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The Cards of Fate

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The Lovers representing love, harmony, relationships, values alignment, and choices.


“Violence is not permitted at Hyakkaou Academy, I would advise you to step away before I have to take disciplinary action.” The voice had an immediate effect on the boys around her, causing most of them to step back a few paces. 

Even with Kiwatari’s iron grip on Mary’s face preventing her from looking she could recognize that robotic voice anywhere, “Vi- Vice President.” Kiwatari stuttered out, startled at the sudden intrusion. 

Immediately the boys holding her arms dropped them and backed away. Mary could hear them whispering in fear around her, “They say she’s the President’s demon, that’s why she wears the mask.” “I heard she wears the mask to cover up scars on her face.” “No way, I heard she’s the daughter of a crime boss and has to hide her identity.”

“I must ask you to take your hands off of Saotome.” Ririka completely ignored the other boys and stepped protectively closer so she was almost beside Mary.

“Now why would I do that? You’re enjoying this right Saotome?” He brought his hand up to stroke her cheek. But just before he could touch her, she swung, slapping him straight across his face. “You bitch!” He raised his arm back up ready to hit Mary back.

Before he could do anything, the Vice President reached out, grabbing his arm quickly twisting it behind him, bringing him to his knees almost instantly. “I will tell you one last time Kiwatari, violence is not permitted at Hyakkaou Academy.” Mary’s knees buckled now that she was unsupported by anyone, joining him on the ground. 

He yelped as Ririka twisted his arm harder, “Wait! Wait! I’m a house pet! That means I get to challenge a student council member! I challenge you!”

Ririka paused glancing at Mary before letting go, practically tossing him face down in the ground, “Fine. But I will choose and conduct the gamble myself, those are my terms.”

Her mask was giving off a more menacing aura than usual, especially with how she loomed over Kiwatari on the ground. The empty black holes for her eyes bored into his soul. “If- If you get to conduct the gamble then I get Saotome as my personal house pet for the rest of the week.”

“What! No way in hell I’m agreeing to that!” Mary’s head whipped around to look at Ririka, but her eyes had not left Kiwatari.

“No, she is not mine to gamble. But you may have me as your pet for the week if you win. However, if I win you will not go near Saotome or her friends for the rest of your life. Does that sound reasonable?”

Kiwatari and Mary both froze in complete shock at Ririka’s antee, “Deal.”

Ririka produced a coin from her pocket, most likely the same coin they used to gamble in the car, “This gamble will be decided by a coin toss, you will call it in the air. Understood?” 

She wasted no time waiting for a reply before snapping it into the air. It was all happening too fast for Mary to process all she could do was hold her breath as she watched the two gambler’s fates spin through the air. “Tails!” Kiwatari called staggering back up.

Ririka snatched the coin out of the air as it fell back down, holding it in her palm for merely a second before slapping it on the back of her hand. She uncovered it for Kiwatari to see, “Heads.”

He growled, “Let me see that!” He snatched the coin out of her grip inspecting it, “One more time so I know you aren’t cheating.” Ririka nodded once again flipping the coin up into the air, “Heads!” 

Ririka let the coin fall into her palm on the way down closing her hand around it for barely a second before opening it up for all to see, “Tails.”

“What! There’s no way! One more time!”

“You have nothing left to gamble Kiwatari.” Ririka warned.

Kiwatari’s face was becoming red with frustration and anger at having been bested once again, “What if I gambled my life.” 

“You understand if you lose you will allow the student council to create a life plan that cannot be changed or broken?” 

He barely paused to think about it before he growled out, “The likelihood of me losing is low since you’ve won every round. The odds are in my favor.” 

Ririka nodded and flipped the coin once again. Letting it spin in the air for a few seconds watching Kiwatri’s fate go round and round. She then caught the coin and flipped it over onto the back of her hand, “Heads.” Kiwatari sank onto his knees in defeat, “You are finished. You have nothing left to gamble.” For the first time, Ririka glanced around at the boys that had surrounded Mary, “Would any of you like to gamble?” 

They all flinched back at being suddenly addressed, taking a few slow steps back before running off. From the ground, Kiwatari could be heard quietly mumbling, “How did you… How did you… Every round…” 

The Vice President directed her attention back to Mary who was still on the ground and held a hand out for her, “Are you alright Saotome?” Mary took her hand in a slight daze unsure of what just happened and pulled herself to her feet. “Oh, and Kiwatari, I suggest you leave now before I have security escort you out.”

Kiwatari finally came out of his daze enough to look up to address her directly, “How did you win every round? That’s im- impossible.”

