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Advent 2014 Fics

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Harry dabbed salve on Severus' face.

"Close you eyes, so I can get your eyelids," Harry coaxed.

"I can do this," Severus grumped.

"I know," Harry said gently. "Let me help."

Severus settled down.

"What happened?" Harry asked.

"We were making floating ornaments," Severus started. Ellie had been begging for days, and she had gotten her cousins involved. "It was actually going pretty well, when Jason's friend Thaddeus thought he'd 'improve' his ornaments."

"Oh, no!" Harry groaned. If he were to pick one child to create a problem, Thad would have been it.

"Fortunately, Thaddeus was on the end of the bench. Jason saw what was happening and put up a shield between the cauldron and everyone else," Severus elaborated.

"And protected everyone except you," Harry frowned.

"He did give a warning, and I should have known better," Severus admitted. "But Thaddeus must have added ginger to the mix. So when it exploded, it gave me essentially a sunburn."

"Well, your nose and chin look like they got more than 'just a sunburn'," Harry chided. "It's going to peel."

Severus sighed. "There are worse things."

"There are indeed," Harry said, dropping a small kiss on the corner of Severus' mouth.