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Healed By Love

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******Los Angeles******

Angel and Spike walked into their home with a sigh of relief. It wasn't much, but it was theirs. Before dishing out their rooms to their sudden guests, Angel faced the motley crew.

"If Illyria is able to bring Klaus back, I think we all need to come to an agreement," he said.

"Do you think she can do it?" Caroline asked hopefully.

"If she can gain back her portal opening powers, yes," Angel said. Caroline reached for Kol's hand and gave it a squeeze. "However, you have to be prepared for the changes you may find in him. Time passes differently in other dimensions. I was in a hell once for a few months, but it was years there. I came out of it nothing more than a rabid animal. Your brother has two natures inside him. There's no telling how he will come back."

"What brought you back to yourself?" Elijah inquired. Angel didn't answer but looked at Damon, the best man of the one who now had claim to his beloved.

"Love. Love for Buffy," Spike said with a smirk.

"Klaus doesn't love anyone," Kol said in concern.

"He loves his family," Caroline said firmly. She reached out and took Oz's hand in her other. "He loves his friends."

"My concern is what he may do if he found out Willow is no longer in possession of the power she once had. He will try to kill her," Angel said. "This will cause Buffy and all her slayers to mark him as a dead man."

"She can try to kill him. See what happens!" Kol said hotly. Oz's eyes flashed yellow, a warning growl coming from him.

Angel held up his hands. "No one wants that. That's why you cannot let Klaus know that Will is vulnerable," he said.

"Our brother's instinct is always to eliminate all threats," Elijah said with a frown.

"Tell him that Willow regrets her rash actions and promised Rebekah that she'd never harm her family again," Angel said. "Tell him whatever you need to, but don't tell him that she has had her powers bound."

"Yes, Niklaus will most definitely try to kill her," Elijah said in agreement. "We will do as you ask."

"But if he comes to Mystic Falls, he will find out," Caroline said in concern.

"Then don't encourage him to come visit you," Angel said in warning.

Caroline didn't like that. "Rebekah lives there, and he has a home there," Caroline said.

"He has homes other places I'm sure," Angel said.

"He does," Elijah agreed.

"Oz, you can bunk with me," Angel said. "Caroline, Illyria won't mind if you bunk with her. She's got the third floor."

"Kol and I have a suite reserved at the Wilshire Beverly," Elijah said.

"Of course, you do," Spike said, rolling his eyes.

"Caroline and Oz are welcome to stay with us," Elijah invited. He glanced at Xander, who knew he was expected to stay with him.

"I will stay with Angel," Oz said. A connection away from the Mikaelson's seemed to calm the voices. Whoever was responsible for his hex hated the Original family. Oz was afraid that he'd soon lose control, and he knew that Angel would do what was necessary to contain him.

"I would like to stay here in case Illyria needs convincing," Caroline said.

"Very well. We will be back here in the morning. Call us if something comes up," Elijah said.

Before he could leave, a bright light entered the room and a portal opened up, astonishing the Mystic Falls crew. Illyria stepped through.

"Blue! Where'd you disappear to?" Spike asked with a grin.

"I traveled to many hells until I found the one holding the hybrid," she said without preamble.

"You found our brother?" Elijah asked hopefully.

When Klaus stepped through the still open portal, the question was answered.

"Anyone else feel this was a bit anti-climactic?" Damon said dryly.

"Klaus!" Caroline exclaimed, throwing her arms around him in a tight hug. Kol and Elijah both clasped one of his arms, relieved he was whole and back with him.

"Brother, are you okay?" Elijah asked in concern. Niklaus looked more exhausted and unkempt than they had ever seen him.

"As well as could be expected," Klaus said in exhaustion. "It is good to see you, brothers. Where is our fair sister?"

Kol frowned. "She is with the witch. We had a nasty battle killing our father yesterday," he shared.

"Mikael is dead?" Klaus asked in surprise. The news was most welcome and unexpected.

"He is, brother. Rebekah, Kol, and I killed him with his own white oak dagger," Elijah said in satisfaction.

Klaus felt extreme pleasure at that news. However, a wave of exhaustion hit, and he swayed on his feet.

