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Drunken Promise

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Jinhyun wakes up with a massive migraine. He couldn’t believe that the 45 year old Jinhyun who had been craving a drink ever since he was reincarnated could lose in a drinking game to some highschool brat! That’s right, it’s because his body was back to being a teenager again. A teenage body that had only had its first drink the previous night. Of course he’d pass out. Jinhyun tried to put his hand to his head to help with the migraine, but there was just one issue…

Jinhyun: “Hey, why am I tied up? Where are my clothes? What’s going on here?!”

Sangmin: “So the great Jinhyun finally woke up.”

Jinhyun looks up and sees that jerk Sangmin and his lackey Chulwoo.

Jinhyun: “Sangmin! Chulwoo! What’s going on?!”

Sangmin: “Hm? What do you mean? We’re just here to fulfill a promise.”

Jinhyun: “Promise? What promise?”

Sangmin: “You mean you don’t remember? The great Jinhyun who’s at the top of the class can’t even remember a simple promise?”

Jinhyun racks his brain, but he can’t remember anything from last night at all.

Sangmin: “Tsk tsk tsk. Let me remind you then.”

Sangmin walks up to the naked Jinhyun and lightly slides a finger across Jinhyun’s body.

Sangmin: “Last night while drinking, you made a bet. If you lost, you would give something to me.”

Jinhyun: “Okay, what is it you want then? Your reputation? To cancel that bet from the Starcraft match? Or maybe you want me to give up the first place seat in class to you?”

Sangmin lets out a quiet laugh.

Sangmin: “All good guesses. And I would love to have either of those things. But you bet something even more important.”

Sangmin moves closer and whispers in Jinhyun’s ear.

Sangmin: “Your balls.”

Jinhyun’s eyes widen.

Jinhyun: “My what?!”

His balls?! There was no way Jinhyun would bet his balls of all things! Well, he was drunk out of his mind last night… but even so, surely he wouldn’t have been dumb enough to do that !

Sangmin: “You heard me. You said last night that you would never lose to a brat like me, that you would bet your balls on it.”

Sangmin reaches down and roughly grabs Jinhyun’s balls.

Sangmin: “And now, I’m about to make good on that promise.”

Chulwoo watches on the side, silently listening the entire time. Sangmin only told him that he wanted to play a new game with him. Was this what Sangmin had in mind?

Chulwoo: “Hey, Sangmin, you’re not really going to take Jinhyun’s balls away, are you?”

Sangmin: “Hm? Of course I am. We made a promise after all.”

Chulwoo: “What?! Wait, hold on, I think this is going too fa-”

Sangmin grabs Chulwoo by the face and squeezes his jaws.

Sangmin: “We made a bet. I won. And now, I’m claiming what’s rightfully mine.”

Sangmin pushes Chulwoo away, causing the big guy to stagger backwards as he tries to regain his balance.

Sangmin: “I called you here to enjoy my prize together, but if you’re chickening out then so be it. It just means I was wrong about us being friends.”

Chulwoo: gulp “N-no, wait! I’ll do it, okay?”

Sangmin cracked a smile. He’s used to doing it already, but he never gets tired of manipulating Chulwoo however he likes.

Sangmin: “Good, now you go sit on that side. Meanwhile, I’ll be on this side.”

Chulwoo reluctantly walked over to Jinhyun’s left, standing right next to his crotch while Sangmin was on the opposite side.

Sangmin: “Good. Now here’s what we’ll do. We’ll both take one of Jinhyun’s balls in our mouth. Then when I give the signal, we’ll both bite down on it, capiche?”

Jinhyun: “What?! You’re not serious are you?! No way in hell am I letting you do that!”

Jinhyun struggles but to no avail. Meanwhile, Sangmin and Chulwoo both lean over the table where Jinhyun was tied up, getting their mouths down to Jinhyun’s crotch and each taking a ball in their mouths.

Jinhyun: “Stop! This isn’t funny!”

Sangmin ignores Jinhyun and begins sucking on the little orb, trying to make Jinhyun feel as good as possible. After all, it was going to be the last time he ever felt this good. Jinhyun tries to resist, but the feeling of his ball in Sangmin’s mouth is just too good. Plus, he did think Sangmin looked cute when that bully was put in his place. Crap, Jinhyun couldn’t help it. His dick slowly started rising up.

