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The Divorced Neighbors (smut scene)

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『Eren's POV』

"Goodnight." I whispered.

"Night, dummy." He whispered back.

After that, it was completely quiet, and dark besides the dim light coming from the TV. Levi was cuddled up against me, trying to go sleep. His leg rested in between my thighs, so his leg could get warm. I tried not think of it much, but his leg was so close.

I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the placement of his leg, and tried to sleep but I couldn't.

I was going to say something, but I didn't want him to know I was getting slightly excited. So I decided to attempt to move my leg slightly away from his. I moved my whole body an inch away from him, and his leg wasn't longer pressed so high up my thigh. I sighed in relief and tried to fall asleep once again.

Moments later, I could feel Levi shift slightly, and his knee was no pressed up right against my crotch.

Are you kidding me?

"Levi." I said, deciding to try to ask him to move away.

"Sh. I'm sleeping." He whispered, obviously not asleep.

"You liar, you're awake." I hissed.

He chuckled, "You caught me."

"Levi, can you move over a little? My leg is cramping." I lied.

"Is that what's poking me?"

I blushed a crimson color. I hadn't realized I became so excited from him barely even touching me. I mentally slapped myself across the face, I need to work on not getting so excited so quickly.

Not replying, I decided to be quiet and ignore the laughing raven beside me.

"It's okay, Eren. You aren't the only one." He whispered, and my eyes widen.

"You too?" I asked.

I felt his head nod under my chin. I didn't know how to respond to that.

"We can't." I muttered, and he knew what I was talking about. "Not with the kids here."

"They're asleep."

"Yeah, and they could easily wake up. I don't exactly want Chibi to wake up, walk in here, and be scarred for life." I said.

It was quiet after that, but I then felt Levi start to kiss my bare chest. He left a trail of kisses from my collarbone, and down to my nipples. I could feel his mouth come in contact with my nipple, and his hand started to pinch the other. My mouth opened, and I started to slightly pant.

"L-Levi." I breathed out. "We can't."

Levi completely ignored me, and continued to make my nipples hard. I could feel his knee start to rub my crotch, and his other hand went down my hip once again, and massaged it.

"Y-you know, if we are going to do this..." I breathed out, trying not to moan. "You're going to be the uke."

Suddenly, I flipped him over so he was on his back, looking surprised by my sudden actions. "Are you sure?"

I hummed in reply. "I'm not having anything shoved up my ass."

I then crashed my lips on to his. The kiss was heated up in seconds, as I licked his bottom lip, asking for entrance. Levi quickly accepted, and my tongue rolled around in his mouth.

My hands wandered under his teeshirt, rubbing the soft, smooth, pale skin. I caressed his skin as my other hand pressed on the mattress, balancing myself so I wouldn't be crushing Levi.

Levi's hands wrapped themselves around my face, and his hips jerked up, hitting my own hips and his crotch right onto mine, making me gasp.

His legs wrapped around my waist, as he gently tugged on my hair and moaning into the kiss.

I pulled back from the kiss, and looked at his face as I hovered on top of him.

"We gotta be as quiet as we can." He whispered. "I know that's going to be hard for you."

"Pft, me? I wasn't the one yelling so loud when I lost playing that video game. I think you need to be more quiet." I joked, kissing his lips once more as he rolled his eyes.

My hands gripped onto his teeshirt, and I pulled him forward so he was not sitting up like I was, with me sitting on his lap.

My hands gripped on to the bottom hem of his shirt and I slowly pulled it up, over his shoulders, and past his head. His whole chest was bare now, and I couldn't help but stare and touch his soft skin once more.

Levi was breathing rather hard, and I couldn't help but think of how hot it sounded coming from his lips.

"Just touch me." He said, breathlessly.

I obeyed, and my hands wandered off, down his chest, down his stomach, past the hem of his shorts, and stopped at his clothed crotch. Levi instantly gasped, and gripped onto my brown hair.

My hand began to massage his length through his shorts, and I licked his nipple all while doing so. I could feel myself getting hotter by the second when I heard Levi groan, and slightly arched his back.

His bulge was becoming bigger in my hand, my hand start to rub faster. Levi gripped onto my brown locks even tighter, trying to be as quiet as he could.

We both knew it was completely irresponsible to be doing this with the kids here, asleep, but where else could we do this? The kids were constantly with us, which meant we would never be able to do anything like this. We felt like this was our only chance.