Elijah grabbed him. "I got you, Niklaus. When did you last have blood?" he asked.

"Weeks," Klaus said warily.

"You weren't gone weeks, Nik," Kol said, frowning.

"Time is different in a hell dimension," Angel reminded them.

"I was there several," Klaus said, his eyes flashing. "How much time passed here?"

"Not quite a week," Elijah replied.

Caroline went to her suitcase and pulled out a few blood bags. "Here. Drink this," she said, handing them to him.

Klaus gave her a half smile in thanks before taking a long, much needed drink. His energy restored the more he drank. By the third blood bag, he was feeling much better. "That will do for now," he said, handing her the empty bags.

"Come, brother. Let's go to the hotel where you can refresh," Elijah said. He looked at Illyria and gave a slight bow. "Thank you for returning our brother to us. We are in your debt."

She shrugged. "My shell would allow nothing else," she replied. "And I…well, your brother is a fitting mate."

"You're going to mate with her?" Caroline asked in disbelief, while Kol snickered.

Klaus ignored Caroline's question and stepped toward Illyria. He reached for her hand, bringing it to his lips. "I won't forget, my queen," he said, giving her a wink. Then he turned to leave, his eyes connecting with Oz. He walked toward his friend, putting his hand on his shoulder. "Give me a few days, my friend. Then we will go to New Orleans, the witches there will be able to help break your hex."

Kol smiled widely. "The French Quarter? Seriously? We're going to go home?" he asked eagerly.

"Eventually," Klaus said. He looked at Oz. "Are you coming?"

"I will be along shortly," Oz said. Klaus nodded, expecting nothing less.

They all left together. Oz, Angel and Spike looked at Illyria. "You didn't think to call us?" Spike asked crossly.

"Why?" she asked.

"To tell us you can now open bloody portals!" Spike exclaimed. "To tell us you figured out where the hybrid was!"

"I imagine he's pretty pissed," Angel said with a sigh as he sat in his chair.

"He's spent his time there fighting to survive," Illyria stated. "He was most happy to see me."

"I bet!" Spike said knowingly.

"I better call Buffy and warn her," Angel said, pulling out her phone.

"I will permit no one to hurt the hybrid," Illyria announced.

"No one will hurt him unless he tries to hurt Buffy or her friends," Angel said. "If he does, you may have to make a choice."

"We do not want a war with that family," Spike said.

"No, we don't," Angel stated. "Let's hope his family and friends can keep him from going on a bloody revenge spree."

"I will go to the hotel and see exactly where his head is at," Oz said. "I'll get back to you." He felt loyalty and affection for Klaus. However, he wouldn't permit anyone to hurt Willow, especially not now that she was so vulnerable.

Angel nodded, trusting Oz to always do the right thing.

******Mystic Falls******

Buffy and Rick were at the florist picking out flowers for their wedding. Buffy couldn't believe this was her life. Sure, they'd had some problems since coming to this sleepy historic town. However, it wasn't a hellmouth. Vampires—the soulless kind—were few and far between. She'd found a man who fit so perfectly in her life. He wanted to marry her. Best of all, they were going to have a baby—something she truly never thought was in the cards for her. She'd wanted to get started on the wedding planning right away. Unlike many men, Rick wanted to be a part of every decision. Buffy had never been this happy.

They were good-naturedly arguing over flower choices when her phone rang. She saw it was Angel and knew it would be important. She answered. "Hey, Angel. What's up?" she asked. She listened. "Okay, keep me posted…Yes, I'll call you if anything happens. See you at the end of the month. Thanks."

"What's wrong?" Rick asked.

"Illyria managed to save Klaus from the hell Willow sent him to," she shared.

"Is that good?" Rick asked.

"Well, it's good that his siblings aren't worried or upset," Buffy said. "If he doesn't come back to town for vengeance against Will, then it's good, I guess. I didn't like that Willow just did that no matter what anyone thought."

"Yea, anyone who can do that is kind of scary," he said.

"Well, she won't be doing that again anytime soon," Buffy remarked. She couldn't help but worry about Klaus's next move. She had no doubt he'd find some way to make Willow pay. Since Willow didn't have any real magic to defend herself, they would have to remain vigilant.

