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The alerts went off like crazy, opening his computer he saw mug shots for the entire group.

"Why the fuck do you keep getting arrested?" Reading the report he couldn't believe what he was ready and grabbed some things from his supply room to some work done.


"This was not how I saw this happening," Booker commented.

"You're telling me. Copley's going to give us an earful," Nile sighed.

Andy rolled her eyes, "Who the fuck cares what Copley says they have our shit."

"Maybe if you didn't keep it in caves they wouldn't find it. You," he looked at Joe, "Are going to find better hiding places that aren't old wine cellars."

"You act like your dick isn't on display in six other countries right now?" Booker brought up.

"Don't you fucking start with me Sebastian," Nicky was pissed when he started using Booker's actual name. Though that Anger was not really for him.

A guard suddenly came to the door to let them all out, "You're all free to go, someone is here to pick you up." One by one they stepped out of the cell and guided to the front of the station where Copley waited for them all. He didn't say anything as they got out.

"So where are we going?" It was Quynh that spoke up first.

"To the safehouse to get some things in order and then to the museum. I'm not going to keep bailing you out so I've been working on forging some things. From now on you're not stealing from the museum, we'll forge the story and paperwork and get the stuff back legally," The man sighed.

"You're taking all the fun out of it," someone grumbled.