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Her Palace, Her Peace

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Of course it was bloody her, Hermione thought.
Her eyes seeming to sob silently on their own accord now, with relief or something more she wasn’t sure. He probably thought her mad as she laughed and cried herself silly.

Composing herself, she just stared at the professor. The man before her was the same man she had seen every day since her start at the school. The feeling around her was one she associated with Hogwarts, but now realized it was his presence.

“By others, that can see this place I mean, did you mean muggles or well, everyone?” She was sure she already knew the answer.

He smiled then. A good look for him she thought. “You always were observant to the nuances. It’s true.. Though the wizard failed in convincing the kingdom to spare him, their bond was enough to make the chamber where they stood unfindable and forgotten. Rather similar to a fidelus charm. Though many can feel the magic here.”

“Did they kill the wizard, then?”

“Yes. Though their soul bond made him return.. The prince.. She knew the moment he set foot back in her castle.”

“And is that when you knew? The moment I first entered Hogwarts?”

“Indeed, and not an easy thing to digest over a sorting feast.” He laughed, cheeks pink.

“Will we get their memories?”

“No, I don’t believe we will. From what I can find, it’s more a lure and a gentle push toward one another, not a force. Though I admit to having a few odd dreams.. Made it easier to piece my findings of their story together. Though rather unsettling at times. A glimpse of hands meeting here and there, the brush of a cheek. I like to think of them as memories anyway..”

“You never thought they could be prophetic.” It was far from a question.

“You were a girl.. Just a kid. It was their story, our story, I don’t even know. And I, just a creepy old man. A dungeon bat who happens to be a death eater, helping the mad man trying to ki..”

“You’re my prince. The rest doesn’t matter.”