******Back in Los Angeles******

An hour later, Klaus was feeling decidedly more human. He'd fed on a few of the hotel staff. Oz's judgy eyes kept him from ripping their heads off. Even hexed, his friend was better than any human. After showering, he found Elijah in his room. Oz went to see Lorne because he hoped the clairvoyant could give him some direction.

"I'm fine, brother," Klaus said to the hovering Elijah.

"Was it a true hell?" Elijah asked, curious.

Klaus gave him a grim look and nodded. "It was more horrible than anything I could've ever conceived. The witch has a lot to answer for," he said coldly.

"You know attacking her would put all of us in jeopardy. She has formidable allies, and I don't want to make enemies of the slayers," Elijah said. "They do much good in the world."

"So you would stand with me if I chose to cross them?" Klaus asked, unsure of his big brother's loyalty.

"We are family, Niklaus. Always and forever," Elijah said simply. "However, I would urge you to think carefully if you decide to go there. Many good people will be hurt, and our sister will be destroyed."

"Yes—our sister, who is in love with a witch, who has the power to send her enemies to hell," Klaus muttered. It galled him to no end. "I will not attack the witch directly, but she will not go unpunished."

Elijah was relieved. "Do you need my help?" Elijah asked.

"Will you take Oz down to New Orleans? Prepare our home for our return," Klaus said.

Elijah smiled. "I don't believe Xander has ever been. He will enjoy the sights. Being surrounded by so many people will be a good way to teach him control," Elijah said.

Klaus grinned. "I was surprised that he was here with you," Klaus remarked. "I didn't think anyone could pry him from his women."

"He will return to them when he is sure he is no danger to them," Elijah stated. "His second sight, though, remains."

"Excuse me?" Klaus asked, not understanding.

"On the flight over here, Xander had a dream. His dead ex-lover told him that he was still a conduit for the Powers That Be. His vampirism didn't change that as the dead can still communicate with him. The Powers can warn him of things to come if they choose to," Elijah explained.

"Really? He's not a witch, but he can foretell the future? That's never happened," Klaus remarked in bemusement. He had known the man was special. However, he never foresaw such a talent.

"Anya warned him that the witch on the other side that seeks our destruction is angry that Willow interfered. She wants to destroy us herself," Elijah said.

"An ancient, powerful witch that hates us," Klaus said thoughtfully. He'd pissed off many a witch in his day. "We know that Celeste is over there causing problems. However, she's not really ancient."

"No, she's not," Elijah said.

"It can only be one person," Klaus said.

Elijah nodded. "Yes," he agreed. "Our mother seeks to end our existence."

"Having access to the witches in the French Quarter would probably only aid her vendetta," Klaus remarked. "Yet I need them to help Oz."

"We must be on guard," Elijah said.

"And get his hex broken and then leave," Klaus said. His fight in hell had killed his drive to take back his rightful place as ruler of New Orleans.

"I will speak with Kol. We will leave in the morning," Elijah said as he got up to leave. "It's good to have you back, brother."

Klaus smiled. "It's good to be back. You'll never know how good," Klaus said before turning away.

When Elijah opened the door, Caroline had her hand raised to knock. She gave him a rueful smile. "Is Klaus up for a visit?" she asked.

"Come in," Klaus called out. Elijah said goodnight as she stepped in.

Caroline was nervous, but her concern for Klaus propelled her forward. When he smiled at her, she couldn't help herself. She ran and threw herself in his arms, hugging him tight. "I was so scared," she whispered. She pulled back and looked at him, keeping her arms around him. "I kept imagining the most awful things. I can't believe Willow sent you to hell! I mean, who does that?"

For the first time in a very long time, warmth filled Klaus. This young vampire with her generous nature and big heart gave him her loyalty. It humbled him. "I'm okay, sweetheart," he assured her. "It was pretty bad, but it didn't defeat me!"

He stepped away from her and poured them both a drink. She accepted hers with a smile and sat on the edge of his bed. He sat down in the chair next to it.

"I kind of like seeing you in my bed," he said with a wink.

Caroline didn't smile like he expected. Instead, she grew somber. "So are you going to mate with Illyria?" she asked, not ready to admit why the idea bothered her so much.

