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A Heated Argument

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Yuji stirred in his sleep. The dark silent room hummed gently as he felt himself slip further into his mind. He opened his eyes. He lay on his back, partially submerged in an unknown, murky liquid that he couldn’t feel as it rippled around him. He sat up, gazing up toward a shrine of bone before him. He frowned in recognition.

“What am I doing here?” he asked. “Did you actually want to talk for once?” He glared at the nearly identical image of himself, sitting perched atop this accursed shrine. Sukuna smirked down at him with a chuckle.

“Perhaps I did,” he mused. “You never fail to be entertaining, so maybe I was just bored. Care to find out?”

“Huh?” Yuji voiced. “Not interested. I’d rather have dreams about hot chicks, thank you. I’d rather not have to look at you at all, if I can avoid it.” He stood up and turned away from him, crossing his arms.

“Oh?” he hummed. “So you’d rather dream about girls you’ll never have rather than the man who’s already claimed you? That’s quite sad.” He stood up and appeared next to Yuji, lips brushing his ear from behind. “Did you not enjoy yourself last time? You were very vocal on my end, so I had assumed you had.” Yuji’s ears and neck went red.

“I never said I didn’t,” he said, stepping forward and turning toward Sukuna. “Plus, what business of yours is my sex life, anyway? This is my body! You’re just an unwelcome intruder.” He dropped his hands into fists at his side, clenching tightly.

“Unwelcome?” he repeated. “Hm, last I checked, you ate my finger.” He stepped forward, poking a finger against his chest. “You let me into your body of your own volition.” He took another step forward and pushed Yuji with a flattened palm. “If anything, I’m a prisoner. Your body is my cage and my eventual death sentence, so I’m going to comment as much as I feel like, got it?” Yuji flinched, eyebrows pinching as his face turned sour.

“You’re not the only one who’s gonna be dead, you know,” he grumbled. He sighed and relaxed his hands. “Whatever. I do like Gojo-sensei, but I’m still kinda shaken about it.” Sukuna let out a breathy chuckle as he placed a hand on his hip, listening quietly. “Wait, why are you so interested anyway?” Sukuna shrugged.

“He’s a strong opponent,” he said. “I don’t mind any chance to knock him down a couple pegs. Especially after what he pulled last time. Next time, you’re letting me take over. I want to break him. The thought of seeing tears be shed from those terrifyingly powerful eyes of his makes me shiver.”

“That is way too far,” Yuji said, moving to sit on the nearest bone rising from the dark fluid. “I wouldn't mind topping him, but making him cry is just cruel. Of course, you are a curse, so I don’t know why I’d expect anything different from you.” Sukuna let out a hearty chuckle.

“That’s King of Curses to you,” he said. “It is in my nature to be cruel, but having you as a vessel limits me a lot, so I’ll take any chance I can get to let off some steam.” Yuji grimaced and gave Sukuna a judgemental glare. “Wanna make a deal?” Yuji’s ears perked up.

“What kind of deal?” he asked. “I get the feeling you’re going to set it up so that you’ll win no matter what, so I’m already wanting to decline your ‘deal’.” He placed air quotes as he spoke.

“Hey now,” he said, stepping forward and leaning down to lift Yuji’s chin with a finger to gaze into his widened eyes. “It might just be a win for both of us for all you know. I can be merciful when I feel like it.”

“Yeah, sure you can,” Yuji huffed. Sukuna chuckled darkly.

“Oh, I absolutely can,” Sukuna said, leaning close enough now that Yuji had no choice but to meet his piercing gaze. “I only wish to challenge you. If you win, I won’t interfere the next time you and that freak get down and dirty unless you want me to. If I win, I get to rearrange that insufferable prick’s insides. How’s that sound?”

Yuji hesitated for a moment, but felt himself grin. “What’s your challenge?”

Sukuna stepped back and walked toward his throne, beckoning Yuji to follow, which he did so reluctantly. Sukuna sat down and leaned his cheek onto his hand. “If you can manage to pleasure me, then you win. Simple as that.”

Yuji’s eyes widened and his heart dropped into his stomach. “I’m not doing that.” He shook his head, as if trying to physically clear his thoughts. “That’s just way too weird. I mean, you look just like me and you’re an asshole. I’m not doing that.”

“Oh?” Sukuna purred. “You’re no fun. Well, then I guess you’ll be fighting me for control everytime the two of you fuck from here on. It’ll be hard to get off with me constantly pushing at you, but you made your choice.” Yuji paled.

“Wait,” he found himself saying before he could stop himself. “Um—I mean—” He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact. “Is there anything else I could do?”

“Would you rather try and fight me to the death again?” he asked.

“Again?” he asked, tilting his head. “I don’t remember ever fighting you to the death.”

“Hm,” Sukuna hummed. “Care to guess as to why you can’t remember or would rather take the easy way out and just get on your knees like a good vessel.” Yuji felt himself shudder at the harsh words and nearly cursed at himself when they went straight to his dick.

Yuji sighed. “Fine,” he huffed. “But don’t expect this to ever happen again.” He stepped forward and dropped down to his knees.

“Don’t sound so dejected,” he teased. “I promise you, you’ll want this to happen again once this is over. I can guarantee it.” He beckoned Yuji even closer by gently running a hand through his hair.

“Yeah,” Yuji scoffed. “Sure I will.” He sighed as the hand in his hair continued to softly scratch across his scalp.