Ririka cocked her head at him and brought her hand up to her mask and slowly revealed a smirking face, “Well, I’m not the President of this academy for no reason.” 


Ririka lounged on the couch in their shared office as she idly tapped away on her phone and her sister did paperwork. Kirari began to tap her fingers on the desk, a telltale sign she was beginning to get bored. “Riri?” She hummed in acknowledgment not bothering to look up from her phone, “Are you still upset with me about what happened with the tower and Sayaka?”

Ririka looked up mildly startled that Kirari remembered that, “I don’t know,” she said with a sigh, “There’s been a lot going on lately, I haven’t really thought about it too much.” Kirari hummed in response and refocused back on her work. She took a few minutes before starting again, “Kirari?” Another hum, “You said you love Sayaka, but how could you let her use the Tower of Doors to gamble? You designed it; you know how it ends if you lose.”

Kirari paused the movement of her pen and slowly set it down, “You know, I never told you why I built the tower.” 

Ririka finally set her phone down on the couch, full attention on the conversation, “I always assumed you just made it for gambling. Just another puzzle piece to sate your curiosity.”

“I mean yes but I had more in mind than just that. I’ve always known I’ve been extremely intrigued with Sayaka for a long time now, of course looking back on it, it was more than just intrigue.” A softer smile formed on her face, “So with Sayaka in mind I designed a gambling tower geared towards testing a gambler’s intelligence. Did you ever wonder why I chose the moon as the key to the gamble?” Ririka shook her head, “I wanted to tell Sayaka the moon is very beautiful without having to actually say it out loud.” She paused for a beat, “I didn’t know how to say it out loud.” Kirari looked over directly into Ririka’s eyes emphasizing her point, “I built the tower as an ode to my love for Sayaka and her beautifully logical brain.” 


“Yes, I know she could’ve gotten hurt, that there could’ve been disastrous consequences.” Kirari waved her off, “But Sayaka is nothing if not logical, if she had lost that last gamble and fallen to her death, she would not have been the girl I love. The moment the gamble began I knew how it would end, there was never any danger, that I can promise you that.”

Ririka’s lips pressed into a hard line in thought, “Okay.” She knew the truth, Kirari’s soft smile and determined eyes said it all. Kirari, President of Hyakkaou Academy, would have stopped the gamble.

Kirari’s phone dinged, “Ririka it seems your little girlfriend has gotten into some trouble.”

“She’s not- Wait what? What do you mean?”

“It seems some little fish are angry with her for beating them in a gamble.” A smirk was slowly forming on her face.

“Send security after them, they’ll take care of it.” Ririka pursed her lips, trying not to show how worried she was.

“Oh!” Ririka’s head whipped around at the sound, “Oops, it seems my phone has died, I can’t call security now.” There was a mischievous twinkle in her eye, “I guess I must send my Vice President to take care of it.” 


“Oh dear, it sounded bad, I would hurry.” She said the last part in a slight sing-song voice. Ririka sent a hard glare at her twin before putting her mask on and dashing out of the room. The last thing she heard was her twin’s amused laughter.


Ririka- no, Kirari shook her hair out after fully removing the mask. The signature smirk forming on her face. “Pres- President… No… But I thought- I thought you were the Vice President?” The color drained out of his face and a cold sweat formed on his forehead as Kiwatari said this.

Kirari winked and brought a finger to her lips, “Shhh,” She strode over to him before he could scramble back and aggressively grabbed his face in her hand, “I hold your life in the palm of my hand now, you know.” She let out a giggle, “I have such interesting plans for you, little fish.” She pushed his face away and sat up, turning back to Mary. “Come along Saotome, let’s get you to the infirmary.” The blonde let out a little gasp for the first time noticing Kirari was wearing no makeup, none of her blue accents were present and let herself be led away by the small of her back.

She looked up into the taller girl’s face as they turned the corner, the signature smirk on her face had dropped and now showed a completely neutral expression. She breathed a sigh of relief, “Ririka.” She barely whispered the name almost as if it was a prayer.

The neutral expression softened as she looked down at the blonde and a small smile curled at her lips as she chuckled, “How did you know?” The taller girl replaced the mask on her face as they reentered the school.

Mary shrugged, “Your twin probably would’ve laughed at me.” A scowl formed on the blonde’s face,  “I didn’t need your help, you know. I had the situation completely under control.” Ririka stayed completely silent, not even sparing a glance at her. 

They stepped up to the doors of the nurse’s office. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Mary blushed at the comment, looking away in embarrassment. Ririka began to turn around to head back towards the student council room but felt a hand gently grab her wrist, “Wait!” Ririka turned back looking at the blonde in surprise, “Will you uh, will you stay with me? I want to talk to you.”