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Her Palace, Her Peace

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Hermione followed, her silent sobs still wracking through her failing attempts at calm.

“There’s a seat, just up here..” It was soothing, serene almost, coming from the Professor.

Breathing a little more, she could see the mosaics around them were different here, though she wasn’t sure why. It was like they were brighter- yet more decayed at the same time.

The shapes seemed to swirl and blur, something Hermione blamed on her still tear filled eyes.

The room they just entered suddenly struck her as funny. More clear than anything she’d seen that day, the mosaics so bright it was like being surrounded by pure crystal. The dancing of a thousand moon beams.

The ceilings high above, the whole thing like a gazebo around her. A fountain perfectly flowing just past the window, the water trickling into a pool so clear it looked like glass. It held a beauty like nothing she had ever seen, and the glow encompassing her..

“Others can’t see this part.” She heard, drawing her from the reverie. Follows by an almost unheard “I found it by accident nearly a decade ago.”