Sukuna sighed and spread his legs, shifting his clothes away from his half-hard member. His hand moved to now firmly grip the strands on Yuji’s head. Yuji hissed as he was yanked further forward, now inches from the familiar appendage. He sheepishly wrapped a hand around the member and stroked lazily.

“Tch,” Sukuna clicked his tongue. “Are you really that poor at this? I figured you’d have far more experience pleasuring this particular dick, considering that it is identical to yours.” Yuji’s ears grew even more red.

“Don’t remind me!” he said, trying to turn his head away, held in place by Sukuna’s death grip on his hair. “This just feels so wrong.” He whined under his breath in a huff.

“Why don’t you quit whining and put that mouth to better use?” Sukuna growled. “You’re beginning to sound like a broken record. Yes, we have the same body. So what? I don’t see the problem.” Yuji’s face scrunched up as he glared up at him.

“Don’t see the problem?” he repeated loudly. His hand stilled and Sukuna scowled. “How do you not see the problem here? This feels like some sick narcissistic fantasy! Who would actually want to suck themselves off?”

“What, do you think you’re ugly or something?” he asked.

“Wha—no!” he said. “That’s not the issue here!”

“If you want me to say you’re hot, then sure,” he huffed. “You’re plenty hot. Now, would you please hurry up? I’m growing impatient and I don’t mind breaking off this deal if you’re too much of a coward to step up to the challenge.”

“I am not a coward!” he retorted. He groaned roughly. “You know what? Fine, fuck it.” Yuji’s hand tightened around Sukuna’s cock and stroked with renewed vigor. “I’m starting to doubt that this is the weirdest thing that’ll happen in my life.”

Yuji cringed one last time before he leaned down and wrapped his lips around the head of Sukuna’s cock. He closed his eyes, focusing on the task. He sucked gently before swirling his tongue over the slit. Sukuna hissed and pulled his hair. The corner of Yuji’s lips pulled back a bit at the reaction and he took a deep breath before sinking further down onto his cock. His hand continued to stroke what didn’t fit. He hollowed his cheeks and began a rhythm that matched his hand as he worked Sukuna’s throbbing member.

“Ah, fuck,” Sukuna purred. “Don’t you look pretty with your lips wrapped around my cock like that? You should try this on Gojo. I’m sure he’d love to watch you take his cock down your throat. Come on, look at me while you do it.” Yuji’s eyebrows scrunched with an annoyed grunt.

Yuji opened his eyes and forced himself to look up. When his gaze connected with Sukuna’s, he felt something stir in his belly and he felt the heat from his cheeks spread further down. Without thought, he moaned around Sukuna. His eyes fogged over with lust.

“That’s it,” Sukuna growled. “You’re starting to feel it now, aren’t you? We share a body which means we can share anything. Pain, pleasure, even thoughts if we wanted to. All we need to do is let ourselves connect just like this. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Yuji moaned once more and sank down further, letting Sukuna’s cock hit the back of his throat without breaking eye contact. He never did have a gag reflex, so the feeling didn’t bother him. He carefully controlled his breathing as he let Sukuna slip down his throat. He began his previous rhythm once more and Sukuna was practically vibrating beneath him.

“You little slut,” he said. “Who knew you had no gag reflex? Must be why you’re able to eat my fingers so easily. Fuck, I might actually lose. You’re doing a pretty damn good job, kid. Let’s see if you can handle a bit more then.”

Yuji quirked an eyebrow for a moment before Sukuna grabbed both sides of his head without any further warning. He began shallowly thrusting up even deeper into Yuji’s throat. Yuji relaxed and rested his hands beside Sukuna’s hips, moaning loudly around him.

“That’s right,” Sukuna growled. “Take my cock nice and deep like a good little vessel. Moaning like a whore around me like that. Fuck, fine, I’ll let you win this time but only because I want to fuck your face like this again some other time. Sound good, my little whore?” Yuji only whined in response. “I’ll take that pitiful sound as a yes. Ah, fuck, you better swallow every drop like it’s the last meal you ever get. You hear me? Every drop. Fuck, fuck, fuck, ah fuck.”

Sukuna continued to mumble curses under his breath as his rhythm became more erratic. Yuji stiffened with a muffled scream as Sukuna stilled in his throat. He swallowed thickly around him, trying his best not to let anything slip out. Sukuna’s legs shook and his face scrunched up.

“Fuck!” he yelled. “Ahhhh, fuck.” He stroked a hand through Yuji’s hair softly. “You look so good, drinking me up like that. You came in your pants, didn’t you? Did it feel good?” Yujis nodded. “Tell me how good it felt.”

Yuji messily slid off of Sukuna’s softening cock with a slick pop. “Mmm, so good. ‘S so so good.” Sukuna continued to stroke Yuji’s hair, Yuji leaning into the touch.

“Still weird or was I right?” he asked. “You want to do this again, don’t you?”

“Mmmm,” Yuji moaned. “Yes, I wanna do it again.” Sukuna scratched his scalp as his eyes began to clear. “Huh? Hey, stop petting me like that! I’m not your dog. More importantly, I beat your little challenge, so do we have a deal?”

Sukuna pouted for a moment, moving to cover himself once more. He sighed heavily. “Yeah, Yuji, we have a deal.”

“Good,” he said. Sukuna glanced away from him and the boneyard around him dissolved.

Yuji awoke with a start in cold sweat. He looked around to see that he was in his new room and no longer in his subconscious. He sighed with a hand over his chest. He moved to get up and cringed when he realized he had a mess in his boxers and ran to the bathroom to clean himself up.

“What the fuck did I agree to?” He whispered loudly to himself while splashing his face with water.