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Advent 2014 Fics

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Lily had sent word that she wasn't going to be able to pick up Ellie tomorrow. The snow was coming down fast and furious, and Portkey travel was backed up all over the continent.

The moon actually made the snow look beautiful. It would come out between snow showers, giving illusion that the weather might break. Then it would disappear behind another bank of snow clouds.

"Come to bed," Severus called softly. "Ellie will be up at the crack of dawn, wanting to go outside and play."

"I know," Harry sighed. He remembered when he would have wanted to do the same thing.

"Harry," Severus said patiently. "I'm certain Ellie will need someone to teach her about snow angels."

Harry laughed. "If I get down in the snow, not sure I'll get back up!" he admitted.

"I suspect you'll manage," Severus replied dryly. "Now, come to bed."

"Oh!" Harry grinned. He dropped his robe on the side of the bed and crawled in next to a now-toasty Severus.

"Brat!" Severus teased as he reached for Harry.

Their lovemaking had become less athletic and more sensual over the years. Orgasms were coaxed, touches were gentle.

Harry fell asleep, warm and sated.