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Advent 2014 Fics

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"I think Mr. Bear needs more champagne," Harry suggested.

"Oh, dear!" Ellie giggled. "That will not do! Mr. Bear, please have more."

Harry sent a charm at the stuffed bear, who bowed and nodded its head. Ellie 'poured' more champagne in the glass near the bear's paw.

"You're very welcome!" Ellie nodded back.

Harry took a sip of his glass of 'champagne' -- really sparkling cider -- and nibbled on a biscuit.

"You have a lovely party," Harry offered. "I'm glad you invited me."

"Thank you, Grampa," Ellie replied. "It's nice when all my friends can join me."

Harry looked around at the assortment of stuffed toys that surrounded them in the sitting room. Ellie had taken all morning to gather up every toy and doll she owned. Turned out, she had an impressive number.

Severus -- the coward -- had gone off to his Potion lab when he had seen what Ellie was doing.

Harry had recruited Kreacher to make fairy cakes and several kinds of biscuits for the grand event.

Harry had put on dress robes and Ellie had a pretty dress. Even Kreacher had a clean tea towel.

"I'd love more champagne," Harry held out his glass.