going to end, now. maybe he'd be shot and killed by hiro, if he were really unlucky. his mind raced with possibilities, so focused on a negative outcome that he barely registered the other speaking. "chokko." hiro placed a hand under ando's chin, prompting the other to actually look at him.

to ando's surprise, hiro brought their lips together once more. ando's head instantly raced with questions, barely registering the fact that hiro was kissing him.

hiro was kissing him. not particularly gently, probably due to his lack of experience. still, he was genuinely kissing him. his lips were insanely soft, almost unnaturally so. it was strangely addictive, causing a disappointed whine to escape ando's lips once they broke apart. a small, boyish smile graced hiro's features, rendering ando speechless. "you're beautiful, hiro".

"hm?" the other was quickly back to intently reading his manga, immersing himself in whatever fictional world was printed on the pages. shaking his head softly, ando pressed a finger to his lips, feeling himself blush at the sensitivity.

hiro shishigami was beautiful.