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The Peacock's Time Traveling Adventures

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Jin Zixuan is dying. Literally.

This wasn't supposed to happen. He is supposed to be celebrating his son's one-month celebration with his beautiful, amazing wife.

Instead, he is here, at Qiongqi Path, dying while his brother-in-law watches, horrified.

For a moment, he thinks of his wife, who is eagerly waiting for her brother's arrival. He thinks of his son, who would grow up without a father.

Then, everything goes black.

And then, he opens his eyes.

Wait, what?

He barely has a moment to comprehend the ridiculousness of the whole situation before a solid punch lands on his face.

He reels back, startled. Then he lifts his face and his eyes meet Wei Wuxian's, who looks ready to punch him again.

But something about this Wei Wuxian is different. He looks young, his face still has the boyish charm his older self lacked.

Then he looks at his surroundings and a horrifying realization dawns upon him.

He is in the past.

Which means he still hasn't managed to woo A-Li. In fact, he just insulted her in front of her brothers.


But, it also means that he can fix the future.

He can hear his douchbag cousin's outrageous shouts in the background.

By the time he has fully come in terms with the situation, Lan Qiren has already arrived.

"What happened?" He asks strictly.

In the past, Jin Zixuan had reported Wei Wuxian for punching him, which resulted in the latter getting expelled. But this time, because he knows he was being an asshole, and also because he doesn't want to give A-Li’s family any more reasons to hate him, he says,

"Nothing, Grandmaster Qiren. I provoked Wei-gonzi by insulting his shijie, so he punched me. I will accept punishment."

Lan Qiren doesn’t look like he believes him.

"Physical violence is forbidden in Cloud Recesses. Both of you will receive 15 strikes and then copy Virtue and Conduct. Wangji will oversee your punishment." Saying this, Lan Qiren leaves the place.

On the other side of the room, Wei Wuxian could not believe his ears.

"Did the peacock just speak in my favour?"