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Her Palace, Her Peace

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Hermione Granger was always an odd student. She had the grades, but spent hours studying what took others minutes to learn.

She was meticulous in her schedules and planning. Most, for she heard what they said, thought she was a swot and a brown noser. A goody two shoes bent on making others have more homework.
But she knew no other way. She needed to get top marks for her parents to possibly respect her. Failure was not an option to them. And failure was anything less than perfection.

The schedules helped her remember. Remember the map of the school, the exact route from class to class. The passwords for her dorm, trunks. Things she knew others remembered. More things she knew she had to work harder at.

The truth was, she loved learning. But there was a reason she wasn’t a raven; she only wanted to learn what interested her. And doing anything at her own leisure and speed sounded something out of a dream. No, instead she planned and studied herself silly to make herself Hermione.

A character she’s created. One who, though somewhat unknown to her, was incredibly naïve. Social situations were also planned, failure to do so resulted in awkward spewing of nonsense. Interactions only appeared simple on the outside, forever dissected after the fact. And social cues were frequently missed, obvious to subtleties other girls her age loved to focus on. The flirting of her peers, side eyes and eye rolls often missed. She was Hermione and she was too busy planning to notice. Because as Hermione, everything must be planned.