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Her Palace, Her Peace

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He didn’t know how to keep talking. And he certainly didn’t know how to hold it in any longer. Hermione may not have been the most observant in some ways, but he knew she was already connecting the dots.

“You know this was once a palace. You have heard there used to be a princess. I dare say you are currently sitting upon a sette in her personal chambers.”

“What you may not have heard, is that said princess, she.. Fell in love. A forbidden love.”

“It was with the royal wizard. They tried to keep their love a secret but some say it was too great. They were discovered and the wizard soon sentenced to death.”

“The wizard spent the last of his days searching for a way to keep them together. Some say he failed in brewing a potion to persuade the entire kingdom. Some say he gave up and went easily to his demise. But ultimately, he was burned and thus never seen again.”

“The princess was heartbroken. She refused to be married.. Suitors tried to steal her away. The kingdom nearly went to war with many others. But were always mysteriously dissuaded.”

“There are many gaps in the legends, the history. But shortly after the wizards death, they all agree that magic is banned and never discussed again.”

“There is only speculation on when it happens, but the princess is said to have quite suddenly gotten married to a yet unheard of prince.”

“Many romanticize that it was the wizard, some how having found a way to return as a prince.”

“What ever the story, every version I have found. There is one thing in common.. A bright light, brighter than anything imaginable, filled this very chamber the night of the wizards death.”

“The more dramatic tellings say the princess sobbed for hours, her vow to love him eternally saving him from the grave through her tears.”

“The less saying she accidentally performed her own magic and turned him immortal.”

“Both hold truth. On the night they call the wizards death, the princess was overcome with grief at the thought of loosing her true love. “But one kiss” she begged. Pleaded with the wizard to just bestow upon her their first kiss, and soon thereafter, their last.”

“The rumors of the bright light were correct. The light nearly blinded both the wizard and his princess. That night magic bound the two the moment their lips met. A light surrounded their bodies as if erupted from inside and all around them.”

“They accidentally created a soul bond. The wizards soul and the princesses.. It is now said that the two are fated to find one another, in this spot, for all of eternity.”


Hermione's tears had stopped somewhere around the middle of his tale. His voice ethereal in the quiet around them, little more than a whisper by the end.

“Well, they did always say I was an old soul.” Hermione sighed, finally breaking the silence. And then, one Miss Hermione Granger had the audacity to laugh.