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Advent 2014 Fics

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Harry watched Severus out of the corner of his eye.

It had taken Severus a long time to relax at the Weasley's home. Harry knew there had been apologies, ones he had not been privy to, but it was Arthur and Molly who had always cheerfully insisted he come with Harry. Harry always suspected Arthur and Severus had a long talk one at one point, but he did not ask.

So they attended semi-regular Sunday dinners, holidays and, especially Christmas. Of course, there was always a houseful. Molly and Arthur were great-grandparents at this point, the Weasley genes breeding true.

Now that he was older himself, Harry understood what it took to tolerate the noise and chaos that was the Burrow when everyone was in attendance.

The smaller children had been put to bed, which left the adults, and their adult beverages, to the living room.

Molly had handed out another round of presents with a small, "Shh... otherwise the little ones will want more."

"We've already had enough!" Harry had protested. But he winked at Molly, who giggled back at him.

Only Harry could really interpret the look of pure horror on Severus' face as he opened his gift. Not only was it an (in)famous Weasley sweater, it was spectacularly horrid. The dancing reindeer and the twinkling stars, in clashing colors, of course, made it a monstrosity. Severus winced when one of the reindeer started singing "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer," loudly and off key.

Dumbledore would have been proud to own that sweater.

Reaching in to touch the sweater, as if to check that what he was seeing was real, Severus finally realized there was a Glamour on whatever was in the box. He looked up at Harry with a small glare, and sent a small Finite at the box.

Everyone laughed aloud at the look of relief on Severus' face when the charm revealed a finely knit, black, cashmere sweater vest, something Severus had become particularly fond of over the years. Harry knew there was a discrete "SS" embroidered on the chest.

"Brat!" Severus said fondly.

"You should have seen your face," Harry giggled.

"I can imagine," Severus replied.

Harry moved, and sat next to Severus. "We had fun planning that!"

"Oh, don't think I don't know who instigated that little joke," Severus purred in Harry's ear.

Harry kissed him. It was the least he could do.