Klaus grinned, finding her jealousy endearing. "She is an extraordinary creature. I've never known anyone like her," he said. "I didn't strike a bargain with her, though. Somehow, the person whose body she possessed had strong morals. Much to her distaste, her body's humanity influences her more than she likes. She wasn't going to leave me there no matter what."

"So you're not going to procreate with her?" Caroline inquired, seeking a clarification.

Klaus put his drink down on the nightstand and contemplated her. Instead of answering, he got up and sat on the bed next to her. "Why do you care?" he asked.

Caroline looked down at her drink and shrugged. "I don't know," she mumbled.

Klaus brushed her hair off her shoulder, causing her to turn and looked at him again. He smiled warmly at her, flashing his dimples. "If I had sex with lllyria, it wouldn't mean anything. It'd just be sex," he said. "She's not the woman whose image I thought on when I was in that hell."

Caroline felt her mouth go dry at his words. She swallowed, trying to form a reply. Then she lifted up her drink and drained it. "You thought of me?" she asked, giving him an uncharacteristic shy smile as she tried to ignore the hand on her shoulder.

"Every hour of every day," he said as he moved his hand around her neck to tug her forward, fusing his mouth to hers.

Caroline allowed herself to get lost in his kiss. It was everything she imagined; it was passionate yet sweet. Although she could tell her was holding himself back, she didn't care. She just allowed herself to get lost in his embrace.

Klaus kept himself under tight control as he kissed the beautiful and still somewhat innocent Caroline Forbes. He pulled back and gazed down at her closed eyes. Then he put one last kiss on her lips.

"Sweetheart, one day you and I will take time to explore this attraction between us. When you no longer care so much about your friends' opinions and judgments, you and I will travel the world and have the time of our life," he said, giving her a tender smile—one few people have ever seen.

Caroline was floored. The kiss was so unexpected, but she felt a flash of guilt. He'd killed her best friend. Did it matter than Elena managed to escape that fate? Why did he have to be so sexy and have adorable dimples? It was unfair!

She managed to stand up and give him a shaky smile. "You may be more than I can handle," she admitted.

Klaus reached out for her hand and stood. "Actually, I don't think there's anything you can't handle," he remarked.

Caroline decided to do something very daring. "Will you be my date to a wedding? It's not until Thanksgiving at the end of month," she said, refusing to care about everyone's reaction to her bold impulse.

Klaus grinned. "Your date? I'd be delighted!" he exclaimed. "Who's getting married?"

Caroline winced. "Well, I hope it's not a problem. It's Buffy's wedding to Rick," she shared.

Klaus was surprised. "The slayer is marrying the vampire hunter who wears flannel?" he asked with a smirk. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised. From what I hear, he's the first man she's been with who isn't a vampire or threatened by her many assets. The hunter is an honorable man."

"She's pregnant," Caroline shared. Then she winced. Should she reveal a weakness to Klaus?

"Really?" Klaus said. "A slayer can have a baby? It never occurred to me."

"That's because they don't usually live long enough," Caroline said. "Only one in a hundred years, Robin Wood, was born to a slayer."

"I can't imagine that I'd be a welcome guest," Klaus pointed out.

"Well, I don't care," Caroline said rebelliously. "I can bring a date. Plus, I want you to hear me sing."

Klaus' eyes lit up. "You're going to sing?" he asked.

"Yep," she said proudly. "I'll let Buffy know, so it won't ruin her big day or anything. You'll have to promise to behave. Do you think you can do that?"

"I suppose," he said with a smile. He couldn't and wouldn't tell her of his plans. There was no way he was going to allow the witch to go unpunished for what she did to him. He'd find a way to hurt her. Some place she'd least expect.

******Chapter End******

I know this first chapter is heavily centered around the Originals. They are really entwined in the story since they are somehow involved with so many main players. I will have to get into some of the characters for the Originals, but I will try to make it easy to follow for those that may not watch that show (you're missing out). Since both VD and The Originals were phenomenal, it'll be a challenge to write them so differently. Haley will NOT be in my story. I hope you don't mind! Thanks for reading.