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Advent 2014 Fics

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"Jason's turn!" Ellie called.

Jason was pushed to the front of the room, where Harry tied the blindfold over his eyes. Ellie handed him the paper Santa hat, spun him around three times, and pointed him at the target.

Lily had found a Muggle "pin the hat on Santa" game while she was traveling. Ellie fell in love with it immediately, demanding that anyone who came to the house play with her. Lily had modified the Sticking Charm, one that would let the hats be used multiple times.

Serverus had been allowed to beg off, somehow, and Harry was determined to find out how he had done that.

A cheer went up when Jason pinned the hat to the wall. He took off the blindfold and laughed when he saw that he had stuck the hat to Santa's tummy, and not his head.

"I think tea is ready," Harry offered. It was a substantive tea, with sandwiches and desserts, pumpkin juice for the kids.

Lily came over and hugged him. "Thanks for taking care of Ellie," she said.

Harry shrugged. "She's a good kid," he admitted.

"She has Severus wound around her little finger," she grinned.

"Oh, yeah!" Harry agreed.