Sangmin: “Well well, looks like someone’s enjoying this. Though the size leaves a bit to be desired.”

Sangmin starts lightly stroking Jinhyun’s member with his index finger. Jinhyun meanwhile is visibly embarrassed that Sangmin was both playing with his dick and calling it small.

Jinhyun: “Sh-shut up! Let’s see if you’re any better!”

Wait, did that really just come out of his mouth? Jinhyun slaps himself mentally for saying that. Sangmin meanwhile gets up, revealing a very obvious bulge in his pants. He begins taking off his pants and then his underwear, showing his nice long cock. He sits on top of Jinhyun, their dicks touching, showing that Sangmin was a few inches longer than Jinhyun.

Sangmin: “Looks like I win.”

Sangmin looks over at Chulwoo who’s just staring at the two.

Sangmin: “Chulwoo, let’s see how long yours is compared to Jinhyun.”

Chulwoo: “What?! B-but-”

Sangmin glares at Chulwoo, prompting Chulwoo to take off his pants and, reluctantly, his underwear as well, showing his own hard cock to the others.

Sangmin: “Hmm… it’s smaller than I expected.”

Chulwoo just sucks up the insult and rides on top of Jinhyun, comparing dick sizes. Chulwoo ends up being just barely longer than Jinhyun to the big guy’s relief.

Sangmin: “Looks like you lose again, Jinhyun. My how the mighty have fallen. Since we’re taking your balls anyways, we might as well take this useless thing as the prize for this little competition here.”

Jinhyun: “What?! No way, you’re craz-”

By now, Sangmin’s had enough of Jinhyun’s mouth and shoved his underwear in it.

Sangmin: “Now then, where were we? Oh, that’s right. I’ll be taking this ball of yours.”

Sangmin goes back down to Jinhyun’s right ball and pops the thing back in his mouth. Meanwhile, Chulwoo reluctantly goes down and pops the left one in his mouth, the two of them sucking on their respective nuts. As the two continue sucking, they hear some muffled moans coming from Jinhyun’s mouth. They look up at Jinhyun’s dick and see it stirring. It seems like Jinhyun was ready to cum at any moment. 

That was when Sangmin made the signal. He gave Chulwoo a thumbs up and then turned it downwards, indicating to the big guy that it was time. Chulwoo nodded and the two proceeded to chomp down hard on the nut in each of their mouths. Jinhyun meanwhile closes his eyes and bites down hard on the smelly underwear in his mouth, letting out a muffled scream through the disgusting piece of fabric.

As the two continued to chomp down harder and harder, Jinhyun began shaking harder and harder. With his two balls nearing their limits, he was getting dangerously close to breaking out of his restraints. The two boys bite down harder again and finally Jinhyun’s balls pop in their mouths, leaving a very distinct taste in the two boys’ mouths.

Jinhyun lets out his last muffled scream as he finally passes out again, the combination of the pain and his migraine making him reach the limits of his mental fortitude. Chulwoo gets up from where he was, terrified of what he had just done. Sangmin on the other hand continued to suck and chew on the remains of Jinhyun’s right nut, enjoying the unique flavor that he may never have the opportunity of trying again. When Sangmin was done, he got up and licked his lips.

Sangmin: “I must say, Jinhyun really does have great taste.”

Chulwoo: gulp “O-okay, we’re done now, right?”

Sangmin: “Huh? Of course not! Didn’t you hear me earlier? We’re taking this thing as well.”

Sangmin roughly grabs Jinhyun’s still hard member, reminding his lackey about the extra bet he forced on Jinhyun.

Chulwoo: “W-wait, but Jinhyun didn’t-”

Sangmin ignores Chulwoo’s pleas and reaches down into his pants, taking out a pocket knife and a lighter. He uses the lighter to burn the pocket knife, and he puts it up next to Jinhyun’s crotch. He slowly slices off his entire package in one go, sealing in the blood and leaving a giant, burnt, empty spot on Jinhyun’s crotch.

Sangmin: “Come, let’s go have breakfast. We have a very special meal today.”

Sangmin holds Jinhyun’s package by the foreskin, swaying it back and forth in front of Chulwoo’s face. Chulwoo’s face goes pale having witnessed the evil that is Sangmin. However, the thing he hated the most, was the fact that he enjoyed the taste of Jinhyun as well.