My head kissed down lower, across his skin. I pecked lightly on his soft stomach, and my fingers began to slowly pull the hem of his shorts down, past his hips. His sharp his bones were the only thing in view, and I kissed them, and slightly licked them. Levi moaned once again, trying to keep his eyes open so he could watch me, but he was having a hard time.

Teasingly, I very slowly pulled his shorts down, along with his underwear, and past his feet and threw them all to the side of the bed and on the floor with a thud.

His member was in complete view now, and let's just say, I was impressed of the size. I glanced at Levi, and he was already a sweaty mess. His hair was was moist, and messy. His eyes were half lidded across his eyes, and his mouth was slightly ajar. I had to say, it was one the most hottest sights I've seen of him.

My fingers gently wrapped themselves around Levi's length, causing him to moan once again. My hand began to slowly go up and down, pumping him slowly.

"That feels great." He whispered, one hand gripping onto the sheets, and the other tangled in my hair.

I continued to pump him, slow at first, up and down. The pace quickened, and he began to groan more frequently.

"Shh." I whispered, rubbing his thigh with my free hand.

"How the hell am I supposed t-to be quiet when you're d-doing that?" He hissed as quiet as he could, not able to even stop moaning when talking.

I smirked, and spit lightly onto his length, getting it wet. My hand quickened, going faster and faster.

"Fuck, Eren." Levi groaned, his mouth opened as silent screams came out. "P-put it in your mouth."

My eyes widen at his command. Never once I have given a blowjob. I've never given a hand either, but to myself so I knew what to do then.

"I can't say I'm a pro at this." I whispered.

"I don't give a shit." He hissed, looking down at me.

Sighing, I touched this tip of his length with my tongue, making his hips jerk. I put one hand on his hip, making sure they stay in place.

"Do that again." He whispered.

I repeated the move, and my tongue touched the tip, causing him to moan more. The whole tip of his length then went into my mouth, and my cheeks instantly hallowed.

"Please go faster." Levi moaned.

"Don't tell me what to do." I whispered, removing my mouth for a moment.

I wasn't going to obey him this time. I was going to do this my way. I started to go even slower, my lips going past the head.

"Fuuck. Eren, I swear to god, if you don't go faster, I will punch you across the face." Levi hissed at me.

Rolling my eyes, I decided to obey him this time. My head began to bob up again down, at a faster pace. Levi sounded happy about this, as he moaned once again.

The faster I went, the more his hips began to jerk, and the deeper his length went into my mouth. I started to feel the head barely touch my throat, making me gag some. Levi was liking the sight of me gagging, so he didn't once stop.

I removed my hand from his length, and placed it on his other hip, and held them down tightly, at a bruising pressure.

The pace went quicker, once I was getting the hand of it all, and I was getting confident, and finding my skills. I could tell Levi was obviously enjoying it all, as his moans never did once become quiet.

I removed his length from my mouth, and I could head the pop sound. "Are you ready?" I whispered, and he nodded. He was a sweating mess already, and panting hard.

I sat up, gripping onto his legs, pushing them up, and my hands held them down from behind his knees, pushing them towards him so I could have his area completely in sight.

"Ah, shit. I gotta deal with the pain." He said, chuckling.

"Are you sure you don't want to top?" I asked, rubbing the soft skin behind his knees.

He nodded, "I'm fine down here."

I smirked, "You're used to looking up to people anyway, aren't you?" I said, making a short joke.

His eyebrows narrowed towards me while his eyes glared. "Just put your damn finger in me."

I rolled my eyes, and removed one hand from his leg. I quickly put one finger into my mouth, making sure it was wet enough, since we had no lube around us.

"Ready?" I asked, making sure he was completely ready to feel some pain.

He nodded, biting his lip, looking at my hands.

My wet finger rubbing at his entrance, lubing it all up. The very tip of my finger slowly slipped into his warm, tight entrance, and Levi began to already shift uncomfortably. "That feels so weird." He whispered, wrinkling up his nose.

"I'm sure it'll feel better in a moment." I said, oh so slowly pushing my finger farther into him. He didn't complain about the pain too much, trying to be a man. But I'm not sure how that's possible while getting a finger shoved up your ass.

Once my finger was knuckle deep inside him, he started to moan a bit. "Don't get too comfortable. You have a whole other finger to go." I chuckled.

He rolled his eyes. "Do it fast."

"You sure?"

He nodded, "I want to get the pain over with. Don't go slow with me, Eren."

Biting my lip, hesitantly, but I obeyed and began to push the second finger in, faster than the other. Levi began to shift again, groaning a painful groan.

"Keep going." He groaned.

Both of my fingers went in deep, quite fast until I was knuckles deep again.

My fingers began to move in a scissor movement, making sure he was as stretched as I could get him. His painful groans almost made me stop, but I wanted to make sure Levi was happy with what I was doing, and to obey him.

"Here comes the real thing." I whispered, removing my fingers from his tight entrance. I pulled my length out of the shorts I was wearing, and placed it right in front of his entrance.

"Don't go slow. I'll be fine." He whispered, sending me a weak smile.

I nodded, and began to push myself into him, not going too slow. His mouth opened, and I could see his eyes start to water from the pain. I stopped, and rubbing his face.

"Don't fucking stop, dummy."

I rolled my eyes, and began to move again. My free hand wrapped itself around his length again, trying to distract him from the pain as I began to pump him.

"Go faster." He moaned, both from pleasure and pain.

I bit my lip as I pushed in farther. His tight walls squeezed my length, giving me an extremely pleasurable feeling, causing me to moan. I began to thrust faster into him.

"Shit, you're tight." I said, groaning.

"Ah, E-Eren." Levi said, his breath hitching, as his back arched.

I pushed his legs closer to him, so I could have a better access, and I thrusted harder into him, our skin slapping against each other.

The bed's wooden head board banged against the wall, following my thrusts, making a banging noise. The kids better not hear us.

Levi's hands wrapped themselves around my back, and his finger nails began to scratch my back, creating bruises I'm sure.

Levi hissed out my name many times, in the most attractive voice I've heard him speak with.

"Fuck, Eren, if you don't stop, I'll come right now." He said, groaning. "In other words, stop."

My thrusts stopped, and I pulled out and Levi's hands wrapped tightly around his length and squeezed, stopping his orgasm. His back arched as his orgasm stopped. "Sorry, it's just been a long time since the last time I've had sex."

I chuckled, while panting. "Do you want to continue?"

"Hell yeah I do. Lay down." He replied, pushing me down on the bed so I'd be on my back. He pulled my shorts and underwear completely off, and bent down to touch the tip of my length with his tongue.

"Oh god." I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut. I could feel my whole member enter Levi's warm mouth, as he began to deep throat me with no trouble at all. "Holy shit."

Levi's head bobbed up and down on my length, with his right hand pumping me as well.

After a quick few minutes, he pulled away, wiping his mouth. "Are you topping now?" I asked, panting again.

He shook his head, and sat on top of me, with each leg on each side of me. "I'm gonna ride you." He said, in a sexual voice whole smirking.

My eyes widen, as he began to sit on my length, directing it with his hands to go straight into his entrance. "H-holy shit." He moaned when the tip was completely inside him.

He put his hands on my chest, balancing himself as he began to bounce on top of me. My hands gripped onto his hips, helping him balance himself.

My hips jerked, thrusting along with him in sync as his pace quickened. The bed's head board began to smack against the wall again, as the bed shook with each thrust and bounce Levi made on top of me.

"Eren, shit." He hissed my name, wanting to yell out so bad.

Our thrusts became sloppy, nearing our point. Many moans came from our mouths, as well as some yelps coming from me when I felt myself twitch.

"I'm gonna-"

"Me too." Levi said. "I must be getting old, holy shit- ah."

He bounced three more times, his head bent back as his eyes basically rolled back, his mouth opened wide as silent screams came from his mouth, and sweat dripped from his face and chest. "Fuck! Eren!" He moaned once more. "Together."

We both then came at the same time, his seed spilled all over our stomachs and chest, as I filled him with myself.

We rode out our orgasm, and he crashed on top of me afterwards, us panting hard, trying to catch out breath.

"That," Levi started after a moment. "Was amazing."

I nodded, agreeing. "It's been way too long since the last time I've had sex."

Levi got off of me, taking my length out of him, and he laid beside me. "You're good." He stated.

I smiled, eyes closed as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "You're better."

"Pft, I almost came only 10 minutes in."

"You're still good, and very hot." I replied, chuckling.

Levi made him his annoying tongue clicking noise, and rolled his eyes. We both quickly got dressed again after 5 minutes of cuddling, so that the kids wouldn't see anything if they were to come in.

We quickly fell asleep right afterwards, with Levi cuddled up against my back, lightly snoring.